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Pia n ist M I N A KO SUZU K I


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Minako Suzuki is a Solo-Pianist who was born at Tokyo, Japan. She graduated of Toho Gakuen Collage of Music department and studied pianoat the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Republic of Hungary (Liszt Ferenc Zeneművézeti Egyetem; Magyar nyelv). She performed at the Franz Liszt Academy hall and on the National broadcasting-system of Hungry. Then she had passed auditions in United States of America and Hungary, participated the “Festival Ravinia” Chicago (USA), Music Festival “Bélla Bartók” at Budapest, Hungary. Then her performance was estimated great artistic skills and technique In 1991, she won the Second-prize at the Chamber Music contest of All Japan. And in 1997,she was awarded the prize of the new face of the classical music Miyagi prefecture, Japan. She came back to Japan, play with many orchestras concerts composed by Tchaikovsky, Chopin ,Grieg often. And she played with many famous artists at the program of the Nihppon Hoso Kyokai (NHK,) on the air so many times. The other side, she planned many concerts and recitals with her well talking about Music Europe and composer for example Bach, Haydn, Beethoven etc… which become of the focus of public attention Now, Minako plays Soloist and Chamber music and training piano, a judge inmany contests. Pia n ist M I N A KO SUZU K I



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