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Interview Eindhovens Dagblad

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EINDHOVENS DAGBLAD THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH 2015 NEWS 3 . Ray Dorgelo in the hills near Bistrita, Romania. Photo Zambet Romanian shepherds ask the help of Ray Dorgelo from Bergeijk, The Netherlands to deter bears. ‘Following the predators’ and hunting drive. They sense good and bad intentions extremely well and are thrifty with energy. A Carpatin always operates calm and focused. If they attack a bear they know they have to do it with multiple pack members. They form a cirkel around the bear and will bite it from the side and the back at first.” Not that Dorgelo is an enemy of the bear, on the contrary.“I can completely lose myself in Nature, predators also belong in Nature” Dorgelo and his girlfriend eventually hope to settle in Romania. Hungary, where they now work for a Dutch employer, is seen as an in between step. Their life is sober and self-sufficient. “That sounds romantic, and it is, however one has to work for it”, Dorgelo states. He quit his job in the Airforce for it, his girlfriend Kleine Staarman quit her job as Household help at Zuidzorg (home support and healthcare) in Bergeijk. In Romania Dorgelo primarily ´dived in´ the Ciobanesc Carpatin, and with help of WWF he got involved in a revival breeding program. BISTRITA/BERGEIJK an home town Györe – a village smaller than Berge- That was necessary “The Not even a month ago former communist regime they moved from Bergeijk ijk’- to Romania. Dorgelo in Romania wanted to supto Hungary, however Ray and Kleine Staarman are press the Romanian people Dorgelo and his girlfriend dog lovers, although that’s a rather modest desciption attempting to take away all Jenny Kleine Staarman things which were a symbol eventually want to move to for Dorgelo (37). His last of pride. The Carpathian Romania. Why? Dorgelo: job in The Netherlands was Shepherd dog was also a “Because most wolves and K9 handler in the Royal target.”.Dorgelo tells it by airforce, on Eindhoven bears are living there.” telephone from a hill close Because of the Romanian Airbase. Besides that he to the Romanian city of bears, Dorgelo popped up visited remote areas in Bistrita. An astonishing in the national news yester- Europe for years, to study location, so it seems, when day. Romanian shepherds and obsereve the life and Dorgelo starts talking about called upon his expert dog behavior of ‘livestock the Carpatins qualities. knowledge regarding bear guardian dogs’. Shepherd “They are the most pure, dogs so to say. In North deterrence. Bears which honest, functional animals I Portugal and Abruzzo, prey on sheep more often Italy he studied the regio- have ever seen. They are lately. Hence his current wolflike without the preytrip from his new Hungari- nal breeds. door Dominique Elshout



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