Blabberize Starter Sheet


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Brief "how to" on blabberize.

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blabberize create talking pictures 1 2 go to click on make click on browse and upload a photo of your choice hint choose a photo where your character s mouth is closed for a better looking blabber crop photo as necessary click the blue arrow to continue put the red circle over your speaker s mouth use the blue and green dots to shape the circle to match the mouth shape decide how you want to record sound either record using microphone upload something pre recorded or use your phone after recording the sound login to save and create an account once you re logged in name your blabber and provide a description 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 mark it private mature content is not appropriate 11 now you re ready to save share your blabber created by b pasek for west genesee h.s 4/28/2011 m.g.



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