Rhodium Solution JE88 GO!


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ultra brilliant white shining surface

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Rhodium Solution JE88 GO! Ultra brilliant white shining surface (L*90,5-91) Made in Germany


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Rhodium Solution JE88 GO! Ultra brilliant white shining surface JE88 deposits brilliant white shining glossy, hard and abrasion-resistant rhodium layers. It is preferred used for decorative coatings in the jewelry, goggles and watch industry. The rhodium electrolyte JE 88 is also used as a tarnishing protection system for silverware. Layer strengthens up to 1,5 μm can be deposited. For best results use it together with our rhodium plating system RMGO! Your advantages • 1 Liter Rhodium Solution for more than 1000 rings • Ultra brilliant white shining surface ( L*90,5-91) • Save up to 20% of your rhodium costs in combination with our rhodium plating system RM01 Rhodium content: 2,0 g/l Rh pH-value: < 1 Density: 1.015 – 1.08 g/cm3 Voltage: 1,8– 2,2 Volt Bath temperature: 20 - 45°C Exposition time: 2 min (1 - 5 min) Anode material: platinized titanium, MOX Anoden-/Cathode surface 1 : 1 Goods movement advantageous Hardness: 800 – 900 HV Layer thickness: Max. 1,5μm Density: Approx. 12,4 g/cm3 Art-No.: 9204 - Make-up concentrate JE88 (2 g Rh/100 ml) Art-No.: 8822 - Ready to use solution JE88 GO! (2 g Rh/ltr.) Operating data Working conditions Precipitation data Forms of delivery Bath making with the make-up concentrate Recycling Mix 100ml of the concentrate JE88 with 900ml destilled water. The used solution and the flushing water contains rhodium which we would like to reprocess for our customers. Jentner offers a cleverly deviced ionexchangesystem for the recycling of precious metal. Talk to us! JE88_0114_1E Jentner Plating Technology GmbH | Sandweg 20 | D-75179 Pforzheim, Germany Tel. +49 7231 - 418094 - 0 | Fax +49 7231 - 418094 - 77 | www.jentner-plating.com



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