Journey of Food Aid


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the journey of u.s food aid from fa rmstoforeignlands


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tribute this book is a tribute to the thousands of americans who are involved in the food aid mission it will take you on the journey of american food as it makes its way from the farm to the ports across the ocean and finally to the lands where aid is delivered enjoy your voyage 3


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history of food aid 4 1812 president james madison sends emergency aid to earthquake victims in venezuela 1920-1940s president herbert hoover begins feeding programs in russia famine relief programs are implemented during world war i and world war ii in europe 1948 the marshall plan is launched to reinvigorate post-war europe food aid is delivered to many countries ­ laying the foundation for a permanent u.s food aid program many of the countries would eventually become food aid donors 1954 president dwight d eisenhower signs the agricultural trade development assistance act or public law p.l 480 into law the purpose of the legislation eisenhower says is to lay the basis for a permanent expansion of our exports of agricultural products with lasting benefits to ourselves and peoples of other lands 1961 the law is given another name when president john f kennedy renames it food for peace 1985 the food for progress program is created to support activities that improve agricultural production processing and marketing in developing countries that are implementing economic reforms 2002 the george mcgovern-bob dole international food for education and nutrition program is established to provide school meals and take-home food packages to impoverished school children.


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the last decade has seen the number of hungry and undernourished grow due to the increase in global population and the increased cost of food for governments everywhere food security has become a top priority the united states is the world s largest provider of food aid since its inception in 1954 food for peace p.l 480 the principal government food assistance program has benefited more than three billion people in 150 countries the u.s provides approximately 60 percent of the world s food aid 5


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t h e food for p eace pro gram h as provided en o ugh food s ince its inceptio n to fil l a l ine o f trucks b u m per to bu m p er stre tch e d aro un dthe eq uato r usaid celebrating food for peace 1954-2004 bringing hope to the hungry 6


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the story of food aid begins in the silos and fields of farms all around america the u.s government purchases these crops from farmers and delivers millions of tons of food grown on american soil to the hungry around the world every year 7


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theu s s hou ld be workin g fo r pe ace in t h e wo rl d and to t r e at p eop le like hu m a n beings th at s what fo o d fo r pe ace isalla bou t u s ing ou r s urplus to de feat hunge r i t h ink hungeris the big g est p ro bl em in th e wo rl d to day george mcgovern former senator and director of the food for peace program 8


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commodities these commodities are a mix of products optimized to meet the energy protein and cooking needs of the world s poor and hungry they include the major grains as well as protein in the form of legumes and vegetable oil foods are also provided in more processed forms including wheat flour and cornmeal 9


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commodities by region 10 wheat sorghum corn pulses rice vegetable oil soybeans


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from the northwest coast of oregon to the great plains to the southern tip of texas american farmers grow crops like wheat sorghum and corn to nourish people across the globe 11


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t h e com bination of handl in g pro cessing and t ra n s porting com m odities fro mthe farm to u.s p orts a nd f rom u s po rts to fo reign po rts gene rated $523,000,00 0 in u.s h o useh olde arn ings promar international impacts on the u.s economy of shipping international food aid 12


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production the production of commodities that help relieve hunger around the world also helps to create and sustain thousands of jobs for americans the 11,500 jobs in deep sea freight alone result in more than 97,000 jobs in other parts of the u.s economy 13


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journey t h e com bination of h an dl ing pro cessing and t rans porting com m o dit ies fro mthe farm to u.s p o rts a nd f rom u s po rts to fo re ign po rts g e n erated m ore than 1.9 bil l io n in o ut put fro m u s ind u stries promar international impacts on the u.s economy of shipping international food aid 14


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after the crops are grown and processed the food aid continues its journey to the ports truckers bargeman freight forwarders and port operators all work together to ensure that the commodities are transported securely and efficiently to ports across the country from texas to virginia 15



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