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MARINE OUTFITTING design, manufacturing, services & marketing


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Company Founded in 2003 in Romans d’Isonzo (Gorizia), Sultan srl designs, manufactures, and provides assistance to the shipbuilding sector (plant and equipment). It has carried out projects on the most prestigious cruise ships and mega yachts, therefore qualifying as an undisputed partner for quality, technological research and innovation. In the latest years it has been developing various research projects, such as “Naumatest”, elaborated in cooperation with the University “La Sapienza” in Rome and co-financed by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, for the realization of a highly innovative material testing machine.


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Marine Outfitting and Supplies Sultan is a certified supplier Fincantieri Spa and Carnival Corporation and collaborates with national and international leading companies in the territory. • High quality • timely deliveries • competitive prices • know-how • qualified technical support • operational flexibility. These are the Sultan’s strong points. The high quality of the work is the result of solutions developed through an excellent know-how in the naval sector in cooperation with partners: • wood coverings • interior design • metal supplies Thanks to a highly qualified technical department, Sultan can provide any solution to cruise ships, from the design to the implementation of the component.


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Electric plant Sultan has been involved in fitting, supplying and refitting electrical plant. Together with FINCANTIERI SPA and ABB SPA, it has implemented the medium tension earth connection systems “shore connection” on active ships: • HV cables supply and installation • positioning of switchboards and panels • HV termination electrical testing and technical assistance • refitting of the interior areas involved Assistance of naval electrical installations, working with Fincantieri spa and Carnival Corporation. Maintenance interventions, refurbishment of equipment, technical assessments and electromechanical components supplies.


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Research & development Sultan has been mainly addressed to developing innovative materials and technical solutions in order to improve naval products and production systems. For this reason the company actively cooperates with Catas spa, the University “La Sapienza” In Rome, Cnr Insean and the participation to the National Technological Cluster “Trasporti Italia 2020”. Sultan developed projects: • Naumatest: development and realisation of a device for accelerated tests on naval-related materials • Dip Print System Refresh: a new method for the maintenance of surfaces treated with water transfer printing decorative system • PVC ceiling slats: : a product esthetically equal to Teak, with an excellent mechanical endurance and easy to clean.


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Sultan Points ITALY: - Monfalcone - Marghera - Genova - Ancona USA: - Miami CHINA: - Quanzhou


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MARINE OUTFITTING via Pedret, 18 - 34076 Romans d’Isonzo (GO) tel / fax +39 (0)481 950333 VAT: IT 01040110312 CONFINDUSTRIA Venezia Giulia



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