CKPS Annual Report (2014)


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The Annual Report for the Chatham-Kent Police Service for the year 2014.

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2014 ANNUAL REPORT Cst. Chris Wegrzyn & Cst. Lynette Hodder CKPS Community Mobilization Pilot Project


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report Message from Dennis Poole Chief of Police On behalf of the dedicated members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service I am pleased to present our 2014 Annual Report to the community. Our Police Service continued to meet the many challenges of modern-day policing as we moved forward in fulfilling the goals of our Business Plan and our Mission of “making Chatham-Kent the safest community in Ontario”. Fiscal pressures were met with a conservative and responsible budget through the efforts of our Police Association and our Police Board, and as continuing developments in investigative techniques, technology issues, and the demands of the Justice System continue to rise, our Police Service has adapted and evolved to meet these challenges and adopt a renewed philosophy in community policing to meet the needs and expectations of our citizens. Our ongoing utilization of technology has rationalized our records management and reporting systems, including voice-to-text transcription, and piloting an electronic Crown brief process (e-brief) for the Province has allowed us to work faster and more efficiently, keeping our officers on the streets and in our neighbourhoods. Our embedded partnership with the Municipality, Children’s Services, our School Boards, the Children’s Safety Village and the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance continues to provide not only economic efficiencies but an effective service delivery model that enhances community safety and well-being. The efforts and successes of our front-line patrol officers and investigators targeting chronic offenders and engaging citizens has resulted in a falling crime rate, improvements in our Crime Severity Index, and an increase in our clearance rates. The creation of our Community Mobilization Team to better engage citizens and community partners is already showing positive results, providing cross-sectoral collaboration to get to root causes of crime and enhance community well-being. Our Service has been selected as a pilot site by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services for its “Community Safety Plan” project, and we are actively exploring better ways of creating safer communities through extensive collaboration with community partners in social development, mental health issues, educating and engaging youth, and promoting community wellness and resilience. We look forward to these exciting developments in the coming years that will indeed make our community safer and enhance the quality of life of our citizens. Our dedicated officers and staff are adaptive, innovative and committed, and continue to prepare themselves for upcoming challenges and opportunities. The ongoing support of the community, including the Crime Prevention Board, our Police Services Board, our Municipal Council, our many partner agencies, community groups, service clubs and citizens, is sincerely appreciated. We are looking forward to the future and the opportunity to build even stronger relationships and achieving even greater successes as we work together to keep our community safe. 3 Message from Pat Belanger Chair, Police Services Board I am pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report on behalf of the dedicated members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service and I encourage you to review our report. The Police Services Board is a civilian body responsible for governing the Chatham-Kent Police Service. The Board is driven by our diverse community needs, and is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services, crime prevention and law enforcement within the Municipality. As economic pressures continue to affect our community, the Board’s fiscal responsibility is one that requires constant monitoring and continual search for efficiencies. The governance of this responsibility requires a balance to provide our community with a safe and secure living environment while at the same time provide a service that is economically reasonable. In this regard, the Board is grateful for the leadership provided by Senior Management and the dedication and commitment from the men and women, both sworn officers and civilian whose collective support ensures the best possible service to our community. A special note of thanks also goes to their families who support them, not only in their jobs but also as they serve the community in many volunteer positions. Lastly the citizens of Chatham-Kent are to be congratulated for their involvement in various community safety endeavours as volunteers in Neighbourhood Watch Groups and as participants in the Citizens Police Academy. They are truly great ambassadors. We have much to be proud of, including the partnerships and traditions that have been formed. We know that 2015 will bring more change as we continue to serve our citizens with both pride and professionalism. I wish to thank-you for providing me the privilege and honour on being a member of such a wonderful team and organization. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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4 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report COMMUNITY PATROL Branch Commander Inspector Trevor Crane Community Patrol Platoons A, B, C, D (each comprised of) One Staff Sergeant Two Sergeants 25 Constables One Special Constable The four Community Patrol Platoons are the uniform officers who are most visible in our community. They respond to the vast majority of calls for service from the public. Many of the constables on the platoons have specialized training in various areas, such as Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO), Intoxilyzer Technicians, Drug Recognition Experts, CIRT Team members, and HELP Team members. Community Patrol constables are assigned to a District, inclusive of a smaller Zone which they patrol, and then an even smaller Atom in which they are expected to concentrate their activities. Knowing, communicating with, and mobilizing citizens is the heart of Community-Based Policing. Our Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is also part of the Community Patrol Branch. CIRT officers receive intensive training in high-risk incident management, crime scene containment, and dealing with armed and/or barricaded persons. CIRT officers are assigned to one of the four platoons and respond to all types of calls for service. This ensures CIRT members are always on duty. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 5 1 3 4 2 DEPLOYMENT MAP Proactive Policing: Community Mobilization Pilot Project Formalized in November 2014, the Community Mobilization Pilot Project attempts to identify common issues leading to social disorder affecting many sectors. Over the past year CKPS continued its commitment to community safety and well-being through the development of a Community Mobilization Strategy. The Chatham-Kent Police Service has a long history of working with grassroots organizations to make Chatham-Kent the safest community in Ontario.  We are proud to partner with our citizens and community groups to help make all of Chatham-Kent safe and resilient, while meeting the many challenges of the future. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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6 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report N FOCUS O EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS E911 / POLICE & FIRE DISPATCH The Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) is located within CKPS HQ and provides vital communication services to facilitate & coordinate emergency response in Chatham-Kent.  The ECC provides Dispatch services for CKPS as well as Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services (CKFES) and E911 call answering on behalf of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.   In 2014 the Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) handled a total of 179,491 telephone calls, down 5.2% from 2013. This includes 32,095 E911 calls, down 0.5% from last year. In 2014 Bell Canada began notifying the ECC whenever someone dialled 911 but hung-up before the call was connected. This resulted in several thousand new “non-voice” E911 calls investigated in 2014. Pocket-dials, hang-ups, and these new non-voice calls continue to take significant time & resources as calltakers attempt to determine whether each 911 caller really needs emergency assistance. The ECC facilitates local E911 calltaking which provides very efficient emergency call answering. Of 32,095 E911 voice + non-voice calls received in 2014, the average time-to-answer was just 9-seconds. The ECC generated 38,973 events tracking the response & activities of the Chatham-Kent Police Service, a 7% increase over the volume reported in 2013. On behalf of Municipality of Chatham-Kent, the ECC generated 5,330 events tracking CKFES responses & information relevant to fire operations, a 10% increase versus 2013. In total, the ECC generated 44,303 events in 2014. During the last half of 2014 the ECC focused on modifying long-standing Fire Dispatch workflows in order to improve the speed & quality of service delivered to CKFES. In just four months we were able to meet and then exceed international benchmarks for paging notification. By December, 99.5% of all CKFES Dispatches met target times. This was mainly achieved by training calltakers to active the First Page themselves while still on the phone with the caller in order to alert responding firefighters to the call as quickly as possible. In almost all cases, firefighters are now notified of new calls within 40-seconds of the E911 call being answered. A combined E911 / Police & Fire Emergency Communication Centre proves to be the most effective means of processing calls, assessing emergency situations, and initiating the appropriate emergency response resources when dealing with time-sensitive situations. This is an efficiency model for providing emergency services locally, with the main objective of ensuring the safety of our community and those who live, work, play, and travel through Chatham-Kent — from shore to shore. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 7 OPERATIONAL SUPPORT Branch Commander Inspector Jeff Littlewood Investigative Services - Staff Sgt. Keith Myers Investigative Support • Major Crimes • Intelligence Patrol Support - Sgt. Mike Domony (Jan-Apr) - Sgt. Ed Maclean (May-Dec) Traffic • Canine • Auxiliary • Marine
 Victim Services - Pamela Fasullo, Exec. Director Staff Sgt. Keith Myers oversees the Investigative Support Section. Sgt. Gabe Tetrault is directly responsible for supervising the Computer Forensics Unit, Internet Child Exploitation Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, Forensic Identification Unit, Child Abuse Investigation Team, HELP Team & Mobile Crisis Team, Youth Crime Coordinator and the Sex Offender Registry. At the beginning of 2014, the Chatham-Kent Police Service introduced a Computer Forensics Unit with one full-time officer assigned to it. At the start of the year the officer was fully-trained in Cell Phone Forensics. Throughout the year, the CFU provided support to other investigative units which included Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, ICE, Traffic, Intelligence, and the Ontario Provincial Police. In total, the CFU conducted searches on 90 Electronic Mobile Devices. Currently the CFU is limited to conducting forensic examinations of electronic mobile devices due to training and equipment. However, it is expected that the CFU will expand to include computer forensic examinations later in 2015. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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8 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) Often mistaken as victimless or merely image-based offences, most child pornography/luring offences in Ontario involve the actual sexual exploitation, sexual assault of children, including infants, on camera. Cases include images of penetrative sexual activity between adults and very young children and infants, sexual bondage of children, bestiality and increasingly “live” web-cam streaming of real-time abuse of infants and children. Those who possess or collect child pornography have a hand in child sexual abuse and are party to the sexual assault. In 2014 Chatham-Kent Police Service became one of 26 law enforcement agencies to receive annual funding from the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services (MCSCS) to combat Internet crimes against children. The Chatham-Kent Police Service is pleased to join the provincewide partnership to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation on the Internet. Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) Members of the Financial Crimes Unit have received specialized training within their area of expertise and are responsible for the investigation of major frauds which includes such diverse offences as telemarketing fraud, internal commercial fraud, computer fraud, social service fraud, credit card and electronic banking fraud. A growing area of concern is frauds committed against senior citizens, which takes many forms including renovation, bank examiner and telemarketing scams. Fraud investigators work closely with their peers on other municipal, provincial and national police forces as well as investigators from other private and business agencies. Our investigators also provide support to members of the Uniformed Division who investigate minor fraud complaints. Child Abuse Investigative Team The Child Abuse Investigation Team investigates incidents of alleged physical and/or sexual abuse, where the victim is less than 16 years of age and the abuse is caused by a caregiver. The team of one officer and one Child Protection Worker is based out of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Services facilities on Grand Avenue West in Chatham. In 2014 the Child Abuse Team was involved in an investigation involving a private school in the community and allegations of abuse in the school which resulted in the team successfully getting warrants to apprehend 9 children for the purpose of interview and seizing records. The Team was also involved in investigations in relation to the Lev Tahor group that relocated to Chatham-Kent from Quebec before fleeing the area again. Youth Crime Co-Ordinator In 2014 police had 458 incidents involving the area youth which lead to a charges against 118 youths this is a drop in the number of youth charges from 2013. Overall the number of incidents, youths charged and the number of community-based referrals dropped in 2014, while the average age of the youth stayed at 15.1 years of age and the actual number of warnings and cautions increased to the area youth by 22 cautions or warnings. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 9 N FOCUS O CRIME SNAPSHOT 2013 2014 18 16 374 783 213 269 540 19 59 132 1,569 24 87 363 104 13 CHANGE +50% -20% -7% -18% -1% -39% -11% -27% -9% -13% -14% -35% +13% +10% +30% +44% Abductions Arsons Assaults Break-and-Enters Drugs Missing Persons Mischiefs Robberies Sexual Assaults Stolen Vehicles Thefts Weapons (Used/Seen/Implied) Impaired Driving / Over .08 Other Criminal Code Traffic Offences 3-Day Suspensions 7-Day Suspensions 12 20 403 958 215 443 606 26 65 151 1,817 37 77 329 80 9 Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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10 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report N FOCUS O TRAFFIC STATS 2013 2014 1,985 13 7 3 2 1,862 21 10 4 1 We strive to make Chatham-Kent a safer place through traffic education enforcement & deterrence. This Unit is comprised of seven members including six Constables and a Sergeant — all of whom are highly-trained in collision investigation, reconstruction and enforcement -related duties. Total Collisions Reported Traffic Unit Call-Outs Fatalities Alcohol-Involved Fatalities Alcohol-Involved Serious Injury Commercial Vehicles Inspected Commercial Vehicles Failed 71 52 142 64 Total Vehicles thru RIDE Checks 7,102 9,114 Statistics for 2014 show a decrease in serious-life threatening injuries and a reduction in fatal motor vehicle collisions. The Traffic Unit investigated seven fatalities in 2014; five were single motor vehicle accidents, in which no charges were laid. One accident involved two vehicles on Queens Line, one driver was charged with careless driving. The Traffic Unit also investigated five life-threatening collisions in 2014. Considering the harsh winter of 2014 the reduction in fatalities and personal injuries is an accomplishment by the Chatham-Kent Police Service. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 11 N FOCUS O SEX OFFENDERS TOTAL % 0% 10% 19% 21% 22% 16% 13% 99.5% Male —- The Ontario Sex Offender Registry is a provincial registration system for sex offenders who have been released into the community. These offenders must report to police every year. During the registration process, police enter updated information about these individuals into a database. Currently the Chatham-Kent Police Service has 199 Sex Offenders registered — 198 male offenders and 1 female offender. This total increased by four in 2014. 10 - 19 Years 20 - 29 Years 30 - 39 Years 40 - 49 Years 50 - 59 Years 60 - 69 Years 70+ Years Male / Female Ratio Arrests Made for Non-Compliance 0 20 38 42 43 31 5 198 / 1 3 As of January 2009 all Ontario SOR offenders in the Chatham-Kent area have been also linked through the CKPS internal records system. Offenders are also now tracked by way of Niche RMS to allow 24-hour access for front-line members to assist in tracking these offenders and to assist in sensitive investigations if warranted. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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12 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report N FOCUS O FORENSIC IDENT. 2013 Crime Scenes Attended Photos Processed Fingerprint Comparisons Fingerprints Identified SOCO Requests DNA Orders from Criminal Court DNA Hits Centre of Forensic Sciences Subsmissions Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions Sudden Death Investigations 224 298 434 21 868 175 28 100 10 46 The Forensic Identification Unit (FIU) is comprised of three sworn members highly-trained in the area of forensic analysis. The FIU is committed to identifying individuals and analyzing forensic evidence in a professional, objective and efficient manner. Members also oversee the work completed by eight Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO) assigned to front-line general patrol duties. 2014 258 323 411 26 829 156 41 78 8 46 Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 13 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT Branch Commander Inspector Ed Reed Corporate Services - Staff Sgt. Rose Kucharuk Professional Standards • Training • Recruiting • Records Court Services - Sgt. George Vieira Criminal Court • POA Court • Domestic Violence Coordinator 
 The Administrative Support Branch provides the administrative functions to support the operation of the Service, including key areas of Infrastructure, Records, and Court Services. Corporate Services include Professional Standards, Recruiting, Training, Public Information, I.T. Systems Support, Fleet and Infrastructure, Quartermaster, Records Management and Property Management. Professional Standards The Professional Standards Section administers the intake and investigation of Public and Chief’s (Internal) Complaints pursuant to the Police Services Act, the Ontario Independent Police Review Directorate, Police Services Board Policies, and our own Service procedures and orders. The goals and responsibilities of this Section are to improve the professionalism of our members, correct misconduct, and maintain the public’s trust in the integrity and professionalism of the Service. There were 23 Public Complaint investigations and 73 Chief’s Complaint investigations commenced in 2014.  These investigations were resolved through formal/informal resolutions, internal discipline, policy changes, retraining, and findings that the allegations were unsubstantiated. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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14 Recruiting Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report The CKPS Recruit Selection process is designed to achieve our goal to hire the best possible candidates. In 2014 we hired five personnel, four new recruits, who have recently completed the Ontario Police College’s Basic Constable Training Program and one experienced officer coming from Peel Regional Police. All are currently assigned to the Community Patrol Branch. Commendations & Letters of Recognition Though the recommendation of the Chief’s Office and/or the Police Services Board, we are proud to acknowledge in this report the numerous officers and civilian members that were recognized in 2014 with five Police Services Board Citations, nine Chief’s Commendations and sixty-one Deputy Chief Letters of Recognition awarded.  Training & Professional Development Unit Reporting to Professional Standards Section Staff Sergeant, Sergeant Mike Thompson was responsible for managing the Training & Professional Development Unit. As part of the Unit’s objectives, wherever possible, local and regional training providers were used to contain costs of travel and accommodation and to also create local training opportunities and in-turn support our local economy. The 2014 budgeted training costs were $179,986 or 0.629% of the overall police budget, while the actual training costs were $253,340 or 0.886% of the overall police budget. Fanshawe Community College Partnership In 2014, the Chatham-Kent Police Service entered into an advanced student partnership with Fanshawe College. In the fall, Police Foundations student Stephen Pope completed a three-rotation ride-along session with members of our Community Patrol Section. Mr. Pope was also given a community research project to complete and present to Senior Staff and the Police Services Board. “Shop with a Cop” Christmas Event On December 20, 2014, officers from Chatham-Kent Police Service and Chatham-Kent OPP joined forces to make Christmas brighter for 32 deserving youth from across the community. The youth were treated to a morning of shopping, accompanied by a police officer as their ‘personal shopper.’ After shopping, the youth were given a full police escort through Chatham to Lawson Hall where they were treated to a pancake breakfast. Elves wrapped their presents while the kids enjoyed a magic show, face painting, balloon animals along with a K9 & CIRT demonstration. Social Media Training for Community Patrol Officers In the fall of 2014 the Chatham-Kent Police Service began training selected Community Patrol officers from each shift on the use of Social Media. The goal of this in-service training was to have more officers capable of releasing information in a timely manner to the Community. This will allow trained officers to write media releases on weekends and nights or whenever immediate newsworthy events or announcements are needed to inform or engage our Community for information or assistance. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2014 Annual Report 15 N FOCUS O PROFESSIONALISM 2013 Total Sworn Officers OIPRD Complaints Inquiry Only Withdrawn Continuing Unsubstantiated OIPRD Refused Complaint Informal Resolution Other Chief’s Complaints Unsubstantiated Counseled / Admonished Police Services Act Hearings Informal Discipline Investigations Carried-Over Chief’s Commendations Awarded Deputy Chief’s Letters Awarded 167 15 1 0 3 1 7 1 2 38 4 4 1 3 5 16 66 2014 167 23 1 0 3 1 12 4 2 73 9 12 2 4 7 9 61 Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario



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