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3 rd Quarter 2015 Safe Tire, Safe Family – Reducing CO2 Footprint Campaign ZAFCO takes Double Coin to TyrExpo India – 2015 Armstrong Returns – The Video Launch ZAFCO UAE Dealers Convention – Malaysia ZEETEX Website forms a Fresh Look


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Safe Tire, Safe Family – Reducing CO2 Footprint Campaign June 15, 2015 As always, ZAFCO cares about its employees and considers their safety as a priority, where “Safe Tire, Safe Family – Reducing CO2 Footprint Campaign” was held by the Technical Services personnel under the supervision of Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing. The campaign revolved around the inspection of vehicles, where 34 employees’ cars and 15 warehouse trucks were thoroughly inspected for several indicators that play a key role in safe driving and CO2 emission. • CO2 emissions per day increased from last inspection due to low tire pressures. 35 out of 88 tires of employees’ cars and 32 out of 92 tires of warehouse trucks were found under-inflated • The excessive fuel burnt per day also increased, which was take care of by correcting the pressures according to the car manufacturer’s specifications to save the fuel every day from here on • Apart from regular tires, spare tires were also checked and inflated up to 60 psi • Valve caps were found missing in few cars, which were installed • Some trailers had block-type tires instead of rib type tires, and some trucks had unidirectional tires fitted in opposite to the direction of rotation, which were then corrected accordingly • Mismatches of tread patterns and tread depths were rectified • Emergency equipment, seat belts, lights, mirrors, windows, and horn were also checked Keeping the tradition alive is what ZAFCO believes in and does its best to ensure the safety and security not only for the employees but as well as the overall environment and community.


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ZAFCO takes Double Coin to TyrExpo India – 2015 July 9, 2015 Chennai, India – Continuing the expedition, ZAFCO grabbed the opportunity to take its portfolio brand forward by participating in TyrExpo India, held from 7th – 9th of July 2015. Double Coin, being a hot-selling brand in India, was displayed at the exhibition where the emphasis was on its TBR Range based on the demand in the market. Tyrexpo India is a one-stop marketplace for buyers and sellers of tyres, garages and workshops, looking to do business in India. The availability of natural rubber and cutting-edge production facilities has led India to emerge as one of the world’s most competitive tyre markets, where the city of Chennai is considered as the heart of the automobile industry. Commenting on the exhibition, Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO, Mr. Raghavendra Sanga said “The footfall of the event was pretty decent and we invited our key dealers mainly from the Indian market who came and were a part of this event.” Mr. Sanga adds that “ZAFCO is looking forward to expand its business in the Indian market and capitalize on the untapped areas which we are hopeful on”


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ZAFCO Academy Augments Skill Development Nurturing the human capital and developing the skills of its employees has always been the priority for the company, and for that ZAFCO Academy does its best. Being an integral part of work, Microsoft Excel has its own significance due to its numerous functions that can add efficiency to your work schedule. A workshop on Microsoft Excel was conducted by the Financial Controller of ZAFCO – Mr. Sethu Raman – where he gave hands-on-training on some of the key functions including Pivot Table and V-Look up. Be it work or personal life, stress is inevitable for everyone and piling up of it can lead to anger, aggression, and behavior that does not portray your real nature. Being aware and mindful of yourself is the key to shape your behavior in a promising way, and for that a workshop on Anger Management was conducted by Mr. Zaigham Lilani – Manager – Human Capital & Administration at ZAFCO. The session was full of rich content and activity, illuminating the stance on anger management behavior and tactics to improvise on that.


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Armstrong Returns – The Video Launch After acquiring Armstrong from Pirelli, the brand returns as an independent entity to continue its journey as an American Icon. Having a rich legacy, Armstrong is positioned as a well-renowned and respected tire brand that offers sheer traction, durability, and fuel efficiency. To paint the complete picture of Armstrong, the brand video was launched in our Head Office auditorium on 27th August, 2015. The video starts off with the history of the brand and then goes on to show the manufacturing process, quality control, and benefits that the TBR range offers. Armstrong believes in being visionary and staying persistent over its future goals, and by 2016 it plans to launch tires of other categories as well. Having significant qualities with tailor-made products, Armstrong is expected to go beyond the expectations and achieve greater milestones.


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ZAFCO Facelifts its Website Dubai, UAE – The wait is over as ZAFCO returns back with a fresh corporate website that springs a refined look, making it a one-stop information platform for the visitors. The tantalizing user-interface allows users to navigate easily through every section and get the latest updates and happenings. The combination of graphical and textual content keeps the visitors’ interest above par, while divulging heaps of information including the history, milestones, CSR activities, etc. “ZAFCO believes in moving forward by increasing its brand identity across the globe, while pushing its portfolio brands to a next level, and this is how we Grow Together”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing. ZEETEX Website forms a Fresh Look ZEETEX revisits its website to make it aesthetically attractive. Giving a novel touch to the website needs a sheer blend of graphics and product information, which has been taken care of in a noble way. Describing the website, Mr. Raghavendra Sanga says, “Thinking from the perspective of our target audience helps us in coming up with the best possible product, be it website or any other marketing product. We believe that the sleek and stylish design of our website lets the users navigate freely and get exactly what they are looking for – whether it is product information or the latest happenings.” The slider section showcases the product artworks and the latest event for that particular region, followed by the brand videos and product section. The English version for all the regions is up and running, and this would be followed by the launch of multiple languages for each region very soon.


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ZAFCO UAE Dealers Convention – Malaysia ZAFCO Rewards! ‘Growing Together’ is the motto that ZAFCO follows devotedly, where mutual growth between the company and the dealers is always at the top priority. ZAFCO arranged an exclusive Dealer Convention, where 35 customers from the UAE market were taken to Malaysia for a six-day trip from 11th to 16th of September, 2015. The trip started-off with a brunch in Putrajaya followed by a city tour and other recreational activities in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The savoring part continued as they headed towards exotic places like Genting Highlands and Penang for the next few days. This convention was exemplary as the customers enjoyed the trip at their best and were left in awe with loads of positive comments. Iftar Extravagance in UAE As a token of appreciation, ZAFCO threw sumptuous Iftar parties at the Atlantis Hotel for Dubai and Northern Emirates Customers, and at Sofitel Hotel for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain fleet customers. All the key customers from the Emirates were invited to acknowledge their efforts in walking an extra mile to strengthen the partnership with ZAFCO. The event started with a welcome note by Mr. Zafar Jafri, Senior Vice President, followed by a speech by Mr. Amir Abbas, Executive Director to encourage the customers and ZAFCO team to keep supporting each other in the quest for mutual growth.


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Product Development remains Restless at ZAFCO Catering to different regions across the globe yields various requests for the products required in that particular market. Research and Development is an integral part of the business and for that ZAFCO strives to have utmost variety in its product portfolio. A new range called ‘Value for Money (VFM)” was introduced for ZEETEX TBR tires in July this year, meant for All Position and Drive Axle applications. Having unmatched quality based on its durable casings and specially engineered compound, VFM Range yields in lesser cost per kilometer and improves fuel efficiency. VFM Range is targeted predominantly to the Middle East, Africa, and South American markets to deliver good quality products at competitive prices without compromising on the benefits. Otani’s product portfolio is going from strength to strength. 4 new patterns by names OH-115, OH-311, OH-312 & OH-306 were introduced to cater to global markets. Below is the assortment and applications they are meant for. Pattern Name OH-115 OH-311 OH-312 OH-306 Application Longhaul & Regional Longhaul & Regional Off Road Mixed (On / Off Road) Position All Position Drive Drive All Position Sizes 215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5 9.5R17.5, 215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5 295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5 425/65R22.5 Forceum introduced Heptagon, new 4x4 pattern for Highway Terrain. Following are the features & benefits of Heptagon and it is available in 2 sizes initially – 215/70R16 and 285/65R17. • Asymmetrical tread design offers excellent traction and handling • Sequential ribs on shoulders offer phenomenal grip and stability on corners & rough surfaces • Siping on the tread gives self-cleaning and anti-slipping quality • Optimal pitch variation offers low noise characteristic


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