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Effective tarnishing protection with OXIPROTECT JE790 C. Jentner GmbH has again extended its portfolio of electroplating bath chemicals. The specialist for surface and electroplating technologies now provides a very efficient protection system for silver surfaces as well as for low carat precious metal surfaces such as red gold or 14-carat-gold. These can be protected sustainably from oxidation and discolouration by the treatment with OXIPROTECT JE790. At the same time the brilliance of the base material remains and the resulting layer is absolutely invisible due to the small layer thickness. OXIPROTECT is biologically harmless and pH-neutral to skin. Your key benefits • • • • • • • A surface of roughly 800 m2 can be treated Chemically insulating Dirt and water-repellent Chemically resistant and highly durable Increased scratch resistance of surfaces Brilliance of the base material remains Biologically harmless Made in Germany


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Part number 8325 1 liter ready to use bottle Working condition Bath temperature Exposition time Tank material Electrolyte movement 45 °C – use a quartz glass radiator! 5 min PP, PPH light movement required For an perfect performance of the process we suggest to use an ultrasonic cleansing unit like Jentner RK100H (bath volume 3 liter), a beaker glass holder for the cleansing unit as well as two beaker glasses each 600 ml. Process Heat ultrasonic unit up to 45 °C Fill OXIPROTECT JE 790 into beaker glass 1 Fill distilled water into beaker glass 2 Dip goods 5 min. into OXIPROTECT JE 790 (glass 1 / 45 °C) Dip goods 1 min. into distilled water (glass 2 / 45 °C) Dry goods - finished With OXIPROTECT we guarantee effective tarnishing protection up to one year for carpeting goods, by appropriate handling and a bath change evry three month. OXIPROTECT_0114_1E OXI 0512 1D Jentner Plating Technology GmbH | Sandweg 20 | D-75179 Pforzheim, Germany Tel. +49 7231 - 418094 - 0 | Fax +49 7231 - 418094 - 77 | www.jentner-plating.com



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