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Welcome to Italy...


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Photo of our class... There are 11 girls and 10 boys in our class... Michael, Christian, Diego, Mattia, Leonardo, Andrea, Harjot, Maddalena, Giuseppe, Luca, Giada, Mankirat, Beatrice, Ketrin, Ilenia, Alessia, Sofia, Veronica, Giulia and Samanda.


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Our school.. . The name of our school is Achille Beltrame and it’s quite big. There are 160 students in our school. We start school at 8 and we finish school at 2. We have two breaks…One at 10 to 5 and one at 12 to 5. We’ve got 5 classes of English a week. 1 lesson 2 lesson Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Italian Geometry Italian Geography P.E Italian Geography Science English History Italian English English Geometry Music 3 lesson 4 lesson 5 lesson 6 lesson English Maths Geometry P.E Italian Technology Technology Italian Maths Music History Religion English Art Art


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Our school... Our school is in Montorso, It’ s in Italy and It’s very big and spacious. There are some special rooms: a computer room, an art room, a gym, a music room, a carpentry classroom, toilets, a lot of classroom and an English room.


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Our town... Montorso Vicentino: Montorso Vicentino is in the northeast of Italy and it is in Veneto region. Our capital city is Rome and it’s located in the center of our country. It borders with Abruzzo, Campania, Molise, Umbria and Tuscany.


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The flag of Italy... The flag of Italy has three colours: - Green symbolizes our lands; -White symbolizes the snow in the Alps; - Red symbolizes the bloody wars of independence.


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Places and sights… Colosseum... This is Colosseum. It is in Rome, our capital city. It was built by the Romans in 70d.c. and it was opened in 80d.c.The colosseum is the largest amphitheatre in the world and it could hold about 50.000 and 75.000 people.


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Tower of Pisa... The tower of Pisa is in Tuscany. It was built in 1173. The so-called leaning tower of Pisa is the belfry of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which you can admie in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.


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Venice... Venice is the most popular city in Italy. Everyday there are thousands and thousands of people that want to visit it. There are plenty of gondolas and it’s washed by sea; in fact if you move around town you have to use gondolas or ferries.


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...My town In my town there are 3.600 people. In Montorso you can see a lot of things… -Villa Da Porto; -Saint Marcello’s church; -Saint Biagio’s church.


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... Near Montorso you can go to Montecchio, where you can visit the castles of Romeo and Juliet (Juliet’ s castle would be in Verona); Verona is important for this, but not only…also for ionderful Arena of Verona. Then you can visit Vicenza, where you can admire the villa “La Rotonda” by Andrea Palladio, many shops, “the Olympic Theatre” by Andrea Palladio, Fimon Lake and many more. In short, there are so many things that you can see!


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Famous people in Italy... Deborah Iurato is a beautiful singer. She’s 23 years old. The Kolors are a pop group. They won a talent show (AMICI) in 2015. Chiara Galiazzo is a singer. She’s 29 years old.


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created by Alessia and Beatrice 3 BM


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Welcome to Italy By Giada e Mankirat


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The name of our school is: Achille Beltrame, It is a secondary school.There are 160 students. We start school at 8 o’clock and we finish school at 2 o’clock. We have got 5 classes of English a week. In our class there are 11 girls (Mankirat, Giada, Ketrin,Ilenia,Alessia,Veronica, Sofia, Giulia, Samanda, Ketrin,Beatrice, Madalena) and 10 boys: Giuseppe, Luca,Michael, Christian, Mattia, Leonardo, Andrea, Harjot and Diego.



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