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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 266 | Sept 11th 2015 WIN! Tuck in at Sydney’s other Chinatown Luna Park family pass Italian Film Festival TIX: F O L LOW S! @ciaoma gazinesy dney /CiaoMa gazine U Notes from the literary underground Burwood goes Bush Brothers3 ready to rock at Burwood Festival Experience the Inner West’s biggest festival Bringing the farm to the city Sunday 20th September 2015 10AM TO5PM BURWOOD PARK, BURWOOD Classic Car Show Sponsor @BurwoodFestival #BurwoodFestival2015 Main Stage Sponsor Classic Car Show Sponsor Event Sponsor Event Supporter In-Kind Sponsor Media Partner Cultural Partner


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Gale in Leichhardt - WestConnected - The Terror comes to town l Megan Gale will be opening the Lavazza Italian Film Festival next Tuesday at Palace Norton St Cinemas. Although not Italian herself, Gale was made the face of the festival due to her indelible connection with the country where she made her name, after finding little success in Australia during the ’90s when rake-thin ‘heroin chic’ was de rigueur. In 2003 she was commissioned by the Australian Tourist Commission to be the face of Australia in Italy, and has also acted in two Italian films speaking “la lingua.” The new (or less vintage) Sophia Loren? Surely that counts towards an Italian passport. WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul ADVERTISING agreed to contribute to the position on the basis the campaigner’s “activities are and appear to be non-partisan”. A cracker of a task considering only one party officially opposes WestConnex and only one totally supports it. Good luck. l Leichhardt Council got TABLOIDED on Sunday when the Daily Terror ventured with a pounding heart to investigate the cruel whoopee cushions of cash and waste that are local councils – ALL OF THEM. Leichhardt’s use of funding ($30,000 in their 2015-16 budget allocation) to send councillors to conferences was listed by reporter Silmalis, as one the “craziest” things NSW local councils do. Porteous shot back saying The Tele exclusive was all a thinly veiled attempt to support Minister O’Toole’s council merger agenda. Ciao alternatively believes it’s a thinly veiled attempt to distract from the fact that the content of Murdoch’s ‘local’ papers is progressively being merged into irrelevance. That bold visionary Righteous Rightie calls for an Inner West Reform Summit so he can lecture elected officials about how to do their jobs. Dear RR – In the wake of the recent ‘Let loose the rottweilers of neo-liberal reform summit’ sponsored by the Oz and AFR, isn’t it time Ciao facilitated an Inner West revitalisation summit? It’s all very well to solve Australia’s problems by abolishing tax for companies and high income earners, giving retirees some vouchers for dog food rather than a pension, re-introducing WorkChoices and flogging off government services so private corporations can charge eye-watering prices for them. But who is going to stop foul-smelling panhandlers accosting me as I wander down King Street? Who is going to fast track the development of that airport out in the boondocks so I can sell my house for a couple of million more than I might if it was still under a flightpath? And while we’re on the subject of property prices, who is going to get rid of all those povo students and ‘artists’ who are somehow managing to continue to infest the neighbourhood despite rents far in excess of what they must make selling heroin to each other? Michael, Annandale RR replies: It’s not often I get the chance to say this on the pages of this leftard rag but I like the cut of your jib, sir! Obviously the clown car stuffed with this region’s council, state and federal politicians can’t be relied on to embark on meaningful reform and even the local organ of the usually reliable Murdoch press remains strangely muted. So it falls to me to let a thousand of my flowers bloom. Rest assured I’ll be informing people of what they want then ceaselessly hectoring their representatives until it’s delivered. To get the ball rolling, let’s arrest for vagrancy anyone walking the streets who doesn’t look like they pull down at least six figures, have those antiWestConnex ratbags hanged for treason, and place bear traps all along those hippy bike lanes! Sonya Madden JOURNALIST Max Kobras JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov Council and the City of Sydney in committing $7,500 to funding the position of a No WestConnex Community Campaigner to assist activist groups opposing WestConnex in the LGA. The campaigner will be sourced from No WestConnex Public Transport Inc (NoW), a volunteer association Mayor Rochelle Porteous is also a member of. The Council l Leichhardt Council has joined Marrickville FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history The Palatial Theatre Where the modern Burwood Plaza stands was once the home of Burwood’s old cinema. The theatre opened in 1910 as a small galvanised tin structure that provided cover for the screen and technical equipment only. The patrons sat on wooden benches under the stars. In 1921 the Palatial Theatre opened in place of the shed until closing in 1971. The building was then used by the Royal Blind Society and, for a time, it became the Burwood Public Library. 1978 saw the demolition of the theatre and the construction of the Burwood Plaza mall. n Photo courtesy of John Gleeson. WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter Gangsters were cool even back in the 1920s n Email your dilemma to Things we love: Community Bus Service Leichhardt Local Link runs between 8.30am and 2.45pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Old-school charmers Free EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Elise Bruem Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville The boys from country band Brothers3 Makirum, Shardyn and Tayzin FaheyLeigh and Burwood Mayor John Faker prepare for the Fest. Image: Ben Cregan Look for the Leichhardt Local Link stencil on the footpath for your stop. To catch the bus simply stand at one of the hail stops and hail the driver. One thing that makes Burwood stand out from its Inner West neighbours is its heritage architecture, which showcases the greatness of old Sydney beautifully. The best means of enjoying the architecture is to take a self-guided tour of The Heritage Trail. This brochure-mapped walk, put together by the Council, is a leisurely 3.1km and passes such landmarks as the iconic building ‘Wellings’ and St Paul’s Anglican Church. Highly recommended for anyone who loves history and architecture. n Visit for a brochure C!ao’s voice In • If You are The One casting in Australia • Leichhardt Men’s Shed • Small festivals in the Inner West (like Small World Festival and Junkyard Fest!) • Celebrating the arts •The new pedestrian bridge on the Bay Run being open for use aqua3870 Out • Using refugees’ religions to determine entry into Australia • “Namaste, bitches” being a thing people say • Fat shaming and associated vile viral videos • Sweltering in poorly chosen winter clothes on a balmy spring day. WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY 2 Your friendly driver Anthony will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 9367 9115 or visit C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West!


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S HOP LOVE LO CAL AT NORTON PLAZA MINIONS CRAFT WORKSHOP Monday 21 September – Friday 25 September 11am – 2pm daily GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Elise Bruem Chinese Please Inner Westies are really lucky. It is a common misconception that the best place for authentic Chinese food is Haymarket, but locals know better. So I hit the streets of Sydney’s best-kept culinary secret to find the best Chinese food on Burwood Road, Burwood. Is their one road to rule them all? Was Buddha a Buddhist? RANT Feed the man (and woman) meat Why I act to stop WestConnex Last week, I helped organise a protest against WestConnex. One hundred schoolkids, parents and residents took over a Parramatta Road footbridge to highlight the pointless destruction WestConnex will bring to our suburbs.Why did I do this if WestConnex is the ‘congestion buster’ the AbbottBaird Governments are promising it will be? If I thought WestConnex was really going to work, maybe I wouldn’t protest. But WestConnex is a dud. A $15.4 billion dud that will see people in Western Sydney paying huge tolls to drive straight into an inner-city traffic jam. Independent experts have lined up to say that WestConnex will fail. That it’ll destroy thriving communities while making little to no difference to Sydney’s overall traffic speeds. That it’ll be a financial disaster, just like the last four toll roads built in Australia – including Lane Cove and Cross City Tunnels. WestConnex has all the hallmarks of a dirty project. Its ‘community information sessions’ have been a sham. Its business case was never made public. Contracts are being signed, and people forced out of their homes and businesses, BEFORE planning approvals are granted. If all of WestConnex gets built (and it’s a big ‘if ’) it’ll sentence everyone to ever-increasing car dependency. The opportunity for us to create a better and genuinely integrated public transport system across Sydney, particularly in our West, will be lost for generations. That’s the big picture. But as a Haberfield resident, WestConnex’s impact on me is deeply personal. Now the M4East Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of WestConnex has just been released, and it’s over 4,800 pages long. But we only get 45 days to respond to this massive document impacting upon thousands of lives. When I looked at the EIS for the first time, I thought I was prepared for the scale of destruction it would reveal. I wasn’t. Scores of families will be forced from their homes. Many irreplaceable conservation properties will be destroyed. My home won’t be acquired. But I’ll be left behind, living in what I call the WestConnex ‘toxic triangle’ of traffic and pollution – the area between its two polluting exits tunnels into both Haberfield and Ashfield, plus the unfiltered pollution stack on Parramatta Road. Hundreds of homes, schools, childcare centres and residential aged care facilities will be left in WestConnex’s toxic triangle too. If WestConnex really was the answer to Sydney’s traffic congestion, maybe I could suck all this up. But people in Western Sydney will not get what they are being sold. And it’s our taxpayer dollars and communities are on the line. We need to act now. Before it’s too late for us, and our beautiful city. Sea Bay Handmade Noodle Restaurant It’s all in the name here, with the Sea Bay’s handmade noodles being the star. $12-ish will get you a massive bowl of thick, saucy, hand-cut noodles, but don’t forget to try their dumplings! Don’t get there too late though; most days there is a line out the front waiting for a table. 181 Burwood Rd all your favourite dishes at pretty cheap prices, so you can pig out without breaking the bank. 163 Burwood Rd Canton Noodle House The line out the door alerted us to the Canton Noodle House, that and the crazy good smell coming from inside. Cheap, fast and oh so delicious, the restaurant will have you trying to conquer its massive three-page menu (this is probably best achieved over a period of time). But to start, I’d recommend the to-die-for noodles or wonton soup. 45 Burwood Rd The Northern Orient Restaurant Right next to the Fuhong lies the Northern Orient. Don’t let this one slip you by, especially if you’re in the area around lunchtime (they serve their amazing looking lunch specials from a bain marie). The Northern Orient boasts a huge menu at very cheap prices. Don’t miss the stir-fried beef with cumin and rice or the dumplings. 165 Burwood Rd Fuhong Barbecue Restaurant Peking Restaurant Ok, so vegetarians may be turned off by the barbecued ducks in the window, but I couldn’t just walk past. From the first bite it was clear: Fuhong knows meat. Delicious duck, chicken and pork, plus Traditional Beijing style fare is on the menu at the Peking, with over 100 dishes to choose from. Why not be brave while you're there and try something new like lamb spine or ox tripe. Alternatively, order one of the classics, as the Peking has it all. 65 Burwood Rd Mr Stonebowl I included Mr Stonebowl on our Burwood hit list mainly because I wasn't sure what to expect from a name like that. When I arrived the queue outside was a promising sign. And in a prime example of how easy it is to overlook the obvious, it turned out the name refers to all the dishes being served in stone bowls. And the fare at Mr Stonebowl is not to be missed. The seafood definitely hits the spot, but the spicy food is the stand out. It’s a little pricier than most of the places I went to, but well worth it. Get steamy on your lunchbreak 185 Burwood Rd What Lola Wants What Lola wants, Lola gets. Now this 17-year-old girl wants to run away from home, leaving her family and friends to believe her kidnapped, and make her way across New Mexico. It is here that she runs into Marlo, a fellow drifter with demons of his own, and the pair quickly fall in love. But when Marlo founds out about the reward on Lola's head, he is faced with the decision between turning her over to the authorities (and her family) or to take her to her final destination of Alabama. WIN FREE TICKETS Tarantinoesque in its whip-sharp dialogue and indebted to the on-the-run romance of David Lynch's Wild at Heart, Rupert Glasson's film presents a visually striking ode to young love set against the rich backdrop of the American desert and the leading duo give truly outstanding, breakout performances. This film will be playing as part of 2015's Sydney Underground Film Festival at the Factory Theatre. n Thanks to Sydney Underground Film Festival, we have two FREE double passes to giveaway for the 6:30pm session on Friday, September 18th! Email with your details to go into the running. What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Sat 12th-Sun 27th September Sunday 13th September FREE Community are en ev ts listings n Sharon Laura is a member of the WestConnex Action Group. For more about their campaign, visit email info@ Attn: Max The King Sisters Coinciding with Kate Owen Gallery's latest exhibition, the King Sisters will be in residence for three weeks in September. Tarisse and Sarrita are both well known, acclaimed artists and the daughters of late artist William King Jungala. Throughout this program, visitors can have the opportunity to learn more about these sisters' art, culture and inspiration. This amazing twinpack of talent should not be missed. For more info and session times, visit 4 Big Bike Day This Leichhardt Council event is held annually in September and is meant for avid and casual bike riders alike. Held at War Memorial Park from 10am, the day features plenty of entertainment, activities, bike workshops and the group ride around the bay. This event celebrates the cyclists of the Inner West, those who have picked a healthy mode of transport, both for themselves and the planet, and everyone is both welcome and encouraged to attend. For more information, visit Wed 16th-Sun 27th September time, but perhaps better known for his offscreen antics. Kinski lived such an extreme life that any single day might end up with him in a stranger's bed or a prison cell. This play is controversial, but thoroughly hilarious and compelling in its depravity. Tickets start at $33. For more info or to make a booking, visit Thursday 17th September Indigenous Art Talk Kinski and I Inner West cyclists' big day Winner of the Theatre Award at last year's Fringe Festival, Kinski and I is returning again to this 2015's Sydney Fringe for 10 performances only. This play is the biography of Klaus Kinski, one of the most successful and prolific screen actors of all Join Leichhardt Council for this lively discussion on the issue of buying and selling Australian Indigenous art. This night will feature six panelists: the dealers; the artist; the curator; the ethicist; and the collector, as they present their personal positions on this matter. Places are limited so please book online through Eventbrite. Where: Leichhardt Town Hall, 7:15pm CJ Johnson in Kinski and I See page 06 for more what's on...


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Do you have a sore sensitive tooth? Pain is the body’s response to something that isn’t right. Don’t put off tooth sensitivity or pain. Contact us for an appointment. 9716 8500 Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD


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n Local Gigs Sunday 13th September n Local screens Outland Brothers The lead singer has that urban cowboy twang of Leonard Cohen, or maybe Tom Waits if he never drank or smoked. On the face of it they play country. But they tap into a lot more modern sounds and have the build you find in indie tracks, which lends an urban feel. Gasoline Pony, $7 FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs n Your screens Not bad looking, for a 105-year-old The Age of Adaline By now we should be well used to people who never age and many Hollywood stars look younger than they did decades ago. Even so, accepting Adaline’s (Blake Lively) freak condition in Lee Toland Krieger’s unashamed "Old Hollywood" romantic fantasy is a bit of a stretch. After an auto accident, it just happens (don’t ask) and Adaline becomes 29 forever. Sadly, that means no love or longterm friendships, and by the time she’s turned 105, her only real relationship is with the one person she’s confided in, her daughter (Ellen Burstyn). The scenes of these two bantering are the film’s best, but the real action starts when Adaline meets charming Ellis (Michiel Huisman), whose dogged flirting (and smashing good looks) could spell the end of Adaline’s lonely vigil. Things really get interesting when his dad (Harrison Ford) turns up. But revealing any more would spoil the fun of this astoundingly lush melodrama. M Available on DVD and Digital from Sept 9. Need to get Outland? Rebels with a cause: Greenpeace's knotty history raises plenty of issues Sunday 13th September El Espiritu del Flamenco How to Change the World How about this for nostalgia – a ragtag bunch of long-haired rebels joking about their drug use and high on their own wild rhetoric, charging off on a leaky boat to confront the might of Nixon’s America! It’s the early '70s in Vancouver and a movement that was to “go viral” was born. That was Greenpeace and the early footage of founders Bob Hunter and Paul Watson when they confront Russians illegally harpooning baby whales is riveting, thrilling, violent and frankly sickening. It’s incredible stuff but the intriguing part of Jerry Rothwell’s splendid doco comes later. By 1977 the group was a success but split by egos, tactics, ideological power plays and sheer exhaustion. Hunter quit, disillusioned (he died in 2005). Most of those wild young men are bald or grey bearded now, opinionated and still bearing ancient grudges. One’s a climate change denier, and Greenpeace itself is a huge multinational fundraiser. Yes, they did “change the world.” Maybe not enough... CTC from Sept 17. Ciao’s pick: Umrika When did you last see an Indian movie in an Inner West arthouse? Ok, The Lunchbox (please don’t count Slumdog) but they’re as rare as a sari on Norton St. Perhaps the presence of Life of Pi’s Suraj Sharma and Budapest Hotel’s Tony Revolori gave our cinemas courage but there’s lots of other reasons you should see this hugely likable movie about following your dreams. Athough set in the '80s, Umrika explores issues still in our headlines, and it’s our top pick of the week. Find out why at M at Dendy Newtown and Palace Norton St now. What starts off sounding like the background music for Indiana Jones, evoking the feeling of being somewhere exotic, transcends into something in between flamenco and opera. This is truly beautiful music, but it wants accompaniment. The Vanguard, $23.80 Tuesday 15th September ★ Thanks to eOne Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. Eves the Behaviour WIN DVDS! Warpaint remixed one of this artist's tracks and that piqued my interest. The music turned out to be less than I hoped for, being far too poppy for my tastes. Fun beats though, reminds me of Chvrches. Newtown Social Club, $15 ★ Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Life of Pi in Mumbai Hunky Papal plotter, Cesare Borgia Mystery Manor WIN FREE TICKETS From the world's best creator of haunted houses comes Mystery Manor, the latest attraction at Luna Park Sydney. Arriving these school holidays, Mystery Manor is set to be the most terrifying walk-through experience in the entire country! Home to the legendary Doctor Hoffmeister and his wife, herein lies a dark, twisted tale filled with manic inventions and horrifying rumours that will leave you wondering who – or what – is walking the same hallways as you ... and inevitably lurking just around the corner. Spooked? There is no better way to celebrate the school holidays than an action-packed day at Luna Park, Sydney's premier entertainment precinct. With classy cuisine, the great views and, of course, the rides, Luna Park entertains the entire family! So hurry in and be one of the first to experience the terror that awaits you in the Mystery Manor. FREE family passes valued at $200 each to giveaway! To go into the running, email info@ with your details. n Thanks to Luna Park, we have two Borgia: Faith & Fear S2 So who knew Italian history was so full of bloody violence, explicit sex, nudity (lots) and powerful men behaving very badly? OK, so you did ... and actually, there has been another TV series (The Borgias) about this same period and ruthless papal family. But Tom Fontana’s R-rated series goes further, not just graphically but deeper into that fascinating place where religion and politics intertwine, where faith in God mixes uncomfortably with faith in a fallen man. That man is Rodrigo Borgia (John Doman) and as S1 ended, his powers as Pope were fading and he seemed doomed by Vatican corruption and betrayal. S2 picks up the story eight months after the death of his eldest son and follows the meteoric rise of Prince Cesare Borgia (Mark Ryder) as the family plots and schemes desperately to hold onto the papacy. R18+ S2 is available on DVD & Digital from Sept 23. ★ Thanks to the Icon Home Entertainment we have DVDs of the complete Series 1 and Series 2 of Borgia: Faith & Fear to give away. Details below. Who dare enters? Saturday 19th September BEAMS Art Festival BEAMS Art Festival is just around the corner, preparing to hit the streets of Chippendale once again. This onenight-only block party will kick off at 5pm and is completely free, with creative practitioners on board to bring colour, sound and light to the laneways! BEAMS unites creative businesses, artists and the community to create a spectacular event that showcases the wonderful potential of Chippendale. Please come along and enjoy a truly jaw-dropping night. For more information, visit Tue 22nd-Sat 26th September Seymour Centre's Kids Show with plenty of tasty, international finger food, visitors will enjoy over 35 varieties of wine. Held at Doltone House in Pyrmont from 5:30-8:30pm with tickets costing $70 per head. Please visit au to make your booking. Thanks to the Australian Association of Boutique Winemakers, we have two FREE double passes to giveaway to this fabulous drop of an event! Email to go into the running. Hana Hoogedeure at Beams 6 The Seymour Centre will transform into a children’s delight these school holidays with two incredible productions based on fantastic kids' books. The first is Cranky Bear, a cabaret-style production of Zebra, Lion and Moose's attempts to cure Bear's chronic crankiness that's packed with music, laughter and mayhem. The second is Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes & Dirty Beasts, a visual feast of immersive lights, dance, song and shadow puppets! These shows are ideal for children over the age of four. Beastly fun for the little ones To make a booking or for more info, visit Thursday 8th October Thinkers & Drinkers Wine Festival WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDS Sydneysiders are lucky enough to be privy to this rare opportunity to taste 600 different, delicious wines from the Six Nations Wine Challenge. Paired To be in the running to win one of five double in-season pass to How to Change the World, or DVDs of The Age of Adaline or Borgia: Faith & Fear S1 and S2, email your name and address to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email, but give us a preference. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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Big Bike Day 10am - 2:30pm War Memorial Park, Lilyfield Come along for free BMX workshops and shows, rock climbing, unicycling, face-painting and bike skills workshops for all ages. Plus enjoy free food, coffee and pedal-powered smoothies! Sunday 13 September 2015 12–20 September 2015 For more information visit NEWTOWN 20% OFF CUTS MONDAY - FRIDAY TONI&GUY NEWTOWN | 188 KING ST | 02 9565 2111 *TERMS & CONDITIONS Page must be presented to redeem offer. Available at TONI&GUY Newtown only. Monday to Friday only. Subject to availability offer valid until 1st November 2015. COME IN AND RECEIVE *


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n Your say How responsible should local communities be for refugees’ transition to a new country? “We should do everything possible to help refugees. We have to think about the practical steps we need to do this. Communities have to think it through.” Victoria, visiting Leichardt “We need to do the infrastructure first. Look at the housing prices in Sydney. Who’s going to pay for refugees to live here?” Antonio, Bondi Beach “Local communities are the most responsible, they would be the foundation for refugees wellbeing: for employment, mentoring, education and health. But this needs to be driven by local government and community leaders, not left up to people like you and me.” Katherine, works in Leichhardt “I think we should increase the refugee intake but I think Australians are very stingy when it comes to helping refugees. Everyone is cool with refugees as long as they don’t have to help welcoming them into their own community.” Keiran, Newtown “The local community has to be very involved and very responsible. At the end of the day refugees will be settled in communities and communities by their nature are local. The Inner West is very equipped to do that, it’s multi-racially based, has the infrastructure and education resources.” Don, Stanmore n Sustainability n Local news Other capital cities are well on the way with shared pathways and well-established bike/ car etiquette, why are we still debating what Sydney’s roads should be like? It is universally accepted that cycling is better for the environment and better for our bodies. The NRMA states that 250,000 of its members currently cycle to work and more would if our roads were safer. Most cyclists and motorists agree that the safest way to do this is to have special cycleways. Roads and Maritime Services says, “It is committed to making comprehensive provisions for bicycles in all new major road infrastructure and maintenance work in line with the NSW Government State Plan, which is dedicated to decreasing car dependence and improving the environment in NSW.” The RMS offers joint funding to councils for the development and implementation of local bicycle networks. 112 local bicycle network projects are being funded at a combined cost of $12 million. Leichhardt Council is one of the most proactive councils, allocating around $1 million to cycleway improvements. The Deputy Mayor of Leichhardt, Councillor Daniel Kogoy, says, “Cycling is such an important transport option in our LGA, especially given our close proximity to the CBD. Funding off-road and separated bicycle paths is a proven way to get more people cycling, more often. Many more people want to ride, but don’t feel safe on Sydney streets. These bike links will help create a safer environment for all road users." The City of Sydney council area has long been loved by cyclists with around 3,000 cyclists crossing the Anzac Bridge into the city from the Inner West to get to work every day. The Council also hosts the Sydney Rides Festival, which is becoming increasingly popular. Lord Mayor Clover Moore says, “Sydney Rides Festival is a great opportunity to explore RIDE ON Local franchise recognised Newtown Mortgage Choice business owners Suzanne and Owun Taylor have received three national awards for their financial advice and mortgage broker services. At Mortgage Choice's National Conference last month in Auckland, they were named New South Wales' Multi-Operator of the Year, as well as Financial Planning Franchise of the Year. Owun said the team has been working particularly hard to accomplish their business goals for the past 12 months. “I know I speak on behalf of Suzanne and our team when I say that we take great pleasure in helping our local community achieve their property and financial goals and we look forward to continuing to do this for many years to come.” Less roads, more cycleways please our city by bike. It’s a great chance for people to see for themselves the infrastructure that’s supporting more people to ride and get fit, while reducing congestion.” With the backing of the NRMA, the state government and local governments, cycling should be the transport mechanism of Sydney’s future but still the vision is overshadowed by politics and funding issues. Recent Bike Futures speaker Gabe Klein, the former Director of the Chicago and Washington D.C. Departments of Transport, says Sydney still has a way to go. He notes, “Building the infrastructure to support cycling is cheap and provides up to 60 times the economic return of vehicle based-road investments. In other words, cities cannot afford to continue blindly investing in vehicle capacity that they don't need, can't afford to maintain, and doesn't translate to what want people want in their neighbourhoods.” With so many stakeholders in agreement, we should now start asking, "Are we there yet?" n Leichhardt Council's Big Bike Day is on 13th September. For more bike fun also visit 8 The smart moneylenders Leichhardt Bowling Birthday The Leichhardt Women's Bowling Club celebrated it's 90th Birthday last weekend. The club currently comprises of 27 members who compete every Tuesday as part of the City West District Women’s Bowling Association. The district was founded by Marion Taunton, a member of the Leichhardt Women's Bowling Club since 1962. She received an Order of Australia at the beginning of this year for her contribution to lawn bowls. And she still bowls frequently at the age of 96. Trish Harvey, the club's secretary, thanked their sponsors Manning Funerals in Rozelle and Belle Property Annandale for their contribution to the continuing activity of the club. Marrickville Council awarded for Aboriginal initiatives Marrickville Council Aboriginal Inclusion Officer Rebecca Carroll and Youth Project Officer Sarah Callaghan had their efforts recognised at the Local Government Aboriginal Network Conference held at Port Macquarie, where Marrickville was named Council of the Year. Engaging and maintaining positive relationships with all marginalised communities is an obligatory function of local councils.“Councils have a responsibility to develop awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history and society and protect and preserve the environment and significant and sacred sites," Carroll said. "Additionally, councils can work with Aboriginal communities to help their voice be heard on issues that impact them, identify needs, and work together to develop initiatives to achieve positive outcomes." Carroll said the Council and Marrickville's Aboriginal Consultative Committee (MACC) are committed to continuing the successful Marrickville Souths Breakfast Club Program run in conjunction with the Rabbitohs.“The MACC are also working with the Council on an Aboriginal co-naming policy so that local Aboriginal language can be preserved and promoted through the co-naming of parks or new buildings and re-establishing the Cadigal Wangal website so it can be used as a tool to highlight local Aboriginal culture." MACC meets on a bimonthly basis and celebrated its 20th birthday last November. n To find out more about the Marrickville Aboriginal Consultative Committee, visit the council website: Alexandria Landfill in the dumps Last week members of the WestCONnex Action Group blockaded the Alexandria Landfill, the site of WestConnex proposed St Peters Interchange.Ward Civil & Environmental Engineering has been contracted by the WestConnex Delivery Authority to remove stockpiles on the site, some of which contain asbestos. A representative of the WestCONnex Action Group, Janet Dandy-Ward, said she was concerned about nearby residents and workers on the site. “Asbestos trucks are not supposed to be driving past homes and schools on busy streets, yet residents have photographed truck after truck leaving the site and using these routes.” A spokesperson for the Westconnex Delivery Authority said the clean up is following Work Health and Safety legislation and the transport of asbestos is being monitored by the EPA. The dispute between the WestConnex Delivery Authority and Dial-a-dump over land valuation of the tip is unresolved. The State Government announced two smoke stacks will be located in St Peters. Championing local Indigenous programs n PROMOTION N JAMES HAIR SALON James is a welcome familiar face on Norton St. After having worked for many years in Leichhardt MarketPlace, James couldn’t resist the opportunity to branch out on his own. An expert in hair services, James launched his salon a few weeks ago and has been well received by the community. James did his training at a salon in Thailand and then moved to Japan where he had a shop for 7 years. “Working in Tokyo is a great experience, and having your own shop, while challenging is very rewarding,” says James. After Tokyo James moved to Sydney and opened a shop in Chinatown’s Sussex Centre where he created the N James Hair Salon brand. Now on Norton St (where Pixies Hair Salon used to be), the salon caters to all types of clients and hairstyles. Special rates are offered to seniors and children, to ensure all members of the community have access to great hair. James’s salon is warm, stylish and friendly – just like James! Come in for a New Look and Colour! Special from Seniors Ladies’ Cut Men’s Cut Seniors Primary school Unders fives We Love Kids Formerly Pixies Hair Salon and Parents! GRAND OPENING N. James Hair Salon 88 Norton St Leichhardt 2040 Ph: 8068 1888 8


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only aussie music playing all day leichhardt bowling & recreation club GAME ON! 2015 NRL ACTION Watch all the NRL Final Series MATCHES LIVE Qualifying Semi-Finals Semi-Finals M at cSepT h D at e s : - SepT 26TH SepT 11th - SepT 13th 25TH Grand Final Preliminary Finals SepT 18TH - SepT 19TH Oct 4TH LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB WATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN AT LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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BURWOOD FESTIVAL 2015 Sunday 20th September 10am -5pm AROUND THE GROUNDS Cow Milking 10am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm Peppa Pig & Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar 10am to 2pm Kids Gardening Workshop & Animals Decorate a wooden planter tag Horsing around Model Boats Meticulously constructed model boats Classic Car Show Butterfly House All day gorgeous butterflies Best vintage and sports car in Australia Bike n’ Blend Make a smoothie Fun and laughter at Burwood Festival Burwood Festival is returning for its 31st year and it is coming back with style. This year they are going for an animals and country theme, turning Burwood Park into the Inner West’s personal petting zoo! Hands up for Burwood How to get there: Burwood Council urges all visitors to travel to the event by Public Transport, to leave the car at home and opt for an environmentally friendly way to get to the event: Train: Burwood Station is a 5 min walk from Burwood Park. The Festival is just 12 minutes away from Central Station and 15 minutes from Parramatta. Bus: 400, 407, 408, 409, 415, 458, 462, 464, 466, 492, 499, 525 stop on Burwood Road near the event entrance. Bike: Racks available in the Park. For more information and to plan your trip visit or call 131 500. This year, Burwood Festival is bringing the farm to the city with a collection of cool and cuddly farmyard animals, artisan and organic foods that showcase the amazing work of Australia’s farmers and fun activities for the kids including cow milking, sheep shearing and gardening workshops. Regardless of your age or style, there’s plenty on offer at this year’s Burwood Festival with a dazzling array of award-winning food stalls, model boats and thrilling rides and attractions scattered around Burwood Park. The air will be filled with Super Love, with Dami Im headlining a stellar line up of entertainment for Burwood Festival, which includes country music sensation Brothers3, everyone’s favourite characters from the Looney Tunes and Skipper from Penguins from Madagascar! The famous Classic Car Show will be there as well, making its 24th appearance at the show, drawing all of the best vintage cars from around NSW. Forget about the hustle and bustle of the city for one day and return to something simpler, cleaner and less stressful as you get back in touch with the rural experience at Burwood Festival! Main Stage Music Alive in Burwood Dami Im Dami Im stumbled into fame when she won the hearts of X Factor fans and judges on X Factor in 2013. Professionally trained as a classical pianist, Im kept her love of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé to herself, until she let her powerhouse voice loose on national television. Dami realeased her ARIA topping single Alive in 2013, and then hit straight back with Super Love in 2014. Don’t miss Dami Im live in concert at 3:30pm on Burwood Festival’s Main Stage. “I’m excited to announce that this year we’re bringing the farm to Burwood Festival. Bring your family and friends along to Burwood Park and experience a day filled with fun in the heart of the inner west.” - Cr John Faker, Mayor of Burwood MAP Comer street Don’t miss Brothers3 on at 2.45pm Brothers3 Shardyn, Tayzin and Makirum (just 19, 18 and 17 years old respectively) have won a lifetime of acclaim at a very young age. The brothers, who live between Sydney’s Inner West and their family farm on the NSW Central Western Slopes, have won the title of Best Band in the Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards for four successive years, making their name with a unique blend of country, folk and blue grass genres. Go bush with these trailblazers at 2:45pm on Burwood Festival’s Main Stage. CLASSIC CAR SHOW KIDS GARDENING WORKSHOP WELLNESS AREA BUTTERFLY HOUSE BIKE N’ BLEND BURWOOD ROAD @BurwoodFestival #BurwoodFestival2015 PARK ROAD PARK AVE Main Stage Sponsor Classic Car Show Sponsor Event Sponsor Event Supporter COW MILKING DEMO AREA SHEEP SHEARING Main stage: 10am – 12.45pm Community Groups 12.45pm Looney Tunes Show 1.15pm – 2.45pm Community Groups 2.45pm Brothers3 3.30pm Dami Im 4pm – 5pm Community Groups In-Kind Sponsor Media Partner Cultural Partner 10


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Experience the Inner West’s biggest festival Bringing the farm to the city Sunday 20th September 2015 10AM TO5PM BURWOOD PARK, BURWOOD Main Stage Sponsor Classic Car Show Sponsor Event Sponsor Event Supporter In-Kind Sponsor Media Partner Cultural Partner @BurwoodFestival #BurwoodFestival2015


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n Local screens ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2015 The Legendary Giulia Sept 15th – Oct 11th Palace Cinemas host many international film festivals now, but none attract the loyalty of Inner Westies, or the crowds to Norton Street quite like the Lavazza Italian Film Festival, now in its amazing sixteenth year. For almost a month cinema buffs or just lovers of all things Italian can choose from thirty two titles from 2015’s extensive program. As well as a bright line up of brand new comedies, engrossing dramas, romantic tales, crime thrillers, and docos, audiences can also dive into the deep end and try experimental and fantasy cinema as well. It won nine David di Donatello Awards including for Best Film and Best Director as well as four Awards at the Venice Film Festival including Best Film and Best Director. l The Dinner. Two wealthy brothers and their wives come face to face with an intense ethical dilemma after their teenage children are involved in a shocking crime. Director Ivano de Matteo’s gripping adaptation of Herman Koch’s best-selling book, The Dinner has an all-star cast, and won four prizes at the Venice Film Festival including the Audience Award. Highly recommended l An Italian Name. Alessandro Gassman and Micaela Ramazzotti play Paolo and Simona, a glamorous couple with a child on the way. They are invited to dinner with three others, and expect a pleasantly benign evening. But things take a farcically wild turn when Paolo announces the child’s chosen name. “Benito.” As in Mussolini. Right… Special Festival Guest: Luca Zingaretti Local audiences may already know Luca Zingaretti for his title role in the popular SBS series Inspector Montalbano, and he’s in Australia for the first time as LIFF’s special guest this year. He has starring roles in two very different festival films: Marco Pontecorvo’s warm-hearted comedy with a conscience, Partly Cloudy With Sunny Spells, and Edoardo De Angelis’ dark and seething crime thriller Perez. In that film he perfectly captures the cynicism and fatigue many (and not just Italians) feel about their justice system. The role won him Best Actor award at this year’s Italian Golden Globes, capping a prolific career as an actor and director, which started at the prestigious National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D' Amico in 1984. Opening Night Guest: Megan Gale Norton Street’s biggest night of the year is Tuesday Sept 15 from 6.00pm when LIFF16 will kick off with the award winning Italian box office smash hit, God Willing. As tradition has it, the opener is always a laugh out loud comedy, set to put the crowd in the right mood to enjoy the generous food and drink and the exuberant live entertainment. Special guest is Megan Gale, the Australian actor and model who has had a long love affair with Italy and its culture having launched her career there in 1999. Closing Night Special: The Conformist Some of us might think the best has been saved until last – a new restoration of the Academy Award nominated The Conformist, acclaimed director Bernardo Bertolucci’s visually intoxicating art deco style adaptation of Alberto Moravia’s novel about an upper-class follower of Mussolini. Sunday Oct 11 at 6.45pm. Five festival hits We’ve selected our faves below, but unlike long-time festival director Elysia ZeccolaHill, Ciao hasn’t been able to see them all. Reassuringly, there is some overlap, but here’s five top picks from someone who really knows all about new Italian cinema! Luca Zingaretti will be at Palace Norton l Do You See Street, Sunday 20th l God Willing. The Opening Night Me? Another breezy September for the Selection won Edoardo Maria Falcone the comedy rounds off 4.45pm screening Best New Director award at the David di Elysia’s suggestions. Italian Donatello (Italian Academy) Awards. It stars heart throb Raoul Bova plays Luca Zingaretti stars in Perez of Perez followed by Q&A, and Palace Verona Alessandro Gassman and Laura Morante a gay chef in this good-natured on Saturday 19th September in a hilarious story about an atheist father screwball romp. He teams up with to introduce the 6.30pm session of Partly who is appalled by the news that his son successful and talented female architect, Cloudy with Sunny Spells. wants to become a priest. Serena Bruno (Paola Cortellesi) who has l Black Souls. Francesco Munzi’s brooding drama about three brothers from a southern Italian crime family faced with a crisis, and no easy resolution, is a grim morality tale told with gritty realism. returned to work in Italy from London, but is not taken seriously in her male dominated field… Until she becomes Bruno Serena! WIN TIX! ★ Thanks to Palace n For more information on this years festival, a full programme of all the films screening at all venues, details of all special events and to buy tickets, head to: Cinemas and the Lavazza Italian Film Festival,we have 10 double in season passes to give away to our readers. Just email us at info@ au with your name and address, letting us know where you picked up your Ciao! n Ciao's Picks Drammatico Italiano PEREZ Even those familiar with the sheer utter bleakness of so much “Italian noir” may be taken aback by Edoardo De Angelis’ nihilistic thriller. There isn’t a single character we can root for amongst this crooked, cynical, manipulative and despairing lot, especially the story’s notional hero. That’s Demetrio Perez (Luca Zingaretti), a glowering and brooding court appointed Counsel in Naples who betrays both his client (a gangster, of course) and his professional code ostensibly to protect his daughter – who appears to despise him! In a sole moment of levity we get to see how to slice open the stomach of a cow. ★ Verdict: Dark, deliciously dark 12 Tale of Tales Special Presentation TALE OF TALES Matteo Garrone may have shocked and thrilled us before in the brilliant Gomorrah, but no one ever expected something quite so outrageous, so out-there as this riotously fantastic trip. Taken (very loosely) from a trio of bawdy 17th century folks tales, it has sea monsters, killer giant bats, ogres, fire breathers, shape-shifting Special Presentation witches and a house-trained flea with gigantism. Plus Salma Hayek (left) Mia Madre chowing down on… umm, something! Celebrated auteur Nanni Moretti ★ WTF? How did this get made? returns to his earlier style of personal, sincere filmmaking (The Son’s Room) Commedia All'Italiana with a story about an increasingly SHORT SKIN unhinged film director (Margherita Any movie tackling the topic of Buy) struggling with work and her phimosis head on deserves to be ailing mother. It’s only partially watched, at least by doctors. Ok, so successful, but two reasons to see it: a you don’t know what that is (neither hilarious John Turturro as a primadid I), but it's no fun for 17-year old donna from hell – his best role in Edoardo (Matteo Creatini). It’s a rare years, and an absolutely fantastic condition afflicting men – an inability soundtrack, from Jarvis Cocker to to retract the foreskin – which the sublime Arvo Pärt. means sex is impossible. There is one ★ Verdict: Melancholic mirth American Pie-style gag (apparently Commedia All'Italiana succulent seafood helps), but Duccio Chiarini’s sweet coming of age film So Far So Good remains firmly within the realms of Unpreviewed, and that plot – five good taste. A sex comedy with real students in a shambolic share house at heart and spirit? Now that’s rare too. the end of their studies confront the ★ Verdict: Just don’t eat the octopus! real world (shudder) – does not sound original. It isn’t, but since Roan Johson’s low-budget comedy “is supported by a cast of fantastic young actors and sharp and credible dialogue, it turns out to be a little gem for independent cinema.” ★ That’s CINEUROPA’s verdict – and good enough for us So Far So Good n Compiled by Russell Edwards


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italian press ad wed 25_Layout 1 26/08/15 3:16 PM Page 1 BOOK NOW! 15 SEPT – 11 OCT lavazzaitalianfilmfestival @italianff PALACE NORTON STREET • PALACE VERONA CHAUVEL CINEMA


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n DULWICH HILL Profile The Dulwich Hill Locals With Dulwich Hill Fair on Sunday 13th of September, we thought we’d let you know a little more about the area. This vibrant suburb, only 9km from Sydney’s CBD, has so much to offer with its retail centre comprising of Marrickville Road, New Canterbury Road and Seaview Street serving all shopping needs. Four local business owners took the time to tell us some more about their services... Opens putting the final touches on his solo show RED DEVILS ACADEMY A sketchy institution CONNIE DIMAS JEWELLERY Connie Dimas Jewellery by Hand in Dulwich Hill is one of Sydney’s finest and most unique jewellery stores with an in-house workshop. Connie takes an old-school approach to jewellery, handmaking it all herself. “I use traditional techniques as I don’t have high-tech equipment. I enjoy the challenge of making something unique using very basic tools,” Connie explains. Connie started making jewellery as a hobby while studying at the University of NSW. She later completed a Jewellery and Design course at Enmore Design College. Connie has a unique technique she uses to design her pieces “I start with a small flat sheet of metal and cut out a design or a shape, then give it a 3D form with hammers and files. I see design as an evolution as I don’t always have a clear vision in mind when I start. Through intuition I allow the metal to guide me. It’s that element of surprise that drives me.” The jewellery Connie creates and sells is timeless, yet stylish pieces that are above all wearable. “I love heirloom jewellery and simplicity in designs. I have used a lot of simple geometric patterns repeated in history throughout my work.” Connie has made creating timeless pieces her mission, yet she states that this is often the most challenging aspect of her work. “I want to make a piece of jewellery that is comfortable to wear and that can go from day to night. I want my jewellery to feel like a second skin, to be worn every day for the next twenty years or so and then to be passed on.” and Shu will be doing paste-ups just to name a few! The Graff Caff has created their own merchandise with artist Grizzle that is available in store. “Our spray paint sale includes aerosol paints, markers and we also sell original prints that have been created by local artists. We support local talent as well as focus on originality and individuality.” Recently, The Graff Caff has begun selling a range of aerosol paints that are water-based and non-toxic, perfect for artists working indoors or young people experimenting with this form of art. “Behind the concept of The Graff Caff are my two teenage kids who both work with spray paint. Aerosol is often a restricted product because it is associated with vandalism, so we give young people who want to use this form of art a chance to do so.” Owners Takako and Eric lovemaking The Graff Caff a space where artists can display and sell their work. “It gives opportunities to local and small-time artists to expose their ideas and creativity. We don’t charge our artists to display their work at our café and our customers are free to buy pieces that they like. It’s an opportunity to see artwork in the flesh before buying, instead of viewing pieces online. We have created a hub where all of this can take place.” To enquire about exhibiting artworks at The Graff Caff Takako encourages artists to get in touch via Instagram: thegraffcaff or Facebook: THE GRAFF CAFF The Graff Caff is one of Dulwich Hill’s newest and trendiest concept cafes, focusing heavily on artists and their work. Recently they have begun displaying artists’ works in store, making the café a wonderful site to enjoy a relaxing coffee and a bite to eat. This year, at Dulwich Hill Fair, The Graff Caff will have artists in store presenting live art shows. Mike Watt and Sindy Sin will be collaborating for the aerosol work on the back wall, stencil artists Camo Street Art and Nevs as well as painter Irene Feleo will be working on the panels Red Devils Football Academy is an independent soccer academy right in the heart of Marrickville. They coach kids of all ages and have teams playing in competitions all year round. “It’s so rewarding seeing the feedback you get from the kids and parents, as well as making the children happy,” says Coach Luccas Pereira. Red Devils have over 500 players at the Academy and run a number of unique programs. “We do indoor programs, futsal, holiday camps, in-school programs, skills programs and one-on-one private sessions.” At Red Devils Football Academy, the coaches take on a positive approach to their teaching style, making this football academy unique from many others “We don’t focus on the scoreboard and match results or put presure on the kids. It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about developing the players. We have found that by doing this the results will come. We talk to the kids about how they are developing whilst, most importantly, having fun.” Connie Dimas works by hand Fun on the field GF GLUTEN FREE VF VEGAN FRIENDLY Eclectic inspirations locally handcrafted using traditional methods O ORGANIC DF DAIRY FREE ‘The place to eat and paint’ Dulwich Hill’s newest and trendiest Cafe Live Art Shows | Paint Workshops Aerosol Paint Sales | Graff CafF Apparel Delicious Food and Coffee Exquisite range of handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets Timeless - Stylish - Versatile Eclectic inspirations locally handcrafted using traditional methods Shop 1/450 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill. Everyone is welcome at The Graff CafF! 14 /conniedimasjewellerybyhand @conniedimasjewellery 495 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill /TheGraffCaff @thegraffcaff


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n Dulwich Hill Profile Century 21 Synergy Century 21 Synergy prides itself on being a client-centred Real Estate Agency specialising in the suburbs of Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Summer Hill, Hurlstone Park, Lewisham and surrounding areas. Director Angelo Lofitis has had over 10 years of experience and has managed over five hundred property transactions. Angelo and his team go the extra mile for each and every person who walks through his door. “We have a client for life ethos – doing the right job, maintaining relationships. We believe Real Estate is a customer service industry where it is important to go above and beyond,” he said. Angelo says Dulwich Hill is an ideal place to live and that, for this reason, it has become an attractive choice among investors. “People love the eclectic style that resonates from the area, it’s a laid back suburb and it has a village feel.” Angelo understands buying property in the current market can be tough for people, especially for first home buyers. “Buyers should focus less on buying property that they love and instead buy property that is a good investment. When people focus too much on property that they love they buy with their hearts and overpay. New properties in the area are going for more than older properties. I would suggest going for something older to avoid paying the developer’s premium.” For those selling properties Angelo says the property’s presentation can go a long way. “Sellers would benefit from de-cluttering, tidying and presenting their property in best possible light. Simple steps like this can lead to a higher selling price.” The Dulwich Hill Century 21 Synergy team work for their clients by going beyond the usual scope of the real estate. “We do a lot for the community, it’s about exceeding the normal call of duty.” 459 New Canterbury Road Ph: 8507 8070. When Angelo Lofitis’ wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis he was not happy to sit around and do nothing. Lofitis joined the MS Foundation’s annual Sydney to Gong fundraising bike ride, creating a team named ‘Top Raisers’. Last year the team raised $72,000 for the MS Foundation. And they are doing it all over again! What’s special about the Gong Ride? The ride itself is incredible because it is through some of the best scenery in Australia. It encompasses coastal views and national parks. Riding up and down hills can be very challenging but it’s so rewarding especially when you descend along the coastal fringe and finish at the beach. The ride is tough and gruelling but so rewarding and the sense of accomplishment is huge. How has the MS Foundation helped your wife and family? My wife is a sufferer and receives lots of benefits including access to Australia’s top specialists. We get help with other facilities, like when she has been immobile they have helped with installing bars and other pieces around the house to make life easier, we have had access to OT and other therapists all through supported services. Gearing up the fight against MS Arlington Oval School Holidays Premiere Soccer League Camp September: Week 1: 21,22, & 23 Week 2: 28, 29 & 30 9:15am to 3pm each day Includes our amazing inflatable Soccer Field! Tell me about your bike shop concept? The concept is now a reality and open to the public. It’s a bike shop dedicated to restoring preloved bikes and selling them to make a profit for MS. All pre-loved used bikes we restore so they are up to scratch and road worthy. What are some of the challenges you have faced doing the Gong Ride? Challenges include a lot of organisation to raise money for charity. Collecting bikes until 11pm I often miss out on family life, however it is rewarding being able to give back to the MS Foundation. The ride will take place on 1st November 2015 for more information visit From $50 per day Boys & Girls Ages 6 to 15 BOOK NOW! Ph: 0420 20 10 20 Who are Century 21 Agents? They’re high-tech gizmo packing problem solvers with an appetite for getting things done. They know the best places to buy a home, TO SELL A HOME, and to find antiques - if you’re into that kind of thing. They’re water proof, fool-proof, and proof positive that smart people doing good work can make big things happen for great people like you. Century 21 Agents 14



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