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LEGACY SPRING 2015 WA NEWSLETTER Her E x c ellen c y t h e Hono u ra b le K err y S an d erson A O G o v ernor o f W estern A u stralia Registered at the GPO Perth for transmission by post as a periodical ‘Registered by Australia Post PP 642409/0018’


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Contents Perth President’s Message Executive Officer’s Message Legacy in the Community Minister for Veteran’s Affairs Legacy Annual Raffle Result Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Service 2015 Christmas Jingle Legacy on Geographe, Busselton Paint 4 A Mate Junior Legacy Legacy Week Street Appeal Army Band Perth Legacy Week Pozieres Study Tour Family Corner Contemporary Widows Around the Laurel Clubs Sponsors Christmas Puddings The 40th Legacy Militaria Auction Legacy Supporters 2015 Centenary of ANZAC Shirts 3-4 5-6 7-9 10 11 12 13 14-19 20 21-23 24-25 26 27 28-29 30-31 32-38 39-43 44 44 44 45-46 On the Cover Junior Legacy Wards join Police Legacy for their 2015 Winter Camp. Back row – Tyson Gallagher, James Watts, Lachie Capes/WAPL, Jack Hamilton/WAPL. Front row – Keira Farmer, Jacinta Framer, Darcy Watts/WAPL, Rohan Watts/WAPL Foreground – Clayton Jackson Legacy WA would like to acknowledge our recent corporate sponsors : PERTH LEGACY 1130 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005 Postal Address: PO Box 1983, West Perth WA 6872 Telephone: (08) 9486 4900 Facsimile: (08) 9486 7022 Freecall: 1800 534 229 Email: legacy@perthlegacy.com.au Website: www.legacy.com.au ABN 11 972 196 014 2 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R FREMANTLE LEGACY 17 Parry Street, Fremantle WA 6160 Postal Address: PO Box 78, Fremantle WA 6959 Telephone: (08) 9335 2764 Facsimile: (08) 9335 2221 Email: fremantlelegacy@bigpond.com ABN 87 442 080 644


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President’s Message I am pleased to report that the newly invigorated Torchbearers for Legacy in WA turned out in force during Legacy Week 2015. In fact, with the help of the Australian Defence Force, Legacy had one of the most successful “shake the can” days on record and raised just over $100,000! Special mention must be made of the tremendous effort put in by Rob, Eldon, Sophie, Val and all the staff at Legacy House. My sincere appreciation is also extended to Her Excellency, the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO, the Governor of WA and to The Honourable Joe Francis MLA, Minister for Veterans who personally attended our Legacy function. The success of the events to support Legacy Week was ensured by our dynamic honorary PR consultant, Jane Marwick. Jane donated her time and used her connections in the media to guarantee a very successful Legacy Badge Day. A very special thank you also goes to all those “canshakers’ whose hard work made Legacy Day such a wonderful success. Legacy is grateful to each of you and we really appreciate the time and effort that you put in to ensure we all raised such a magnificent total – WELL DONE AND THANK YOU TEAM! Sadly, during Legacy week, we lost three of our wellloved and experienced WW II Legatees: Bill Holywell, Tom Horton and Eric Watts. It was a pleasure knowing these fine gentlemen who approached their Legacy work in a manner for which generations of Legatees are well renowned. Their contributions to Legacy will be sorely missed. Perth S P R I N G 2 015 3


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I am pleased to report that Roger Hardwicke, along with his team of hard working volunteers from the North Beach RSL, (including dual Legacy and RSL members), conducted a very successful busy bee at the Busselton camp. These volunteers did a wonderful job between August 31 and September 4 and during Legacy Week. Creagh Bramley’s post activity report, lists 29 important jobs successfully completed, plus a number of smaller jobs not listed. It is particularly pleasing to see the North Beach boys back on deck contributing to the best looked-after camp in the entire Busselton ‘Golden Mile’ stretch. Legacy is extremely grateful for your generosity and hard work. By now all Legatees should have a copy of the new ‘Blue Book’. Special thanks to Legatees Jim Ford, Peter Heeney and Peter Eddy for their hard work producing your new look Legacy publication. Amendments will be published in The Bulletin. I like the new format and the larger type font makes it much easier to read, thank you. We are not far away from the Military Auction on Sunday November 8 at the Claremont Showgrounds. Legacy on Geographe - or, as so many of us still affectionately call it, “Busselton Camp”” - turns 60 in 2016. The first camp at Busselton was held in May 1956. Since then, generations of Legacy Wards, Widows, Legatees and Legacy family members have enjoyed a break at Busselton. This will be a significant anniversary and we would like to commemorate it properly. However, a lot of the old records such as photos, memorabilia and correspondence have been misplaced, or maybe are in safe-keeping but with their whereabouts unknown. Your help in sourcing old records and photographs would be appreciated. We have begun gathering material from the Busselton Historical Society, the Shire of Busselton, local organisations and from Camp supporters and past Camp caretakers. In Perth the Battye Library is also researching for us. Wonderful Camp contributors include Legatee Creagh and Lois Bramley, who have made the Camp so successful over so many years. They have generously offered their collection of photos, videos and papers, going back to 1989. We are especially interested in the early days of Legacy at Busselton—the 1950s and 1960s. Christ Church Grammar School Cadets collecting on Badge Day Finally, I am pleased to report that Legacy has a heathy set of financial accounts, which truly reflects a very positive year. Legatee John Burridge President – Perth Legacy If you can help, please drop me a line. You can reach me, Terry Keys, c/- Fremantle Legacy, 17 Parry Street, Fremantle WA 6959. Alternatively, please give Legatee Geoff Leach a call on 9384 1516 and we will follow up with you. Yours in Legacy, Legatee Terry Keys 4 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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Officer’s Message Hello to everyone in the Legacy Family. I hope this Spring edition of the Newsletter finds you all well. It has again been a very busy quarter at Legacy House and at both Western Australia’s Legacy Clubs. As a result, this Newsletter is again packed with information and events. Your Legacy fundraising team and staff have all been extremely busy with Legacy Week 2015, with the Legacy Raffle and with other events and activities. Your personal contributions in so many ways have meant that Legacy has had a pleasing financial quarter for our Financial Year, ending September 30, 2015. The Legacy Raffle winners were drawn at Legacy House on Wednesday, September 2, by the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr Peter King. It was just wonderful that an 85-year-old Legacy Widow from the Mandurah area won the $10,000 first prize. A family member of a widow in Geraldton won the second prize of $5,000 and the third prize of $2,500 went to an ex-Legacy Ward and now a member of our Legacy Companions. Five minor prizes of $100 were also drawn and went to winners in Narrogin and Kalgoorlie. There were also a couple of lucky Perth metro winners, who had no connection with Legacy, but purchased tickets to support your work. It was pleasing to see that the prizes were spread across all of WA’s ticket sales venues and won by kind donors. Each of the winners has asked Legacy to respect their privacy and whilst the winning numbers were published in The West Australian newspaper on Saturday, September 12, the winners’ names will not be released. The Raffle raised about $20,000 for Legacy, so a big thank you to every staff member and supporter of the Legacy Raffle for your tremendous effort. The most significant focus of Legacy House this month has been the Street Appeal, which ended Legacy Week on Friday, September 4. I am pleased to say that with your help, Legacy reached a record fundraising total for Badge Day alone, of over $100,000 – which was my target for the day ! Please see the photos in the centre spread. Our pleasing result was made possible by the huge effort by every staff member, Legatees and especially by each Defence Force member who collected donations for Legacy on Badge Day. Over 150 uniformed servicemen and women and 300 other volunteers sold Legacy badges and collected donations in Perth’s CBD, at train stations from Clarkson to Midland and Mandurah, at shopping centres and at Perth Airport. Legacy was also been blessed with loyal support by Legacy Family and supporters at Narrogin and Bunbury. Your sustained effort from 6am until 9pm and again on Saturday September 5, raised a grand total of just over $100,000, with a few more ‘collection tins’ still yet to trickle in to Legacy House. In thanking our dedicated uniformed volunteers, I would like to personally extend my gratitude to Commander of 13 Brigade, Brigadier David Thompson and to his RSM, WO1 Brett Franklin, to the CO RAAF Base Pearce, WGCDR Peter Kershaw, to the RAAF team lead by WOFF ‘Alby’ Everett and to the CO of HMAS Stirling, CAPT Angela Bond and her RAN team - coordinated by CPO Toni Ralph, who again helped out for Badge Day. In addition to Legacy’s fundraising focus, our awareness campaign has centered on publicising the work of Legacy in the WA community. Legacy’s awareness campaign received wonderful help from our patron, Her Excellency the Honorable Kerry Sanderson AO, Governor of Western Australia. Executive S P R I N G 2 015 5


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Governor Sanderson hosted a morning tea for three of our war widows and personally pinned Legacy Badges on their coats for the benefit of the media. Similarly, our State Minister for Veterans, The Hon. Joe Francis MLA, supported Legacy’s Street Appeal on Friday, September 4. Joe Francis pinned Legacy Badges on some of our Wards and Widows in the Murray Street Mall. In addition, Minister Francis thoughtfully addressed his colleagues in Parliament about the work of Legacy in the community and every state Minister wore a Legacy Badge on the day. Legacy also featured prominently in computerized social media pages such as Facebook. Support came from Premier Barnett, Minister Francis and the Lord Mayor of Perth Ms Lisa Scaffidi, who kindly supported Legacy Day! A significant thank you must be extended to our key corporate sponsors including: THALES in WA and their State General Manager Mr Patrick Hall, and to Legacy’s new and significant donors this month – the staff of BHP Billiton and SupaCat Australia. I join the President in his vote of thanks to Ms Jane Marwick - our ‘adopted’ Public Relations, Media and Communications Officer. Jane donated a significant amount of her time to Perth Legacy and worked with our fundraising team. Jane promoted Legacy’s cause and she also put our message out there on computerised social media channels, as well as Sky News, 6PR and Nova 93.7. This huge media push resulted in a massive boost to our fundraising result during Legacy Week. Thank you Jane! Legacy also enlisted generous support from the well-loved Australian larrikin, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson – who is a massive advocate of Legacy. Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson attended our Badge Day appeal at the Murray Street Mall. He sang songs, sold badges and signed autographs, as well as encouraging his supporters to donate to Legacy. Thank you Kevin. In other news, this quarter also saw the commemorations services for VP Day and Vietnam Veterans Day in August. Our President, John Burridge laid wreaths at both of these services and I attended with John. We were humbled by the amazing stories read by the veterans who recounted their experiences in both conflicts. There was not a dry eye at either service at Kings Park, when detailed accounts of their personal experiences of the wars were read to the crowd. Significant changes have been made in national pensions and our Senior Pensions Officer, Darryl Dunlop attended the National Legacy Pensions conference in August. Darryl has briefed all Perth and Fremantle Legacy Pensions Officers on major changes. He highlighted the recent increase to the rates of service and war widows pensions which occurred on September 20. Please see the media release later in this newsletter which explains these changes. A new Federal Minister for Veterans, the Hon. Kevin Andrew replaced the Hon. Michael Ronaldson on September 21, in Prime Minister Turnbull’s cabinet reshuffle. Upcoming Events for your diaries include: • The Channel 7 Telethon Weekend on October 17-18, where Legacy is an exhibitor; • Remembrance Day(11th November) - Widows’ Morning Tea from 0930-1015, followed by the Remembrance Day service from 1030-1115, at Leeuwin Barracks, Fremantle; • The Legacy Christmas Jingle on December 7, at the Crown Perth, Burswood; and • Legacy Christmas Carols at Scarborough Beach at 7pm, on Sunday, December 13. I would like to again personally thank the Legacy Board and especially my dedicated Legacy House team members, who continue to give me so much support and so much of their own personal time to help our Legacy widows, children and families. Warmest regards to you all, Rob Ratkovcic Executive Officer— Perth Legacy Left to right former Legacy Ward Gary Gillspie, Legacy Widow Suzanne Haviland, the Hon. Joe Francis MLA 6 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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Advice from a By L/ Alex Kerr (President Perth Legacy 1997-1998) Leader Legacy was founded in 1923 to provide support for the families of veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. It gives general support and guidance in household and family matters to families who have lost a parent in the armed services. Legacy’s multi-functional task is to assist the remaining parent to bring up their children (who become Legacy wards) to be good citizens in the community. Such a task, given the myriad anti-social temptations that abound for children these days is a herculean task for two parents. It is, of course, much more difficult for just one parent in circumstances of bereavement. How, then, can Legacy play its part in helping the parents in the up-bringing of the Legacy wards? We need to consider, as a first priority, the values or foundation stones that we would want to provide our children with as they grow into adults. They serve as the foundation for individual character. They are taken for granted. They are accepted by society without question as fundamental because without them society would crumble and cease to work smoothly. Often they are accepted so readily that we do not give sufficient thought to them. Paramount among these foundation stones are honesty and integrity. They are universally accepted as necessary and desirable and are taught to children by their parents at an early stage of life by constant precept and example. People must be able to trust others in what they say and do in order for communication, and social interaction to be able to work properly. In the home they make for trustworthy and harmonious relationships. S P R I N G 2 015 7


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Love and respect are, like honesty and integrity, both costless. The more that they pervade the home the closer the children are to each other and to their parents. The partial loss of parental guidance calls for more love and understanding from the children and the parent and this involves an appreciation by the children themselves of the trauma of the parent’s death or disability and the subsequent stresses on the remaining parent of accommodating to the changed family circumstances. The children have to be brought to realise that the remaining parent now has two jobs to do and to appreciate the extra burden that has to be carried. It’s not at all easy, particularly with the younger ones, to help them to understand fully. The other side of the coin is the grief and loss suffered by the children. The bond between the child and the parent is suddenly broken and the children’s world is shattered. There is an urgent need to for parents and helpers to recognise the vulnerability especially of the younger children. There are also the relationships between the children themselves which may, in times of crisis, become quite fragile. This is just as traumatic and important as the need to assist the remaining parent. Respect for his or her mother or father is not the only way a child can be a loved and loving member of a Legacy family. Love and respect for their siblings is also an important and desirable part of the children’s developing character. Maybe this is often not always obvious on the surface: brothers and sister’s quarrel and fight, as part of the growing up process. But deep down love and respect can hold a family together when there is the need. It can provide an adhesive when crises and differences threaten to upset the equilibrium of the household. Here again Legatees can help by encouraging healthy and loving relationships between members of the family. They can learn to support one another when it is needed. Thinking of difficulties and crises brings to mind an essay I wrote while in prison camp in World War II. I called it “Man in Adversity” and I pondered on the prisoners’ reactions to what was going on around them. As you can imagine there would be plenty of times when things were not going too well either in prison camp or on the wider world scene and prisoners would get down in the dumps and find it hard to cope with life. From my observation the ones who took a positive view of things and were able to Wards at the 2015 Busselton Camp – L-R Jesse Dominguez, Leisa Russell, Jaden Grant. sort the bad from the good (for everything has its pluses and minuses) and concentrate on the good were those who came out of the crisis with the less mental damage. This principle applies as much in peacetime as it does in wartime and here is the opportunity for legatees to point out the positive sides of problems that arise from time to time and to develop the habit of approaching problems with a positive point of view. Apart from concentrating on ways and means for the legatees to assist in the development of the Legacy wards there are of course many ways in which they can relieve the burdens on the disadvantaged parents themselves. In fact in the early stages of Legacy assistance attention to the immediate problems of the parent takes centre stage. But here I am dealing not with the details of the many ways in which legatees can assist the parent but with what I consider to be the most important underlying aspects of bringing up the Legacy wards to help their parents. 8 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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There are many facets of children’s development that can demand the attention and assistance of a legatee wanting to help. I have mentioned only what I think to be the underlying and most important aspects of human character which we should try to inculcate in our children. I was lucky enough to survive serious injuries when I was shot down in WWII and thereafter I spent four years as a prisoner of the Germans. During those four years I went to the school of humanity. I was a student of human nature. I learnt about my fellow beings. I saw them under stress and I saw them rejoicing. I saw them hungry and I saw them replete. I saw their reactions in those different circumstances. In all of this I became convinced that to approach life and its vicissitudes with a positive mindset was so helpful, and was indeed necessary, for a person to be able to take a balanced view of life and to cope with whatever cropped up. Putting these thoughts together I can see clearly what our duty to our children should be and, by inference, what a Legatee’s duty to his wards should be - by precept and example, to help the child build a solid foundation over the years on which he or she can create a life of which they can be proud. We need to help the Legacy Wards to understand their emotions. This foundation is given by honesty, integrity, love, respect and a positive approach to life. They are the essentials. Without them the structure is shaky. It is easy to pronounce or to read these words but to put them into practice is another matter entirely. But if these attributes are constantly at the forefront of the Legatee’s approach then positive progress is the result. Legacy has now broadened its constitution to include provision of support to returned veterans and their families in circumstances where the physical or mental health of the veteran has affected his or her ability to cope well with a return to civilian life. I commit to you all this message - “Legacy continues to provide a very important role in our society”. Alex’s Wellington, a twin-engine bomber, was shot down over Germany in 1941. At first hospitalised with hopes of repatriation, he unexpectedly found himself a prisoner in a German POW camp. Throughout those trying four years he was held captive, Alex kept a secret diary. This book reproduces his diary entries in a fascinating account of all aspects of life in a wartime prison. He describes being part of the infamous ‘Long March’ during which he and his comrades were strafed by Allied aircraft; 60 POWs were killed and 100 wounded. Alex escaped the march with a mate, passing through the front lines between the British and German forces to commandeer a German mayor’s car and drive back to Brussels to take the next aircraft to freedom. Alex’s charm and optimistic outlook will buoy the reader throughout, and the camaraderie between he and his captive comrades is always entertaining. This is an authentic World War II adventure — from being shot out of the sky, to incarceration and the ultimate triumph of escape and the end of the war. Priced at $24.99 it is available from all good bookshops or online from Big Sky Publishing www.bigskypublishing.com.au S P R I N G 2 015 9


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       MINISTER FOR VETERANS’ AFFAIRS SENATOR THE HON. MICHAEL RONALDSON MINISTER FOR VETERANS’ AFFAIRS MINISTER ASSISTING THE PRIME MINISTER FOR THE CENTENARY OF ANZAC SPECIAL MINISTER OF STATE VA102  18 September 2015  PENSION INCREASE FOR VETERANS  their partners, war widows and widowers across Australia will see an increase to their pensions Veterans, from 20 September 2015 as part of the bi-annual indexation process. As pension rates are calculated on a daily basis, the next pension paid after the 20 September increase (on  payday 1 October 2015) will be paid partly at the old rate and partly at the new rate. The first full payment at the newpension rates will be 15 October 2015. The table below highlights the new fortnightly rates. Pension Service Pension—single Service Pension—couples (each)  (combined)  War Widow(er)’s Pension  September March September Increase since 2013 2015 2015 September 2013 $827.10 $860.20 $39.90 $867.00 $623.40 $1246.80 $840.20 $247.60 $1,269.00 $861.30 $700.70 $451.00 $648.40 $1,296.80 $874.10 $257.80 $1,320.50 $896.40 $729.30 $469.40 $653.50 $1,307.00 $880.90 $259.90 $1,330.90 $903.50 $735.10 $473.10 $30.10 $60.20 $40.70 $12.30 $61.90 $42.20 $34.40 $22.10 Income Support Supplement Special Rate (TPI) of Disability Pension Intermediate Rate of Disability Pension Extreme Disablement Adjustment 100 per cent General Rate of Disability Pension   These are the maximum rates of payment and include any Energy Supplement payable.  Pensions are indexed twice a year in March and September. A full list of pension rates are available on www.dva.gov.au or by calling 133 254 or 1800 555 254 from regional   Australia. Media inquiries: Minister Ronaldson: Mark Lee 02 6277 7820 or 0408 547 381 Department of Veterans’ Affairs Media: 02 6289 6203 Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) and Veterans Line can be reached 24 hours a day across Australia for crisis support and free and confidential counselling. Phone 1800 011 046 (international: +61 8 8241 4546) 10 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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2015 Legacy Annual Raffle Winners Ticket Number 32507 00388 39652 02965 04181 36240 04050 02131 Thank you to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket and congratulations to the lucky winners! 1st Prize $10,000 2nd Prize $5,000 3rd Prize $2,500 4th - 8th Prize $100 Drawn at Legacy House on the 2nd of September 2015 by the President of Perth Legacy and Mr Peter King, the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Veteran Affairs in WA. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard selling tickets and promoting Legacy. Legacy WA raised approximately $20,000 from the 2015 Raffle. Special thanks must go to Legatees Ros Weller and Laurie Sibson for each selling in excess of 80 books of tickets. President, John Burridge announced, the winner is …, looking on is Events Coordinator, Sophie McDowell and DVA Deputy Commissioner, Peter King. S P R I N G 2 015 11


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AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN AND IN THE MORNING WE WILL REMEMBER THEM NOVEMBER 11 Legacy Annual Remembrance Day AND THANKSGIVING SERVICE Leeuwin Barracks, Riverside Road, East Fremantle The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is a special time set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during Wars and other conflicts. All Legacy Widows are invited to participate in this Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service. Morning tea will be served before service from 9.30am. Venue: The Drill Hall, Leeuwin Barracks, Riverside Road, East Fremantle WA 6158 Date: Wednesday November 11, 2015 Service: Promptly at 10.30am Each Laurel Club will be responsible for organizing transport to and from the Drill Hall, Leeuwin Barracks. For catering purposes, please advise Kylie Kay phone 9486 4900, email reception@perthlegacy.com.au at Perth Legacy before October 19 with the numbers of ladies attending from your group. 12 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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2015 Christmas Jingle Report All Legacy Widows are invited! Legacy Widows your are invited to the 2015 Christmas Jingle. To be held in The Astral Ball Room at Crown Perth On Monday 7th December From 11.00am to 2.30pm RSVP by 2nd November Bookings are essential Legacy will pay for meals for registered carers. Unregistered carers must pay beforehand, as no money will be accepted on the day. Note: Unfortunately, due to the number of ladies attending, Legacy will not be able to provide transport to or from the venue. Yes I will be attending the Christmas Jingle on December 7, 2015. Name: Telephone: S P R I N G 2 015 13


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Legacy on Geographe, Busselton Proposed Dates for 2016 Camp No. 5 Camp No. 6 19 October - 30 October 2015 2 November - 13 Madge Haworth/Gae Donaldson November 2015 Barbara Keillor Proposed Dates for 2016 Camp No. 1 Camp No. 2 Camp No. 3 Camp No. 4 Camp No. 5 15 February - 26 February 2016 Una Abbott/Yvonne Cocker 28 March - 8 April 2016 26 April - TBC 10 October - 21 October 2016 7 November - 18 November 2016 Madge Haworth/Gae Donaldson Barbara Keillor Rosemary Ricetti These holidays are subject to the numbers attending. Some holidays may have to be combined if insufficient applications are received. “Legacy on Geographe” Holidays application form is on the next page. Please complete and send to Legacy on Geographe, Busselton, 128 Caves Road, Siesta Park WA 6280 one month before the commencement of the holiday date. Applications received after this date will be allocated the next available holiday date. Any unsuccessful applicants will be advised as soon as possible. 14 L E G ACY N E W S L E T T E R


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APPLICATION TO ATTEND “LEGACY ON GEOGRAPHE” BUSSELTON 2015 Please complete and return to Legacy on Geographe Busselton, 128 Caves Road, SIESTA PARK WA 6280 Holiday Accommodation No. Surname Address Telephone No Next of Kin Name Address Name of Family Doctor From First names To Known as Post Code Mobile No Telephone no Post Code Telephone No Please indicate method of travel Private Transport South West Coachlines Departure points Perth Esplanade Cockburn Central Train Station 7.30am 8.30am 1.30pm 1.55pm 2.45pm Vehicle Registration No Morning Route (0730by) AfternoonRoute (1330by) Mandurah Train Station Pinjarra Road Interchange Bunbury Busselton Terminal Stop at 9.15am 10.15am 11.15am holiday facility 4.20pm 5.20pm holiday facility Return trip b740 b100 Busselton Terminal-Perth Esplanade 7.40am-10.45am 1.00pm-5.45pm D100 1.25pm-5.20pm * Express (limited stops): Capel/Condello’s/Bunbury Forum Eaton Fair/Australind/Pinjarrah Rd Interchange/Perth Esplanade TransWA Public Transport (Country Only - Return Ticket to Perth) Pension Reference No. Please advise if you Require a commode, walker or gofer for use during the holiday? Remarks Commode Walker Gofer Signature S P R I N G 2 015 15



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