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Grimoldby Primary School Our School Welcome to Grimoldby primary School. Whether you are already part of our school community, a prospective new family, or just curious about the work we do, I hope you find the information in this pack useful. The best way to find things out is to come in and meet me for a wander around our school. Please call to make an appointment or phone for a chat if you have any questions. Also take a look at our website where you will find a great deal of information. Our blogs are really useful for getting a sense of what the children have been up to! Many thanks, Origins of the School Our school dates back to 1780 when the Reverend Francis Burton established it in an old farmhouse to cater for the children of the poor. Two new classrooms were built in 1870 and it has continued to grow since then. Since those early days the school has been through many changes, whilst maintaining its links with the local community, and we are proud of our long history and heritage. The nursery was established and started taking children in 1999. In the same year the school Our School Vision “We learn… we grow…. together” Working together we put children at the heart of everything we do, and strive to: o Be an inspirational and exciting learning community where children feel happy, safe and cared for. o Celebrate and value diversity and individuality in school, in our community, and in the wider world. o Instil a curiosity and a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. o Develop caring, respectful and confident citizens and provide a strong foundation for the future.


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Grimoldby Primary School Community and Parents Grimoldby is a great place with a very strong sense of community. We feel the school should be central to this community, and enjoy participation in a range of events. We work closely with a wide number of other primary schools in the local area, and we have very well established links with the Secondary Schools in the area so that the transition from Primary to Secondary school is made very smoothly. We are a member of the KYRA Teaching School Alliance, a network of over 50 schools across Lincolnshire who work together to improve education outcomes for all. More information on this alliance can be found here: Little Lambs Extended Provision We have close ties to Little Lambs, an Ofsted registered child minder, who provide after school provision on our school site. They also offer a breakfast club and holiday child care provision. Their telephone number is 07958 304169. Working with Parents We believe that children will be happier and more successful when school and parents work together in their interests. We try and provide a range of opportunities for parents or carers to engage in school life:  Informal parent drop-ins each term, to come and chat with the teacher or just look through some work with your child;  Headteacher forums each term – an opportunity to have a chat or pose questions and concerns with the Headteacher over a cup of tea and a biscuit;  Formal Parent Evenings twice a year;  Participation with FrOGS (Friends of Grimoldby School);  Class Assemblies where you are invited to come and watch your child share their learning with the whole school;  Sports Days and other whole school events;  A weekly newsletter shares some of our news and dates for the diary. We ask all parents to keep us informed about changing circumstances at home. If the family pet has died or a close relative is poorly, it will affect how your child performs at school. If you change your mobile phone number or move house we do need to know these things to enable to contact you if we need to. In Key Stage 1 classes your child will have a Reading Record Book


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Grimoldby Primary School Staffing Structure Primary Schools are structured into three Key Stages: Foundation Stage includes our Nursery and Reception Classes (aged 3—5 years) Key Stage 1 includes Years 1 and 2, children aged 5-7 years . Key Stage 2 includes Years 3, 4, 5 and 6—up to age 11. Teachers Nursery Teacher: Mrs Kate Forsyth EYFS Reception Teacher: Mrs Kelly McDowall Key Stage 1 Year 1 Teacher: Miss Laura Field Year 2 Teacher: Miss Sophie Gibbons PPA Cover: Mrs Laura Swallow Key Stage 2 Year 3 Teacher: Miss Eleanor Stanhope Year 4 Teacher: Miss Jen Dodes Year 5 Teacher: Mr Stuart Spendlow Year 6 Teacher: Miss Antonia Brooks Mrs Maria Hardy Mrs Carol Brewer Mrs Claire Plowright Lunchtime Staff Miss Georgia Hardy Mrs Christine Sayer Mrs Emma Drury Teaching Assistants Miss Angela Mountain Mrs Claire Brown Mrs Becky Fisher Miss Abi Heyes Mrs Sharon Marshall Miss Charlien Rigg Miss Gemma Vickerman Mrs Alex Smith Mrs Caroline Jaines Mrs Dawn Crew Mrs Gail Bath Mrs Sarah Thomas Mrs Maria Hardy Mrs Emma Drury Mrs Alex Smith Mrs Gail Bath Miss Charlien Rigg Other Staff Caretaker: Mr Paul Brown Administrator: Mrs Heidi Day Bursar: Mrs Angela Lech Headteacher: Mr Simon Clark FrOGs Chair: Mrs Helen Morriss Governors Mr Andy Craven Interim Chair of Governors Mr Steve Ward Vice Chair of Governors Mrs Fiona Handley Rev Chris Turner Mr Craig Morton Mr Peter Steele


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Grimoldby Primary School Curriculum School has a statutory obligation to teach the National Curriculum, which includes a range of subjects. We choose to teach these subjects primarily through a thematic approach, based on the Cornerstones Curriculum. We teach these class topics three times a year as detailed below. In addition, we have separate whole school approaches for teaching Religious Educaton (RE), Physical Education (PE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). For children in Key Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term 2016 – 2017 EYFS 2017 - 2018 Family & Friends Autumn Days Year 1 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 Paws, Claws & Whiskers The Enchanted Woodland Hidden Treasures Colours of Day and Night Bright Lights, Big City Dinosaur Planet Summer Fun Traditional Tales Superheroes Rio De Vida Year 2 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 Land Ahoy Muck, Mess & Mixtures Beat, Band, Boogie Towers, Tunnels & Turrets The Scented Garden Wriggle & Crawl Year 3 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 Gods and Mortals Mighty Meals Heroes & Villains Flow Predator Tribal Tales Year 4 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 Blue Abyss Burps, Bottoms & Bile Playlist I am Warrior Misty Mountains Road Trip to USA Year 5 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 Pharaohs Scream Machine Stargazers Off With Her Head Peasants, Princes & Pestilence Alchemy Island Year 6 2016 – 2017 2017 - 2018 A Child’s War Blood Heart Frozen Kingdom Revolution Darwin’s Delights Hola Mexico! Stage 2 we also teach French once a week. More detail on our current topics, along with additional curriculum information, can be found on our website. Each topic plan also gives some suggestions for how children could continue their learning at home.


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Grimoldby Primary School School Uniform The school uniform consists of a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school emblem, (these can be purchased from Cojos in Louth or on the Tesco website), a white polo shirt, grey trousers, shorts or skirt and shoes (not trainers). Royal blue fleeces with the school emblem are also available from these suppliers. Book bags are available from the school


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Grimoldby Primary School Physical Education PE Uniform For PE we ask children to wear plain black shorts, royal blue polo shirt or plain white t-shirt, black plimsolls (indoors) and trainers (outdoors). Even during cold weather we take the children outside for part of their P.E time so a tracksuit or similar clothing is required during the winter months. When the children first begin their schooling with us we provide a P.E bag. If this is lost a new one can be purchased from the school office for £3. For safety, children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school other than small stud earrings. During PE sessions, we ask that children either remove their earrings or tape them up—and our staff can help with this. Our PE and Sports leader, Miss Field, also arranges a variety of after school sports activities which we try and encourage as many children to attend as possible. Swimming We have a statutory responsibility to ensure children have access to swimming lessons. Children in Years 3 and 4 go swimming each week. Boys need trunks (not shorts) and a one-piece swimsuit for the girls. These should be in a named bag with their towel.


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Grimoldby Primary School Educational Visits We aim to bring learning to life through first hand experiences and sometimes arrange educational visits as part of our studies. Recent visits have included a Year 3 visit to the Collection in Lincoln for history workshops; a Year 1 visit to Woodside Wildlife Park; Year 6 visit to see the Lancaster bombers at RAF Coningsby and Kirkby Aviation Heritage Centre. Our younger children enjoy regular ‘welly walks’ around the village, to get to know their local area and observe the changing seasons. Many of our children participate in sporting events and competitions at local secondary schools, including a wide range of sports and games. At the beginning of Year 6 the children have an opportunity to take part in a residential trip to Caythorpe Court near Grantham. It is a PGL centre and children have the opportunity to try climbing, the zip wire, quad bikes, abseiling and much more. The trip takes place over two nights. We sometimes ask for voluntary contributions from


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Grimoldby Primary School Behaviour We are really proud of our children at Grimoldby. Their behaviour is exemplary and they demonstrate real kindness for everyone in the community. We celebrate positive behaviour through:  Star of the Week assemblies each Friday;  Stickers and verbal praise;  Sharing of work with other members of staff;  Discussion with parents or carers When there are incidents of behaviour that aren’t up to our high standard, we always try and deal with these quickly and, if appropriate, you may be contacted. We believe that it is very important to sort things out quickly and aim to work with you to achieve the best outcome for your children. We have a very clear policy for behaviour which is available online. As part of this, we have introduced our School Charter, laying out our expectations for all members of our community. Our School Charter  We are kind and thoughtful towards everyone.  We are honest and trustworthy.  We help to keep our school attractive and safe.  We always listen to others.  We walk quietly and sensibly around the school.  We always work to the best of our ability.


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Grimoldby Primary School Special Educational Needs and Disabilities At Grimoldby Primary School we put children at the heart of everything we do, and strive to: provide high quality teaching to all children regardless of their needs or disabilities. “We learn… we grow…. together”. We understand that some children may find day to day activities and expectations a little more challenging. Through targeted intervention, delivered by qualified Teaching Assistants and support within the classroom we aim to minimise these difficulties. Interventions may include small group work, individual support programmes, use of visual supports, individual work stations, use of extra resources or support during transition times and playtimes. We do not base support solely on a diagnosis, all provision is based on individual needs and learning styles. What should I do if I think my child has special educational needs? If you have concerns about your child please speak to the class teacher. The class teacher is the person working with your child day to day and is always happy to speak to you about any aspect of school life. You are also welcome to make contact with the SENDCo (Miss Gibbons) or SENDTA (Mrs Crew) at any time. If appropriate the class teacher will set up an Individual Provision Plan. This will highlight strengths and areas of difficulty for the child and set realistic short term targets that will identify their next steps. These Individual Provision Plans will follow the cycle Assess, Plan, Do, Review. We employ a Family Support Worker (Mrs Jaines) who is available to liaise with class teachers about children’s emotional and social well-being and can offer support and advice. She is also able to sign post to support groups for families. The schools SEND Policy and further details are available on our school website.


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Grimoldby Primary School Term Dates 2016—2017 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6 Monday 5th September to Friday 2st October Tuesday 1st October to Tuesday 20th December Wednesday 4th January to Friday 10th February Monday 20th February to Friday 31st March Tuesday 18th April to Friday 26th May Monday 5th June to Wednesday 19th July


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Grimoldby Primary School Admissions Admission to Nursery Children are admitted to Nursery from the beginning of the term after their third birthday, on a part time basis. The Nursery operates in accordance with the arrangements and regulations applicable to Registered Early Years Providers. These are subject to alteration as and when National and Local policies change. Please note; a place in our nursery does not guarantee a place in our Reception. Parents who wish their child to attend our nursery should contact the school the term before their child has reached their third birthday. A Nursery Brochure is available online or at the school office. Admission to Reception We follow the Local Authority policy on school admissions to Reception, including the criteria list. Applications are made by telephoning the Local Authority or you can apply online at and the application should be returned by the closing date. Our admissions policy can be found here: More information about school admissions can be found here: or telephone the admissions team at 01522 782030 Starting in Reception Each summer term the school will write to those parents who have applied for a place for their child in Reception for the following September, inviting them to come to a meeting at school one evening. At this meeting you will be shown around the school and given information to help you and your child settle into school life at Grimoldby. There will also be opportunities for your child to visit the school to help make the transition easier. Mid Year Admissions If you are interested in moving your child to Grimoldby from a different school, then please come and see us or call for a chat. The websites above have lots of information to help you understand the process.


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Grimoldby Primary School Keeping Healthy Health Eating At playtimes we encourage children to be active and become fitter. Each class has snack time where they can eat a healthy snack. The Nursery and Reception class are offered milk or water and fruit or vegetables. Years 1 and 2 are offered fruit or vegetables supplied by the ‘Free Fruit and Vegetables’ scheme. Children in Key Stage 2 are able to purchase fruit or vegetables at 15p per item from school, or they can bring their own fruit or vegetables to eat at this time. If you wish to purchase fruit then just speak to someone in the school office. All children are asked to have a water bottle with sports top in school so they have access to water during lesson time. Please send your child with a healthy packed lunch if they are not having a hot meal. Do not send fizzy drinks as they tend to explode everywhere, and please avoid sending sweets. The school offers hot lunches which are provided by King Edward V Grammar School and the current cost is £2.50 per day (free for children entitled to Free School Meals). They comply fully with the Government standards for food in schools. If you would like to see if your child is eligible for free school meals please visit the website at: or telephone 01522 782030. Your Child’s Health Head lice: As with any illness or disease, it is the parent’s responsibility to be constantly on the look out for head lice and to take the necessary action. We cannot do anything in school about this apart from informing you when we have more than two cases in one class reported to us. You can buy over-the-counter remedies, or some doctors will prescribe a shampoo. We do ask parents to tie their child’s hair back to help prevent the spread of head lice. Menstruation: It is quite common for girls in years 5 or 6 to begin their menstrual cycle. It is a great help to us if we are informed of this so we can deal sympathetically with any problems she may have. Medicines: We are reluctant to administer any medication during the school day. However, if your child has a long-term illness or is taking a short course of medication that they need during the school day we will administer medication advised by the doctor, providing the following safeguards are observed. 1. A medication consent form is filled in and signed by the parent. 2. The medication must be clearly labelled with contents, owner’s name and dosage, and must be handed to a teacher or the office staff. 3. Under no circumstances should medication be left in lunch boxes for self-administration by the child.


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Grimoldby Primary School Results 2015-2016 Early Years Foundation Stage At the end of their time in Reception, children are assessed to see if they have met the Early Learning Goals from the EYFS curriculum. The website below has lots of information about what the EYFS curriculum is and what the Early Goals are. In 2016, 71% of our children achieved a Good Level of Development, against a 2015 national average of 66%. Year 1 Phonics In Year 1, all children are assessed to see if they have reached a good level of phonics understanding, called the Phonics Screening Check: In 2016, 80% of our children achieved the expected standard in phonics. Year 2 SATs The table below shows the proportion of children who achieved the expected standard in year 2 at our school compared to national averages. Reading Grimoldby 87% National 74% Writing Grimoldby 83% National 65% Maths Grimoldby 84% National 73% Year 6 SATs The table below shows the proportion of children who achieved the expected standard in year 6 at our school compared to national averages. In the table, ‘AS’ stands for ’At expected standard’ and HS stands for ’Working at a higher standard.’ Grimoldby National Reading AS HS 69% 15% 66% 19% Writing AS HS 88% 27% 74% 15% Maths AS HS 73% 4% 70% 17% Grammar AS HS 88% 38% 72% 23% Combined AS HS 62% 4% 53%


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Grimoldby Primary School Keeping Children Safe Safeguarding Arrangements Our main priority as a school is to keep your children safe and secure, and this includes ensuring that we know who is in school at all times. In the morning when your child arrives at school they should use the playground entrance. There are always members of staff available at the door from 8.30am for you to leave messages with, and our Headteacher is often to be found there too if you would like to chat with him. If you would like to see a particular member of staff concerning your child the best time is after school, and an appointment can be made through the school office. From time to time you may need to leave a message for your child’s class teacher; this can be done through the school office or by speaking to the member of staff at the school entrances. We ask all parents to complete a Safeguarding Arrangements form – this will ensure that your child is only collected at the end of each day by adults that you have told us about. We do allow older children to walk home alone with your consent. If you are coming for a visit, please ensure you sign in at the main office. That way, we know who is on the premises at all times. Road Crossing Our school is situated at a busy crossroads. Please try to ensure your children cross safely at the pedestrian crossings; we always try to encourage children to stay safe. At sometime during their time with us, the children may spend some time with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership learning to cross the road carefully. Some of our older children are also Junior Road Safety Officers, and they help to spread the word about crossing safely.


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Grimoldby Primary School Homework Homework Children are always learning, and we see real benefit in the children continuing to learn at home with families or carers. The best thing children can do to help this is by reading regularly. It would be amazing if we could encourage all children to a love of reading, and so we ask that all children read daily at home, and read with adults as often as possible. As part of their topic work, or their English and maths learning, they may be given other homework activities to do. Here is a list of recommended times for homework: Reception 5 to 10 minutes a night sharing books and re-enforcing ‘sounds’ and key words Year 1 and 2 1 hour per week, hearing your child read, learning spellings, maths activities. Years 3 and 4 1½ hours per week, hearing children read, doing maths and English activities, possibly projects linked to their themes. Years 5 and 6 30 minutes per day, reading, regular weekly schedules over different topics



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