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Interview With Dr.S.N.Chakravarty where he shares his experience, expertise and knowledge of over 50 years with rubber industry

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Interview With Dr. S.N.Chakravarty Consultant & Author, R&D Leader, Past Chairman of IRI, Hon. Prof. of IIT-Delhi and IIT-Kharagpur, Various Life-Time Achievement Award Winner ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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1 Hello Dr. Chakravarty. First of all thank you for accepting an interview with Rubber Machinery World and sharing your thoughts. Your journey over 40 years in rubber industry has been mixed one. Was a career in Rubber Industry a conscious choice? Is there a story for the younger generation that you would like to share? This is my 50th year in Rubber industry, working in different countries and India. You may say that career in Rubber industry was more accidental than choice. Few lines given below will give the picture of that time. “What do you know about Rubber?” was the question asked at the interview for CSIR Fellowship “This is my 50th year in Rubber industry, working in different countries and at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Calcutta by my would-be research guide. After my Master’s in Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University in 1960 and a short stint of lecturer-ship at Kharagpur, I applied for this research scholarship and was called for the interview. I replied “nothing” and thought that the case is closed. Surprisingly my would-be research guide told “don’t worry, I also had no knowledge of rubber when I started to work with it. If you are serious and hard working then you should be able to also do it”. At that time a research scholarship was not easy to get, that even CSIR fellowship. Obviously I was delighted when I was selected for India.” this fellowship. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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Dr. S. N. Chakravarty, President, Elastomer Technology Development Society, accepting the “TRiLA Life Time Achievement Award, 2015” from Dr. Arup K Chandra, Head, Research & Development, Apollo Tyres Ltd at the Award Ceremony in Tyre Expo, Chennai.


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2 From a student of rubber technology to an author of books for students of rubber technology, along the way serving as an employee (with Bayer, Modi Rubber Ltd), a faculty, and later your own Consultancy has been a long and varied one. Which is the position that you enjoyed the most? Why? Yes, it was a long journey, obviously not smooth all the way. Lack of qualified personnel and modern technology were the main problem of rubber industry at early stages of our life in the industry. Little encouragement to the qualified young entrants was extended. That is the reason I tried to contribute in rubber technology education through different forums like Indian Rubber Institute (IRI), Universities, IIT’s and at certain receptive industries at their premises. When I meet my ex-students, who have made a successful career, it “When I meet my exstudents, who have made a successful career, it gives me immense pleasure. Many openly gives me immense pleasure. Many openly acknowledge my contribution in their life. Other great love was R & D in rubber field, which I pursued throughout my carrier along with other jobs. Results are available to see in publications, international acknowledge my contribution in their life. ” activity, writing of books, conferences etc. over last 50 years. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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3 Would you say that rubber processing has undergone change in the last 4.5 decades that you have been with rubber industry? What were the drivers for this change? Surely, rubber processing has undergone substantial changes over the last 5 decades, This is mainly due to availability of developed machinery – Mixer, Extruder, Calender, Presses etc. along with electronic / microprocessor controls, as well as development of rubber technology & ingredients used in compounding. Machinery is the key to rubber processing. 4 What role has machinery played in this change? Machinery played many fold role in rubber industry. These developments of machinery have made it possible to  Improve production output (impact on cost)  Superior dispersion & homogeneity – improvement in property level. “Machinery is the key to rubber processing.”  Lowering of wastage – impact on cost  Dimensional accuracy of components  Accuracy in working – improvement in quality  Effective Quality Control (QC)  Energy saving – very important factor  Pollution Control, better housekeeping, health factor for the working people in this industry. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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5 What are the key changes and trends happening in tire industry? How much of these changes has been influence by new machinery? (Or is it the vice-versa?) Machinery brought Key Changes in rubber industry. First & foremost mixing technology brought major change with the help of developed Internal Mixer along with controls & feeding System. This is widely accepted & being introduced by the industry of appropriate size. Cold Feed Extruder coupled with C.V. line is an important introduction in the industry in not so distant past. IR & Electron Beam radiation for CV line are also coming in usage. Important factor for the industry is saving in energy cost and machinery manufacturer are putting efforts in this direction. How is rubber moulding different today as compared to past? Manufacturing of rubber components has gone sea change. Earlier it was compression moulding, 6 “Cold Feed Extruder poorly designed mould & hydraulic press of inadequate pressure & its non-uniform distribution on the platen, in turn on mould, leading to poor dimensional uniformity all over coupled with C.V. line is an the product. Modern Presses have been developed, scientific mould design & mould making adopted, wastage drastically reduced. Major step was the introduction and now widely used Injection Moulding process for wide variety of moulded important introduction in the industry.” product. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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7 What is ETDS (Elastomer Technology Development Society? How is this society contributing to the industry? A Technical Society namely "Elastomer Technology Development Society" was registered few years back as a non profit organisation devoted to the promotion and introduction of modern technology in rubber filed and industry. Highly experienced and qualified rubber technologists are member of this organisation. One of our major aim is to promote young entrepreneur in rubber area. We organise Seminars / Workshop / Training “One of our major aim is to promote young entrepreneur in Course in Rubber Technology field at different locations in the country as well as abroad. These are organised with the help of promoters from the rubber industry. Attached is a sample News Bulletin published by ETDS which will inform you about our recent activities. Last seminar was held at rubber area. ” Delhi in end November 2014 on "Tyre Technology" jointly with Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association who also sponsored the event. We propose to hold a seminar on "Instrumental Analysis in the field of Polymer / Rubber“ in near future. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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8 You have recently authored books? Could you share some insights on them? Authored two books on rubber. First one “Introduction to Tyre Technology” came from series of lecture delivered at Rubber Technology Centre, IIT, Kharagpur. These were edited and published in book form. You will notice there are very few, can be counted on fingers, book on Tyre Technology in the world. Hence, I thought publishing this book will help students & young people from the rubber industry. Second book “Rubber Technology and Manufacture of Rubber Products” resulted from the classes & lectures conducted for students at IRI, University, NIT & IIT’s over at least two decades. There was not easily available cheap book for the students. Hence, I thought why not make these lectures in book form. “There was not easily available cheap book for the students. Hence, I thought why not make these After suitable editing this book was published. lectures in book form” ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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9 You are a renowned well-travelled technologist and have interacted with outstanding research professionals’ world-over. Where do you think India stands in this list of professionals? What could have been better or different? I have interacted with Research institutes & researchers in rubber field in different countries, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Japan, Korea, China etc. over this period. Unfortunately I cannot speak high of Indian R & D activity in rubber field. Few exceptions “The industry are RCT, IIT Kharagpur and lately set-up R&D Centres of major tyre companies. The research and development effort in the Indian rubber industry does not match in any respect with has suffered heavily because of old machinery and technology prevailing in it.” what prevails in industrially advanced countries, though drastic development has taken place in this direction with the establishment of modern R&D at bigger units, primarily tyre companies. For quite sometime research has been confined to universities and national laboratories. The industry has suffered heavily because of old machinery and technology prevailing in it. Modern machinery and developed technology was not adopted as heavy expenses were involved. 10 Great! And one last question, what would you advice on machinery selection to buyers and users of rubber and tire equipment? Machinery selection must be guide by the process employed for the manufacture of particular product. Its efficiency – Quality output & energy requirement would play important role. Obviously, often certain compromise is made due to cost factor. ©2015 - Published by Rubber Machinery World.


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