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GfNA-II-C-COM Regio grant agreement-Annex III-Final report form – version April 2015 PART C Publishable summary report (concerning the Partnership as a whole) ARCA.DIA.logue: Our path to awareness of our cultural, regional and historical heritage Project Title Partnership reference number 2013-1-GR1-COM13-15104-1 Partner Regio 1 Coordinator organisation: Diefthinsi Defterovathmias Ekaidefsis (DI.D.E.) A’ Athens - Greece 2° Gymnasium of Nea Filadelfia 11° Gymnasium of Ilion “Proselini” Association of the city of Ilion KAPI (organization of Municipality of Ilion) Partner organisations: Partner Regio 2 Coordinator organisation:        Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Puglia – Bari - Italy Instituto Comprensivo di Corigliano d’Otranto-Melpignano Comune di Corigliano d’Otranto Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale Euromediterraneo (APCE) Ente Oratorio San Francesco di Sales, Instituto Salesiano “NICOLA COMI” Associazione “Piccolo Teatro Coriglianese” Circolo Culturale “ ARGALÌO”, Orchestra Sparagnina . Partner organisations: Objectives of the project:  The project was aimed at helping teachers, organizations and students to raise questions with a  curious look over past times in order to increase a kind of awareness upon the historical, regional and cultural heritage. All the actions of this Comenius Regio were based on the dialogue among generations over different cultures; with the purpose of forming the identity of the Future European Citizen and understand the importance of “unity” in “diversity” on a common ground. It was a peaceful and unifying approach to trace back through the past times, because remembering the codes we have inherited from our Forefathers will help to feel the continuity of life on our lands, and so in the world. Curricula and activities were designed with issues around cultural heritage, intergeneration learning, and artistic education (theater, music, and dance). All target groups realized that history is always in progress, connecting generations directly and/or indirectly by means of cultural heritage and traditions. Finally, this Comenius regio showed that the rebirth of the spirit according to the principles of the Academy of Arcadia founded in Rome at the beginning of Renaissance is possible e can permit the production of new values from this national and universal heritage.   Main results and conclusions: 1


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GfNA-II-C-COM Regio grant agreement-Annex III-Final report form – version April 2015  Protocol “ODYSSEAS”, signed by the regional authorities of U.S.R. Apulia and Greece aimed at promoting and implementing activities that foster cultural, educational, scientific and techological cooperation among the educational institutions of the two partner regions. Protocol was a bridge of intercultural cooperation between seven schools of Attica and seven schools of Grecia Salentina. Creation and regular update of the BLOG PROJECT ( A veritable showcase of the Partnership, the Blog systematically documented the activities carried out by partner institutions in both regions, the results achieved; and the products created. Creation and regular update of a blog under the "Odysseas" Protocol ( all activities were implemented by the Calimera th Comprehensive Institute and the 68 Gymnasium High School of Athens. The LOGO project of "ARCA.DIA.logue" which constituted a synthesis of all the issues addressed by the program in the form of thumbnails. The LOGO of "ODYSSEAS" Protocol which included all of the protocol’s parameters The music CD "SOUNDS OF ARCADIA-Salento - SOUNDSCAPE ELECTRONIC MUSIC" where one may hear a collection of sounds typical of both Arcadia and Salento. The sounds emanating from the cupa-cupa instrument, the natural environment (birds, livestock, sea, running streams),the traditional loom, the talanto (which invites Greek Orthodox monks to prayer), old water mills, all provided inspiration for a musical composition which employed electronic music and is divided into six parts. The CD may be views as an expression of the bilateral cooperation (environmental and cultural) between the two regions, which promotes unity in diversity. The documentary ‘ASPRO CITTO CHARTÌ" (White is the Paper) undertaken by all Italian partner institutions. The documentary entailed wedding traditions in Greek Salento, a compendium of traditions, music, customs, etc. The 25-minute documentary filmed entirely in the GreekSalentine language with subtitles in three versions (Italian, English, and Modern Greek) unfolds through the testimony of an elderly couple in their eighties from Corigliano d’Otranto on the stages of their journey through their wedding in the 1950’s: the engagement, the dowry, the wedding ceremony, and the festivities. All the scenes were shot on location in Corigliano d'Otranto in April 2014. The documentary which may be characterized as an educational product can be used by the younger generations as an element of knowledge and as means towards probing further into some aspects of Greek Salento traditions. A DVD collection published by the A’ Athens DI.D.E. of 22 short films dedicated to the “27 Artists’ Books” in the Tériade Collection with subtitles in English. For the purposes of this publication, A’ Athens DI.D.E. obtained permission from two Greeks museums: the Christian & Byzantine Museum of Athens; and the Tériade Museum–Library in Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece. This DVD represents an educational added value and is related to two of the program’s themes: "Love" th and “Intergenerational Relations". The themes were studied through the artwork of great 20 century artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Miró, Laurens, etc. A book by the USR - Puglia “La Grecia e la Grecìa Salentina tra passato e presente”, born from the cooperation of the 1st Athens Directorate for Secondary Education (A’ Athens DI.D.E) and the Puglia Regional Education Office (U.S.R. – Puglia) with their local universities and enriched by the contribution of the partner associations/institutions. The book, written in Greek and Italian, is focused on the central theme of the project’s second year. It will be disseminated, as a st nd teaching tool, at educational institutions of the 1 and 2 grade of Attica (Greece) and Apulia (Italy), with a view to enhancing and improving training. "Pavlos and Sylvia": A book in Greek accompanied by a DVD and published by the A’ Athens nd DI.D.E. containing the testimony of seniors on marriage, a theater performance given by the 2 Gymnasium High School of Nea Filadelfia, and an original educational scenario written by the teachers of the school in the form of a theatrical dialogue. A book in Greek published by the A’ Athens DI.D.E. on "Relations between Generations and School": the book contains curricula of cross-generational collaboration experienced throughout th the European program by the teachers of the 11 Gymnasium High School of Ilion involved in the program. In this book, the high school’s teachers present their work and propose an educational intergenerational scenario. Minutes of the Dissemination Conference (in Greek): A΄ Athens DI.D.E. posted online the Minutes of the program’s dissemination conference held June 23 & 24, 2015 in Athens. The posting became possible through collaboration with the PE15 school counselors and includes the articles discussed by the speakers. “Tales for Change” is an e-book of fairy tales posted on the program’s website. The fairytales were collected and published by the Municipality of Ilion within the framework of collaboration between the Ilion Municipality, schools, and the Open Care Center for the Elderly (KAPI). They were then entrusted to the program’s supervisors so that they may be showcase d digitally. Posted             2


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GfNA-II-C-COM Regio grant agreement-Annex III-Final report form – version April 2015 on the same website are also videos of the accounts and dramatization of fairytales designed by th the Italian Partner; and 2 teaching scenarios proposed by the Ilion 11 Gymnasium High School teachers in order to showcase the wealth of knowledge in the Greek fairy tales as narrated by the nd senior citizens at the 2 Ilion KAPI. 25 Digital puzzles,, an internet platform, YouTube channel, Flickr account and more WebQuests: educational proposals using TICE.  A fruitful European partnership in the area of general education, cultural education and active European citizenship through the cooperation of local organisations. . A European partnership with the target of implementation of educational itineraries and creation of curricula, as an invaluable part of not only national but also universal heritage. A partnership that helped us construct a kind of social memory and led to the participants’ professional development and personal enrichment A bilateral cooperation characterized by the following key actions: knowledge, sharing, exchange, and commitment (value). A partnership that helped participants to understand that history is always in progress, linking generations directly and/or indirectly through heritage and cultural traditions. A partnership that allowed participants to discover, get to know, and love the rich diversity of European identity. Impact and use:  The partnership cooperation had an impact to: i) the participating staff; ii) the participating institutions (local/regional institutions, schools, other organisations); iii) local community; and iv) other target groups and institutions not participating in the partnership such as PERSEAS, “The Amazing Game of the Ancient European Trails”, a Comenius 2013-15 Multilateral Partnership project, etc. With the support and the valuable contribution of all partner institutions, the participants followed a path of action-research, which they subsequently shared with their partners, leading to results that are the product of a seminal intergenerational approach between schools, students, seniors, and local associations. Furthermore, the partnership cooperation had furthering and thoroughness knowledge of staff, participating institutions and local community on cultural, historical, artistic, and environmental heritage for both regions and understanding of how and what is implemented in schools Awareness of belonging to a Europe that is "united" and "diverse/different". Acquisition of a European dimension of education. A positive impact on teaching as a team and on the inter-thematic approach of the work involved. Social cohesion and enhancement of the ability to work in groups (creating common products). Innovative approaches to teaching and to inclusive education. More opportunities for Partners to introduce their own materials at European level. Widening of cultural horizons Opportunities to forge relations with the Greek Ministry of Education in the field of knowledge. All of the program’s products described above will be available t o schools in both regions as educational material. More specifically, program products will be distributed to schools participating in the “ODYSSEAS” Protocol and “PROZIMI” Network, participating schools in Grecia Salentina, Italy. The products will be also made available to: (a) all schools under the jurisdiction of the A’ and C’ Athens DI.D.E.; and (b) all schools under the Regional Education Directorate of Crete, Greece, and (c) all schools under the U.R.S. Apulia, Italy. The book by the USR Puglia will be also made available to: (a) all schools under the jurisdiction of USR Puglia and the schools of A’ Athens DI.D.E. As to the CD "SOUNDS OF ARCADIA-Salento - SOUNDSCAPE ELECTRONIC MUSIC", that will be also distributed to the Nursery Teachers’ Departments within the Institutes of Vocational Training (IEKs) in Athens, Greece and to the Open-Air Water-Power Museum, Dimitsana, Gortynia, Greece. As to the DVD of 22 short films dedicated to the “27 Artists’ Books” in the Tériade Collection will be also distributed to the Christian & Byzantine Museum of Athens; and the Tériade Museum– Library in Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece. All products produced jointly are posted on the project’s website. All have also been presented more widely within the framework of their initial presentation during earlier seminars or artistic performance.                 Name of contact person(s): Dr. Dimitra Macri 3


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GfNA-II-C-COM Regio grant agreement-Annex III-Final report form – version April 2015 Telephone: +697 440 89 26 E-mail: Partnership Website: 4



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