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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 269 | October 23rd 2015 Nicho St’s spooky guide to Halloween The Inner West’s best craft beers WIN! British Film Festival TIX: DVDs: Love & Mercy Amy F O L LOW S! @ciaoma gazinesy dney /CiaoMa gazine U Local chefs sweeten Norton Street Italian Festa La Dolce Festa


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Shop. Love. Local. CHECK OUT OUR FRESH FOOD RECIPE OF THE MONTH Cooking Demonstration In Centre: Sunday 24 October 11am - 1:30pm Healthy Breakfast Balls Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Balls Soup Healthy Breakfast STEP 1 Healthy Breakfast Balls Healthy Breakfast Balls STEP 1 Makes: 12 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Blending time: 15 mins STEP 1 Healthy Breakfast Balls STEP 1 Makes: 12 | Preparation time: 5| Blending mins | Blending time: 15 mins 8 medium carrots Makes: 12 | Preparation time: 5 mins time: 15 mins Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Soup Healthy Breakfast Balls Healthy Balls Healthy Breakfast Breakfast Balls Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them 1 cups ½ cups Medjool Place the dates in a blender with 1½ Medjool datesdates 3 garlic cloves Place the dates in a blender withwith a light to a tray drizzle of olive oil, the 8 medium carrots Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the the coconut oil and lightly pulse until the the coconut oil and lightly pulse until the 1 large onion 3 tbsp coconut oil Makes: 12 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Blending time: 15 mins rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling 3 tbsp coconut oil vegetablesmixture into 5cm pieces and paste. add them paste. forms a forms thick mixture a thick ½ cups Medjool dates 3 garlic 1 cloves ofdates salt andin pepper. Bake in with the oven for 20 Place the a blender Olive oil, for drizzling Makes: 12 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Makes: Blending time: 15 mins to a tray with a light drizzle of time: olive oil, the 12 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Blending 15 mins 1 cup almonds 1 cup almonds minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over 1 ½ cups Medjool dates 1 large onion the coconut oil and lightly pulse until the rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling Place the dates in a blender with STEP 2 Add the remaining ingredients and 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 sprigs rosemary STEP 2in Add the remaining ingredients and the carrots and return the tray to the oven for 1 cup oats 1 cup oats datesof salt and pulse pepper. Bake the oven for 20 1 for ½ cups Medjool until the mixture starts to come together. 1 ½ cups Medjool dates 3 tbsp Olive mixture forms a thick paste. oil, drizzling STEP 1 Place the dates in a blender with the coconut oil and lightly pulse until the 10 minutes or until fragrant. pulse until the mixture starts to come together. Place the dates in a blender with coconut oil Salt and pepper, for seasoning minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over ½ cup desiccated coconut 1rosemary cup almonds the coconut and lightly pulse until the ½coconut cup desiccated coconut mixture forms a thick 2 sprigs the3 coconut oil and until tbsp oil lightly thepulse carrots and return the trayoil to paste. the oven for STEP 3 the Mould generous tablespoonsful 3 tbsp coconut oil STEP 2 Place ingredients the roasted vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey STEP 3 Mould generous tablespoonsful ¼ cup carob powder mixture forms a thick paste. 1 cup almonds Add the remaining and 10 minutes or until fragrant. of the mixture between your hands to form forms a thick paste. ¼ cup carob powder blender, ensuring you disregard the stems from Saltmixture and for seasoning 1pepper, cup oats of the mixture between your hands to form 1 cup almonds 6-8 cups stock or water individual balls. Store in the fridge. 1 tsp vanilla bean powder pulse until the mixture starts to come Add the remaining ingredients and 1 cup almonds the sprigs of rosemary. Add together. half of the stock individual balls. Store in the fridge. STEP 2 2Place the roasted vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey 1 cup oats 1 tsp vanilla bean powder STEP 2mixture Add the remaining ingredients and process until a and thick puree is formed. You x 400g tins lentils, rinsed ½cup cup desiccated coconut 1 oats pulse until the starts to come together. Add the remaining ingredients and blender, ensuring you disregard the stems starts from pulse until the mixture to come together. 1 cup oats may need more stock to achieve this. and drained 6-8 cups stock or water generous tablespoonsful the sprigs of rosemary. Add halfMould of the stock ½ cup desiccated coconut pulse until the mixture starts to come together. ½ cup desiccated coconut ¼tins cup carob powder and process until a thick puree is formed. You 2 x 400g lentils, rinsed mixture between your hands to form Mould generous tablespoonsful STEP 3 Heat a large saucepan over a medium ½ cup desiccated coconut ¼ cup and STEPof 3 the Mould generous tablespoonsful drained carob powder heat. Pour in the soup and gently heat it ¼ cup carob powder may need more stock to achieve this. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 individual balls. in the fridge. of the mixture between your Store hands to form 1 tsp vanilla generous bean powder STEP 3 Mould tablespoonsful of the mixture between your hands to form through with the remaining stock. Once STEP 3hands Heat a large saucepan over athe medium individual balls. Store in fridge. individual balls. Store inbubbling, the fridge. of the mixture between your to form 1 tsp vanilla bean powder 1 tsp vanilla bean powder stir in the lentils and season to in the soup and gently heat it taste before serving individual balls. Store inheat. the Pour fridge. 1 tsp vanilla bean powder through with the remaining stock. Once ¼ cup carob powder bubbling, stir in the lentils and season to taste before serving This is a great mid-week meal for the whole family. If you STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: on the table in less than 40 minutes bake the need dinner “ Medjool dates are a fresh fruit and are best stored in the fridge. “ carrots the night before. This healthy soup will be ready mid-week meal-for whole family. If you A the HEALTHY NUTRITIONAL TIP: NotSTACEY only areCLARE they delicious but they MUM'S have a lot less sugar than a “This is a great to devour in minutes. need dinner on the table in less than 40 minutes bake the ” standard dried dates pitted date, themand perfect breakfast. Medjool are amaking fresh fruit arefor best stored in the fridge. ” “ before. This healthy soup will be ready carrots the night Not only are they delicious but they have a lot less sugar than a to devour in minutes. ” dried pitted standard date, making them perfect for breakfast.” standard dried pitted date, making them perfect for breakfast. M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: Medjool dates are a fresh fruitfruit and and are best stored in the fridge. STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: Medjool dates are a fresh are best stored in the fridge. Not only are they delicious but they have a lot less sugar than a STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY Medjool MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: dates are a fresh fruit and are best stored in the fridge. PRODUCTS FORbut THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: Not only are they delicious they have a lot less sugar than a Follow us on Facebook PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: STACEY -A MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: STACEYCLARE CLARE - HEALTHY A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: A RECIPE FROM NORTON PLAZA AND STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM “fruitonly ” ” Medjool dates are a freshNot andare arestandard bestdelicious stored inbut thethey fridge. they have a lot less sugar than a breakfast. dried pitted date, making them perfect for “ Not only are they delicious standard but they have lot less sugar than them a perfect for breakfast. driedapitted date, making ” standard dried pitted date, making them perfect for breakfast. ” M_NP_RC_Oct15_ƒ.indd 2 M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 “ “ PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: 29/06/2 GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group. PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: M_NP_RC_Oct15_ƒ.indd 2 PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: 28/09/2015 5:00 p 29/06/2015 8:23 p 28/09/2015 5:00 p M_NP_RC_Oct15_ƒ.indd 1 28/09/2015 5:00 p M_NP_RC_Oct15_ƒ.indd 2 28/09/2015 5:00 p


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Shop. Love. Local. Convenient access to premium fresh food, casual dining and daily essentials. Out of gift ideas? Give them the gift that’s great for any occasion. Get your Norton Plaza Gift Card in-centre or online. Norton Plaza Leichhardt 9572 6344 Mon-Wed, Fri: 9am-7pm, Thu: 9am to 8pm, Sat-Sun: 9am to 6pm LOW PRICES GUARANTEED LASER HAIR REMOVAL % ALL SKIN TREATMENTS (EXCLUDING PACKAGES) AFTER SURGERY BREAST CARE PERFECT PREPARATION for effortless skin Express Microdermabrasion AHA Enzymatic or Accelerator Peel Dermal Rolling Full Face Brazilian & U/Arms Full Arms FEMALE PLUS buttocks add on $20 $ $ $ $ WAS $50 35 Full Legs Facial Hair Sculpting Back & Shoulders Brazilian MALE WAS $61 43 245 WAS $349 including FREE back of neck including FREE buttocks 40 100 $130 $ 40 $1 10 $160 $ Nocturnal Designs are breast care specialists. We offer professional bra fittings following a mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, reduction or augmentation. Limited time only T&Cs apply. Ask us or visit our website for details Limited time only T&Cs apply. Ask us or visit our website for details CBreast ertified Care The lingerie specialists Norton Plaza, Leichhardt • Phone 9518 3355 • Fitting Specialists GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Upchuck fuzz – Russell Leads – Bay Run gets fat l Witnessing WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie condescendingly explains how to navigate the ’splaining minefield Dear LL – In the last few weeks I’ve been subjected to an unrelenting barrage of ’splaining accusations. A female employee now shuts down any discussion about failing to meet deadlines, being rude to customers, or not showing up to work by bellowing, “Stop mansplaining my experience to me!” When I remarked that I thought the Italian food in Haberfield was superior to that in Leichhardt, a neighbour, who has always appeared Caucasian but is apparently one-eighth Greek, angrily demanded I stop whitesplaining ethnic food to him. Then my cousin, who’s recovering from a broken arm, insisted I stop ‘ablesplaining’ to him when I started talking about some helpful rehab exercises I did after suffering a fractured bone. Given I bat for the other side, I’d presumed I was on safe ground there but last night a drag queen busted out ‘gaysplainer!’ when I said I preferred the music of Peter Allen to Conchita Wurst. In the immortal words of Pauline: please explain! Matt, Haberfield LL replies: This is entirely straightforward, Matt. In any interaction, it must be immediately determined who is the most oppressed party. By definition, that person is always in the right. Accordingly, any comment or argument proffered by the other person – no matter how seemingly unobjectionable, logical or accurate – can instantly be dismissed as some form of ’splaining. Admittedly, this all gets a bit tricky for us post-structuralist, non-essentialist progressives who also like to argue that constructs such as gender and sexuality have been destabilised thus rendering male/ female, heterosexual/homosexual binaries meaningless. So the wisest cause of action is to say absolutely nothing unless you’re in the company of those you can probably accuse of being more privileged than yourself, in which case you should righteously attack them for some form of ’splaining before they beat you to the punch. I hope that’s now been adequately columnsplained to you. n Email your dilemma to FOOD Melissa Leong ADVERTISING Sonya Madden the arrest of an alleged extortionist (not to be confused with contortionist) provided some thrilling, if not absurd, Friday viewing. Many found themselves face-to-face with a young man throwing up on the sidewalk outside Clem’s Chicken Shop after his car was pulled over by a team of at least seven Tactical Operation Unit police officers who had arrived on “the scene” in a fearsome vehicle, looking like stormtroopers in complete bulletproof regalia. They obviously didn’t have the foresight to predict an incident of projectile vomit; they failed to prevent the slime. is reopening today, despite being expected to do so a few weeks ago. Apparently, the owner has fancied the place up to attract a new crowd, helped by a new security system that connects bouncers from the pubs along King Street. Can Kelly’s compete with hipstermothership Mary’s around the corner? l Russell JOURNALIST Max Kobras Lea Infants School will be transitioning to a primary school as of next year, with current Year Two students staying at the school to be its first cohort of Year Threes. Council and Canada Bay Council have been offered funds totalling over $2 million from Roads and Maritime Services to widen the pathway of the Bay Run from Henley Marine Drive to UTS Rowing Club to complete the expansion of the Iron Cove Creek Bridge. l Ashfield JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov l Kelly’s LOCAL history The Street with No Name Known locally as The Street with No Name, this small, secluded pathway by Jubilee Park has seen so much horror that many claim it to be haunted. The story begins in 1968 with the discovery of a mutilated three-year-old boy in the undergrowth, a crime unsolved to this day. Eight years later, two 12-year old boys were found murdered in nearly exactly the same place, just seven months apart. Mark Gregory, a shop assistant on Johnston Street was arrested for these murders and sentenced to two life sentences. A young girl was also found dumped in the area around the same time and is thought to be Sydney’s first Satanic murder. More recently, in 2000, a homeless man named Reg Malvin was bludgeoned to death while sleeping in the nearby grandstand. This murder was apparently so gruesome that part of the WINE Winsor Dobbin The case in the Sydney Morning Herald, 1976 grandstand had to be replaced due to blood stains. We’re not ones to judge whether the place is haunted or not, but it certainly tells a terrifyingly sad tale. ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter Things we love: p u C e n r M elbou L TH E ROYA I N MAI N BAR FROM 7P M EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Elise Bruem Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cooking teacher, Luciana Sampogna, in the Tuscan inspired gardens of Cucina Italiana in Annandale. Luciana will be at Norton Street Festa. Image: Ben Cregan Calcutta MON DAY N IG HT Dun dun daaaah TAB OP E N FROM 8AM WATCH ALL TH E RACE ACTION LI V E E NTE RTAI N M E NT FROM 4P M Cup Day Upon walking to the office, thinking about Halloween, we thought we must get a photo of this eerily magnificent building in Petersham. We’re not sure whether it’s the dark brick, the high roofs, the door that looks like it’s definitely had fire damage over the years, a facade covered in ivy or a combination of all four that gives this building a creepy vibe. Situated on the corner of Westbourne and Charles Street in Petersham, it’s hard to go past the building without stopping to admire it, standing alone among the houses of Petersham. It is now used as a studio for Matchbox Pictures, a film company who released the 2014 Australian thriller Cut Snake. Wonder if they’ve taken advantage of the great space for any of their film shoots… C!ao’s voice • Adopting a greyhound • Alfresco dining • Fanny Durack opening for summer • Picnics at Barangaroo  • Halloween madness • Inner West brewers 4 In • Ensuing merger madness: Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield councils declared ‘not fit for the future.’ • Bandidos in Leichhardt • Spring B.O. Out C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West!


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APPEARING AT LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB FRI 30th OCTOBER @ 7:30 “Mike Whitney Band” LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB 89-92 Piper St Leichhardt NEWTOWN 20% OFF CUTS MONDAY - FRIDAY TONI&GUY NEWTOWN | 188 KING ST | 02 9565 2111 *TERMS & CONDITIONS Page must be presented to redeem offer. Available at TONI&GUY Newtown only. Monday to Friday only. Subject to availability offer valid until 1st November 2015. COME IN AND RECEIVE *


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Elise Bruem Getting Crafty Is it hot or what? And what could be a better idea in this weather than cooling down with a drink? As a struggling uni student who is not at all a hipster, I’m definitely more the goon type. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many vineyards sprawling across the hills of the Inner West. What we have is breweries. So. Many. Breweries. But hey, I like craft and I like beer, so when those two words are combined what have I got to lose? With so many different local beers on offer, I’m sure you’re wondering which is the best. Never fear, I drank some to find out (you’re welcome). RANT Time for targets in housing affordability There are murmurings in real estate columns around the country that the housing bubble is about to burst. You can stay classy while downing ales! Shenanigans Brewing Company Winston Pale Ale Shenanigans is a small brewing company that operates out of Enmore and Marrickville. And I’m pretty sure by ‘company’ they just mean a couple of guys who really like good beer. The main appeal of the Winston Pale Ale is that it’s made “in loving memory of Winston G Pig” and has a picture of the aforementioned guinea pig drinking beer on the front. Beyond the visual appeal of the beer, it tastes pretty fruity. Imagine someone tried to make a shandy, but instead of lemonade, they topped the beer off with a golden pash popper. That’s how I imagine the guys at Shenanigans got to this beer. Overall, it’s pretty good HHHHH probably too cool for me. Which is why I was so disappointed that it tasted so good. Batch Brewing Company is based in Marrickville and prides itself on brewing beers for Inner West locals. The American Pale Ale is possibly the most photogenic of their beers, with the perfect golden-brown colour and the right amount of head - and it tastes pretty great too. I give this beer HHHHH Before we let out a collective sigh of relief, let’s not forget that even if the market skids to a sudden halt, the median rental on a unit in Leichardt is $535 a week, $730 for a house. The median unit price is $764,000 and $1.2m for a house. In stark comparison, the minimum wage is $17.29 per hour or $656.90 per 38 hour week (before tax). When child care workers, café staff, taxi drivers, nurses, apprentices and young families can no longer afford to live where they work, everyone loses. Roads become congested, local business suffers and, just as importantly, a vibrant community loses its diversity, its creativity and its energy. It’s a challenge posed by gentrification in cities the world over. The NSW Government has committed to increasing supply, but just building more homes and leaving the market to dictate price hasn't made housing affordable so far, despite record levels of new building approvals. Instead, we need to start thinking of affordable housing as key infrastructure. Here's how we start. Let’s put in place a 30 per cent mandatory affordable housing target at state, regional and local levels. Housing targets are already working in cities such as London, Vancouver, San Francisco and Copenhagen, where rents are also out of reach. If it can work in London, it can work here. A great place to start is government-owned land. Push the NSW Government to invest revenue from the sale of its land into building more affordable* housing or require all development tenders to also include affordable housing. Councils should also provide incentives to support affordable housing projects, including specialist affordable housing officers, streamlined processes and waiving development fees. Let’s have a community conversation about attitudes to affordable and social housing and even higher density housing. NIMBYism doesn’t build communities, or build inclusive, mixed neighbourhoods for everyone. We need to encourage investment in the not-for-profit community-housing sector. Community housing has taken off around the world and is growing in NSW, with profits reinvested back into homes. Importantly, community housing is also in it for the long term, so it’s a leader in sustainable architecture and innovation. The Inner West has always welcomed everyone, it’s what makes it such a great place to live. Don't let rising real estate prices change that. *Affordable essentially means housing that is below market rates in perpetuity. Ironbridge Brewing Co A Fistful of Barley Pale Ale Batch Brewing Company American Pale Ale Yep, we’ve reached full hipster. Everything from the brown paper label tied with twine around the neck of the bottle to the bearded man in an apron in the picture just screams that this beer is And the award for the most attention to labelling goes to Ironbridge. These beers from Chippendale are adorned with labels that look so much like indie film posters; this company must have really good graphic designer friends. “It tastes like my cousin’s home brew that exploded last Christmas,” a drinking partner said. Apparently that was a compliment. I just think it tastes like a craft beer. More style than substance HHHHH Young Henrys Natural Lager A goggling amount of Inner Westie beers Chances are you’ve probably tried a Young Henrys. Perhaps the most well known of the Inner West beer scene, a night out in Newtown has pretty much become synonymous with Young Henrys. The Natural Lager is said to have a subtle citrus aroma. I didn’t quite pick up on that, but it tasted like a really great beer. Note: being the only lager on this list may give it an unfair advantage in my eyes (or tongue). I’d rate it HHHHH Balmain Art and Craft Show Established in 1996, the 20th Balmain Art and Craft Show is back again to prove itself as one of the most loved events in the area, all while helping to raise funds for the Fr John Terry Catholic School. The show kicks off at the school's grounds on the evening of Friday November 6th with an Opening Night Event that is a sell out each year. This is a great opportunity to view the artworks and bid on the silent auction comfortably, before the busy weekend truly gets started. Throughout the weekend the show will feature amazing contemporary and Indigenous art from established and emerging artists, as well as craft vendors' wares, just in time for the holiday season. Plus, there's a growers market for the artisan foodies out there, and an entertainment area chock full of children's craft stalls and carnival rides. And if all you want is a rest and a bite to eat, there is the ever popular Arts and Craft Show Cafe. for more information. n Please visit What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Saturday 24th October Sunday 25th October FREE Community are en ev ts listings n Wendy Hayhurst is CEO of the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and an Inner West resident. email info@ Attn: Max Party for a Cure In Australia, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It's a scary reality, but that only proves how important it is that we support cancer research. No-one said we couldn't have fun while doing that though. Let's leave the doom and gloom behind and have a great time drinking beers, listening to performances from Sarah Raine, Swords and more, and winning some awesome raffles, with all the proceeds going to the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Foundation! Where: The Annandale Hotel, $20 6 Walk for Prems Spend this Sunday taking a stroll through Sydney Park and you could help raise awareness and funds for the Life's Little Treasures Foundation, an organisation that supports families of premature and sick babies. Families can take part in either the 5km run or the social walk, and there will also be a variety of entertainment, live music and food stalls to enjoy. Tickets are $30 and $15 for adults and children respectively. For more information, please visit Sunday 25th October to take a sail with an experienced sailor, tour the club’s facilities, and see what programs are available. Better yet, children as young as five can participate with parental accompaniment so this can be a great day for the entire family! This event begins at 10am and at least 1.5 hours is recommended to truly understand the experience. For more info or to register, please visit discover-sailing-day.html Saturday 31st October to lucha libres and tacos, as well as $12 Espolon Tequila cocktails all night! There will be a complimentary face painting service to get you into the spirit and DJs will be playing from 10pm till late. Where: Zanzibar, Newtown Discover Sailing Day Dia de los Muertos Premature perambulation Come discover what life is like under the sail with Concord and Ryde Sailing Club! Open to the novice and experienced alike, Discover Sailing Day gives you the opportunity Striking away from the more traditional Halloween celebrations, Zanzibar is putting on a Mexicaninspired fiesta celebrating the Day of the Dead. Prepare yourself for everything from witches and ghouls Three ghouls walk into a bar... See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs Thursday 29th October n Local screens Alpine Reminds me a lot of the collaborations between Gorillaz and Little Dragon. They are very electronic but there is an ethereal, fairytale feel to their sound too, supported by powerful beats. Newtown Hotel, FREE Saturday 31st October FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs n Your screens The Lazys The strange, troubled life of Brian Yeah, that name makes sense. I don’t like most '70s/'80s hard rock, so I guess I’m not one to judge these guys for making that sound. I still don’t like it though. Do you like AC/DC? If yes, see this show. The Lewisham Hotel, $20 Love & Mercy How to Make Love Like An Englishman: Find out how at the British Film Festival 2015 British Film Festival Now in its third year, the BBC First British Film Festival returns to Palace Cinemas from Oct 27 till Nov 18, with a truly amazing line-up of boxoffice and festival favourites from the UK. Quite a few are scheduled for later release, but as always, there are some treats too good to wait for. One is Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth, the acclaimed Italian director’s second English language film. Starring Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, it’s a sublime, once in a life-time cinema experience, impossible to do justice to in one sentence. Just see it! Equally strong is the blistering powerful 45 Years, with Charlotte Rambling and Tom Courtney as a couple whose long marriage hits a wall over an incident 50 years ago. Then there’s the achingly romantic Nick Hornby penned Brooklyn starring Saorise Ronan as a young Irish immigrant in NY. She’s gorgeously endearing, and its superbly tense “will she-won’t she” cliffhanger end will turn even hardened cynics into blubbering messes! Heaps more, head to Ciao’s pick: Man Up Lake Bell is amazing. She’s a super talented indie darling, who writes, directs, stars (all three in In A World…) and manages to be witty, clever and super cool even in other people’s lame rom-coms. Man Up is not perfect, but Bell’s flawless timing and snappily cynical one-liners do raise it close to greatness. Jaded after too many crap nights, she plays a smart, goofily likable Bridget Jones type who accidentally on purpose steals someone else's blind date (Simon Pegg). Then the screwball idiocy starts, and as the pair's lunatic evening unfolds, the pace never falters. M from Nov 5. Anyone who lived through the '60s probably knew an 'acid casualty' - The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson was one. After LSD and anxiety reduced Brian's brain to mush he was sacked from the band and spent much of the next decade unable to get out of bed. Paul Dano plays the songwriter and boy genius in his Good Vibrations prime, but we first meet him much later (now John Cusack) – still woozily addled, wealthy from royalties and under the strict control of a legal guardian (Paul Giamatti). Ex-model Melinda (Elizabeth Banks) crosses his path and spots something fishy about this. Against her better instincts, she falls for Brian and a series of flashbacks to the drug-fuelled sunand-surf '60s show us how it all went so horribly wrong. It’s a vividly unconventional biopic, and a hugely revealing one. In one captivating film there is both the glorious fun and possibilities of the '60s, and the era’s decay into tragedy and madness. M on DVD and Blu-ray from Oct 28. ★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have five DVDs to give away. Details below. Indolent youths Thursday 5th November PVT I still haven’t properly listened to PVT’s newer, lyric-filled albums, but I don’t feel the need to go past their original sound. You know, that weird post-rock that sounded like Blade Runner’s soundtrack. God, that was awesome. Newtown Social Club, $25 WIN DVDS! ★ We have five double in-season passes to festival films to give away. Details below. Two bumbling idiots behaving abominably Amy: We all watched her die Earthbeat One of Leichhardt Council’s Sunset Series concerts, Earthbeat is an incredible and unique celebration of music from all around the world. This free, family-friendly concert will kick off at Pioneers Memorial Park in Leichhardt at 4pm, Sunday November 8, with the dynamic Shohrat Tursun Trio. This group is led by Shohrat Tursun, a Uyghur bard who has travelled the world spreading his culture.The following act is Azadoota, an act which fuses modern pop-rock and Latin sounds with a vocalist who sings in ancient Assyrian. Azadoota is an incredible dance concoction aimed at a modern audience. Concluding at sunset, the final act, Taikoz, will hit the stage at around 6:15pm. This group, named after the Japanese drums they use, has performed all across Australia and the globe, bringing their passion and dedication to new music to everyone they can. This performance will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombings. Like SBS, only musical! Amy We know the end of this story. But the way in which Asif Kapadia has put together the footage of Amy Winehouse, from the giggling, happy 14-year-old belting out a song for her friends to the gaunt wreck onstage during her final days, still makes watching it a gut-wrenching experience. Who can now listen to Back To Black again without tearing up? Few of those close to the prodigiously talented chanteuse come off well – certainly not her dad, her manager, or the loveof-her life, Blade Fielder-Civil, who introduced her to hard drugs. The director doesn’t damn them – they do a great job of that themselves, and there’s a strong suggestion that the frenzied media attention didn’t help either. And those who gleefully consumed it? As much as we now wish the excruciating last section of this doco didn’t happen, it did. Some uncomfortable home truths haunt this powerfully emotional film. MA15+ on DVD and digital from Oct 28. ★ Thanks to eOne Home Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. For more information visit: www.leichhardt.nsw. /News-and-Events/Our-Events/Earthbeat Sunday 1st November Three Piece Suite In what promises to be an effervescent program, Three Piece Suite's upcoming concert is their final show for their Champagne Flute tour. Adding flautist James Fortune, the ensemble will perform well-known works that harmoniously blend string sounds with this ever-popular woodwind instrument. The program for the night is beautifully eclectic, taking you from Haydn to Villa-Lobos, with a few surprises we don't wish to spoil. Tickets are available online or at the door. Where: Village Church, Annandale Sat 7th-Sun 8th November Adventure Travel Expo Champagne (flutes) for everyone! 8 Discovery is the heart of adventure, but what if you are completely unsure of where and what you want to discover? That is where Adventure Travel Expo comes in. Held at Sydney Town Hall, this exposition brings together dozens of holiday and travel organisations under one roof, giving you the perfect opportunity to window-shop your dream adventure without breaking the bank or wasting days of your life. Come take a look, then take a leap. Please visit www.myadventureexpo. com for more information. with one giant party! There will be an absolutely massive raffle with so many amazing prizes, including an awesome trip for two to Italy, and plenty of great entertainment such as a gelato-eating competition, a jumping castle, face painting, magicians and showbags! Come have a delicious day in support of a great cause. Pure Gelato is located at 30-32 Brighton Ave, Croydon Park. Please visit for details on how to enter the raffle! Next step Nepal or Indonesia? Sunday 8th November Pure Gelato's 21st Birthday WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDS Every year Pure Gelato in Croydon Park holds a fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Institute. Since it's their 21st birthday this year, they have decided to combine this To be in the running to win one of five double in-season passes to the BBC First British Film Festival, or one of five DVDs of Love & Mercy or Amy email your name and postal address to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email, but give us a preference. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


p. 9

SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER 2015 - 10am to 5pm One of Australasia’s largest Street Festivals….and it’s Italian! 125,000 people | 240 stalls | Entertainment Stages Cooking Stages | Community Stages | Auto Festa Animal Nursery | Roving Entertainment | Kids Rides Nonni e Cucina Cooking Demonstrations 2 Tickets to Italy ying Alitalia and Etihad 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise from MSC Cruises f in f or o or go t o ra f Scan f l e l i n k .c o Organised by the Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber LABC Sponsors Leichhardt Fiat Alfa m .au /n s i f 2 0 15


p. 10

Norton Street Italian Festa October 25th Leichhardt will come alive with the flavours of Italy The 29th year of Leichhardt’s annual Italian Festa is just around the corner … on Norton Events Not to be Missed Street! One of Australia’s longest running Italian Festivals, this year the Festa will be harking back to everything we love about our own Little Italy: its sense of community, delicious delicacies and creative residents. Vieni qui! Two stand-out aspects of this year’s Norton Street Festa are the chefs and the entertainers coming along. Joined by the likes of Paolo Gatto (Sud and formerly Matto Gatto), Carmel Ruggeri (Carmel’s Cucina), Ottavio Bonacorsi (La Baracca) and Stefano De Florio (Moretti Ristorante & Bar), you’ll be able to learn from your favourite local restaurateurs how to plate up their house specials. The Festa will also be swinging to the tunes of some very well known local and international stars. Headlining the Norton Street main stage is world music senstation, Marsala, featuring Italian folk darlings Jess Ciampa and Gino Pengue. Also expect to hear Italian cantatrice Nadia Piave and rock legend Jeff Duff. Knock back an espresso or a limencello and enjoy the best of Leichhardt’s local artisans, food and fun. n Norton Street Italian Festa will be held on Sunday October 25th, 10am-5pm. n Norton Street Italian Festa 2015 Festa Long, Long Lunch For the Kids If you thought Leichhardt’s Long Lunch was long, then you have something else coming for you! Clue: it’s very horizontal, delicious and you will be expected to share it with all your neighbours – Festa’s even longer lunch! If you missed out on Leichhardt’s event earlier this year, you can expect lots of gourmand stalls serving up the best Italian treats this side of Roma. Grab a plate and then sit down on a street-long picnic table, where you will be joined for lunch by a guesstimated 100,000 other festival-goers. Following Italian tradition, with so much food to taste and new people to meet, lunch will likely roll into dessert into coffee and biscotti into an early dinner… Some treats you should try on the day are: l Home-style l Gelato No doubt, Festa is the perfect event to enjoy with the whole family – especially the bambini! You’ll be struggling to keep their fingers away from kiddy favourites such as cannoli, fairy floss, nougat and of course, gelati! A plethora of carnival rides and games will keep them entertained throughout the day, and the ever-popular Auto Festa will delight kids of all ages. Get your obligatory snaps on a Vespa (Roman Holiday style) and in front of a cute little Fiat. Engage in that age-old Ferrari or Lamborghini debate… The entertainment will also come to you with a puppeteer and bright-eyed Nonna roaming the street looking for an audience, as well as a singing Italian waiter – just waiting to create some romance! Planning your own alfresco event? Parrilla Argenchino Catering pizza from Il Cugino and Granita from Bar Italian l Porchetta from Bar Sport l Italian gingerbread from Casa di Miele l Polpetti (meatballs) from Moretti l Dolci from Locantro Fine Foods Try the best authentic Italian dishes Want to ensure your next event stands out? Bring an authentic South American Parrilla experience to your venue. Treat your guests to gorgeous flavours and quality ingredients with the services of Parilla Argenchino, a fully licensed, mobile, gourmet caterer. Perfectly barbequed meat, prepared with authentic Argentinian flair, is the hero of Parrilla Argenchino’s menu – topped off with flavorsome condiments, chimichurri, fresh salads and beverages. Parrilla Argenchino prepare all meats on site using only the best cuts – try Parrilla Argenchino’s spare rib Asado, barbequed pork and chorizo hot dogs, cooked right before your eyes. Little Italy attracts big crowds Fiat forever Lots of fun for the bambini n For more information about catering your next event got to: Unique Music Programs for Children 2 – 12 yrs! Jitterbugs for 2 yr olds Beebopper Music for 3 yr olds and Pianorama for 4-12 year olds Leichhardt Level 1, 35 Norton Street Get on down to the Ciao stage at Norton St Festa for some coffee, fashion and official speeches Program of Events Sponsored by Ciao Magazine 10am - 11.50am - Barista Jam - Sydney’s best coffee schools take the stage to train members of the audience 12noon - 1.20pm - Official opening with • Mark Chapman • Darcy Byrne • Anthony Albanese • Vera Ann Hannaford • Senator Francesco Giacobbe – Italian Parliament • Italian Consul General Arturo Arcano INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC LEICHHARDT/NORTH STRATHFIELD North Strathfield 1.30pm - 2.00pm - Ciao Fashion Parade with local boutiques Meshea, MIA on Norton, Live This, Enrol Today &02 9560 2102 219 Concord Road (Cnr Davidson Avenue) Retrospec’d, Origami Doll and Fox Boutique 2pm - 2.50pm - ASCA Coffee Art Smack Down 3pm - Grandparents Day Award + address with Minister Ajaka 3.30pm - 4.30pm ASCA Art Smack Down - continued 4.30pm winner announced Need more space? Upto 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage Come see at Festa 2015 Garage 10 Driveway Spare Room


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n Norton Street Italian Festa 2015 Italian Delights Tours Want to see the best of Italy Australia has to offer? Italian Delights Tours are a unique, customercentered tour company that offer gourmand experiences across Italy and Australia. Embark on a La Dolce Vita weekend tour in Beechworth and King Valley, or indulge in an Italian focused adventure through metropolitan Melbourne. Italian Delights Tours are offering early bird discounts for tours taking place next year in northern and central Italy. Get away to destinations such as Venice and Cinque Terre with a fifteen per cent discount, enjoying all that Italian culture has to offer to the fullest. Italian Delight Tours’ choices of restaurants, guesthouses, wineries and more have been curated for your maximum enjoyment and pleasure. n Early bird discounts apply to bookings made before the end of November 2015. For more information go to: Nadia Piave is spellbinding Who is the best barista of them all? Ciao’s Barista Jam We have organised a competition to finally resolve who is the rightful coffee queen or king of the Inner West. Join us on the Ciao stage from 10am for our Barista Jam, where we will be learning from Sydney’s top Barista Trainers, including trainers from Grinders and Schibello Coffee, how to prepare the perfect cup of Joe. At 2pm, Grinders Coffee will be holding a special Latte Art Smackdown, where 16 amateur baristas from across the local area will battle head-to-head, testing their coffee-decorating prowess. The winner of the Smackdown will be announced at 4pm, with over $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Marsala is a world music ensemble twisiting and turning between Italian Jazz, gypsy, tango, salsa and samba styles. While their songs vary greatly in genre, they are all linked by their danceability. Marsala will have you swooning and swaying in no time. Nadia Piave is an unmatchable chanteuse who will be performing her repertoire from Italy. She will be exploring the melodies of four centuries of Italian music moving her way through madrigals to Neapolitan serenades, Italian evergreens to new folk music. Guitarist Gino Pengue will support her. Jeff Duff, Aussie rocker, New Wave entrepreneur and all round bon vivant, will be changing up the Festa atmosphere with his notoriously powerful voice. Jeff Duff has released 27 albums, including a recent album with members of the legendary Brit rockers Deep Purple. Mimosa Duo are down to chill, combining the sweet sounds of violin and guitar. Phoebe O’Shea and Morgan Haselden became a musical pairing at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, shirking off their classical roots to seek inspiration from other world music genres. International School of Music Musica Festa has really outdone itself in terms of entertainment this year, with quality local and international offerings. This year Festa will have a dedicated Jazz Stage, ready to be romped by Queen Porter Stomp, a New Orleans inspired jazz band with horns up the front and a swaggering percussion section at the back, and a fierce songstress (ukulele in hand) leading the show. Festa’s mainstage will feature Italian and world music flavours, as well as community groups and dance schools. Come and visit ISM at the Norton St Italian Festa. The International School of Music has a unique curriculum, building skills in singing, listening, playing, reading and writing music. ISM’s program focuses on group lessons that allow students to work on ensemble skills, rhythm and pitch, in an encouraging, collaborative environment. Find out about their Jitterbugs Music Course for two-year-olds, Little Beebopper Music course for three-year-olds and Pianorama Junior Music course for four to 12-year-olds. Learn about group music tuition and the benefits to children’s early learning and development. Enrol for 2016 and receive a free bag or drink bottle on the day. n For more information go to: www. or call 9560 2102. Jeff Duff jets in Bringing Traditional South American food to you! Catering for Every Event Corporate Functions - Birthdays Weddings - Festivals Small Group Tour Specialists. We are looking forward to joining you at the Norton Festa! 0408 783 688 Follow us on 2016 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS NOW AVAILABLE! SAVE UP TO $310 per person with our 5% Early Bird Special on all bookings made before Nov 30 2015. -- Contact Jim and Lynette Romagnesi at, call (03) 9018 6624 or visit 11


p. 12

n Norton Street Italian Festa 2015 Co. As. It. Based in the heart of Little Italy with a legacy of teaching Italian language and culture, what better way to see Italy than with the expertise of Co. As. It., who are now running holiday tours with a focus on immersing holidayers in the Italian language. For sixteen days you will live like a true Italian, participating in home stays with local families in Rome, Florence and Tivoli. Not only will you be immersed in regional culture, but you will engage in Italian language classes, cooking classes and even find yourself in a Gelato Labaratorio. Professonial walking tours of the cities and an Umbrian lunch in Orvieto will give you just the taster you need to be truly inspired by La Dolce Vita. n Head to to find more about Co.As.It’s tours or Italy, or find their stall at Festa and pick up some information on the day. Local chefs will enliven the day’s festivities Cooking Demonstrations A definite highlight of this year’s Festa is the opportunity to learn new culinary skills from the Inner West’s masters of Italian cookery. Carmel Ruggeri, a local personality, known for the classes she runs out of her café in Wareemba, will be sharing fare from her hometown of Rugusa in Sicily. Bryan Gerlino from Capriccio Osteria & Bar will be cooking ‘Strozzapreti alle seppie con pane profumato.’ Strozzapreti is a hand-rolled pasta particular to the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria regions of Italy. Strozapretti means “Priest Strangler”, possibly named because it’s so good that greedy priests choke themselves eating it too fast. Our cover girl, Luciana Sampogn, will be bringing authentic know-how from her Cucina Italiana Cooking School, where she teaches Italian basics such as woodfire pizza, sweets made from pasta frolla, gnocchi and panna cotta. Her classes usually run out of a villa in Annandale built by the Molocco Brothers, but you’ll be able to catch her whipping up some regional delicacies right in the heart of Norton Street. Meraviglioso! Check out the other demonstrations taking place throughout the day below: 10.30 - Pino Locantro - Locantro Fine Foods 11.15 - Luciana Sampogna - Cucina Italiana Cooking School 12.00 - SBS Promo & Games 12.30 - Francesco & Vincenzo - Marciano’s Woodfire and Spuntino Bar 1.00 - Carmel Ruggeri & Paolo Gatto Carmel’s Cucina & Sud 1.30 - Luca Ciano - Celebrity Chef 2.00 - Danielle Trimarchi - Mutti Ambassador 2.30 - Andrea Tranchero - Executive Head Chef Barilla Australia 3.00 - Ottavio Bonacorsi - La Baracca 3.30 - Bryan Gerlini - Capriccio Osteria & Bar 4.00 - Stefano De Florio - Moretti Ristorante & Pizzeria 4.30 - Enzo Guarino - Casa e Cucina Be inspired for spring Ciao’s Spring Fashion Parade The Mombati Company Italy is synonymous with style and here at Ciao we like to believe that some of that association has rubbed off onto our very own Milano in Sydney – the Inner West, of course. Our fashion parade features the freshest looks off the streets of Leichhardt, Newtown, Balmain and Enmore – highlighting the Inner West’s flair for all things sustainable, flamboyant and a little left of centre. This year our gorgeous models will be heading to the races, trotting out the best of spring carnival style. On-the-money outfits have been put together entirely from the garments of local boutiques: Meshea Lifestyle, MIA on Norton, Live This, Retrospec’d, Origami Doll and The Social Outfit. The notoriously dazzling hats and accessories from couture milliner, Wendi Nutt, will surely take the Cup. n The Spring Fashion parade will take place on the Ciao Stage at 1.30pm. Mombati candles are for those souls who really love candles. These premium creations explore the aesthetic and aromatic potential of candles, swirling together scrumptious flavours such as Chocolate Peppermint, Cranberry Orange and Banana Split. The Mombati Company, founded by Abdul and Naqiyah Attarwala, has a 160-year-old lineage in fragrances, with all candles handmade in Scotland. n Take a peak at their acclaimed collection at their website: Strozzapreti alle seppie Light up your life! Italian language tours to Italy All Roads lead to Rome... Premium Handmade Candle Collection 5 - 24 March 2016 USA | England | Scotland | France Learn the language, live the lifestyle - - 9033 2946 12 Casa D’Italia, 67 Norton Street, Leichhardt P. 02 9564 0744 E.


p. 13

n BARISTA JAM - NORTON ST FESTA PROMOTION SCHIBELLO The Schibello brand is authentic and delicious - where can we get the Schibello experience in the Inner West? For a bean to cup journey we strongly recommend our Research & Development – Roasting Laboratory. With an on-site Espresso Bar, this is where you can taste the authentic espresso. For those who would like to understand more about the story behind the cup, you can sign up to one of our many courses that will embark on this amazing journey. You also specially train your baristas, what gives Schibello baristas the ‘x factor’? Our training programme is tailored to our coffee and product. We teach our barista the best way to work with Schibello Coffee. Most of all we explain to them the reason and mechanics behind the skills. We have a holistic training approach to cover the whole concept of “bean to cup”. We educate them on the specifications of the origins of our coffee beans. We provide training on the cupping process. We make sure everyone understands machine mechanics as it is only through their thorough understanding of the product, the machines and the bean to cup journey that they can be fully equipped for the ever-changing environment of coffee making. As a coffee roaster we have the advantage of show casing the bean to cup journey to its fullest extent. Having a commercial roaster running five days a week and an in-house technical department, gives us the chance to deliver these experiences first-hand. What barista upskilling options to you provide? We provide a few different options for aspiring baristas to improve on their skills. Our Advanced Barista Course focuses on giving a higher level of understanding of the entire environment surrounding coffee making. We go into finer details about the bean to cup journey, including harvesting, processing and roasting procedures and different flavour profiles. We focus on coffee extraction and diagnosis to help baristas work out if they are getting the perfect extraction then and there. We also cover troubleshooting on machines and grinders and of course, everyone’s favourite milk technique. For those who want to expand their horizon in the coffee world, we have classes in cupping, roasting and machine mechanics. These courses are designed to provide holistic training to anyone that would like to delve deep into the coffee world, and to be able to understand the whole mechanism of the bean to cup journey. We have also partnered up with an RTO to provide a number of Nationally Accredited courses, including the Nationally Accredited Barista Training Course for people who are looking for nationally recognised qualification. We also provide Food Safety Supervisor Course, RSA and RSG to give café and restaurant owner and hospitality staff the ease to have all necessary training for them to operate their business. Can anyone be a barista? With the proper training and dedication, we believe everyone can be a barista. Coffee making is a skill that one can learn and perfect through practising. Having the right teacher to learn from and the commitment to excel your skills, we believe anyone can become an excellent barista as long as they have the passion to succeed. n Catch Schibello Trainers on Stage 3, 10:30am Sunday at Norton St Festa Research & Development -- Roasting Laboratory Flagship Espresso Bar The one stop location to all things coffee. Join us on this bean to cup journey where you can attend courses on cupping, roasting as well as barista training. Complete the exprience with an authetic espresso roasted right on-site, or bring home with you the freshest coffee you can ever find. 19 Leeds Street, Rhodes NSW 2138 P: 02 8758 1660 Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 6:30 - 15:30 ; Sat 7:00 - 13:00 Develop your passion in a dedicated coffee laboratory And the winner is... interaction with fellow travellers. With spacious, comfortable rooms affording sweeping views to Parliament House, and just 50 metres from Canberra’s new airport terminal, you can relax a little longer, or make a quick getaway. The choice, happily, is yours. Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport 1 Rogan Street, Canberra Airport Ph: 13 8642, Latte Art Smack Down winner will be off to Canberra to experience Vibe Hotel’s newest addition. The Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport are kindly providing accommodation for 2 (valued at $300) for 2 nights to the best latte artist on the day. Less than 10 minutes from the heart of Canberra, you’re as connected to the city as you are to the sky at Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport. The hotel features 191 guest rooms, including 12 First Class rooms and 9 apartments, a soaring atrium boasting a large reception area, bar, state-of- the-art conference facilities and Helix Bar & Dining, a modern European style bistro, incorporating culinary delights from the Capital region. Drawing inspiration from its airport location, discover the next generation of Vibe Hotels through local art and hubs designed for The Barista Jam winner will be off for a fantastic Stay and Play adventure at Kooindah Waters, thanks to Accor Hotels. The prize valued at over $300 will see the best Barista Trainer relaxing by a luxury pool and honing their golf skills. Mercure Kooindah Waters Central Coast is located only 90 minutes north of Sydney. The multi award winning 4.5 Star Golf & Spa Resort offers a secluded escape from the hustle and bustle. One of the main features of the resort is the 18 hole championship standard golf course designed by Ross Watson and Craig Parry, which is currently ranked in the Top 100 Golf Resort courses in Australia. With a variety of accommodation options from King Rooms, 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments the resort is perfect for a romantic weekend away or a getaway with family or friends. Karinyas Restaurant & Wine Bar boasts spectacular views across the golf course and natural wetlands. You can choose to enjoy the variety of leisure facilities including Endota Day Spa, tennis courts, pools, gym, sauna or spa, or within 20mins you can experience some of the areas popular attractions including Tree Tops Adventure Park, Glenworth Valley, The Australian Reptile Park or the beautiful beaches and coastal villages of the Central Coast. Spacer Do you have some high value space hanging around your property? Maybe an extra car space or a garage? Spacer is the next generation of storage solutions, where you can rent extra space you have to locals in your neighbourhood. Spacer takes care of all the ins and outs, verifying members, processing payments and listing your space. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy some passive income. Alternatively, Spacer can offer you storage solutions on a budget around the corner from your home. Visit to join the space revolution. 13


p. 14

R.I.P. R.I.P. R.I.P. R.I.P. R.I.P. Nicholson Street Public School Halloween Festival presented by R.I.P. Saturday 31st October from 3.00pm to 8.30pm Nicholson Street P.S. P& C AssoC. design by: Prehistoric Pies Ingredients 1 tbs olive oil 500g chicken mince 1 medium brown onion 2 carrots 125g corn kernels ½ cup peas 1 tbs plain flour 1 cup chicken stock ¼ cup chopped parsley 8 sheets frozen puff pastry Happy Halloween 2015 Nicholson Street Public School Halloween Festival is nipping at your heels again, ready to celebrate its 23rd year! Attracting thousands every year, find out what makes this freaky fair so much fun... up delicious homemade curries and barbecue throughout the day and, for the adults, there is also a fully licensed bar attached. There will also be Creepy Cookie and Witches Hairy Fairy Floss stalls stationed around the festival to satisfy your sweet tooth. For those who feel luck will shine upon you, then there are some great games of skill and chance where you can win big. All the classics and favourites from past years will be at the festival, including the Chocolate Wheel, the Cake Walk and the Witches Cauldron, as well as their newest attraction, the Bog Chuck! If you have the stomach to set foot into Nicholson Street Public School on this spooky night of fun, file in with the rest of the ghouls on Saturday October 31st. The festival will kick off at 2:30pm and wrap up at 8:30pm. The school is a five minute walk from Balmain East Ferry Terminal or you can take the bone-rattling 442 bus from the city or the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Rozelle. Don’t forget to dress appropriately: the more hideous, the better! will win my services in selling their property, free of my regular commission charge, in return for their donation to the school. Hopefully there will be plenty of people there interested in selling!   Why did your business choose to sponsor them?  Their Halloween Festival is famous across the Inner West; how could we not want to be a part of that? Seriously though, it’s a great local school that we really love to support and we are so excited for the day. We jumped when this opportunity was given to us. Have you ever sold a haunted house?  Well I can’t promise that any of them were haunted, but a lot of them have had some really interesting histories, many of which were more than a little on the spooky side... 500 Darling Street, Balmain, 9818 3844 Peter Gordon There must be a reason why this event is on so many families’ calendar. Tracing its origins back to 1992 when an American family in the area introduced this uncommonly celebrated holiday to the community, Nicholson Street’s Halloween Festival has grown into an insanely popular Inner West institution. Perhaps the most obvious reason for its popularity is the abundance of great of activities on offer. Whether it is soaring like a witch down the Monstrous Megadrop Slide, letting out fearsome roars while traversing the Jurassic Adventure Course or running in terror from the Haunted House and its horrific denizens the Mad Doctor and his Insane Wife, there are frightening options for all thrill-seeking kids. If terror isn’t to your taste though, perhaps the Kitchen of Horrors is. They will be serving Method 1. Heat olive oil in frying pan over high heat. Add chicken mince and cook until starting to brown. 2. Finely chop the onion, grate the carrot then add with corn kernels and peas to the mince. Cook for five minutes or until mince is completely cooked through. 3. Sprinkle flour into the mixture and stir thoroughly. Add chicken stock and parsley and simmer until thickened. Then set aside to cool. 4. Preheat oven to 200ºC. Line two large baking trays with baking paper. Partially thaw sheets of frozen puff pastry. Working with two sheets at a time, use a 12cm-diameter cutter (or small plate) to cut four rounds from each sheet. 5. Place a heaped tablespoon of cooled filling onto each pastry round. Fold in half and press edges together to seal. Lay on their sides and cut the edges in a zigzag pattern to resemble dinosaur spines. Place onto baking tray with spines up. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden. Recipe adapted from Woolworths Fresh Magazine. Jokes that will really get the night pumpkin Cobden & Hayson Launched by Danny Cobden in 1995 as Balmain Real Estate, Cobden & Hayson had already established itself as the dominant agency for local sales. Since then, they have captured more than half the market for local, high-end realty. We talk with leading sales representative Peter Gordon about how this success was achieved... What is it that separates Cobden & Hayson from other realtors?  In the simplest words, we treat buyers with respect and honesty and that leads to lots of referrals and repeat customers. We provide a very common sense approach with a high level of personal commitment and service and this has led to my team and I to selling more than anyone else in the area, with a clearance rate above 98 per cent.   What are the current property trends in the Inner West? The Inner West is one of the strongest markets in Sydney and we have seen an approximate price increase of 30 per cent in the past two years. It is, however, reaching the end of the current cycle and that means we are now entering a consolidation phase with limited supply. Basically this means that high demand prices are unlikely to go backwards.   How will you be involved in the Nicholson Street Halloween Festival? We will be sponsoring some of the activities on the day and I have also donated a Commission Free sale which will be auctioned off on the night. Essentially, the highest bidder Halloween Jokes Q. What was the ghost’s favourite food? A. Spookghetti Q. What should you do when your house is surrounded by zombies, witches and vampires? A. Hope it is Halloween. Q. What did the fitness fanatic skeleton say to the lazy zombie? A. You should lose weight, you’re all skin and bone. Q. Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders? A. They are all spirit. Q. Where do zombies go to buy furniture? A. Bed, Bath and Beyond the Grave Q. What did Dr. Frankenstein scream when he was turned into a bull? A. Igor! Q. What is a single vampire’s favourite show? A. The Bat-chelor! Q. Why was the monster good at directions? A. She was a where-wolf Q. What do you call a ghost chicken? A. A poultry-geist Q. Why was the Sith Lord up all night to have fun? A. Because he is Darth Punk Tasty morsels for a fierce appetite The master of real estate Q. What is a monster’s favourite Disney song? A. Let it Ghost! Proudly supporting the Nicho Halloween Festival 14


p. 15

SPOOKY STALLS Slimy Swamp Drink Ingredients Box Maze 2 x 85g packs flavoured jelly (different flavours/colours) 1 x pack dinosaur lollies 2 litres sparkling water Spearmint leaves Green food colour Weave your way through the tunnels of darkness with your friends and make sure you take the correct turns to get back to the beginning! After many years of construction experience, the Nicho parents promise to keep you in there even longer this time round. Sneak peeks and scary freaks — new and improved stalls for 2015 Bridge of Doom Method 1. Prepare jelly as per packet directions 2. Paint inside of large, clear punch bowl with green food dye and chill to set 3. Add crushed ice to punch bowl, scoop in jelly and mix the colours. Top with sparkling water and then place dinosaur lollies and spearmint leaves around the edge of the bowl to decorate. Recipe adapted from Woolworths Fresh Magazine. A feat of constructive genius – built with rope, you’ll wobble as you weave your way across the bridge... beware the crocodiles waiting for dinner below! Witches Cauldron The most terrifying Tombola in the Inner West. Open the lid - if you dare! Haunted House Deep down in the Old South lies an empty mansion with a Very Big Dark Secret. A doctor driven mad with the pursuit of medical research experiments on innocent victims. Step inside the dark hallways lit only by candlelight. Reflected among the gilt edges of picture frames are the faces of the family members who have lived in this house for generations, too many of them to name. A doctor hides away his lovely young wife from the eyes of the world too jealous to share her beauty. Can you find her reflected in the giant mirror or hear her wailing amongst the weeds at the back of the house? your way between the field of bones to the jumping area where you will be faced with a rock climbing wall and the waiting jaws of the Jurassic Monsters. If sliding is more your thing the ever popular Mega Drop Slide will be ready and waiting! Nicho students have had a lot of colds this year and their parents saved all the snotty mucus from their hankies just for this stall! The Grand High Witch has lent the school her Cauldron of Slime – dip your hand in, find an eyeball and win a prize. Tombola Creepy Crawly Cookies Fill your stomach to bursting point at the newest stall for 2015. Located on the bottom playground you can decorate a cookie with gooey butter cream and candies sweet enough to pop your teeth out. Try to create a ghastly insect with wriggly witchity grubs, jellybeans and snakes. Easily the best value Tombola stall in the Inner West, the tombola stall is a lolly lucky dip – pick out a numbered ticket from the witch’s hat and find that number on a jar – you never know what creepy, sugary delights you will get and all for just $3. And these are no ordinary tombola jars; last year we made 1,600 jars and still ran out at 7pm. Lil’ Shop of Horrors Beastly Beauties Bog Chuck The most successful stall gets a few new additions this year, the most exciting being a Decorate Your House Show bag! Everything you need to decorate your place to frighten Trick or Treaters including spider webs, glow in the dark signs, scary Halloween tape, a light-up pumpkin lantern and more! An old favourite getting a makeover this year! Mae Mae, Georgie, Stella and the Year Six crew from 2013 will be coming back to school to impress you with their Monster High Makeup skills. Expect scars, scales and hairspray on a whole new level! The second stall on your right as you walk in. How good is your aim? Can you get the nappies into the bogs? Will the toilets overflow? Are you ready for this jelly? Creepy Crawly Cookies Inflatable Adventures Touchy Feely Next to the inflatables. Decorate your cookies with our specially collected revolting toppings – slug paste? Witches toenails? Yes, please! If you think you’ve jumped on every Bouncy Castle from Balmain to Bathurst think again! Making its second appearance at the Halloween Festival, the Giant Jurassic Adventure! Weave After its wildly successful return last year, the parent in charge of Touchy Feely this year has promised to provide all the vomit, congealed blood, old scabs and slippery eyeballs you would want to stick your hands into. Artspark Next to the Creepy Crawly Cookies. The Artspark team will help you conjure up chilling crafty concoctions. AND much much more!!! community events such as this? There are two major factors important in events like this…firstly to raise much needed funds to enable the school to improve in ways beyond its capabilities, from school fees and government assistance. It’s unfortunately necessary to fundraise to allow the school to improve the facilities for the kids. Secondly it creates a sense of community that continues beyond the school gates, bringing parents, teachers and students together in a social environment. Do you have any drink or dinner specials prepared for Halloween? We’re working on a Goulish Halloween Burger at the moment…the details are still being worked out but I would imagine it would include ‘blood sausage’ What’s your favourite beer at the moment? The EVH has a reputation in the area for its wide selection of craft beer (both on tap and in the fridge), we have 10 craft beer taps that often rotate Bad luck bro! EAST VILLAGE Hotel Balmain Known as the most popular gastronomic pub in Balmain and the home for craft beer, the East Village Hotel is returning for its fifth year as a sponsor for the Nicholson Street Halloween Fair. We sat down with owner Tim Condon as he released his inner ghoul....this is what he said. You have sponsored Nicholson St Halloween for five years now. Why this event in particular? We sponsor a number of community events each year and Nicholson St was the first one we got involved with. Balmain East is in many ways like a small country town (albeit on Sydney Harbour) where everybody knows everybody. Nicholson St is our local school, and as the pub has a family friendly reputation, it’s a natural fit to help out where we can. What do you think are the important factors of (featuring small breweries such as Stone & Wood, Mountain Goat, Young Henry’s, Batch Brewing, Panhead, Lord Nelson, Rocks Brewing, Wille the Boatman, Feral Brewing, Wayward brewing and many more. As far as a favourite goes, that’s very difficult to say as it depends on so many variables (weather, time of day, food etc). That being said, if I could only drink one beer for the rest of my days, it would have to be Stone & Wood Pacific Ale… an endless summer… in a glass. n 82 Darling St Balmain The best burgers in Balmain You’re roast meat with these delicious meals Choice of 5 burgers including the “burger of the week” *with the purchase of any drink, not available on public holidays, sorry no vouchers. craft beer /// independent wine /// fine food /// friendly staff /// 82 Darling St, Balmain East /// Ph 9810 3333 /// twitter @EVHBalmain



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