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Brightener system for gloss silver baths

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Brightener system for gloss silver baths Made in Germany


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The brightener system A and B guarantees a high-gloss shining surface for silver baths. The precipitation of the baths are of silver cyanide electrolytes. The brighteners are suitable for technical and decorative silver coatings. The generated silver layers are very ductile and are plated with an excellent throwing. The electrical features of the silver are not affected by the brighteners. The electrolyte is for rack and drums very well suited. Your advantages • High-gloss white silver shining surface • Temperature insensitive • Very good throwing • Ductile precipitation Forms of delivery Article No. 72 Brightener A Article No. 75 Brightener A - 10 x concentrated Article No. 420 Brightener A - powder Article No. 77 Brightener B Article No. 78 Brightener B - 10 x concentrated New approach of 100 liter bath: 2.5 l Brightener A / 1.5 l Brightener B Regeneration after 1000 Ah: 400 ml Brightener A / 700 ml Brightener B Addition / regeneration For regeneration are ratios of 1:1.5 to 1:8 (A: B) possible. The levels and the ratio vary depending on the application of the electrolyte. Precipitation data Silver content: 99.5 - 99.9% Hardness: 100 – 110 Hv A&B_0813_1E JENTNER Plating Technology GmbH | Sandweg 20 | D-75179 Pforzheim, Germany Tel. +49 7231 - 418094 - 0 | Fax +49 7231 - 418094 - 77 |



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