Defence retreat rule miniball 2015


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Defence retreat rule miniball 2015

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The Defensive Retreat Rule is a special rule for Junior Basketball lower grades. Its main objective is to assist with the development of skills and the transition of the game from one end to the other. The Retreat rule is adopted for Junior Basketball grades with inexperienced players in them. Players will retreat to half-way and wait behind the half-way line until the ball is touched in-court by the opposition when the following occurs: 1. Their own team scores a basket  This enables the opposition to get the ball and inbound it to begin advancing to with out pressure. Their own team loses possession in the attacking half.  This helps to teach the players that they need to get back and defend their own end. (Transition Defense)  Eliminates a lot of fouling and tie-ball situations to gain back possession.  Aids in players learning to guard their own player rather than chase the ball by allowing for space to re-find their correct player If their team has fouled in the offensive end they must retreat and wait at half way until the ball is touched in-court by the opposition.  This allows the referee to signal the bench and restart the game without the ball being pressured straight away.  Gives the opposition time to get organized. 2. 3. The development of skills is the main focus in junior basketball and with less immediate pressure being applied, players can gain confidence and learn to play both ends of the court. The rule also helps when teams are miss-matched by separating the teams to help with advancing of the ball.



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