Miniball rules 2015


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Miniball rules 2015

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Rules of Mini-Ball Competitions 1. Games will consist of two halves, with 1 minute for half time. Teams must be ready to start playing as soon as the previous game has finished. The clock does not stop. Ball size: Miniballers use a size 5 ball 2. 3. 4. Teams are to provide scorers for their own game. Team Benches are provided for players and coaches. Please keep players away from the score bench and parents away from the players bench, unless they are directly involved with the team. No jewellery or watches to be worn. Long hair tied back and nails should be short. If players do not have numbered tops, it is their responsibility to give their name to the scorer should they be called for foul –we do have bibs available. Man to Man Defence is compulsory in all of our primary school competitions. This encourages greater participation by all players and is in line with the BBNZ policy of compulsory Man to Man up to U16 age groups. Number of fouls Maximum of 4 per player. No team fouls. Fouls will be called at all times when a player who is fouled is disadvantaged. Substitutions Players can be substituted on any inbound pass (but not after a basket unless the referee has the ball). Please inform the referee. Free Throws Generally, 2 or 3 for shooting foul-shots, taken from the bottom of the dotted circle for Miniball. This rule may be modified in lower grades or in shortened games- see administrator. Discretionary Calls The following rules will be applied with discretion by the ref: 3 seconds, back over half, 5 seconds, travel, double dribble. Time Outs One (20 sec) time out per team per half. No timeouts or substitutions (unless for injury) to be taken in the last 3 minutes of the game. Defensive retreat rule shall apply to all grades. (see other attachment) Players must seek dispensation if they wish to play for more than one team in the competition. As a general rule, players may play with one team only. Any player (without dispensation) who regularly plays in a higher grade will forfeit the right to play in the lower grade for the remainder of the season. MAXIMUM 3 DRIBBLES - Players learn very quickly to look up for the next pass. It is important that you teach other players to sprint ahead of the dribbler, and this will avoid the situation of the team losing a fast break advantage. (refs will try to tell players when to pass). WRIST BANDS -Players wear coloured wrist bands and they must mark the player in the other team with the same coloured band. It is a violation to steal the ball from a player with a different colour band. **When a player is shooting, defenders (regardless of colour) are permitted to stand with their hands held high, but only the defender with the same coloured band may attempt to reject the shot. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.



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