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Plastic Cards

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Card Production Acarta Acarta... when it comes to plastic cards!


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Acarta.... it´s quality which matters! 2


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Card Production Acarta Acarta GmbH …it´s quality which matters! For nearly over a decade, Acarta is gaining customer‘s confidence in Germany and Europe simply with the quality of the products. We, as a plastic card manufacturing company, are not only giving much effort in the quality of the product; which for us and our customers is self evidence. We also understand to communicate openly, to offer fair services to all business partners and to be flexibile and reliable. These are the main principles in our sense of business. This goes hand in hand with fair working conditions, economic and social responsibility for people living and working in our world. We think quality goes along with the idea of our balanced environment and therefore we offer an environmental friendly product. Our newest development is a card produced with renewable resources, carbon neutral and biodegradable. Sustainability is innovation and obligation. Acarta is your partner, when it comes to plastic cards! Products: Page 4 6 8 10 12 14 • Plastic cards, laminated and ISO • Special formats and keytags • Special effects and applications • Eco-friendly cards, Bio- and Klima-Card • Carrier, packaging and card supplies • Mailing with card, fullfilment and logistics 3


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Plastic Cards 4


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Card Production Acarta Laminated plastic cards We are producing plastic cards according to the ISO norm 7810 and ensure consistent attributes for highest demands. The multilayer construction of the laminated cards ( full or semi transparent, glossy or matt) is causing a high flexural strength for best bending properties. It protects from abrasion of the printing ink. We offer you optimal printing methods for every occasion and materials as PVC, ABS; PC and PET, biomaterials or compound constructions by request and when required. Of course, we are also offering alternatives to the ISO norm, from highly thin cards of 0,2 mm to Cards with a thickness of more than 2 mm. Card features We are offering any desired feature such as signature panel, scratch-off areas, hot foil stamping or holograms, ID cards with magnetic stripe, contact chip or RFID chip. Personalisation We can personalise and encode your plastic cards with every available personalisation technology: embossing, thermal printing, DOD-UV-Inkjet or Laser. For every application, we have the most suitable technology. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • magnetic stripe cards smart cards transponder cards/RFID hybrid cards personalised cards barcode/QR-code scratch-off cards gift cards loyalty cards thin cards transparent cards event cards standard cards blank cards ID cards pharmacy cards access cards 5


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Special sizes and individual punching shapes 6


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Card Production Acarta Special sizes Plastic cards in sizes divergent to the normal credit card size are ideal, when it is important to you to have an individual product: for unique objectives, special products and product presentations, events - whatever you have in mind, we realize the required card. Round hole, long hole, euro hole and even individual shapes are no problem for us. Special feature: • • • • Keytags Keytags or key fobs are cards with one or multiple minicards (up to 6 Keytags) to break off. The tags can be used as an advertising medium or as a personalised partner card. We recommend a durable Laser personalisation for many years in use. oversize contour punching hole punching durable personalisation Application: • • • • • • • • Individual contours and special shapes Plastic cards don’t always have to be rectangular and with standardised curves in the corners. Many different shapes are possible - and however you can still use a durable plastic card. debit cards key fobs suitcase and luggage tags hotel cards fair/exhibiton cards advertising cards promotion cards event-tickets 7


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Extraordinary plastic cards and special effects 8


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Card Production Acarta Foil hotstamping and holograms With a metallic or glossy and coloured foil hotstamping plastic cards appear nobly and valuably. Especially logos and letterings are often highlighted with special matt/gloss effects. Holograms could be used as a security feature, but also give the card a special exclusive style. Acarta offers a lot of standard designs, which can be individualised. Letterings and logos can be embossed or lasered - a very economically way of hologram-personalisation. Special features: • • • • perfumed cards surface structures mirror film hotstamp Extraordinary applications An UV-check card with an included thermometer brings your sunny vacation to perfection. Or a suitcase tag with your name on it makes sure that your luggage won´t get lost. Your customers will surely appreciate it - hence you do. Applications: • • • • • • • VIP-cards gift cards access cards ID cards advertising cards promotion cards event-tickets Special printing inks and varnishes Besides of design elements (glitter-pigments, metallic, irodine) there are also perfumed cards or spot varnishes, interference-, IR- and UV-inks (colour effects depending on the viewing-angle). With 3D-vanishes, surfaces are getting highlighted or special marterials are simulated. 9


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Eco-friendly cards 10


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Card Production Acarta Eco-friendly cards Acarta offers the adequate eco-friendly card for every requirement: economically cardboard cards for simple usage, recyclable or alternative synthetic substances like PET or compostable and carbon neutral cards made of regenerative materials and of renewable resources. Special features: • biodegradable • carbon dioxide neutral • eco-friendly Bio-Card The Acarta Bio-Card is made of Bio-PVC, a compostable and biodegradable plastic and free of toxic substances such as softeners or heavy metals. Those excellent technical and mechanical features are very suitable for sophisticated and durable applications. Applications: • • • • • • • Klima-Card Our latest environment card is durable like a normal plastic card - even though it is completely different. The material is free of PVC and oil but made of renewable resources and is carbon dioxide neutral. The used wood components are PEFC certified. This environment card is biodegradable just like normal wood and sets only free as much climate-damaging carbon dioxide as the plant has taken out of the fresh air before. debit cards gift cards bonus cards advertising cards membership cards club cards access cards 11


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Card carrier, packaging and accessories 12


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Card Production Acarta Card carrier You would like to offer your cards at the cash desk for sale and need a simple card carrier with eurohole? Present your cards on a refined carrier, inform and explain with a folded carrier. Or just integrate the request-form of the loyalty card, optional with a personalisation and matching of card and carrier. Special features: • personalisation with matching • different sizes and materials • individual refining Packaging for plastic cards Card sleeves protect the sensitive plastic card, offer more space for printing informations and are an excellent advertising medium at the same time. We offer everything: from a unique customer-specific printed card sleeve to an extraordinary packaging giving a card a specal exclusivity, a refined Card-Box e.g. Last but not least gift cards are getting a special message with a nice cover. Applications: • • • • • • • VIP-cards gift cards access cards ID cards advertising cards promotion cards event-tickets Accessories Whether ID cards being used for years and need to be protected or nametags for a single event, we have the perfect accessory for any purpose. Printed lanyards and clips, card holders and badge reels or plastic loops in various colours and different materials. 13


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Mailing with card, fullfilment and logistics 14


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Card Production Acarta Mailing with card Whether it should be a gift card or membership card, we reliably bring a qualitiy card to its receiver. By standard mail delivery or creative and individual in regard of sizes, materials, processing and shipment. We offer you competent help and assistance in creating a post conform shaping and at the same time an attractive packing always considering your chosen target group. We will settle everything for you: the postage optimisation, the personalisation of mailing and card, the attaching of the cards, removable and residue-free, the matching of several personalised pieces, the enveloping and finally we cover all lettershop-tasks. After all your mailings and parcels will come on the optimal dispatch route, inexpensive, fast, safe, traceable, whether DIN-long mailing or representative catalog with a weight of 1 kg. Special features: • stylish mailings for quality cards • creative formats, from standard to oversize • suitable dispatch routes for valuable cards Fullfilment and logistics We would gladly take on the logistics after the production for you such as warehousing and occasionally or regularly repeated shipments to the end user to your warehouse or to your branches and point of sale. Moreover you can delegate all the labor-intensive activities: handling and processing of orders, inventory management, consignment and packaging. We settle everything for you and you save money and time. You may rely on our best efforts. Applications: • • • • • • shipping by request shipping of small quantities shipping to branches warehousing mail/bulk shipping international shipping 15



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