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ISSUE 40 11 OCTOBER, 2015 GPA Editorial Dear Friends, NEWS Belief of GPA : Gain Knowledge, Share Knowledge, Spread Knowledge Administrative Lapses Remain... INSIDE THIS ISSUE : 40 Railway Mail 2 Services Static Post Offices Recalling... “The Heroine of the Hijack” - Neerja Bhanot FastPhila: National FastPhila: Thematic FastPhila: International FastPhila: Special Covers Who Committed the Perfect Philatelic Crime? The greatest secret disclosed! 4 The subject of New Stamp issues has improved since the new Government came in power under the leadership of Hon’ble Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. The issues have been good & are more of thematic nature and less of personality. Collectors appreciate & welcome this move. The problem of proper administering these issues remains from the DDG Philately office. FDCs, Brochures, Cancellations & Stamps are generally not available at majority of Philatelic bureaus on the day of new stamp release. Why this is happening again & again is a big question mark. One more addition in the list of lapse in administration is the absence of the release date of the Stamp on the information brochure. The backbone of any stamp is its information brochure where in the details of that particular stamp is vividly described. If the date is not mentioned, the purpose of collecting gets defeated & it will become very difficult for the collector to maintain the record for the future. Why these lapses are happening, inspite of the serious will (as they say) by the DoP to improve Philately standard in India remains to be answered. A suggestion to the DoP : Many state level exhibitions shall be held in the coming months. The DoP is fielding their own juries. However, one Philatelic Jury is the necessity for every 150 frames in spite of departmental juries. This will balance out evaluation of the exhibit in a better way. More over, a Good venue for the display and a dealer stall should be a priority to make state level exhibition a success. Team GPA offer sincere condolences on the sad demise of Two Veteran Philatelists : Mr. Y. R. Shah and Mrs. Kusumben Mehta. Both of them had done very appreciable work in Philately. Brigadier Sanjeev Thapar bids adieu as CPMG Gujarat Circle on his promotion as Member PLI, Postal Services Board. Team GPA wishes Brigadier Sanjeev Thapar a best wishes for his new endeavor. An exemplary book on Air Mail is to be released named “The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India” by Dave & Sons. We hope it will be an Eye Opener for Airmail collectors. Team GPA wishes all the best to Dave Family on the release of their new research. Trends in Philately are changing. After the success of various sites like ebay, delcampe, etc… Philatelists started listing/exchanging/displaying their material on facebook. The latest trend which has caught the fancy amongst the collectors since few months is the specific WhatsApp group. Since last few months many groups have been formed. The list includes Thematic Philately, Postal Stationery Group, Maxim Card group, Gandhi Philately Group, etc etc… Brisk activity in all the groups is reported. The admins of these groups monitor the activity & generally no commission is charged. Awaiting eagerly the release of “Charkha” & “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam” Stamps and wishing all the Philatelic fraternity Happy Dussehra in Advance. Thanks and Warm Regards, Mainak Kathiara, President Emeritus, Gujarat Philatelists’ Association 5 6 7 8 9 Postage Stamps 10 from View Point of Scott Catalogue India-France Joint Issue : Bunch of Errors Goof Up or Ignorance? Upcoming Events New Stamp Issue of Sep’15 - Oct’15 12 13 14 14 GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


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PAGE 2 Railway Mail Service - Static Post Offices By Dr. P. S. Dixit Postmarks originating from offices administered by the Travelling Post Office (TPO) Circle may be identified by the letter “T” used either in duplex format, or as a obliterator for the stamp of embossed stamp on cover/ Postcard. These obliterators were introduced as the all India series of 1873-1884 (Reference-1) About 1880/81-82 an obliterator with the letter “R” was introduced in Burma at a limited number of Static Railway Post Offices. There are more than Fifty different variations in the size and shape of lettering “ R”. For India, this is identified at Martyn type 19. The variations in size and shape of letter “R” suggest that they were made locally as an interim measure and until new cancellers, probably made in Calcutta could be delivered. It is also have been observed that the handstamp was transferred from one Post Office to another as new offices opened and this naturally coincided with areas lately evacuated by troops following restoration of Civil Order (Reference 2). In Figure 1, are shown the examples Fig:1 Static and Registration Cancellers of Static Mail Cancellers “R” (Davis/Martyn type 35) and a Registration handstamp. In Figure 2 is shown the duplex canceller “ R” (Davis/Martyn type 35) on a cover from Rangoon dated September 1884 to New York, USA via Bombay and Brindisi. According to some opinion the use of canceller “R” outside Burma was an error. However, according to Gerrald Davis the use of canceller “R” in the Presidency of Madras is on record and very rarely seen. Therefore, this type canceller on a stamp does not necessarily mean origin from Burma. Even “R” in a circle for Registration is considered rare. On the systematic organisation of the Railway Mail Service, the “T” and “R” marks were replaced by a series of marks reading “RMS”. Now I come to the main purpose of this article. The use of Static Canceller “R” are also seen from Rajputana, United Province, Punjab and Bengal besides Madras Presidency. They are illustrated in Figures 3 to 7. It is therefore, quite evident that the canceller “R” was used in India at the same time in Burma, although examples are very few. Fig:2 Letter from Rangoon, Burma dated September 1884 to New York, USA via Bombay, India and Brindisi, Italy. Three Annas Stamp is cancelled with a duplex obliterator “R”. Fig:3 Letter to NAGORE (NAGAUR), Tanjore, Dist: Madras, India embossed ½a stamp is cancelled “R”. On the reverse, frameless J4. IN/2/AUG -25 TPO Cancellation. Fig:4 Letter from BITHURA (BITHUR) cownpore Dist: United Provinces to BAREILLY CITY R.H. dated May 5. Also M.A./BITHURA/MAY 4 CDS on reverse This canceller was used in KE VII era (1902/3-10) but examples are exceedingly rare. References: 1. Martyn, D.R. Numbers in Early, Indian Cancellations, 1855-1884, Robson Lowe Ltd., London (1970) 2. Gerald Davis and Denys Martyn, BURMA Postal History, Robson Lowe Ltd., London (1988). GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


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Railway Mail Service - Static Post Offices PAGE 3 Fig:6 On H.M.S. Letter from Western Rajputana Agency to AJMER, Rajputana. On Reverse, frameless T/4 14/J. DN/MAR29 Fig:5 Post Card to Ft. ULWAR (ALWAR), India from REWAREE, Gurgaon, Dist: Punjab. In this case, “R” is applied as a Single Obliterator. Fig:7 Registered Letter from LAHORE, Dist & town Punjab, (N.W.P.) to Base Office Calcutta, 3 January 1891. Redirected to Point Calimere, 12 Jan 1891 and to Colombo 17 Jan 1891. Obliterator “R” applied at Calcutta. Pt. Calimere is located at Tanjore, Dist: Madras and was an exchange Post Office for the letters transmitted between India and Ceylon. GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


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PAGE 4 Courage Commitment Compassion Recalling… “The Heroine of the Hijack” - Neerja Bhanot Neerja Bhanot AC (Ashoka Chakra Winner) (7 September 1963 – 5 September 1986) was a flight attendant for Pan Am, based in Mumbai, India, who was murdered while saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5 September 1986. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India's highest peacetime military award for bravery, the Ashok Chakra. On 5th September this month, 29 years completed of her death while on 7th September, her 52nd birth anniversary was celebrated. She was born in Chandigarh, the daughter of Rama Bhanot and Harish Bhanot, a Mumbai-based journalist. She had an arranged marriage in March 1985 and joined her husband in the Gulf. However, the marriage turned sour following dowry pressure and she returned to her parents' home in Mumbai within two months. She then applied for a flight attendant job with Pan Am, and upon selection, went to Miami for training as a flight attendant but returned as Purser. Neerja Bhanot was the senior flight purser on the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 73, which was hijacked by four heavily armed terrorists after it landed at Karachi at 5 am from Mumbai. PA 73 was en route to Frankfurt and onward to New York City. Bhanot alerted the cockpit crew about the hijack and, as the plane was on the tarmac, the three-member American cockpit crew of pilot, co-pilot and the flight engineer fled from the aircraft. Neerja, being the senior-most cabin crew member on board, took charge. The terrorists then instructed Neerja to collect the passports of all the passengers so that they could identify the Americans. Neerja & other attendants under her charge hid the passports of the 41 Americans on board – some under a seat and the rest down a rubbish chute. After 17 hours, the hijackers opened fire and set off explosives. Neerja opened the emergency door and helped a number of passengers escape. She could have been the first to jump out when she opened the door but she decided not and was shot while shielding three children from a hail of bullets. Neerja was recognised internationally as "The Heroine of the Hijack". For her bravery, the Government of India posthumously awarded Neerja Bhanot the Ashoka Chakra Award (India's highest gallantry award for bravery in the face of the enemy during peace time), and Bhanot became its youngest recipient. In 2004 the Indian Postal Servicereleased a stamp commemorating her which can be seen on right along with First Day Cover. With the insurance money and an equal contribution from Pan Am for using the brand Pan Am in the title, Neerja Bhanot's parents set up the Neerja Bhanot Pan Am Trust. The trust presents two awards every year, one for a flight crew member, worldwide, who acts beyond the call of duty and another to an Indian woman who, when faced with social injustice such as dowry or desertion perseveres and then helps other women in similar social distress. The award includes a sum of INR 1,50,000, a trophy and a citation. Neerja's brother went to Washington DC in 2005 to receive the 'Justice for Crimes Award' awarded posthumously to her as part of the 'Annual Crime Rights Week' at a ceremony held at the United States Attorney's office for the District of Columbia. In 2006, she and the other Pan Am Flight 73 flight attendants and Pan Am's flight director for Pakistan were awarded the Special Courage award by the US Department of Justice. A square called Neerja Bhanot Chowk is named after her in Mumbai's Ghatkopar (East) suburb by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan in the early 1990s. The civil aviation ministry of India conferred an honour on Neerja Bhanot posthumously on 18 February 2010 in New Delhi on the occasion of the launch of the celebrations of the centenary of Indian aviation. A forthcoming movie is to be made about Bhanot, with Sonam Kapoor playing role of Neerja. Sonam Kapoor tweet her first look of forthcoming biopic about Neerja Bhanot. Source : GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


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FastPhila : National PAGE 5 Philatelic Exchange, Purchase or Sell on Social Media We have seen Auction houses, dealer stall exhibitions, Online Shopping Sites where people can buy or sell their Philatelic Material. This trend is moving very fast on Social Media as well. After Facebook was introduced as a Social Media, people started making groups of Philatelists and Exchange/Sell of Philatelic Material became easier from across the Globe. But it had the limitation of Auction as being Online on Facebook on Smartphone or on PC for entire day was practically impossible and keeping Eye on your favourite item is even tougher. Now it has a Solution in the Form of WhatsApp. Group of Philatelists in India has come up with a Unique idea of making WhatsApp group where Philatelic Trading is possible where people can Exchange Philatelic Material and even display their Worthy Collection to fellow Philatelic Fraternity. Groups on Thematic Collection, Maxim Cards, Gandhi, Errors are some of them which allows their members to post their items so other members can see it and buy or exchange. Some Auctions start at ₹ 1 which gives fair chance of having material in one’s Philatelic Material. The Groups have some set of Rule defined like professional websites with Buying/Selling Time Limits, Payment Terms, etc… This definitely can be proved a Very Practical Platform for Philatelists who are keen to have good material and that too without Practically being Online for Entire Day. These group members are serving well with very well defined Administrative rules and Good Administrators & Mentors. New Research Based Book : The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India Dave & Sons of Nadiad, Gujarat has come up with the research on “The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India - A Glimpse of 6 Stamps - A Study of over 200+ Erros” which illustrates over 200 verities of Six 1929 Airmail Stamps. With no Jargon description, the book is perfect for having it in our collection and worth gifting new collectors who are fond of researches. It is prized very low at ₹ 100 per copy having all pages with colour illustration. Last Moment Panic continues…. India Post recently released the Postage Stamp on “Valour and Sacrifice - 1965 War”. It seems the decision of releasing stamp is taken on a short notice. The Stamp is released on 15th September while the stock of the Stamp, Brochure & FDC did not come to bureaus on time and even proper information was also given neither to bureaus. Another Example is the release of Postage Stamp on “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Constitution of India”, this was planned since long but the Date was not declared till last moment. Postage Stamp on “Mahant Avaidyanath” also was included in the 2015 Stamp release calendar recently and released with a short notice. Earlier we used to have yearly Philatelic Calendar and we used to come to know that when and which stamp will be released. Philatelists used to stand in a queue for the First Day Cancellation to be used commercially. Now -a-days that concept is gone as even the Cancellations are NOT made available on the First Day as the bureau also come to know about stamp release at end time with No time to prepare Cancellation Cachet. Can the system really improve or we’ll have to digest the same? Readers to think and get prepared for it. GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ Have a look at India France Joint Issue : Bunch of Errors on Page 12 | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION


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PAGE 6 Theme of the Month : Albert Einstein Einstein – the World’s Greatest Mind and Creative Have a look at the new Monaco stamp issue dedicated to the world’s greatest mind – Einstein. In 1915, Einstein published his theory on gravitation, known as general relativity, which superseded Newton’s theory. However, despite convincing experimental confirmation, the theory of general relativity had to spend a period in the wilderness: it was only in 1960 that scientists recognized the true significance of the theory and grasped the revolutionary developments it represented. Source : FastPhila : Thematic Einstein is the person who amazes not only scientists but also the ordinary people from different countries. Philatelists and stamp collectors are looking stamps that commemorate this great genius too. This year Postal Authorities celebrate the centenary of publication of Einstein‘s works on general relativity, and Monaco Post is not an exception. Fresh up your knowledge about the Theory of Relativity! ~ Hungarian Stamp One hundred years ago Albert Einstein presented his new relativistic gravitational field equations to the Prussian Academy of Sciences at its meeting on 25 November 1915, and thus his general theory of relativity was born. Since then, this theory not only has proved to be of great significance in physics, but it also has astrophysical, technical and everyday applications. Magyar Posta is issuing a stamp to mark this centenary. Stamps commemorate not only personalities by also their achievements. This is the case about new issue of Magyar Posta that marks 100 years since the creation of theory of relativity by the genius of all times Albert Einstein. offers our readers to freshen up their knowledge about the revolutionary theory with the help of this exciting new issue introduced on the 7th of September. A portrait of Albert Einstein, the Noble Prize-winning physicist, and the mathematical formula of the general theory of relativity appear in the stamp design. The general theory of relativity is the theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1916. Its basis is the equivalence principle, which describes gravitation and acceleration as two ways of seeing the same thing. The theory rests on the fact that, locally, no experiment can make a distinction between the homogeneous gravitational field and constant acceleration. Einstein gradually expanded the meaning of the equivalence principle in his further writings and later included the idea that no physical measurement can establish the state of motion of a nonaccelerating reference system. This means that it is impossible to measure, and thus in effect pointless to discuss, the changes in the inertial mass or electrical charges of the basic physical constants such as elementary particles in the case of different relative motions. Every measured change in these constants is either an experimental error or shows that the theory of relativity is wrong or wanting. Source : Einstein as Inventor on Romania Stamp in 2014 Romfilatelia dedicated its stamp issue to Great Inventors to some of the representative figures of world scientific and technical progress, the four stamps illustrating Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. The issue was released on the 17th of December 2014. On the stamp with the face value of lei 4.30 is represented the portrait of the great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) with the famous equation E = mc² of the Theory of Relativity, reproduced on the postmark. Source : GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


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FastPhila : International Shocking £1 million Stamps Pinched from French Warehouse PAGE 7 Stamp collectors are shocked by the perfect philatelic crime happened recently. Postage stamps worth more than £1 million have been pinched from a French warehouse! Brazen thieves used a “Mission: Impossible” ‒ style method on Sunday night to lower themselves into the interior of the suburban Paris building on ropes. They then allegedly hauled 75 boxes packed full of stamps back up to the roof and escaped. Workers were stunned to arrive at the Seine-et-Marne building on Monday morning to find the ropes dangling from the ceiling. Police were called and an investigation has been launched. . The total amount of stamps stolen has not yet been confirmed, but a police source said it was currently estimated to be around €1.4 million (£1 million). It comes in the same month that a British man avoided jail for stealing £13,000 worth of postage stamps from his workplace. Scott Winterton recruited colleague Terence Roberts-Richards to sell them on, but they were caught after falsely reporting the stamps were missing from a delivery by the Royal Mail. The duo, who worked at Office Depot in Leicester, were both given suspended jail sentences… Source : xSkchS STOP manufacturing rarities for “Revenue”! Think stamps are only worth the paper they’re printed on? Philatelists will tell you to think again. The tiny One-Cent Magenta stamp, now on display at the National Postal Museum, recently sold for $9.5 million. Of course, that sole-surviving stamp of the British Guiana penny issues is the rarest Philatelists from around the world stamp in the world. Other stamps deemed collectible by the philatelic com- are highly irritated by the fact that USPS continue to reissue rare munity are also worth a pretty penny. stamps for revenue! Many consider Take the 1918 Inverted Jenny 24-cent airmail stamp. It is one of the that “a true philatelic rarity does world’s most collectible stamps because a sheet of 100 misprinted stamps not happen “intentionally”, but is showing an upside-down biplane was accidently sold to a customer. In to- usually known and publicized day’s market, an Inverted Jenny stamp could fetch close to $1 million. through individual’s long term colYes, collectors are passionate about their stamps. Indeed, stamp collecting lecting, constant learning, and diseven has a month – October – designated to recognize an activity that can covering”. So why the US Postal range from a hobby to an obsession. Two years ago to celebrate National Service does not give up its strateStamp Collecting Month, the U.S. Postal Service reissued 2.2 million Invert- gy to manufacture rare stamps in spite of the fact that philatelists do ed Jenny souvenir stamp sheets. not approve it? This question reThe souvenir stamp sheets feature six $2 stamps and sells for $12. Collec- mains unanswered. tors could buy the stamps at select postal retail counters and through,, and by ordering via a toll free phone number. The Postal Service’s goal was to sell all 2.2 million stamp sheets in the first 60 days for $26.4 million in revenue. As of March 31, total stamp sales were about $13 million. To generate interest in stamp collecting and engage new generations of stamp collectors, the Postmaster General requested that the Postal Service create 100 additional stamp sheets that showed the biplane upright. Seventy of these Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets were distributed to be sold in the top 50 markets along with 1.2 million Inverted Jenny stamp sheets. The remaining 30 Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets were to be randomly distributed in the first 60 days of release. While an innovative idea, this action had the unintended consequence of creating and improperly distributing a philatelic rarity. The Postal Service strongly and inappropriately influenced the secondary market by creating a rarity. In 2014, at least two Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets sold for more than $50,000 each. In his report Inspector General recommended the Postal Service develop a formal process for philatelic promotions. Source and More Information @ GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


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PAGE 8 FastPhila : Special Covers from India Salakhan Fossils at Sonbhadra Meera Temple, Chittorgarh Fort:Chittorgarhpex 2015 11 September 2015 18 September 2015 Thewa Art, Pratapgarh : Chittorgarhpex 2015 Shri Jayanand Muni Ji Maharaj Sa 13 September 2015 30 September 2015 B. R. Jain Civic Centre Bhilai Diamond Jubilee of Integral Coach Factory, Chennai 13 September 2015 2 October 2015 Bharat Ratna Dr. M. S. Subulakshmi Birth Centenary Injury Prevention 16 September 2015 GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | 3 October 2015 ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


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FastPhila : Special Covers from India Mission Devrai PAGE 9 Digital India Post : World Post Day 2015 Who Committed the Perfect Philatelic Crime? The greatest secret disclosed! In 1870, the telegraph system of the United Kingdom was nationalized and run by the Post Office. This was useful to people on the stock exchange because without a ticker tape, traders used the telegraph to send stock quotes to customers throughout the United Kingdom. If someone wanted to send a stock quote, they would go to the telegraph office at the Stock Exchange, write down the information, purchase a stamp generally costing one shilling, depending upon the number of words, then send it off to the customer. The customer would purchase the stamp, put it on the telegraph message, and then have the message sent off, only seeing the actual stamp for a few seconds. The clerk would then cancel the stamp and send off the message. A fraudulent clerk supplied forged stamps and pocketed the one shil- Do you hear about the greatest philatelic crime? No? ling fee. He used both fraudulent and real stamps so when the actual stamps were audited, none showed up as missing. The stamps were Then this article will be extremely interonly used on certain days, were convincing forgeries, and the stamps esting for you to read. GPA NEWS offers were not retained by the customers who might have noticed the you to learn the story that happened in fraud. Although the telegraph messages were filed in a bag for dis1872-1873, when the Great Stock Exposal, the stock exchange kept the forms and they were later dischange Forgery occurred in London. posed of as waste paper. Some of the stamps were obtained by stamp collectors and 25 years later, in 1898, a philatelist, Charles Nissen, noticed differences between the forged stamps and the real stamps. First, the stamps used letters that indicated the position of the stamps on the sheets of stamps, but some of the letters were incorrect. These letters were also slightly larger than on the genuine stamps and the corners of the stamps were blunter. Second, the stamps were not watermarked, while genuine stamps did have a watermark. Third, the forged stamps were lithographed while the real stamps were typographed, producing a lower quality of stamp. By the time the forgeries were discovered in 1898, the clerk who had committed the forgery had disappeared, and to this day, no one knows who committed this perfect crime, perfect because no one even knows who committed the crime and the criminal kept all the proceeds. One shilling was equivalent to twenty-five cents or about $6 in today’s money, and over a year, the forgeries could have added up significantly for the perpetrators. Perhaps after 1873, the fraudster simply retired. Stock exchange forgery stamps are available to collectors, but sell for more than the originals since they are scarcer than the originals. You can buy one on Ebay for about $800 if you want a piece of stock market history. Source : GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ 3 October 2015 9 October 2015 ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


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PAGE 10 Postage Stamps from View Point of Scott On Asked “How the World’s Renowned Stamp Catalogue making company considers making the stamp added into their catalogue?” when the number of stamps are voluminous from all countries of the world and more specifically from the countries where the so called stamp manufacturing agent named “Stamperija” works for the production. The reply from the Scott Publishing Co. is quite interesting and clears lot of doubts which might exist in minds of all Philatelists. The answer is given here as is: “I know that the output from countries having Stamperija as their stamp-producing agent is voluminous because I have to slog through them. However, Stamperija is not the only stamp -producing agent out there creating a huge output from which countries can choose. Every country that now uses Stamperija as its agent has its own philatelic history, which differs from the philatelic history of other Stamperija clients. For some of the current Stamperija clients, we have seen stamps bearing a particular country’s name produced by a variety of other stamp-producing agents prior to Stamperija becoming an agent for that country. Some countries have used multiple agents at one time, with some agents cranking out new stamps at a breakneck pace. However, all stamp-producing agents are not the same. Some are trustworthy and others are unscrupulous and have been known to have created illegal stamps. When we get new stamps sent to us, it is my job to determine if the stamps meet our the criteria set forth in our catalogue listing policy. When I have had doubts about the legitimacy of certain issues I have had no qualms about contacting the postal officials in the country. I photocopy the stamps in question and ask the officials if the stamps were authorized, valid for postage and put on sale in the country. Sometimes when I have contacted postal officials, I have received responses stating that the stamps in question were not authorized, and that was the first time the postal officials had seen such items, which they would consider to be illegally-produced. However, there have been numerous times when I have inquired with postal officials and have not received a reply. In order to make informed decisions as to whether the stamps in question are listable or not, I need information from the postal officials. If they are not going to cooperate, then there really isn’t much that I can do to determine if their stamps meet our criteria. Because our catalogue is chronological, I can’t very well list a whole bunch of stamps from 2015 until, I have a good handle on the pile of stamps that I have that were put on the market from 2000 -2014. Most of these countries that have stamps for which I have unanswered questions are impoverished African countries that have used multiple agents in the past 15 years. I suspect that some postal officials really can’t answer my questions because they are totally in the thrall of the agents who are cranking out stamps bearing that country’s name. I suspect that the only role that some of these postal officials play is receiving money from the agents, who do what they please. These agents may very well not be keeping records at all about which stamps have been authorized, received from the agent and put on sale in the country. And considering the huge numbers of stamps cranked out by some of the agents, I realize that keeping such records would be an awful lot of work for a philatelic bureau for an impoverished country. Currently, Stamperija is cranking out stamps for about 12 client countries. A few years ago, the person in charge of producing stamps for Stamperija came to our offices to discuss the speed at which the stamps he was cranking out were receiving catalogue recognition in Scott. We pointed out that we had a catalogue listing policy. He swore up and down to us that the stamps he created were legitimate and that he had contracts to produce stamps with the countries and that the stamps were being sent to his client countries. That we have listed stamps from his client countries to the extent that we have is an indication that his claims for those stamps are accurate. That said, anything we haven’t listed as of yet, we are not as sure of, but that will be discovered through the examination process. Obviously, we are not checking with every country that every stamp bearing that country’s name was put on sale in that country, mostly because we’ve established that countries actually do this. And they also know that it is hard to regain that trust if we learn that this basic tenet has been broken. However, we pointed out to him that while he may follow every criteria set forth in our catalogue listing policy to the letter, he is not in control of certain things. While he may send finished stamps to a country, it is ultimately the decision of the country’s postal officials to put them on sale. If they don’t put the stamps on sale in the country, then they are not eligible for listing. This has actually happened for a number of countries, including countries that are not poor African ones. And yes, we have, from time to time, had collectors visit countries and tell us that they repeatedly could not obtain certain items that should have been available in that country. Stamp-creating agents, therefore, are never the only party involved in the issuance of a listable stamp. Postal officials must play a part in their country’s philatelic program beyond just receiving a suitcase full of money GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


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Postage Stamps from View Point of Scott from an agent. I pointed out to the man from Stamperija that if the postal officials in his client countries were not bothering to answer our questions that we had about stamps bearing that country’s name, be they produced by Stamperija or another agent, so that we could proceed with listing all of that country’s stamps, then his client countries were doing him a disservice. This is something that I have told other agents as well. I implored the man from Stamperija to tell the postal officials in his client countries to cooperate with us. So far, some have and some haven’t. PAGE 11 Regarding the stamps of Solomon Islands that were recently listed, we have known for a couple of years that the stamps produced by Stamperija were indeed getting to the country and being put on sale. A dealer we know has contacts in the Solomon Islands and verified that for us with a postal official One of the Stamps issued by he knew there. The dealer actually told us that the people who had standing Stamperija on Goddess Durga on behalf orders to receive Solomon Islands stamps when their stamps were produced of São Tomé and Príncipe Post by the country’s previous agents were quite annoyed that the country had decided to use Stamperija as their agent, because of the reputation for high prices and huge numbers of issues created by the agent, which obviously has been shown to be accurate. It just took some time for us to obtain the last issues created by the previous stamp-issuing agent, and find the time to create the listings for all of the Stamperija Solomon Island stamps. We have a large drawer full of Stamperija items from a variety of countries that are as yet unlisted. Many of these are from countries where there are major roadblocks to us listing anything anytime soon, mostly because we have unanswered questions and uncooperative or unknowledgeable postal officials. For the countries where the roadblocks have been cleared, or for which there were no roadblocks, we have proceeded with listing the stamps. That’s the way it is for all countries. I tried to explain to the man from Stamperija that his client countries amount to a small number of the countries for which I list stamps, and that I cannot waste my time repeatedly trying to contact countries that repeatedly have not cooperated with us. I think he understood this. I told him that I have plenty to do just listing the stamps for the countries that are cooperative, and that my job is to try to crank out as many stamp listings every month that I can to try to keep up with the torrent. I told him that my job should not entail begging and pleading for information because postal officials should be aware that stamp catalogues actually try to promote the sale of their country’s stamps, but to do so requires a little bit of cooperation on their part. I also pointed out to him that the huge output of stamps for his client countries makes it more difficult to keep up with everything being released because all new stamps go through me, and me alone, and that I could not just focus on his client countries. It should be pointed out that if the stamps produced by any agent meet our listing policy, they will get listed in due time. We don’t comment to agents or dealers as to the excessive quantities of what they are issuing, because it is not our place to do so. Even if we did, they probably would ignore us and go on their merry way. “Every agent, every country has their own peccadillos. In all honesty, many of the countries that don’t have agents are now far more prolific than some of the agents have been. I can’t see why we would change our basic tenet that a stamp be sold in the country and be considered valid for postage in that country. Can one consider an item to be a postage stamp if it is not even made available to the people in that country? How does such an item serve the postal customers of that country if they can’t obtain it? Changing that concept opens the catalogue up to things that really aren’t postage stamps. Any fool with a printing press can easily produce items that look like postage stamps but really aren’t. And there are plenty of such producers. The philatelic world is awash with fakes, illegals and other such items designed to part money from a collector. I’m busy enough keeping up with items that meet our current criteria for listing, which by the way, offers postal administrations plenty of ways to get bucket loads of cash from collectors without us uttering a peep of complaint. Our basic listing criteria are not hard to meet. Our catalogue, after all, did not grow to the size it is by us making it difficult for postal officials to get that which they produce listed. The editors really aren’t interested in having to change the name of our books from “Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues” to “Scott Standard Postage Stamp and Other Things Masquerading as Postage Stamps Catalogue.” The Identification is kept hidden and private on request from a person involved in the conversation… GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


p. 12

PAGE 12 India France Joint Issue : Bunch of Errors On 10th April 2015, India Post issued India-France Joint Issue Stamps and Miniature Sheet. GPA came to know about various errors in the Miniature Sheet. Some about 9 different Miniature Sheets are displayed here with different Errors on them. One observation is, since last couple of issues, the material to Philatelic bureaus is coming in loose packaging, which is not a safe handling for any Philatelic Material. It has to be preserved for many years and for that good packaging is absolutely essential. At times one becomes suspicious that some one might have firstly removed the sealed packet which used to come earlier in the packing of 100/200 which was good for preservation. Readers to decide. GPA has just compiled this and scanned from Originals and has no ownership on this material. Sending material without proper packaging has become a practice now. On one side there is a Risk of damage to the Philatelic Material by mishandling while on the other side there is a this kind of Risk of material going outside in strangers’ hands. To overcome both the issues, India Post should consider sending Philatelic Material in proper packaging and have strong Inspection at Printing Press Level also so that Errors can be minimized. This, in long run, is in benefit to the Philatelic Fraternity. Above : MS with perforation shifted Lower & Left cutting denomination Above : MS with perforation shifted Lower & Left but keeping denomination in respective stamps Above : MS with perforation shifted Lower & Right keeping denomination out of Stamps Above : MS with perforation shifted Left keeping denomination in One Stamp only Above : MS with NO perforation Above : MS with improper cutting. Upper Part has extra piece of paper while bottom part with QR code is cut GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015


p. 13

India France Joint Issue : Bunch of Errors PAGE 13 Above : MS with improper cutting. Extra white space kept between two MS for cutting is seen along with Perforation Marks Above : MS with Perfect perforation but with improper cutting. Left side has extra piece of paper while Right side is cut a bit Look at all images carefully. The Extra White Space in some Miniature Sheets (Like Above 2 MSs & Lower Right on Previous Page) is not Error of Editing here but they are Extra Piece of Paper Goof Up or Ignorance? Above : MS with perforation shifted Upper & Right but keeping denomination in respective Stamps Recently the Team of GPA came to know about one cover claimed to be commercially used on “International Day of Yoga”. The cover depicts the Post Mark of 21st June 2015, the day of release of Stamp and being claimed to be posted on the same Day. On cross checking the Tracking Details from the Barcode Sticker of EMS, we came to know that the Cover actually posted on 22nd June 2015, the Next Day of the release of the Stamp. Two Things of the Observation: 1. If the cover is posted on 22nd June, the Value of the Stamp displayed should be considered as Zero (‘0’) as the date is changed and affixed stamp was used on 21st June 2015 and the cover CAN NOT be claimed as First Day Commercially used. 2. The Tariff shown on the Tracking site is ₹ 12 which again is a proof that the Local Postal Administration considered ₹ 5 Stamp as Postage as the Speed Post Charge for Local is ₹ 17. As we all know, Postal Administration does not have enough knowledge about the Philately and even about their own set of Rules but as a Philatelist, sometimes, even we know better and still do these kind of activities. Shouldn’t we as a Philatelist be aware about such things and avoid possible conflicts? What should we consider about this case; Goof Up or Ignorance? Note : The Identity of the holder of the cover is hidden considering the Privacy. GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015 Read Past Issues of GPA NEWS Online @ ASSOCIATION |


p. 14

PAGE Advertisement Tariff for News Letter 14 Description Full Page Half Page Quarter page One Issue ₹ 5000 ₹ 2500 ₹ 1500 Six Issues ₹ 4500 per issue ₹ 2300 per issue ₹ 1300 per issue Twelve Issues ₹ 4000 per issue ₹ 2000 per issue ₹ 1000 per issue For Advertisement in News Letter, Contact Mr. Dharmesh Shah on Phone No. 09924119264 or at Email ID: Advertiser(s) can provide their Logo or any other matter in soft copy also via Email. As everybody would be aware that the News Letter will have Superior Quality of news, it also has wide circulation across the World among many Philatelists, Dealers, Different Philatelic Associations, Different Higher Level Philatelic Postal Government Departments and Officers. This News Letter would reach International Dealers, Collectors and Associations also outside the country. So, it will be a great opportunity for all the Advertisers to reach Larger, Targeted Audience. Advertisements as Well wishers are welcome. Upcoming Events Oct 30-Nov 2, 2015 : UTTARPEX-2015 Venue : Lucknow, Lalit Kala Academy, Aliganj, Lucknow May 18 - Jun 4, 2016 : NEWYORK 2016 Venue : Jacob - Javits Center in New York City Oct 21 - 26, 2016 : PHILATAIPEI 2016 Venue : To be Decided More details & Fees about International Exhibitions @ Nov 14-17, 2015 : INTACH Philatelic Exhibition Venue : Kala Vithika, Padav, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Contact : Dr. Neelkamal Maheshwari, +919425745455 New Stamp Issues of Sep - Oct 2015 Valour & Sacrifice - 1965 War Date of Release : 15 September 2015 Denomination : ₹ 5 x 3 Stamps Venue : NDMC Convention Centre, Parliament Street, New Delhi Quantity : 6 Lacs Each* 110001 *1 Lac for the Proponent Dec 4-6, 2015 : SINE (Stamps of India National Exhibition) Contact : Mr. Madhukar Jhingan, +919811160965 Dec 26-28, 2015 : Naturepex-2015 Organizers : Eastern India Philatelists' Association Venue : Bhubaneshwar Jan 7-9, 2016 : 13th KERAPEX Organizers : India Post Venue : Shri Shankara Hall, MG Road, Thrissur, Kerala Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & Constitution of India Date of Release : 30 September 2015 Denomination : ₹ 5 Quantity of Stamps : 5 Lacs Jan 16-18, 2016 : MAHAPEX-2016 Organizers : India Post Venue : Regional Stamp Depot, Upnagar, Nashik, Maharashtra Mahant Avaidyanath Date of Release : 1 October 2015 Organizers : India Post Venue : Mother Teresa Exhibition Hall, Nr. Valluvar Kottam, Denomination : ₹ 5 Quantity : 5.2 Lacs* Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600034 * 20,000 for the Proponent Jan 22-25, 2016 : TANAPEX-2016 GPA Thanks Contributors to this Edition of GPA NEWS : for International News, Dr. Punit Dixit, Mr. Dipak Dave,, Scott Catalogue Team © Gujarat Philatelists’ Association. All Rights Reserved. No part of this Newsletter may be reproduced in any manner or form without written permission of the Writer and/ or Publisher. GPA NEWS aims to impart knowledge on Philately. While every possible care is taken in providing most accurate, updated and objective information, readers are expected to make their own decisions. GPA NEWS will not be liable for any loss or damage to your Philatelic items. All the articles presented here are purely thought of respective writer(s). GPA does not hold any responsibility about the authentication of the information presented herein. All trademarks, logos, pictures, graphics and screenshots of web pages belong to their respective owners and are duly acknowledged. Images used in any article are Not To Scale. GPA NEWS Publisher : Gujarat Philatelists’ Association, 1/M, National Chambers, Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad- 380009 | NON COMMERCIAL COPY & For Circulation Only, NOT FOR SALE President : Mr. Praful Thakkar (I. A. S. Retd) | President Emeritus : Mr. Mainak Kathiara Vice President : Mr. Vijay Navlakha | Secretary General : Mr. Dharmesh Shah Editor : TEAM GPA | Treasurer : Ms. Mayurika Shah | Design & Visualisation : Jatin Trivedi Edition : Issue 40 | 11 October, 2015 | Next Issue : Issue 41 | 8 November, 2015 Email : feedback@gujaratphilately. com | Your Articles are Welcomed at : gpanews@gujaratphilately. com Membership Fee : Life Member : ₹ 2500, Annual Member (For Residents of Ahmedabad Only) : ₹ 300 GUJARAT PHILATELISTS’ ASSOCIATION | ISSUE 40 | 11 OCTOBER 2015



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