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tariffa r.o.c poste italiane spa spedizione in abbonamento postale d.l 353/2003 conv in l 27/02/2004 n.46 art.1 comma 1 dcb milano taxe percue tassa riscossa uff milano cmp/2 roserio issn 1827-4102 2-11 pa lint eir g specia ag n pack kung verpac ck


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linbake massima resa estetica e massima durata per tutti i vostri dolci linpac è lieta di presentare linbake lite la nuova gamma di imballaggi e contenitori per i prodotti da forno linpac produce imballaggi e contenitori di altissima qualità in grado di soddisfare qualunque esigenze del settore dei prodotti da forno la gamma attuale include anche una nuova linea di contenitori con coperchio a cerniera progettati per preservare la freschezza e l aspetto dei prodotti e se la nostra gamma di prodotti standard non è in grado di soddisfare le vostre esigenze saremo ben lieti di produrre il contenitore specifico adatto a voi la giusta soluzione per qualunque esigenza di imballaggio contenitori per pane e prodotti da forno linpac packaging via monte pastello 40 37057 san giovanni lupatoto verona italy tel +39 045 92 16 411 linpacpackaging.com


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cb confectionery bakery extreme acma showing innovation coesia group halle 6 2000 sqm a company of acma admv cima citus g.d gdm hapa kalix laetus norden sacmo volpak acmagd.com flexibilityformodernpackaging cw chocolate wafer sp soap powder ff food filling cf chemical filling tb tea bags lines


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summary summary machineries plants and equipment for food and beverage industry year xxiii issue n.2 april 2011 managing editor enrico maffizzoni editorial manager s.v maffizzoni editorial production sonia bennati account dep manager elena costanzo project and layout design dario ficarazzi graphic and paging zeus agency translation verto group printing www.graficadueprint.com italian magazine food processing europe single issue euro 20 annual six issues euro 110 outside europe single issue us 27 annual six issues us 160 subscription payment can be made in the name of editrice zeus sas by bank money transfer or cheque italian magazine food processing an outline of the suppliers of machines plants products and equipment for the food industry published bi-monthly registration court of milan no 676 of 20-09-1989 shipment by air mail art.2 comma 20/b law 662/96 milan panorama dei fornitori di macchine impianti prodotti e attrezzature per l industria alimentare periodicità bimestrale autorizzazione del tribunale di milano n°676 del 20-09-1989 spedizione in a p 45 art 2 comma 20/b legge 662/96 filiale di milano the reproduction of the articles and/or pictures published by this magazine is reserved the manuscripts and/or photos sent to the publisher will not be returned the editor declines all responsibilities for any mistake of photocomposition contained in the published papers of any magazine by editrice zeus interpack special packaging verpackung 4-84 pasta 85-106 bottling 107-114 preserving industry 115-120 exhibitions 121-138 events calendar 139-142 we ve talked about 143-144 www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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summary fkur 10-12 nature as our guide line ­ plastics made from renewable resources editorial management and registered office viale lunigiana 14 20125 milan i tel +39 02 67100605 r.a +39 02 67479618 fax +39 02 67100621 fax amm +39 02 66716133 web site www.editricezeus.com e-mail redazione@editricezeus.com portal www.itfoodonline.com e-mail marketing@itfoodonline.com skypetm editricezeus senzani 26-28 innovation and technology a perfect combination between the past and the future visit itfoodonline.com the only one in ten languages technology for food&beverage industry check our brand new website italpan 96-99 simple and reliable work tools snackex asia 121-122 the right environment for business 15 17 september 2011 beijing pietribiasi 108 plants for dairy and beverage industry editrice zeus com we ll exhibit at pellacini 118-120 a new goal in the workmanship of harissa pepper sauce processing www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung acma at interpack cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts for the packaging industry ters acma will occupy more than five hundred square meters to show eight new packaging machines and for the very first time a complete chocolate plant chocolate products will be moulded and wrapped or flow-packed by the machines on show this is what acma will be offering to its customers visitors and members of the trade press at interpack 2011 from 12 to 18 may 2011 in hall 6 acma will also put on show the green machine an innovative energy management concept for the first time applied to packaging machines acma has been a member of the coesia group since 1986 and boasts over 90 years of experience in the automatic machinery industry being the founder of bologna s packaging valley department today m.c automations tecnosweet and tecnomeccanica are part of acma altogether the group has a annual turnover of 86 million euro and counts over 400 skillful em t he companies of coesia group will show at interpack on a total surface of two thousand square me ployees acma successfully operates in the confectionery food chemical and personal hygiene industry acma business activities are ramified into six core competencies each related to different commodity sectors confectionery and bakery packaging of sweets chewing gums and biscuits chocolate wafer chocolate moulding and packaging of chocolates and wafers food filling packaging of liquid food products oil dairy ketch-up mayonnaise beverage soap powder packaging of soap and detergent powder chemical filling packaging of homecare and chemical liquid products tea bags packaging of tea bags acma will be participating at interpack on the coesia stand in hall 6 and will show the following equipment new sp0 flow-pack machine for biscuits new m888 wrapper for chocolate pralines and candies new mc4tb wrapper for chocolate tablets new sp2 flow-pack machine for chocolate bars new tsw moulding line and buffer for chocolate products t2 tea bag packaging machine wm bottle filling and capping monobloc machines for liquid food products 771dl wrapper for solid soaps the machines on show will feature cutting-edge technological solutions with applications in numerous packa flow-pack sp2 ging sectors acma through the acquisition of m.c www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung by tecnosweet acma is part of coesia a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally and headquartered in bologna italy coesia s companies are leaders in the sectors of advanced automated machinery quality inspection printing systems precision gears coesia s customers are the leading players in health example of confectionery line with carton box packaging beauty consumer goods tobacco and aerospace racing industries coesia group consists of twelve companies acma admv cima citus g.d gdm hapa kalix lae automations and tecnosweet expresses increasingly greater commitment and know-how in chocolate process and packaging technologies a live demo will be on show at interpack the machines m888 mc4tb and sp2 will be linked with the chocolate moulding line for packaging of different chocolate products into several presentations the flow-pack machines are also available in the configuration for the wrapping of solid soaps and detergent tablets the secondary packaging will not be on show but a large screen located in the acma space will show the most significant end of line packaging systems delivered soap wrapper mod acma 771 dl tus norden sacmo and volpak the group has 36 operating units manufacturing factories in 12 countries italy switzerland germany sweden spain france turkey india china indonesia usa brazil 21 branches a turnover of 871 million euro 2010 and over 3740 employees historically the first company of the group g.d was founded in 1923 for the production of motorcycles since the early forties the creativity and inventiveness of the seragnolis became the driving forces in the defiller capper monobloc velopment of the company in the packaging machines www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung higher quality competitive solutions agriflex s.r.l is an italian company designing producing and assembling installations for the food industry bakeries pasta factories confectionery industry in particular we produce systems for the storage transportation dosing and automation of raw materials in a simple and intelligent way the solutions adopted guarantee the same level of quality and reliability as well as placing particular emphasis on containing the running costs of installations thus helping customers limit their investments and reduce their operating costs our solutions are based on thirty years world-wide experience making it possible to assess and experiment several different customisations for installations design and construction putting emphasis on simplicity pays off in terms of functional efficiency as well as keeping a good eye on the financial aspect agriflex s.r.l has been studying world-wide customers needs and specifications now for over thirty yeflowepack mod sp0 for detergent tablets pasta ars providing solutions and installations for the widest variety of products and production targets let us help you too sector first in the food and hygene industries then in the tobacco field more recently the group grew into new areas represented by high-speed milling systems high-performance gears printing and vision control systems for the pharmaceutical packaging industry which offered interesting prospects and business opportunities today coesia group members have reached a leading position in all sectors in which they operate coesia s strategy of continual investments in r d and its commitment to supplying customers value-added solutions to their requirements has made it one of the most successful international industrial groups www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung scaglia indeva offers state of the art system for handling cases bottles reels boxes barrels cheese effortlessly quickly and precisely f or picking up 5 cases at a time for example you can use an indeva intelligent device for han and safety in the material handling in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders keep production rate consistent a man that manually handles loads cannot keep the same working pace all day long every working day comply with the eu en 1005-2 and national regulations relative to ergonomics and safety all lift assist equipments have a positive impact on ergonomic safety nevertheless conventional ergonomic assist equipment actuated by pressing buttons to control either pneumatic or fixed-speed electric devices have not been associated with productivity improvements for applications requiring rapid and accurate movement they are awkward slow and do not take advantage of the natural human ability to coordinate and control motions they overtravel bounce and require lots of little corrective movements that cause strain and reduce productivity the lack of intuitive and responsive control also results in product damage and cumulative trauma injuries especially when people force the equipment or they get frustrated working with unresponsive equipment and put it aside for a real ergonomic safety it is necessary that the manipulator not only eliminates the strain in the vertical load handling but also the inertia during acceleration braking or direction changing only a new generation electronic manipulator better referred to as intelligent assist device iad or indeva intelligent device for handling dling with a special end effector that can pick from one to 6 cases at a time according to the need the system is equipped with an automatic device that moves the barycentre as the cases are picked in order to keep the tooling perfectly balanced and in horizontal position both when empty and loaded an indeva can also be equipped with a four face end effector for jars by means of a hook and for bags cases and drums by means of vacuum by means of a manual rotation the end effector is quickly and simply adjusted for the load to lift by means of an indeva the operator can handle loads with different weights without stopping for selecting a different load setting the indeva in fact is auto weight sense and auto balancing and gets adjusted immediately to any new weight thanks to the indeva state of the art technology the end effectors are compact and light thus allowing great visibility of the work area and easy manoeuvrability the indeva respond swiftly yet smoothly to human touch winning inertia both during acceleration and braking amplifying operator movements the operator notices no time lapse between the machine sensing and its response which is impossible with pneumatic control manipulators industrial manipulators are the only available solution to suit the demand for more ergonomics www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung can satisfy these requirements only scaglia indeva in europe produces intelligent devices for handling they allow a very precise positioning of the load and very smooth quick handling movements it also allows handling loads with different weights or that change their weight while being handled filling/emptying cases etc with no need of selecting a different setting each time and with the gripping tool remaining perfectly still while the weight is changing scaglia indeva has been designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators for over thirty years and is constantly upgrading its products which today are the only solution available that meets the need for faster and more accurate way to move loads whilst increasing safety handling ammeraal beltech the widest range of belting products worldwide ammeraal beltech offers the widest range of belting products worldwide the company serves over 150 countries with the uni-chains brand supplied by ammeraal beltech modular leader in producing chains and modular plastic belts customers have now at their disposal synthetic belts as well as modular belts for any handling and conveying need modular belts uni m-snb 14 open surface and uni m-qnb closed surface are especially suitable for palletizers and accumulation tables ensuring product stability also at high speed moreover the 12.7 pitch allows for nosebar transfers uni snb m2 20 and 34 open surface 25.4mm pitch reduces the pressure for accumulating products up to 70 thanks to its special radial surface covered by patent which allows to increase production output thanks to the possibility to run at higher speeds and or the reduction of the number of cans deformed by pressure www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung the top in the field of precision stailess steel fittings the development of a leading company with its special production for the wine-making chemical and food industry has achieved top production level g inox produces any kind of fitting flange components in general only and factures flanges complying with the various regulations uni din tÜv asa every type of fitting fittings to be welded nipples fittings to be chucked and also depending on the special requirements of hundreds of customers working in the winemaking chemical and food industry in the field of forming ginox produces pipe-bearing bands concentric and eccentric reduction gears and many other products even in this case in addition to standard products always all in stock ready for delivery the company produces components on customer s demand all the steels used strictly stainless are guaranteed by origin certificates provided by the steelworks it is possible to check the authenticity of every single item from the casting number printed in all ginox products on sale this way you can easily go back to the steelworks which produced the raw steel technical steel used for ginox products aisi 304/304l and aisi 316/316l shows high resistance to corrosion and shocks the high quality standards enabled the company to develop a widespread sales network on the whole italian territory and abroad `we have customers in all of the countries of the european union ­ they say at ginox s ­ above all as far as special products are concerned that are developed according to customized projects exclusively in stainless steel and it is a reliable supplier that is selected every day by hundreds of companies and operators who appreciate the accuracy in the work execution the quality of the materials used and the capability of the company of developing special products following customers design the company was born from the acquisition of an artisan production concern founded in the fifties specializing in the construction of tanks and other elements in stainless steel after renewing the production facility that had been used for decades in short the facility was equipped with the best and most up-to-date technologies in the field of stainless steel turning and forming the two production lines now specialized in the development of top precision elements guaranteed by the quality department and the laboratory for material control which does not only respect the instructions received by the customer in the planning stage but also cares about the authenticity of the materials used throughout the process they say at the ginox technical department `the care for the materials has recently considerably increased we pleased to realize that our products are more and more focused on quality every day ginox manu www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung nature as our guide line ­ plastics made from renewable resources p zimmermann d winkelmann fkur kunststoff gmbh p lastics made by nature offer new opportunities and possibilities for both flexible and durablepackaging along with general injection moulding resins that have a high percentage of renewable resource material along with excellent transparency polymers from the bio-flex® family provide outstanding properties of flexibility and transparency if combined in a multilayer structure applications each day nature shows us well designed packaging solutions these solutions can be used as a guideline and imple mented in our industrial packaging world of course we have different requirements for industrial packaging compared to nature most goods need to be transported stored and protected against surrounding conditions and some need to withstand a long shelf life biopolymers either biodegradable or based on renewable resources have a similar natural approach but at times do not fulfil all of the requirements necessary for industrial packaging in particular the properties of high barrier and transparency the latest development by fkur kunststoff gmbh willich germany and its cooperative partner fraunhofer umsicht oberhausen germany is comprised of biodegradable multilayer made from bio-flex® a 4100 cl f 2201 cl a 4100 cl advantages of multilayer systems for food packaging plastics used for packaging represent around 30 of the total plastic consumption and are by far the largest market segment of all plastics applications flexible packaging using mono and co-extrusion films are a key segment for efficient and economic packaging ap www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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fkur plastics made by nature!® bio-flex® biodegradable resins for clear films multilayer made from bio-flex® a 4100 cl f 2201 cl a 4100 cl content of renewable resources approx 70 fkur kunststoff gmbh siemensring 79 d 47877 willich phone +49 2154 92 51-0 fax +49 2154 92 51-51 sales@fkur.com fkur plastics corp 921 w new hope drive building 605 cedar park tx 78613 usa phone +1 512 986 8478 fax +1 512 986 5346 sales.usa@fkur.com www.fkur.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung plications the requirements for plastic films especially those used predominantly in food packaging have been constantly rising over recent years and have now reached a level that can only be achieved by means of intelligent material combinations and well engineered process procedures so far biopolymers were mainly designed for simple applications such as waste bags and shoppers transparency was not a requirement the content of renewable resources of these resins have been around 30 to 40 with the upgrading of properties and the increase of polymers obtained through natural resources the range of applications made from biopolymers is constantly growing in addition the content of renewable resources in combination with compostability is gaining importance for all kinds of packaging applications to enter new markets with biopolymers new resins and compounds have to be created the major requirements for such modern packaging include a high content of renewable resource materials 50 and compostability combined with good barrier properties and preferably transparency on the one hand barrier is a necessity for certain packaging e g map and other applications where an oxygen barrier is required on the other hand there are applications where high permeation and breathability are required which is where bio-flex® containing intelligent fillers allows up to perfection such applications include back sheet films for diapers along with fresh food packaging where transparency is often a key requirement in order to meet these challenges fkur and fraunhofer umsicht have developed a new bio-flex® resin which exhibits outstanding characteristics when combined with other bio-flex® resins in a 3-layer structure by co-extrusion it is possible to combine the clear and stiff material bio-flex® a 4100 cl used in the outer layers with the new bio-flex® f 2201 cl or bio-flex® s 1100 in the mid layer both resins used in the mid layer are flexible yet tough supporting bio-flex® a 4100 cl one of the main advantages is that the properties of this film can be adjusted by the variation of each layer by using respective layer combinations more stiffness or more elasticity of the film according to the final requirements can be reached in addition to having a high quality clarity the content of renewable resource materials is outstanding for a blown film application the content of renewable resource materials of a film made from bio-flex® a 4100 cl s 1100 a 4100 cl is 30 to 50 depending on the structure whereas with a film made from bio-flex® a 4100 cl f 2201 cl a 4100 cl the content is between 60 to 80 depending on the final film structure opportunities through new bio-flex® grades films made from the above mentioned bio-flex® resins have a high transparency compared to blown bio films available today along with having a reasonable breathability they are biodegradable or compostable and have a very high content of renewable resource material the combination of organically grown food with packaging made from sustainable bioplastics is a logical step and completes the overall sustainable message while providing consumers with the good feeling of contributing to an eco-friendly environment compared to conventional plastics bioplastics offer an alternative `end-of-life option the ability of using bioplastics after their useful life in composting facilities or energy recovery are important factors in particular renewable biobased plastics can contribute to the efficient utilization and conservation of our resources www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com


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interpack special packaging verpackung green the first eco-sustainable wheel t he sensitivity towards the environment and the desire to provide a sustainable mon wheel produced by injection molding machines but the material of construction is made of 70 recycled material that guarantees an energy savings of 64 during production process green is available with different types of castors · available with different types of castors · material declared eco-sustainable · made from recycled material · it is a product that meets the 4 points of the sustainability · savings on their energy production cycle future for new generations has pusher avo to create green the first ecosustainable wheel in the world produced in cooperation with aquafil company producer of this wheel material called econyl 70 green is an innovative product in green color ideal for industrial and domestic application the technical characteristics are the same as a com avo an environmentally friendly company to born and grow into one of the most beautiful area in italy has certainly been a stimulating starting point for transforming avo in a company environmentally friendly a careful environment policy has led avo in these recent years to ecosustainable choices that have resulted in obtaining the environmental certification uni en iso 14001 among others it is certainly to mention the realization of the largest photovoltaic plant in the province of vco which guarantees a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equal to 65,891 kg year and the production of over 106.00 kwh of electricity equivalent to the needs of 30 families of 4 www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com www.itfoodonline.com



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