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Surface deoxidation

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OXI-EX fast and effective cleaning of tarnished silverware OXI-EX JE709 is a deoxidizer in an aqueous base that is used to remove the sulphide and oxide layers on silver and gold. OXI-EX JE709 is suitable for both decorative and technical applications. Your advantages • • • • Fast and effective removal of the oxide layers Careful removal of the oxide and sulphide layers on the base material Easy to handle - ready to use solution Processing at room temperature Before the treatment with OXI-EX After treatment with OXI-EX


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Part-no. 2077 Ready to use 1 liter bottle Operational data pH-value Working conditions Bath temperature Goods movement Exposion time Decomposition starting Tank Instructions • The to-clean, grease-free goods can be either dipped or treated with a brush • Wash well and dry goods 20 – 30 °C recommended 1 - 30 min >100 °C Glass or plastic 1–2 OXIEX 0915_1_E Jentner Plating Technology GmbH | Sandweg 20 | 75179 Pforzheim, Germany Tel.+49 7231 - 418094 - 0 | Fax: +49 7231 - 418094 - 77 | info@jentner.de | www.jentner-plating.com



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