CKPS Business Plan (2015-17)


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The Business Plan for the Chatham-Kent Police Service, thru 2015-17.

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Chatham-Kent Police Services Board BUSINESS PLAN 2015 - 2017 “Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario” FRONT COVER • 519 352-1234 • @CKPSmedia


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Honour. Integrity. Courage. • 519 352-1234 • @CKPSmedia CKPS HONOUR GUARD CKPS TRAFFIC UNIT CKPS CHAPLAINS


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MESSAGE FROM THE POLICE SERVICES BOARD On behalf of my colleagues on the Chatham-Kent Police Services Board, I am pleased to present the Chatham-Kent Police Service’s 2015-17 Business Plan. This plan provides goals and objectives for the Chatham-Kent Police Service over the next three years. The mandate for our Police Services Board is to ensure proper governance to the Chatham-Kent Police Service and to provide an adequate and effective police service that ensures the highest ideals and principles when dealing with the public. The 2015 – 2017 Business Plan will act as a roadmap, in providing the highest quality of police service in order to ensure the security, safety and wellbeing of our Municipality, as we look toward the future of managing an extremely complex business with growing financial challenges. It is our hope that this Business Plan will provide a framework in continuing to build community partnerships and lead to a joint problem solving organization with our community. We remain extremely proud of our Police Service and what its members have accomplished over the years and we look forward to the next three years in continuing our efforts to make Chatham-Kent safe and secure. Mrs. Diane Daly Police Services Board Chairperson Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF OF POLICE It is my pleasure as your Chief of Police to present, in conjunction with the Chatham-Kent Police Services Board, the Chatham-Kent Police Service 2015 – 2017 Business Plan. The development of this plan has been an extensive and collaborative effort on the part of the ChathamKent Police Service, Chatham-Kent Police Services Board and the community at large. It began with a community survey, employee survey and a series of public consultations with our community/ business partners and citizens. We have diligently examined what our community wants from us and drawn upon the expertise of our members who serve our community on a day to day basis. Our 2015 – 2017 Business Plan will continue to focus on our commitment to community policing throughout all of Chatham-Kent. Building upon our community partnerships and initiatives, while enhancing our point of contact with all the members of our service, including our new Community Mobilization Unit. Our last Business Plan focused on embracing new technology, to assist us in working better and more efficiently. This Business Plan will maintain our service as a technology innovation leader in the policing sector as we continue to utilize technology for the effective and efficient deployment of our officers. The implementation of Mobile Data Terminal (In-Car solution) program, increased Voice Recognition (Dragon Dictation), NG-911 and communication upgrades as well as the expansion of information technology partnership with our municipal partners, are all key components of this new Business Plan. The complexities associated to modern day policing compounded by the economic pressures facing our community, necessitate that the Chatham-Kent Police Service continues to find efficiencies and explore alternative cost effective services to ensure the operations of this Service continue in a fiscally responsible manner. I would like to express a very special thank-you to all who took part in this Business Plan and to ensure both the public and our members, that my commitment as Chief of Police is to listen to your concerns and to work with you in making our Service, the very best it can be. We look forward to working closely together and in collaboration with our community in achieving our mission, of making Chatham-Kent the safest community in Ontario. Gary Conn Chief of Police Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17


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OFFICIAL CHATHAM-KENT POLICE COLOURS In May 2014 the Chatham-Kent Police Service was granted Armorial Bearings, making our badge an official symbol. On May 22, 2015 we unveiled our Police Colours and consecrated it in a traditional drumhead ceremony. This ceremony preceded the changing of command from Chief Dennis Poole to Chief Gary Conn. The “Colours” of a military Regiment, or in our case the ChathamKent Police Service, represent its history and the memorialization of its “battle honours”, i.e. representative of the sacrifices made by its members in serving their country. In this regard, our “Colours” represent who we are -  the deeds that we do and have done, those who have gone on before us, our history and pride, and are the symbol of the spirit and soul of our Police Service. Explanation of the Symbolism:   The white horse on red alludes to the arms of the county of Kent in England.  The presence of a maple leaf reflects the one in a previous emblem.  The gold field and a red colour also present allude to the colours in the arms of Chatham in the County of Kent, England. The shield is styled after the traditional police badge. The blue annulus evokes the colour often used to symbolize policing. All within a wreath of maple leafs and the trillium flower indicates that this is a Police Service in Ontario. The Royal Crown symbolizes the authority of the officers to enforce the laws of Canada and maintain the peace of the realm. The badge contains our new motto: “Honour, Integrity, Courage”. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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STATEMENT OF MISSION, VISION, AND VALUES OUR MISSION The Chatham-Kent Police Service is dedicated to making Chatham-Kent the safest community in Ontario. OUR VISION In partnership with our citizens, we will serve & protect our community with integrity, fairness and courage. OUR VALUES We, the members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service believe in: • Meaningful community partnerships with the people we serve; • A safe community where the protection of life and property are valued & preserved. We are: • • • • • Compassionate for all in need; Honest in our interactions with each other and the members of our community; Fair, equitable and impartial at all times; Respectful to each other and to the persons we protect and serve; Dedicated to open communication within our organization and with our community. We believe in: • Being approachable and understanding of community needs and issues; • Being professional in our duty and committed to improvement through life-long learning; • Having a positive attitude in our dealings with each other and our communities; • Promoting teamwork within our Service and with members of our communities to achieve our mutual goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles and views. Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17


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THE BUSINESS PLANNING PROCESS Ontario Regulation 3/99 of the Ontario Police Services Act requires that every Police Services Board shall prepare a Business Plan for its police service at least once every three years to address: • The objectives, core business and functions of the police force, including how it will provide adequate and effective police services; • Quantitative and qualitative performance objectives and indicators relating to the provision of community-based crime prevention initiatives, community patrol, criminal investigation services, community satisfaction, emergency calls for service, violent crime, property crime, youth crime, victim assistance and road safety; • Information technology, Resource Planning and Police facilities. With a compliment of 165 sworn officers, 66 civilian staff, and an operating budget of approximately $29.4 Million, Chatham-Kent is the 17th largest Police Service in Ontario. We serve 106,000 citizens and 23 communities comprising the fifth-largest municipal geographic are in the Province of approximately 2400 square kilometers. The Service is well equipped with the tools of today’s law enforcement environment and is a leader in technology innovation in policing in Ontario. The operating budget, officer-to-population ratio, per capita costs, calls for service and crime clearance rates are all within equivalent proportionate ranges in comparison to other police services in the Province, despite the additional challenges of geography and the regional impact of a changing economy. The Chatham-Kent Police Service consulted with the community in the preparation of this Business Plan through a widespread survey in an effort to have citizen input into the priorities to be established and to gauge citizen satisfaction. An independent research company completed telephone interviews with 400 randomly selected Chatham-Kent residents. All surveys were conducted using computerassisted techniques of telephone interviewing and random number selection. Over 76% indicated that they were satisfied with police services specifically in the areas of creating a sense of safety, ensuring safe travel on roads and in enforcing drunk driving. Most residents feel safe in their neighborhoods walking during the day time (92%) and a lower but still high 70% have a sense of safety walking or visiting public parks/areas. Citizens also indicated very good ratings for police visibility and in the area of police working well with the community to solve problems. The vast majority indicated that they felt the Service has a good working relationship with the community and is making an effort to be more positively involved in the community. Very high ratings were accorded across all the performance areas, with the highest being for honesty (94%), followed by courtesy (94%) and professional appearance (93%). Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Break & Enters and Thefts were the most cited issues having the highest rated perceived concerns among residents, closely followed by having more patrols, police visibility and more officers. While noise issues and traffic violations were of least concern. A vast majority of these findings are consistent with previous surveys. An internal survey process in partnership with the Municipality’s “People Plan” strategy was also undertaken in an effort to have our staff identify what they felt our priorities should be going forward. Continuing “technology advancement” was identified to assist in the challenge of making police more visible in the community when the cost of hiring more officers is prohibitive and increasing “paperwork” and Court preparation requires more time in the office. Other areas of concern identified by our members surrounded an increase within internal communications and the opportunity for more cross training and lateral transfers, to enhance professional development. Areas such as succession planning, leadership development and performance management have had special attention, but will continue to develop for this Business Plan. The “Mobile Data (In-Car Tablet) solution” – having officers equipped with Blackberries and Tablets in their cruisers, has allowed officers to work from their “portable office” in neighbourhoods and ultimately increase their visibility. The increased use of voice recognition (Dragon Dictation) and our E-brief workflow will further enhance efficiencies for this Business Plan. Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17


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OUR 2012 – 2014 BUSINESS PLAN: HOW DID WE DO? CRIME PREVENTION: • • • • • • Increased Crime Prevention and Community Safety presentations by 13.4% (782 up from 688) Reduced Special Constables positions from 4 to 3 Continued partnership with the C-K Children’s Safety Village Increased number of Telephone Alert Registrants by 4% (4503 up from 4315) Researched Community Mobilization Program – Next Generation of Neighbourhood Policing Continued and enhanced partnership with C-K crime Prevention Board COMMUNITY PATROL: • • • • ATOM assignments for patrol officers established Reduction of property crimes by 5% Targeted recidivist criminal offenders through Chronic Offender Program Clearance rate increase of 3.9% CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: • Officially became part of the Provincial Strategy to Protect Children on the internet from Sexual Exploitation in 2014 • Successful forfeiture of 51 Taylor Ave. Chatham apartment building under Civil Remedies Act. Decision upheld by Ontario Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. • Number of drug search warrants executed from 64 (2009-2011) to 90 (2012-2014) • Clearance rate for major crimes to 90.5% (2014) from 90.9% (2011) COMMUNITY SATISFACTION: • Commenced Community Safety and Well-Being Planning Pilot for province with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services • Public survey conducted by independent research company to assess community satisfaction • Established a public feedback mechanism through website via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • Website re-design • “People Plan” survey completed to assess internal employee satisfaction • Initiated Community Mobilization Unit and Sergeant • Initiated Community Mobilization Project Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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EMERGENCY CALLS FOR SERVICE: • • • • • Enhance Fire Dispatch to meet growing needs of Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services Continued training and accreditation for Communication Operators Continue transitioning telephone equipment to facilitate two-way communication for NG911 Technological upgrades to software applications in Communications Internal review of work processes to examine efficiencies in operation VIOLENT CRIME: • • • • Overall Crime Severity Index reduced with last year (2014) yielding a 5.22% reduction Major Crimes reduced by 21% Continue to enhance programs through “Dating Shouldn’t Hurt” and Domestic Violence seminars Violent Crime Severity Index at 36.59%; significantly below the national average of 70.22% PROPERTY CRIME: • • • • 24% clearance rate on property crimes Property crimes reduce from 4932 in 2011 to 3300 in 2014 Break & Enters decreased by 21.3% from 2012-13 and a further 18.4% decrease from 2013-14 Clearance rate for property crimes to 24.6% (2014) from 19.0% (2011). Increase of 5.6% YOUTH CRIME: • • • • • SPEAR database and training completed Increase of 156 youth crimes assessed 953 in 2014 versus 797 in 2011 Enhanced youth diversion by 13.4% Parent/Teacher interviews – Youth Officer present to meet with parents Continued school liaison and Junior Achievement programs with increase in school visits VICTIMS ASSISTANCE: • • • • • 41,342 Volunteer Hours which is 2900 additional volunteer hours from 2011 Reduction of call outs by 37% 2,293 Persons assisted during follow up contacts 6,959 Referrals provided 271 Community liaison and development events ROAD SAFETY: • • • • • Implemented target enforcement for handheld devices Intoxilyzer units acquired to enhance enforcement initiatives Qualified Master radar instructor trained for organization Increased presentations by 2% on distracted driving and handheld devices All Community Patrol cruisers are equipped with radar unit combination of hand held and mobile Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17


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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: • • • • Increase from 3 to now 4 members serving on the OPTIC Provincial Board Commence implementation of Mobile Data Terminal (Tablet) program Implementation of Criminal On-line records checks Implementation of RTID (Real-Time Identification) electronic fingerprints RESOURCE PLANNING: Job Evaluation Guidelines amended 62 Performance Appraisal’s created for every job description within the Service Policies and procedures reviewed and amended for Promotional Processes and internal postings Job descriptions amended for Court Clerk, Administrative Clerk, Chief, Deputy Chief and Inspector positions • Organizational Chart restructured • • • • POLICE FACILITIES: • Restructuring of Service Centres & Deployment Centres; ongoing (Tilbury, Wheatley, Bothwell) • Minor renovations at Chatham HQ - Data Entry in Records, Professional Standards office created, Report room expanded and Cell Block renovations completed Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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BUDGET AND FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS It is expected that the current fiscal pressures at all levels of government will continue and in fact become more acute, especially in Chatham-Kent. In this regards, and as was the practice in the previous Business Plan (2012–14), it is intended that most of the objectives of the Plan will be financed through the existing budget, already established reserves for some of the projects and the potential utilization of any surplus funds that could be put toward the goals of the Business Plan. Certainly other opportunities through grant programs and Community, Inter-Municipal and even Regional partnerships will be explored and exploited fully to assist in funding some of the identified areas of the Plan. It is recognized that the established budget for policing our community is adequate and effective for our current operations, but the fiscal reality indicates increasing that budget further to accomplish all of the goals of the Business Plan, may not be entirely feasible. It is important to remember that a Business Plan stresses operational and administrative improvement. It is not a financial document. In fact, during the numerous consultations and surveys completed, no one suggested that they wished to see a diminishment of the current service level. At the same time, the Board recognized the need to identify strategies that could be fulfilled in a cost efficient manner. This Plan includes initiatives that will save money in the long term and increase revenue generation in certain areas. Our Management Team along with the guidance of the Police Services Board will endeavor to deliver on these objectives in a fiscally responsible manner, in order to maintain the professionalism of our Service and to meet the policing and social needs of our community. Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17


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COMMUNITY PATROL Community Patrol comprises the front-line day-to-day policing for the Municipality, providing emergency and non-emergency response to its citizens & community. Community Patrol performs proactive preventative community policing in neighbourhoods throughout Chatham-Kent. Goal: • Enhance the visibility and interaction of uniformed patrol officers in the community; better engage the community in protecting itself by providing education, awareness and mobilization opportunities in crime prevention and preventative initiatives. • Enhance communication with the public through the new Community Mobilization Team • Create new relationships/partnerships through community meetings, community groups and partners and the media • Establish new deployment strategies to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery • Number of occurrences generated by the Community Mobilization Team • Number of calls attended by the Community Mobilization Team • Success of the Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan • Success of the F.I.R.S.T. Strategy (Fast Intervention Risk-Specific Teams) • Within existing budget • Community Service Events Created • Community Involvement Sessions • Inspector - Community Patrol Objectives: Performance Measures: Budget Impact: Benchmark - 2014 Reference: Accountability: Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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EMERGENCY CALLS FOR SERVICE Emergency response is a core function of a police service. The effectiveness of that response is a key determining factor in the adequacy and quality of the service provided by police to the community. Effective deployment of sufficient, properly trained and equipped police personnel is required to provide the level of emergency response expected by the community. Goal: • To ensure officers are dispatched to emergency calls in a safe, effective manner • See Information Technology re: Blackberries, CAD and AVL • $100,000 for back-up CommCentre infrastructure (reserve established) • • • • • • • • Enhance differential response methods to increase availability of officers Ensure all officers are properly trained in Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Use technology such as Blackberries, CAD and AVL to more effectively deploy officers Establish a back-up CommCentre in the event of failure of HQ CommCentre Differential response methods are examined and improved All Officers & ECO's continue to receive Suspect Apprehension Pursuit training as required Response times to Priority "0" (emergency) calls for service are maintained at 2010 levels Establish backup CommCentre and update lifecycle computer technology Budget Impact: Objectives: Performance Measures: Benchmark - 2014 Reference: Year 2012 2013 2014 Accountability: Priority-0 Events 920 689 499 Answer to Enroute 177 secs 196 secs 180 secs Enroute to Arrive 213 secs 237 secs 245 secs Answer to Arrive 390 secs 433 secs 426 secs • Inspector - Community Patrol Chatham-Kent Police Service • Business Plan • 2015-17



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