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mr twit miss lischner read the book the twits we had to describe mr mrs twit mr twit was greedy he likes bird pie for dinner he has a big ferocious beard so he s ugly well kind of ugly and he doesn t help mrs twit he scares very kind children and has an evil laugh mr twit is as noisy as a passing truck he is so smelly the whole street is smelly he is as selfish as mrs twit he watches tv all the time and mr twit is so noisy the world can hear his voice he s as grumpy as an old man mr twit is really impatient he waits only a minute he grumbles when talking and his attitude is mad sometimes mr twit plays pranks on mrs twit and then she plays pranks on him i think mr twit is mr grumpy .or old man he is awesome i hope you like this descriptive writing of mr twit bye for now by jerome


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mr twit our class read the book the twits and i m going to write about mr twit mr twit is a mean man he never cleans himself he has a big beard a dirty beard .he stomps like a monster he s stinky and sometimes smiles he s is ugly and messy he has flies flying around his beard because its as stinky as an old rubbish bin he is fat as a building he thinks he s the boss mr twit says he to mrs twit unkind rude words naughty words like the graffito he shows off in front of mrs twit mr twit is always nasty as a big troll mr twit shoots birds for he s yucky bird pie it s disgusting like a pig being as a prisoner he doesn t care he yells like a monster we liked `the twits story by roald dahl now we are reading charlie and the chocolate factory and i ve always wanted to read fantastic mr fox by harrison.r


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mrs twit our class read the twits by roald dahl then we had to describe mr or mrs twit i chose mrs twit mrs twit is as ugly and as old as a crook she has scratches and scars all over her face she is as mean as a rattle snake mr and mrs twit have three pet monkeys muggle wump the mum and the baby if they don t stand upside down mrs twit hits them with her walking stick mrs twit s favorite food is bird pie they smuther the tree with sticky gule when the birds land on it they get stuck each night mr twit will collect the birds then mrs twit cooks them and then they have it for pudding i enjoyed reading the twits i hope you read it enjoy it too by ainsley


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mrs twit our class was reading the twits i am going to describe mrs twit mrs twit is ugly and she doesn t wash her hair she has a horrible long nose mrs twit is funny and mean mrs twit is an old and grumpy lady mrs twit is so rude and selfish i never want to meet her mrs twit yells at little children and the children go screaming away mrs twit kills birds and then she cooks a bird pie for mr twit mrs twit plays tricks on mr twit mrs twit likes putting her glass eye in his beer mrs twit likes putting worms in his spaghetti mrs twit is awesome and cool but i would never want to meet her by amber


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mr twit in our class we have been reading the twits by roald dahl mr twit is as dirty as a rubbish bin he is as ugly as mold he is as evil as a witch he is as smelly as a dirty bin he is more rotten as cheese he is as dirty as anything he plays tricks on his one eyed wife i bet you he is the most meanest and most discastingist rat you could ever meet if he didn t get what he wanted he would stomp like miss trunchbull he yells like a wolf we loved reading the twits by roald dahl because it has got good characters in it and it was awesome by cleo


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mrs twit our class read the book the twits by roald dahl mrs twit is as small as a mouse mrs twit is as ugly as a rotten old apple mrs twit loves bird pie so much she doesn t care about anyone else mrs twit feels as angry as a troll mrs twit has a horrifying husband he s so ugly you can hardly look at him mrs twit can feel scared sometimes she has a nose as long as a log .she makes other people cry like babies she needs a walking stick i think that mrs twit is scary to look at if you enjoyed this read the twits too by grace


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mr twit our class read the twits and mr twit is horrible that s why i choose him to describe the author is roald dahl mr twit has one big fat belly it s like a water melon he has one big hairy beard that s like some carpet glued to his face and some old rags for clothes mr twit says shut up you old big fat ugly hag to mrs twit he sings about bird pie all day when they went of to buy guns mr twit has no sympathy for children mrs twit birds and monkeys he snares the tough s glue in the world on the old dead tree in the front garden he puts it on the tree because he wants bird pie we liked the twits by roald dahl he has some interesting characters now we are reading another roald dahl story by jonty.s


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mr twit our class read a book called `the twits `by roald dahl we had to describe mr or mrs twit i m going to describe mr twit he is as old as the oldest class room mr twit stomps when he walks his stomps are as loud as big foot he eats bird pie every tuesday mr twit s feelings are really selfish he feel s like he is mean and grumpy he is angry to his wife mr twit as hairy as a bear he is as ugly as a rotten banana mr twit is as fat as a funny character even though mr twit is a mean person he s a funny character by bailey


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we read the twits with our class horrible pair of twits it s a very great story with a the twits are the ugliest pair of twits on earth they are very short and have got the most hairy legs face and arms in the world they are very dirty and as fat as a building a big building they love to play tricks on each other some of the tricks are that mrs twit thinks she is shrinking but it is just mean mr twit making her furniture longer to make her think that another trick he plays on her is he makes her go up in the air with balloons tied to her greasy hair after a few minutes she eventually comes tumbling down with a gigantic thud the twits say very mean things about each other like when mr twit lies about mrs twit shrinking he is making her walking stick longer also when he makes her chair by adding more to it which is mean taller she gets very confused room 1 i loved reading the twits mr and mrs twit are horrible disgusting old hairy and very stinky like mrs truchball in matilda by charlie


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the twits mr twit our class read the twits by roald dahl we had to describe either mr or mrs twit i picked mr twit mr twit s beard looks like a prickly bush mr twit looks as dirty as mud he always wears purple because he can t be bothered to change mr twit paints sticky hug tight glue all over the big dead tree which is as big as a giraffe he is very sneaky mr twit cooks bird pie mr twit hates mrs twit mr twit hates children mr twit says to his monkeys stand on your head now mr twit says to little kids get out of twit says mean things to mrs twit they yell at each other as loud as a giant mr twit is a mean cheeky devil i enjoyed being read the twits i enjoyed writing this story by harrison h


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mrs twit our class read about mr and mrs twit by roald dahl mrs twit is a horrible lady at your do not won t to meet mrs twit has a nose as pointy as a branch sticking out of a tree she is as small as a mouse and as fat as a hippo she is as mean as a devil she likes to boss people about all the time her hair is as grey as the cloud when it is raining mrs twit likes to say things like come on hurry up help me and go away her actions are stomping loud and she loves bird pie mrs twit s feelings are mean grumpy sneaky and sometimes nice all like a fox she plays tricks on mr twit sneaky aye if you like this writing you will like the book mr and mrs twit by ella-rose


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mrs twit this is mrs twit she is a very old lady she is also very funny mrs twit looks so disgusting she looks like as bad as anything her nose is as long as a tree her walking stick is hard as a rock mrs twit feels all the time very grumpy mostly at mr twit she is mad as well and she hates little boys she never cares for people never to mr twit anyway mrs twit says really mean stuff mostly to mr twit she says terrible things to children especially little boys i really liked reading the twits i hope when you read my story about the twits it makes you want read them i hope you will enjoy reading it as much as i did the end by annabelle


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mr twit our class read the twits by roald dahl this is mr twit he is an ugly beast i m going to describe for you mr twit mr twit is an ugly man beast his beard is like a barbed wire fence his eyebrows are like a comb he is as hairy as a bear mr twit has a croaky voice it would blow your ear drums just listening to him when he opens his mouth block your nose because he never brushes his teeth mr twit walks around so slowly a glacier would beat him he kinda hobbles like a penguin because he is so fat i enjoyed writing this story about mr twit i hope you never have to meet him by ben


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mr twit hi my name is mr twit i m going to get back at muggle whump and his friends gr i m an ugly hairy scruffy mean guy i m as fat as a gorilla x 2 i m as mean as a bull on a rampage my beard is as prickly as a porcupine as you all know i stomp like a giant i m as mean a as a i ve already described that i eat like a pig and i pull pranks like a matador i m very very impatient i m as rude as burp ­ see,i lie like me in the story i say mean words like old hag and shut-up i grumble like a horse i have this really weird laugh like like an evil dude help me help me i m shrinking help me no by edwin


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mr twit our class room read a book it was the twits the book was written by roald dahl he has written a lot of books this is what he looks like he s got a big brown beard it s very dark he smells like rotten cheese pee you he looks very ugly he looks very angry the angriest person in the world mr twit is always doing bad things he tries to kill birds for bird pie he tries to trick the birds to go on the tree or the monkey s cage this is what his feelings are like he hates a lot of people he s always angry he s always stomping around he is very crazy he doesn t care about any one that is what mr twit is like if you want to know more about mr twit you should read the book you will find it hilarious there is so much going on in the book by christian



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