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Greek Music

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Greek Music Monastery Stavronikita, Mountain Athos, XII century, Min.,Code 991, f.2n Ioannis MAKRIS Post – Ph.D. & Ph.D. Psychology – Music E.P.H.E. FRANCE Conductor / Composer


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Greek Music • Greek music avails itself of a great variety of musical instruments, rhythms, melodies and tonalities. Monastery of Varlaam, Meteors, XVI century


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Music in Greece is as ancient as the country's history. • Greek music is the development of ancient Greek music as it developed during the Byzantine and post-Byzantine years and was preserved through ecclesiastical tradition and demotic (folklore) song.


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Greek music can be separated into two kinds: a) Vocal Music (ecclesiastical music) b) Instrumental music


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Finally, let us find the place of Greek music in Ethnomusicology.


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Eastern music is divided into three basic music systems: Eastern Music Heterophonic melody Polyphonic satisfaction Modal System


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The main instruments of Greek Music


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