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Brief how to on Wordstash.

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word stash ­ dictionary flashcard maker 1 2 go to http wordstash.com create a free account and log in 3 click on create list 4 5 name you list if you like add tags click on create list 6 type a word in the enter term box then hit add write your definition in the box under the word or add a definition by clicking on it in the purple box hit save 7 8 9 when your list is done hit view list to review.


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10 review your word list in a variety of ways 11 click practice mode 12 choose the type of practice question you would like to try click start 13 click on the correct answer to continue 14 when done click done practicing 15 to play the match game drag terms to their proper definition 16 play the waterfall game type the answer before your definition hits the bottom 17 when you re done practicing hit logout created by bernadette pasek for west genesee h.s on 5/2/2011 m.g.



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