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. General Writing Outline Good planning always lies behind a well-written text. - Welcome any ideas on the topic at hand. - Write them down as they appear. ( Brainstorming ). - Read them through. Which are relevant? Who is the receiver of the text? What is the object of the text? Should it amuse, inform, argue? Erase what is unsuitable. - Decide in which order the relevant ideas are to be used. - How to best start and conclude the text? - Write a draft first, then read it, revise it and make a fair copy. Introduction: The 1st paragraph. Here you catch the reader’s interest, and explain the topic of the text. One way of beginning is to make a bold and controversial statement or with an open question. Main Part: usually of 2-4 paragraphs long. Be explicit and easy to follow. Deal with one thing at a time. Use links between your thoughts and arguments. This makes the text easier to read. Conclusion: The final paragraph. Here you put together the message of your text. Be explicit and clear to make the reader remember your text and its message. Strive to connect the introduction with the conclusion. If the text started with an unanswered question, give the answer in the conclusion. Useful linking expressions: to begin with, secondly, furthermore, in addition, on the other hand, however, contrary to, in spite of, although, even though,finally, in conclusion. Teacher: Henrika Florén 1



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