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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 265 | August 28th 2015 A father’s tale The stories dads want to pass on The best local beery festivals WIN! Italian Film Festival TIX: F O L LOW S! @ciaoma gazinesy dney /CiaoMa gazine U Burlesque cuisine Meet the stars of the Italian Film Festival Azione!


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Sweet Carrot & Rosemary Soup Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Soup Sweet Carrot and Soup Soup SweetRosemary Carrot and Rosemary Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Soup Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Soup Carrot and Rosemary Soup Sweet Carrot andSweet Rosemary Soup Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins STEP 1 Sweet Carrot and Rosemary Soup Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins 8 medium carrots Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins 8 medium carrots Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 |mins | Cooking time: 35 35 mins STEP 1 Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: mins vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them 3 garliccarrots cloves Serves: 8 6 |medium Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them cloves STEP 1 Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the to a tray with a light drizzle of olive oil, the 8 medium carrots Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins 3 garlic STEP |1Cooking Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cutwith the a light to a tray drizzle of olive oil, the Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 mins time: 35 mins 1 large onion 8 medium carrots 8 medium carrots rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling STEP 1 Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the vegetables into 5cm pieces and add themsprinkling STEP 1 onion Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them 1 large rosemary sprigs and a generous 3 garlic 3 garlic cloves cloves vegetablesto into 5cm pieces and add them ofwith salt pepper. Bake in the ovenof for 20 a tray aand light drizzle of olive oil, the 8 medium carrots 3 garlic cloves Olive oil, for your drizzling to a tray with a light drizzle olive the of salt and pepper. Bake oil, in the oven for 20 vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them STEP 1 Preheat oven to 200°C. Cut the 8 medium carrots Olive oil, for drizzling 3 garlic cloves1 large onion to a tray with a STEP light drizzle of olive oil, the 1 Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the the minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling minutes or until soft. Drizzle honey over 1 large onion 1 large onion rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling to a tray with a light drizzle of olive oil, the vegetables into 5cm pieces and add them rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling 2 sprigs rosemary vegetables into pieces and them the pepper. carrots and5cm return the to add the for of salt and Bake in the oven for 20 3 garlic cloves 2 sprigs rosemary the tray carrots and oven return the tray to the oven for 3 garlic cloves Olive oil, for drizzling of salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for 20 1 large onion of salt and pepper. Bake in oven for 20 minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling afor tray with apepper, light drizzle of olive oil, the 10 minutes or until fragrant. Oliveto oil, drizzling to a tray with a light drizzle of olive oil, 10 minutes or the until the fragrant. Olive oil, for drizzling Salt and forminutes seasoning Salt and pepper, for seasoning or the until soft. Drizzle the honey over 2 sprigs rosemary carrots and return the tray to theoven oven for 1 large onion 1 large onion minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over of salt and pepper. Bake in the for 20 rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling rosemary sprigs and a generous sprinkling 2 sprigs the carrots and return the tray to the oven for Olive oil, for rosemary drizzling 10 minutes or fragrant. STEP 2 the Place the roasted vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey STEP 2until Place the roasted vegetables into a 3and tbsp raw honey Salt pepper, for Bake seasoning 2 sprigs rosemary of salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for 20 the carrots and return tray to the oven for minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over 10 minutes or until fragrant. of salt and pepper. in the oven for 20 Olive oil, for drizzling blender, ensuring you from disregard the stems from Salt and pepper, for seasoning Olive oil, for drizzling blender, ensuring you disregard the stems 6-8 cups stock or water minutes or until soft. Drizzle the honey over 6-8 cups stock orDrizzle water the 2 sprigs rosemary STEP 2 the Place the roasted vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey 10 minutes or until fragrant. carrots and return the tray to the oven for minutes or until soft. the honey over the sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the stock sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the stock Salt and pepper, for seasoning STEP 2 2Place the roasted vegetables into the athe 3 tbsp raw honey 2 sprigs rosemary blender, ensuring you disregard stems from the carrots and return tray to the oven for and process until a thick puree is formed. You xto 400g tins lentils, rinsed 2 sprigs rosemary 10 minutes or until fragrant. 6-8 2 cups stock or water and process until a thick puree is formed. You the carrots and return the tray the oven for x 400g tins lentils, rinsed ensuring youof disregard the stems sprigs rosemary. Add half from of the stock Salt and pepper, for seasoning blender, may need more stock to achieve andthe drained 6-8 cups stock orraw water 10may minutes orPlace until fragrant. STEP the roasted vegetables intothis. a need stock to achieve this. 3minutes tbsp and drained the sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the stock Salt and pepper, forfragrant. seasoning 10 orhoney until and process until2 amore thick puree is formed. You 2x 400g tins lentils, rinsed Salt and pepper, for seasoning 2 x 400g and process until a thick puree is formed. You tins lentils, rinsed ensuring you disregard the stems may needblender, more stock to achieve this. and drained STEP 2 Place the roasted vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey STEP 3 Heat a large saucepan over from a medium STEP 2to3Place the roasted vegetables into and a gently heat 3 tbsp raw stock honeyor water 6-8 cups STEP Heat a large saucepan over a medium may need more stock achieve this. and drained heat. the Pour in the soup it the sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the stock ensuring you disregard stems from STEP 2 Place the roasted blender, vegetables into a 3 tbsp raw honey ensuring you over disregard the from Pour in the soup and heat it STEPblender, 3 heat. Heat a large saucepan agently medium through with thestems remaining stock. Once 6-8 cups stock or water 6-8 cups stock or water STEPthe 3 Heat a large saucepan over a medium and process until a thick puree is formed. You 2 x 400g tins lentils, rinsed sprigs of rosemary. Add half of stock blender, ensuring you disregard the stems from heat. Pour in the soup and gently heat it the through with the remaining stock. Once the sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the bubbling, stir in thestock lentils and season to 6-8 cups stock or water heat. Pour through in the soup and heat itlentils with the gently remaining stock. Once bubbling, stir in the and season toYou may need more stock to achieve this. and drained taste before serving and process until a thick puree is formed. the sprigs of rosemary. Add half of the stock 2 x 400g tins lentils, rinsed and process until a thick puree is formed. You 2 x 400g tins lentils, rinsed through with the remaining stock. Once bubbling, stir before in the lentils and season to taste serving may need more stock to achieve maystir need more stock to to achieve this.this. and drained until a thick and process puree isinformed. You 2 x 400g tins lentils, rinsedand drained bubbling, the lentils and season taste before serving STEP 3 Heat a large saucepan over a medium taste before serving may need more stock to achieve this. and drained STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY NUTRITIONAL STEP 3 asaucepan large saucepan over aTIP: medium heat. Pour in MUM'S the soup and gently heat it STEP 3 Heat a Heat large over a medium This is a great mid-week meal for the whole family. If STACEY CLARE A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: heat. Pour in the soup and gently heat it you STACEY CLARE A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: through with the remaining stock. Once heat. Pour in the soup and gently heat it STEP 3 Heat a large saucepan over a medium STACEY CLARE - This A HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP:the need dinner on the table in less than 40stock. minutes bake the through with the remaining Once is a great mid-week meal for whole If you This is great mid-week meal for the whole If family. you bubbling, stir in the soup lentils and season to through with the remaining stock. Once heat. inathe soup and gently heat itfamily. carrots the night before. This healthy will be ready This is a Pour great mid-week meal for the whole family. If you bubbling, stir in the lentils and season to need dinner on the in table in less than 40 minutes bake the need dinner onremaining the table less than 40 minutes bake the taste before serving bubbling, stir in the lentils and season to through with the stock. Once to devour inbefore minutes. need dinner oncarrots the table in night less than 40 minutes bake the taste the before. This healthy soup willserving be ready carrots the night before. This healthy soup will be ready taste before serving bubbling, in the lentils and season carrots the nightstir before. This healthy soup will be readyto to devour in minutes. to devour in minutes. serving to taste devour before in minutes. Preheat your oven to 200°C. Cut the “ ““ “ STACEY CLARE -A HEALTHY MUM'Smeal NUTRITIONAL This isis aa great mid-week for the If you If you This great mid-week meal forwhole theTIP: whole PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCEDSOURCED FROM: FROM: STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY This MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY need dinner on the table in the less thanSOURCED 40 minutes bake the PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY FROM: is a great mid-week meal for whole family. If you need dinner on the table in less than 40 minutes bake the carrots the night before. This healthy soup will be ready to devour in minutes. Follow us on Facebook RECIPE NORTON PLAZA AND STACEY CLARE - A HEALTHY MUM GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group. “ “ “ This is a great mid-week meal thecarrots whole If less you need for dinner on thefamily. table in thanThis 40 minutes the night before. healthy bake soup the will be ready “ need dinner on the table in carrots less than 40 minutes bake the the night before. This healthy soup will be ready to devour in minutes. ”” carrots the night before. This will be ready tohealthy devour soup in minutes. ” to devour in minutes. ” M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 STACEYCLARE CLARE - HEALTHY HEALTHY MUM'S NUTRITIONAL STACEY -A MUM'S NUTRITIONAL TIP: TIP: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: ” ” ” ” 29/06/2015 PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: 29/06/2015 8:23 p PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: PRODUCTS FOR THIS RECIPE PROUDLY SOURCED FROM: M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 29/06/2 8:23 p 29/06/2015 8:23 p July15_v2.indd 1 29/06/2015 8:23 p M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 29/06/2015 8:23 p M_NP_RC_July15_v2.indd 2 29/06/201


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NORTON PLAZA NEWSAGENCY - NOW OPEN Shop T024 Norton Plaza, 55 Norton Street, LEICHHARDT NSW 2040. P: (02) 8084 4948 E: LOTTERY PRODUCTS CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS EVERYDAY & SEASONAL GIFTS GIFT WRAP, BAGS, RIBBONS & BOWS MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS STATIONERY & INK PLUS, ask us in-store how you could WIN a Samsung Home Theatre System worth $747 for Father’s Day! Competition closes 6/9/2015. T&Cs apply. See in-store for details. NSW LTPS/15/03859. full priced items Ends Sunday 6 September 15% off Norton Plaza Leichhardt 9572 6344 Mon-Wed, Fri: 9am-7pm, Thu: 9am to 8pm, Sat-Sun: 9am to 6pm LOW PRICES GUARANTEED BBNT-Norton-Plaza-Ad-60x80mm-wk08.indd 4 18/08/2015 2:36:33 PM BE FITTED FOR THE RIGHT SIZE BRA Lingerie fitters for Large cup, Maternity and Mastectomy bras and Breast forms The lingerie specialists Ph 9518 3355 GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Lord Mel visit his local business – plastic bag ban looming – fashion politics Entertainment, Mel Gibson (there’s some trivia for you), turned heads last Wednesday night arriving at the Dendy Newtown to watch a preview screening of Woody Allen’s latest tragicomedy, Irrational Man. True to Gibson (“Gibbers-on”) form, he wasn’t too quiet about the fact he owned the place either. Mel is back in Sydney to direct Hacksaw Ridge, a World War II biopic about the heroic actions of conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss in Okinawa. The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph have reported that his 24-year-old girlfriend, equestrian vaulter and aspiring screenwriter, Rosalind Ross, will be joining him on set. l Leichhardt Council is considering taking a leaf from Tasmania’s (and South Australia and Northern Territory and ACT’s) book and making the LGA free of plastic bags. The council voted at their July meeting to conduct a review into the effectiveness of its current campaign on reducing the use of l Owner of Dendy Cinemas and Icon WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul A besieged Latte Leftie reassures his disenfranchised followers he’ll keep representing their class interests in defiance of the haters. ADVERTISING Sonya Madden disposable bags. Depending on the outcome of the review, the council will prepare a plan to rid Leichhardt of the clingy bastards. star premier Michael Baird graced the Ferragosto stage for a moment of local glory, publicly agreeing to commit funds to expanding Ferragosto’s size next year (we’re writing that one down). The local elite looked cute in varying outfits from Craig Laundy’s smart casual blue check shirt, belt and wide-leg jeans (‘Urban Farmer’), Anthony “John” Sidoti’s (he wears a middle name well) flirtation with ‘French Riviera’ style, working a grey summer suit, Ray-Bans and a salmon-hued pocket-chief. Baird donned a ‘Dishevelled Formal’ aesthetic in rolled-up sleeves, a loose emerald green tie and no suit jacket (‘Working Class’). One audience member was wearing a placard. The surrounding pollies took that as a fashion statement. l Rock Dear LL – Is it true you’re considering quitting your Ciao column and insisting you’ve been sacked for your radical opinions? Please don’t go! Without you serving as the tribune of inner city-dwelling, upper middle class progressives, who will be left to advance our noble agenda? Well, OK, perhaps there’s still the ABC, the Fairfax broadsheets, The Guardian, The Monthly, Crikey, Green Left Weekly, New Matilda, several thousand political blogs, GetUp, the Greens and the ALP. But what chance do they have against the might of the Murdoch tabloids and raving blowhards of talkback radio? If you go who will make sure the gay marriage issue gets sufficient media coverage? Who will point out today’s university campuses resemble Berlin in late 1945, with no female – or female-identifying – student able to attend a lecture without being molested several times by some entitled patriarch? And who will provide that delightful frisson of self-loathing shame that’s generated when a privileged white person writes endless articles about what evildoers privileged white people are for a readership entirely made up of privileged white people? Mark, Leichhardt LL replies: As I pointed out, in admittedly salty language, at a recent Gleebooks speaking engagement, I will not be silenced by a rightwing bogan critique that fails to acknowledge all this country’s problems could be solved through the construction of more cycleways, an open borders policy, the immediate transition to a wind-farmpowered economy and the installation of Adam Goodes as prime minister. No one understands better than I how difficult it is for educated professionals with influential positions in the media, politics and academe to have their worldview represented in mainstream discourse. So, as wearying and personally wounding as the struggle is, you can sleep easier knowing I shall continue to raise my brave voice against the cacophony of the the endlessly pandered to aspirationals of the outer western suburbs. JOURNALIST Max Kobras JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history St Martha’s Industrial Girls Home was opened in Leichhardt in 1888. At the time, the Sydney Mail said the orphanage’s mission was to provide a home, “In which girls could be thoroughly trained as domestic servants, as well as instructed in plain and fancy needlework and other practical branches of female employment.” Children were often sent to St.Martha’s after the death of a parent, to reduce the cost of living for a family. The home resisted the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau’s policy of charging family maintenance until it closed in 1969, however from 1966 the girls were educated at local Catholic schools off-site to keep the running costs low. n Image courtesy of the Nat. Library of Australia. WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter Being an orphan wasn’t anything to write home about n Email your dilemma to Things we love: EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Elise Bruem, Valentina Giannelli Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. Local streets are bursting with colour We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions Noticed the new, really cool street art popping up around the Inner expressed in Ciao Magazine are West? You’re seeing the workings of Marrickville Council’s Perfect those of contributors, indemnifying Match program. There are 21 new pieces, including works by Fintan the publisher from inaccuracy Magee, Ears and Jumboist, now on display, standing among last year’s or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. 23 pieces. Many of the artists have multiple masterpieces around the Inner West. Although the official celebrations are finished, why not map No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the them out yourself and go on a street art tour of the Inner West. Visit publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free to see where they are hiding. publication. C!ao’s voice In • Constitutional recognition for Indigenous people • Arriving to your wedding in a helicopter • Fete season. Leichhardt Public School’s is on Sunday 13th. • Dr Dre’s new album, it’s been 12 years since the last one dropped Out • Winter sickness – so sick of the cold weather bringing the bad bugs • Closing down entire streets for your wedding which you arrived to by helicopter • Shagpile rugs • Being an organic food snob Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Alessandro Gassman and Marco Giallini in God Willing deal with a son who wants to become, god forbid, a priest! Catch the Italian Film Festival at Palace Cinemas this month. C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Even Even if if your your teeth teeth are are looking and and feeling feeling great great looking prevention is the key to good prevention is the key to good oral oral hygiene. hygiene. Give our friendly staff a call, they are happy to answer any questions you Give our friendly staff a call, they are happy to answer any questions you have regarding dental treatment. have regarding dental treatment. 9716 8500 Open Open six six days days Family & Children’s Dentistry Family & Children’s Dentistry Tooth Whitening Tooth Whitening Implants Implants Sleep Apnoea Sleep Apnoea TMJ/Jaw Pain TMJ/Jaw Pain Emergencies Emergencies Im Im Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign/Clear Braces Invisalign/Clear Braces Dentures Dentures Headache & Migraine Headache & Migraine Anxious & Phobic Patients Anxious & Phobic Patients Anti -wrinkle injections Anti -wrinkle injections Dermal Fillers Dermal Fillers Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Elise Bruem Who's a daddy? Elise Bruem discovers that being a stereotypical dad can be an enjoyable pastime for all. Growing up, my dad was pretty essential. But now that I live five hours away from him, I realise that's no longer the case. I have always wondered if there is any joy in doing the pretty niche activities he used to do when I was a kid, (which I think he only began as a father) without being a man with children. What better way to see than by doing some cliche dad stuff, sans my Dad? memory of eating pies in the freezing cold. Without any children at my disposal, I decided to take myself to a Wests Tigers game. Unfortunately, I don't particularly enjoy the footy so I found the match pretty dull. However, the kids in the crowd loved the team mascot and an excuse to yell, so this is definitely one to consider for the family. Rating: 4/5 RANT Sutainability: not a nutjob's pastime The idea of ecological sustainability is, theoretically, a simple idea. The definition of sustainability is the ability to continue a specified behaviour or action indefinitely. Thus, when people discuss ecological sustainability, they mean the ways in which we can ensure that we can continue to live on earth. When simplified like this, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would not support sustainability, yet the issue constantly gets muddled by political rhetoric and people with more volume than sense. Take the Liberal Party's current position on renewable energy. They refuse to support wind energy, an unlimited and completely harmless source, citing potential health risks. The idea that the sound of a wind turbine could be dangerous, while the noise generated by trains, construction and a thousand other things is perfectly safe, is ludicrous, and how potential health risks can outweigh known ones, such as those related to coal and oil, is simply beyond me. But more importantly, we will always need energy; both coal and oil are finite resources. It doesn't matter if there is enough of both to last 10 years or 1000, they will eventually need to be replaced. Sustainability isn't a moralistic ideology that divides liberals and conservatives on issues of ecological reform. Or a class struggle pitting blue-collar workers against middle-class environmentalists. It's just a movement devoted to making sure we can live the same kind of life tomorrow as we do today. When you recycle, that's sustainability. When you help restore the Cooks River, that's sustainability. When you take part in any of the SecondHand Saturdays we (awesomely) have all the time in the Inner West, that's sustainability. And when you ask your government to support programs that consider the future, rather than pigheadedly insisting on clinging onto outdated resources and technologies, you better believe that is about sustainability. Granted, a majority of the electorate voted for Abbott last time round but polls suggest that was in spite of, rather than because of, his bizarre obsession with coal. In the same way communists - or even just progressives - were demonised during the Cold War, environmentalists are now characterised as nutjobs, hippies and traitors. But sustainability isn't trying to replace our capitalist system. Nor is it an ideology that seeks to spread wealth more evenly among the population. And it's not even a movement that is likely to change relations among the classes much. All it is about is achieving a post-scarcity world where our children don't have to learn what trees are in a museum. And that sounds pretty simple to me. Reading the newspaper in hard copy Fixing things around the house Fixing things around the house has never been my area of expertise but today I decided to fix a cabinet door. After the initial challenge of finding a screwdriver that was the right size, this was pretty easy. If you have work that needs to be done around the house, you may have already realised it doesn’t have to be done by a Dad. Do it by yourself and you'll get to enjoy that particular sense of satisfaction solely reserved for dads in Colorbond adverts. Rating: 3/5 While newspaper readership is down, dads continue to indulge in this ritual. Are they drawn by the tangibleness of paper or the avoidance of technology? Sitting down with a cup of tea, it’s obviously quite relaxing to read the paper. As an added bonus, the articles you read aren’t sorted and arranged by a computer system. At $2.50 each, you might think reading the paper in hard copy is unrealistic to do every day, but why not treat yourself once in a while – or practise with a free hard copy of Ciao? Rating: 4/5 Taking a child to a footy game If you grew up in the Inner West, chances are you went to at least one Balmain or Newtown Jets game with your dad and treasure the Dad jokes Whether you find them hilarious or just downright cringeworthy, for many people dad jokes are the ultimate symbol of fatherhood. But can anyone successfully tell one when even dads struggle to pull them off? Next time you’re out, give it a go with this caper: Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An investigator If you’re anything like me you’ll be lucky to get a pity laugh. Rating: 2/5 Easy there, tiger! I found that doing dadish things was pretty easy but having the time to do them while taking care of a family is really impressive. If your dad does any of the above, give them a pat on the back for not dropping the ball (or at least a pity laugh). Dad's Kitchen Give your dad the gift of a fantastic home-cooked meal this Father's Day by learning delicious new recipes with Casa Barilla Cooking School! Or maybe your dad would love to take this class himself! Either way, Casa Barilla has you set with an amazing workshop where you will master two mouth-watering recipes: pappardelle with nduja (spiced Italian sausage), lentils and ricotta and beef tagliata topped with rocket and gorgonzola! The class will be held on Thursday September 3rd from 6pm and again on Saturday September 5th from 11am. Both events are at the Casa Barilla Cooking School located at 4 Annandale Street, Annandale. If this sounds like your dad's dream made in heaven, you can either call 8585 3911 or email for bookings and more information. Even better, tell them that you heard of this amazing class through Ciao Magazine and receive a 25 per cent discount! each class, to giveaway! Simply email with your details and tell us why your father deserves this delicious opportunity! n Thanks to Casa Barilla, we have 2 FREE double passes, one for WIN FREE TICKETS What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Fri 4th September - Sun 4th October FREE Community are events listings n Words by Max Kobras, written in response to James Falk's rant on sustainability in our last edition. You can read Falk's online at: category/opinion/community-rant/ email info@ Attn: Max RIDE AND FOURPLAY From acclaimed playwright Jane Bodie and presented by Darlinghurst Theatre Company comes this fascinating double bill of one-act plays.In Ride, two strangers wake up together, naked and hungover, then try and piece together W hazy memories to find out EE FR what happened (or didn't KETS C TI happen) between them the night before. Fourplay is a serendipitous tale about four young adults living in the city and how they find intimacy, friendship and love in unlikely and bizarre places. Together, they are an insightful foray into the world of Gen Y romance. Tickets start at $38. IN Fri 4th - Sun 6th September then this is an event for you. This show opens at 10am every day over the week with tickets starting at $5. Where: Marrickville Town Hall, 303 Marrickville Road Saturday 5th September Sunday 6th September Strathfield Spring Festival The Bead Show brings the best exhibitors from all over Australia to present an exciting range of beads, lamp work, precious gems and jewellery making supplies. It's not important how experienced you are, as long as you have a passion for beading and DIY jewellery, The Spring Bead Show Street Food MasteR Series n Thanks to Darlinghurst Theatre Holding a mirror to Gen Y 6 Company, we have two FREE double passes to giveaway to the preview performance on Sunday, Sept 6th at 5pm! Email: with your details to go into the running. Good morning Vietnam Salts Meat Cheese in Alexandria is excited to bring the second masterclass in their street food series, this time taking you on a culinary trip to Vietnam with help from MissChu. From delicate and flavoursome rice paper rolls to a steaming bowl of pho, Vietnam has an incredible culture of street food. Join this class and you will soon find yourself creating amazing rice paper rolls with matching sauces and traditional Hanoi deep fried spring rolls! Tickets are $119 per person. For more info or to make a booking, visit See page 8 for more what's on... Strathfield's celebration of the end of everyone's least favourite season (you heard me, winter) will be returning again on Father's Day. Located at Strathfield Park on Homebush Road with an exciting line-up, this is a great way to spend the day with the family. The always popular Kidz World is back and packed with specialised entertainment, from the sports quarter to carnival rides. The headline act is Trent Bell and Jayden Sierra, formerly of The Collective, showcasing their latest musical project, a surefire hit! For more information, visit


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n Local Gigs n Local screens FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs n Your screens Get on the Flowertruck Sunday 6th September A tricky and divisve custody battle Junkyard Festival The first line-up announcement has been dropped: Alex Cameron, White Dog, Flowertruck and Matrick Jones. Alex Cameron is best known as a member of Seekae and while his solo music is still very synth, it's really not Seekae. He sings almost like Nick Cave; the music that backs him is a dark, bleak version of '80s pop. White Dog is all punk. They seem to have a real urge to finish their songs as quickly as possible - most of their tunes clock in at a minute and a half. It makes everything nice and fresh but I could stand to have some jamming out. Flowertruck has lovely pop-groove tunes. The instrumentals are very The War on Drugs, but their lead vocals are closer to Talking Heads. It's a great mix. Matrick Jones is just one man, but he plays so many instruments and ventures through so many genres. Fun beats and a tops attitude. The Botany View Hotel, FREE Black or White Father's Day: Take dad to a rom-com even he will fall in love with! People, Places, Things Will (Jemaine Clement) is a graphic novelist and lecturer, handsome in a scruffy, ramshackle way, the sort of bespectacled Brooklyn hipster the Flight of the Conchords star might send up. He’s also the father of two gorgeous young girls, hard to imagine his wife (Stephanie Allynne) would ditch him for pudgy blob Gary, an unfunny “offBroadway monologuist.” That happens early and most of Jim Strouse’s gentle satire concerns Will a year later, still grappling with being a single dad while navigating life, art and dating. Clement’s trademark deadpan delivery is even more laconic than usual and he's sharply funny in a series of playful and flirtatious interludes with the mother (Regina Hall) of one of his brightest students. But this is way too smart a script to just dangle a new love interest. Rather, it’s a sweet, off-kilter little gem that keeps us smiling warily – nervous to the end about what might happen to Will. Then it creeps round the back and delivers a sneaky feelgood punch! M from Sept 10. Ciao’s pick: The Gift Joel Edgerton made this creepy domestic psychodrama in the US, where critics have been ecstatic. Jason Batemen plays Simon and Rebecca Hall his shaky wife Robyn – they’ve just moved into a sleek LA house. Simon's unnerved when an acquaintance (Edgerton) shows up making awkward overtures and it looks as if we’re being led into conventional stalker/horror turf for a while. Then Edgerton turns the story on its head. Don’t watch the spoilerstrewn trailer, see this in a cinema now – if only to share the audience shriek at two of the most shameless fright scenes ever! M from Aug 27. Writer/director Mike Binder’s film, which stars Kevin Costner as Elliot, a recently widowed LA man in a custody battle with a woman (Octavia Spencer) over their biracial granddaughter, raises points of view rarely seen on screen. Both want what’s best for the girl (Jillian Estell) and insist that race has nothing to do with it but ingrained prejudices are slowly revealed and fracture lines open in some unexpected places as well. There are nuances here too – Elliot is wealthy and respectable, but also a bumbling carer and probably an alcoholic. It’s a brave performance from Costner (who financed the film); he plays an angry, potbellied white man rarely seen without a drink in his hand. On the other hand, the black family live in Compton – always portrayed in gangsta rap folklore as the Wild West – but actually they’re an extended, happy, pro-active middle class family. Nothing, it seems, is really black or white. M on DVD and Digital HD from Aug 26. ★ Thanks to eOne Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. WIN DVDS! ★ Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have five double in-season passes to give away. Details below. A chilling surprise for Robyn Can Stet hit a high D? Viva Italia! Viva Italia! The Lavazza Italian Film Festival is thrilled to announce its 16th year, returning exclusively once again to Palace Cinemas! Featuring 32 fantastic Italian films shown over 36 days, the festival will kick off on September 15th with the award-winning box office hit God Willing (our front cover stars), a laugh out loud comedy featuring an atheist surgeon with a god complex, and will close with a restoration of the Academy Award nominated The Conformist, Bernardo Bertolucci's 1970 classic political thriller about an upper-class follower of Mussolini. Be assured that no matter what style or genre of movie you're interested in, the Lavazza Italian Film Festival has something to offer you, from feel good coming-of-age stories to riotous comedies and taut dramatic thrillers. n To win one of five double passes we have to giveaway, email us at au and tell us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. Find the complete IFF program and purchase tickets at: Boychoir Young Texas bad boy Stet (Garrett Wareing) has an alcoholic mum and an attitude problem, but he does have the voice of an angel. And an impossibly rich absent dad (Josh Lucas), who turns up when his mum is killed in an accident. Rather than tell his family about a secret past fling, Dad packs the boy off to the prestigious National Boychoir Academy. There, Stet comes into conflict with its famously crusty choirmaster Anton Carvelle (Dustin Hoffman), who does the ‘Whiplash’ thing in a brutally passiveaggressive way. Fortunately the school's bursar (Kathy Bates) is more supportive (Dad’s tuition fees!) and this feelgood family movie has little of Whiplash’s intensity or hard edges. Still, it does have some surprisingly pleasing notes, plus (and it’s a big plus) heavenly voices singing the divine music of Handel, Britten, Tallis and Mendelssohn. PG available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital Aug 26 ★ Thanks to the Becker Film Group we have five DVDs to give away. Details below. It takes three to tango in Cristina Comencini's Latin Lover Tues 8th-Sun 13th September Loose Loose: A Private History of Booze & Iggy Pop 1996-2015 is the fifth solo work from New Zealand writer and comedian Jonny Potts. Having won the New Zealand Fringe Festival awards for Best Stand-up and Best Writing, this performance comprises of 20 short stories from 20 years of drinking and listening to Iggy Pop and has been described as “startling in its perfectly ordinary wonderfulness”. While it certainly helps to be an Iggy fan yourself, don't consider it a necessity; everyone can enjoy this wacky self-portrayal. For more info or to make a booking, visit Saturday 12th September the craft. Whatever your flavour, this is an event not to be missed. Where: Vic on the Park, Marrickville Saturday 19th September Small World Festival Sydney's live music scene will never be dead as long as there are people passionate for good tunes and good Good Beer & Cider Festival Strap on the beer goggles 8 Known to some as that awesome pub that lets your bring your dog with you, the Vic on the Park is very excited to be bringing the Good Beer & Cider Festival back again to the Inner West. Running from noon to 5pm, this day will feature dozens of home brewers, local brewers, interstate brewers and international brewers, all there to display their one-off, seasonal batches and answer all your questions about times. Luckily, the guys from Young Henrys have a love for those two things, only surpassed by their love of delicious beer. This is the second year of Small World and it already has an absolute killer lineup with the incredible sonic/post-rock PVT and rock royalty The Church both on board. Expect some great food and drink on offer as well. Tickets are already on sale so act fast. To see the entire line-up or to purchase tickets, visit WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDS It's a small world after all To be in the running to win one of five double in-season passes to People, Places, Things or DVDs of Black or White or Boychoir just email your name and postal address to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email, but give us a preference. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news What do you think makes a ‘good dad’? “The sort of dad that gets you a chairman's scholarship at a prestigious arts college. Sorry, couldn’t help myself…” Wayne, Glebe “Broad shoulders, an open heart, patience and most importantly a love of life.” Lachlan, Erskineville “Someone who supports, nurtures, protects and loves you no matter what you do or where you go in life.” Vanessa, Drummoyne “Dad jokes.” Sarah, Balmain “One that teaches you quality lessons and great jokes. Even if they're dad jokes.” Alex, Enmore “One that is always there for you no matter what and who encourages you.” Dan, Newtown “A dad that sticks around when the going gets tough and makes time for his children.” Anonymous, Newtown “Patient and non-judgemental, who always manages to pick you up from school on time.” Emma, Erskineville “He has trust in you and your instinct and is proud of your achievements.” Anke, Balmain “A dad that lets you grow and loves you the way you are.” Elisabeth, Five Dock When Louise Fitzroy first wrote her book, From Paddock to Plate, back in 2008, she may not have expected to have given birth to a whole new food movement. Australian farmers produce 93 per cent of the food we eat and feed some 40 million people outside Australia every day. We recognise the need to support them, especially during times of drought, floods and an ever-changing climate, but are we doing enough? Sure, not all of us have time to walk around the supermarket with food-mile calculators or read the back of every package to work out whether it is Made in Australia or not, but we do have a responsibility to consume responsibly. Unfortunately, supermarket chains and governments are not really going to help out here. Woolworths established the Fresh Food Futures Fund that gives grants to support suppliers to adopt farming practices that reduce GHG emissions, reduce water use and improve nutrient management, and to adopt sustainable fishing management. The supermarket giant (under pressure that they were ripping off Aussie farmers) suggested that higher input costs, climate change and a rising population have the potential to impact on food supply and consumption (and perhaps their profits). The total grant amount was $150,000, which is not a lot when you are turning over billion dollar profits, but at least it is a step in the right direction. With the repeal of the carbon tax, many farm carbon reduction programs have been cut or changed. There is some funding provided to Action on the Ground until June 2017. This assists farmers to undertake on-farm trials of abatement technologies, practices and management strategies in order to measure and demonstrate how they can reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions of methane and nitrous oxide or increase the sequestration of carbon in soil while maintaining farm productivity. There PLATE UP New policy for VPA contributions Leichhardt Council has introduced a new policy regarding the process and calculation of Voluntary Planning Agreements made with developers. The Council previously had no consistent policy to make or calculate VPAs, which are monetary payments or housing stock given to the Council by developers to compensate for loss of public utility in an area of the LGA. VPAs are usually required when developments conflict with zoning, making the policy particularly relevant to future mixed-use and multi-apartment developments in the LGA. Labor Councillor Simon Emsley says the new policy will raise greater revenue for social housing and other utilities. “Council’s new VPA Policy will put developers on notice of Council’s intention to seek 50 per cent of the value uplift arising due to a variation in a Council planning instrument,” he said. From the film Just Eat It - A Food Waste Story are 89 multi-year grants worth up to $44.29 million that have received funding under Rounds One and Two of the Action on the Ground program. Farmers are doing their best as guardians of our land to sustainably feed us but as Dianne McGrath, a researcher in sustainable practices at RMIT University in Melbourne, points out the food chain is let down by food waste. With the average household wasting around $2000 worth of food every year, the environmental impact is exponential. “When food waste goes to landfill, the organic matter starts to become deprived of oxygen as it piles up. As it decomposes, methane is produced. Methane is much more destructive when it comes to its impact than carbon dioxide. We think of CO2 as the worst of the greenhouse gases but methane is 21 times worse,” notes McGrath. The message here is that it's all very well to buy the right produce that is sustainably produced but if you are not eating, the impact on the environment is terrible. So don’t leave the table until your (paddock to) plate is clean! in workshops identifying their individual strengths and career goals. Christina Chun, founder and CEO of the Make a Mark Project reminded the students of her own employment philosophy: "The people who will lead are the ones who train for it." Member for Strathfield, Jodi McKay, who gave the opening speech of the week-long program, shared her concerns about rising youth unemployment. “I think there are a lot of barriers in front of young people to find a skill and, indeed, a job that they want to do,” she said. The new policy does not commit to a mandatory apportionment of VPA contributions to social housing. The Council will be considering the introduction of an affordable housing levy on new developments in their upcoming ordinary meeting in November. Free rides! Leichhardt Local Link Leichhardt Council launched a free bus service last Monday to take people to and from key destinations in the LGA. The bus will run through Leichhardt, Balmain and Annandale shopping strips, stopping at over 50 designated 'hail and ride' stops including Leichhardt Swimming Pool, Booth Street and Balmain Hospital. The new transport link runs on Monday and Thursday between 8.30am-2.30pm. n The Leichhardt Local Link is a 12-month trial, you can find the route on Leichhardt Council's website. Henry Lawson Park bay access A beautiful park that has been thus far inaccessible from the walking track along Hen and Chicken Bay will likely be connected by footpath, due to a new development on the bay's foreshore. Henry Lawson Park has always been somewhat of an absurdity to access from the bay – requiring parkgoers to either cross tidal flats (only possible at low tide) or detour up Charlton St and enter the park down a steep hill. Previously, four privately owned properties and a Sydney Water site obstructed entry to the park from the bay's foreshore. A connecting footpath has been approved with the redevelopment of 65-71 Alban St into an aged care facility. Canada Bay Council is currently in negotiation with Sydney Water to extend the path for pedestrian access to Henry Lawson Park. With sufficient community support, this benefit may take the form of affordable housing initiatives. The continuing rise in property values pressure across the Inner West, along with State Government's proposals to dramatically increased densities on Parramatta Rd, mean that there will be be plenty of development opportunities in Leichhardt in the coming decades. That's why I successfully moved Council's acceptance of the new Voluntary Planning Agreement policy. This policy can allow Council to systematically capture up to 50% of the profit ('value uplift') arising from increased density on big developments. If it sounds technical, don't worry. The money/ benefit will be real. Over the coming decades it will be in the millions. Most importantly, there's nothing to stop Council using it so that stories like Berryl's can become a thing of the past. n Words by Clr Simon Emsley of Leichhardt Council Local students start their path to success Down to business Year 10 students from Strathfield Girls High School and Fort Street High School participated last week in a jobskills extravaganza to mark National Skills Weeks (August 24-28th). The career skills workshops, which involved 260 students from the local area, were run by Make a Mark Project, a social enterprise giving young people a competitive edge in the job-seeking process. The students underwent a simulation of the job-seeking process; submitting resumes for review and sitting down for interviews with real-life professionals. They also participated “A lot of young people feel very strongly about getting a home and securing rental accommodation. That impacts where they choose to study and what they choose to study. Not everyone is equipped to go to university so it's important there are other options available.” Youth unemployment is currently at its highest since 1998; 14.2 per cent of 15-24 year olds are looking for work. The state electorate of Strathfield has one of the highest concentration of young people in NSW. accommodation. Her pensioner's income prevented her from finding a viable tenancy locally. In failing health she moved over a 150 kilometres from home. In the process she lost the friends and social networks built up over a lifetime. She's had to start again with a handful of acquaintances, while struggling with the medical complexity that comes with old age. RANT II From anger to affordable housing action What happens to the many tenants who are forced out of the Inner West by the region's crazy hikes in rents and property values? The story of a seventy year old Leichhardt tenant who had lived in the area all her working life provides one shocking answer. This elderly woman - let's call her Berryl - was forced to move to Bathhurst to find affordable 10 Most people living in the Inner West will know someone like Berryl. Over recent decades the region has been gentrifying at breakneck speed. Tens of thousands have been forced out by rent rises or have cashed in the family home to retire up the coast. The tight rental market doesn't only affect the ageing population. Parents wonder how far they will have to drive to see their children when they leave home. Schools, hospitals and emergency services struggle to retain staff, who are unable to rent within commutable distance from the CBD, even on modest incomes. They often resign after finding a job closer to home. Stories like Berryl's bring anger and shame to our community and sometimes, thankfully, action. Over two hundred members of the Leichhardt community petitioned council to stop manufacturing delays to the planning of a major expansion of Uniting Care's affordable housing which promises up to 220 affordable housing units. I am pleased to report Council has finally given full support to increased building heights for the proposals. Uniting Care's planners can now prepare and present detailed plans! The Uniting Care proposals show how local government can, through smart and patient planning, play a critical role to help improve housing affordability. With very limited resources and a host of practical responsibilities - roads, parks, rubbish, etc - councils can never hope to meet all the community need for affordability. Even so, new development opportunities can present a chance for councils to tap into and direct some of the investment to gain extra community benefit.


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SALTUARY Your Holistic Health Partner Treat Dad this Fathers Day! Relax Package $160 (includes a Floatation Therapy session and a 1hr Massage) Rejuvenate Package $90 (includes a Himalayan Salt Therapy session and a Floatation Therapy session) Other gift packages available • Himalayan Salt Therapy • Floatation Therapy • Naturopathy * • Massage * • Yoga • Acupuncture * • Chiropractic * Saltuary Natural Health Clinic offers: • Infrared Sauna *Health fund rebates apply. Conditions apply. Shop 2, 134 Great North Rd, Five Dock (next to Anytime Fitness) visit or call 9713 8688 Your Holistic Health Partner


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Best known for its village feel and friendly shopkeepers, Dulwich Hill Village has everything you need – from Lebanese sweets to artisan homewares to some of the best hair and beauty services in the Inner West. Here is a round up of some of the great hair and beauty salons right here in Dulwich Hill. Many salons pride themselves on using Australian products, have personalised service with a smile, and provide a relaxed friendly ambience (that is not pretentious). There are also some great options for men’s grooming. Time to be beautiful. MyiHair Space 432 New Canterbury Road This salon is freshly decorated and very trendy, just walking in will make you feel more stylish! Their service will leave you looking beautiful and have you coming back for more. Do or Dye 401 New Canterbury Road Priding themselves on delivering honest, straightforward advice, Do or Dye is a salon that is all about having amazing hair, looking beautiful and feeling confident. Be pampered and feel great. Smile Spot EMboss Hair and Beauty 421 New Canterbury Road When it comes to knowing the latest trends in crafting an individual look that is right for you and your lifestyle, think eMboss. They are leaders in their field and second-to-none when it comes to the desire to please. 504 Marrickville Road The Smile Spot is a dentist that provides both medical and cosmetic treatments and is one of the few practices with the technology to create crowns and complex fillings in one appointment. JK Totale Hair & Beauty 467 Marrickville Road This salon prides itself on the fact that it creates amazing styles and cuts for both men and women, and for all ages. Unsure of where to go? You can’t go wrong with JK Totale Hair & Beauty. 453 Marrickville Road An intimate, award-winning beauty salon, offering a wide variety of services and specialising in professional skin treatments and relaxation. ReVive tailors their treatments to the individual. ReVive HairIand Beauty Headquarters 382 New Canterbury Road Renown for their friendly and attentive staff, Hair and Beauty Headquarters has become one of the most popular salons in Dulwich Hill. Come visit them and find out why their reputation is so well deserved. Paris Nails and Beauty 411 New Canterbury Road The salon provides the latest and greatest nail colours. Manicures and pedicures are well priced and of good quality. Staff are friendly and efficient. They also offer other beauty services such as waxing. Eva’s Hair and Body Boutique 407 New Canterbury Road At first glance, this may appear to be just a hairdresser. Take a longer look and you will find they offer a plethora of treatments, such as microdermabrasion and antiwrinkle injections. 12


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Want more on Dulwich HilL? • Dulwich Hill Village Fair on Sunday September 13th. The Fair is a great opportunity to stroll around the village and visit the selection of artisan shops, sample delicious treats and sip a locally brewed beverage or coffee. The Fair also celebrates the delights of the Dulwich Hill village with live entertainment, children’s activities and a huge mix of market stalls including handicrafts, home wares, children’s toys and clothing and homemade preserves and sweets as well as a host of local foods including cakes, pastries, coffee, cheese and deli items and family favourites such as roast chicken. One Stop Shop 443 New Canterbury Road So called for their combined services of hairdressing and styling, spray tanning and makeup, One Stop Shop is a local favourite for both men and women. Has great hair, service and treatments Scissors First 520 Marrickville Road This is a barber shop specialising in trendy cuts for men. Simply walk in and let the talented barbers do their magic; you will walk out with a style perfect for you. •Stay tuned as Ciao presents Dulwich Hill’s Expert and Professional Services Special on September 25th. Traditionally villages were once home to expert blacksmiths, mastercraftsmen, farriers and more. Next month we meet Dulwich Hill’s current experts. A professional force of accountants, stylists, real estate agents and more. Royal Nails and Waxing 471 Marrickville Road You will certainly leave feeling like a queen when you visit Royal Nails and Waxing. Their service is warm, efficient and absolutely top notch. FITNESS Dulwich Hill VILLAGE Fair Sunday September 13th 10am – 4pm Save the Date! Don’t forget the inner you..make sure you look after your body at one of the local fitness studios. FITNESS LOCAL A fitness studio offering a flexible range of memberships, first class fitness equipment and a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. BETTY CONCINA Betty Concina is a professional athlete with more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Betty and her friendly, experienced team love inspiring and motivating locals to live healthy and happy lives. They can tailor make programs to suit all body types. JELZ BARBERSHOP 534 Marrickville Rd Run by Michael this barbers specialises in cheap and classy hair cuts for men. Jelz was first established in Dulwich Hill in 2007, and moved to the new roomy salon site in 2013. Jelz also stock a range of products including MUD, Goldwell and other useful products for the man on the run. FITNESS BY A.R.T Fitness by A.R.T is run by trainers Arthur Kazas and Trent Rogeris. A.R.T stands for Aerobic Resistance Training and refers to both the efficiency of training methodology and technical superiority of the exercise equipment being employed. YOGA NOOK Yoga Nook offers classes for beginners and more advanced students and offers intensives, workshops and retreats to help students progress along the yoga path. Iyengar yoga emphasises alignment in the asanas – physically, mentally and emotionally – so our whole being can be present in an active meditation. How to get there: Bus: Catch the 426, and 428, from Newtown or the city. Catch the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Balmain. Light Rail: The Dulwich Hill Line (L1) goes through Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Lewisham and Summer Hill. $5.20 adult return, (Family day pass $22). Disembark at Dulwich Grove Train: Dulwich Hill railway station is located on Wardell Road, around 1km walk from the Dulwich Hill Village. T3 Bankstown Line trains serve the station. There are frequent services from the Sydney CBD and the south-western suburbs. ($2.50 per adult on Sundays) Car: There are two major carparks in Dulwich Hill. Enter from Seaview Street for New Canterbury Road shops and from Beach Road for the Marrickville Road cafés and eateries. Bike: Although funding for the development of the Greenway corridor has been put on hold, there are still some lovely rides through to Dulwich Hill from Leichhardt and Newtown. See Walk: Nothing like a morning stroll to get the blood pumping, with a tasty treat to reward your efforts from one of Dulwich Hill’s seven patisseries and bakeries. Lots of dog friendly outdoor areas too. 13 13


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in the kitchen Olive Oil and Pistachio Biscotti Ingredients plain flour • 1 tsp baking powder • 1 tsp salt • 1 cup sugar • 2 cups plus 2 tbsp  with Olivia Mackay, n www.scoffandquaff. Wine with Winsor n • 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil • 2 eggs • 1 cup shelled pistachios Domaine Chandon 2015 Pinot Gris Domaine Chandon may be best known for producing sparkling wines from the Yarra Valley but its range also includes some excellent table wines like this outstanding pinot gris from the high-altitude King Valley. It’s a delightfully floral and fragrant number, very crisp with apple and pear flavours to the fore. It is lithe and lovely and best enjoyed in its youth. It is an impressive partner for chargrilled quail or a chicken casserole. $25. Gorgeous gris Method 1. In a bowl combine flour, salt, baking powder and pistachios and stir well. 2. In another bowl, whisk together the olive oil, sugar and egg. 3. Add the dry to wet ingredients and stir until the mixture comes together into a dough. 4. Divide dough in two, wrap each half in plastic wrap and chill for one hour or more (overnight is best if possible). 5. When dough is chilled, pre-heat oven to 180C and line two baking trays with greaseproof paper. 6. Take the two chilled balls of dough and form into logs approximately 8cm by 20cm. Place one on each baking sheet. Bake for 45 minutes then remove from oven and leave to cool slightly. 7. Reduce oven temperature to 150C. Cut each log with a serrated knife into slices around 2cm wide. Place slices back onto the baking sheet cut side down. 8. Return trays to oven and bake until dry and toasted, around 10-15 minutes. Makes 5-10 biscuits Sexy shiraz Shingleback 2013 Haycutters Shiraz You get a lot of wine for a reasonable price with this bold and brash shiraz from awardwinning McLaren Vale winery Shingleback. This shiraz has been blended with a small percentage of the white grape viognier to give added lift and it’s an appealing red for those who like plenty of intensity and vibrant fruit character. Oak plays a minor role but first is the dark, inky fruit, making this great with an old-fashioned lamb roast. Exclusive to First Choice and Vintage Cellars stores. $17. A delicious treat for dad My papa isn’t a man for whom you would make a fried breakfast or barbecued steak on Father’s Day. For him, the perfect indulgence would be a good, strong coffee and a little something sweet – a dried fig, a piece of dark chocolate or a biscotto. This recipe is for him and all dads like him. These exquisite biscotti – “the best I’ve ever tasted” – are straightforward to make and a hundred times more delicious than any store-bought variety. Serve with an espresso, a glass of vin santo and a big hug. Perennial favourite Shaw + Smith 2015 Sauvignon Blanc Well before the flood of Kiwi imports, one Australian winery built its reputation on quality sauvignon blanc. More than 25 years on, Adelaide Hill producer Shaw + Smith remains arguably the country’s benchmark savvy producer. This is impressively bright and fresh with crisp acidity on the finish of a palate that offers more citrus and less tropical fruit than its rivals. It is bone dry, lean and lingering and disarmingly easy to drink. $26. Winter is going! MARKET UPDATE n Fruit: It is still a great time to buy citrus with most costing between $1-3/kg. The tail end of the supply of imperial mandarins has arrived so grab them before they run out. Golden kiwifruit are also good value.. vegetables. Bok choy and English spinach are particularly good, costing $1-2 a bunch. Cauliflower and broccoli are also good buys at $2.99/kg.. Thanks to Tony at Trimsfresh n Veggies: Coming into spring, it is the season for Asian and small leaf AT HOME WITH SHEENA MISS DEMEANOUR Burlesque expert and Chiswick local Sheena Miss Demeanour shares her tips on tantalising the tongue. One of your routines is called the ‘Martini Bath’? How do tease and taste intersect? Food can be just as seductive as burlesque for me. The creation of a burlesque performance piece is art, much like the creation of a meal. Many performers use food as a euphemism for communicating their message or paying tribute to gastronomy. My most recent food-inspired act is my ‘Prawn Star’ routine where I get cooked on a giant barbecue by an Aussie yobbo.  What do you think is the most seductive foodstuff? Prawns, because they sizzle on the barbecue like no other and you can eat them with your hands!  How did you begin your career as a burlesque dancer and then as a teacher? My background was originally in classical ballet, however in my early twenties I fell in love with hip hop and discovered so many more ways to move my body, which found liberating. One day I was invited to a see a burlesque show and I fell in love with the art form immediately. I have been teaching and choreographing dance since I was 17, so once I felt that I was ready to pass on the art of burlesque it seemed like a natural progression. Where do you like to eat around Chiswick and Abbotsford? MELISSA Leong Dad VS Cute Boys A Hallmark holiday to dismiss or reason to give thanks for all the times the Dad Taxi took you to soccer practice, squad training and ballet? I’m sceptical of such imposed celebrations of family and I thought dear old Dad was too. Until I was about sixteen, that is, and a boy I fancied at school asked me out on a Sunday afternoon date… which just happened to coincide with Father’s Day. Nearly twenty years later, I still haven’t heard the end of it in my Dad’s subtle jibing way. OK, so I ditched one family yum cha in deference to chasing a cute boy. Surely that’s forgivable, right? Sheena is becoming as the raw prawn I would recommend Blackwall Cafe in Chiswick for a great lunch and I love Dolcetti in Wareemba for amazing coffee and Italian pastries. I also quite like The Cove in Abbotsford for their creative takes on Bruschetta! If you could enjoy a dinner and show from a certain dancer, who would it be? If it was someone that isn’t with us any more it would be Gene Kelly hands down! I am pretty sure if I had the opportunity tomorrow, I would happily go to dinner with Misty Copeland, the newly appointed Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theatre Company.   n If you would like to see Sheena in burlesque action then catch her in Lowdown Hokum Orchestra’s That’s Showbiz performances at The Seymour Centre as part of Sydney Fringe Festival, from Tues 8th to Sat 12th September. Bookings at As the years (and boyfriends) roll by, I’ve become aware of the unchanging factor that is family, no matter how close or distant they are, and the institution that is the family meal. Some families have Friday night dinner, for other’s it’s a long, leisurely weekend lunch beneath the trees. But being Singaporean, we like the immediacy and promise of the sheer selection that is yum cha. Since I can remember, we would pile into the car and drive intersuburb for a mega dumpling fix. You soon learn everyone’s favourite dish; Dad’s is braised chicken feet and those golden deep-fried glutinous pastries filled with red bean paste. Recently, I woke up severely hungover on a Sunday morning. These days, this kind of fresh hell is (mercifully) a rarity and I’m not one for furthering the punishment by eating something wholesome or that could be described as ‘clean eating’. In these dire times, the only cure is the traditional Western medicine of a bacon and egg roll and coffee - or for me, yum cha and Coca Cola. As I lay in bed, scrolling through my speed dial list, I realised that all I really wanted to do was share a few dumplings with my parents while they chastise me for my foolhardy over consumption of cocktails the night before. Sitting there, indulging in plump, steamed prawn har gao, smoky char siu wrapped in silky steamed noodles and glutinous fried football dumplings, I silently thanked my family tree for creating this ongoing way to bond, no matter how infrequent we may see each other. So if your sixteen-year-old daughter wishes to skip Father’s Day to go on a date, let her. Chances are, if you raised her right, she’ll see the error of her ways and never miss another. MEXICAN BBQ PRAWNS WITH SWEET CHILLI CORN Ingredients • 12 Queen Prawns (tails on)  • 3 fresh limes • Cumin • Coarse sea salt • Black pepper • Dried hot chilli • 1/2 bunch of coriander • 1 and half cloves of garlic • Tumeric • Sugar • Olive oil • 1 clove garlic • 2 corn cobs Method  1. Lay out prawns in a pyrex dish. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, cumin and tumeric. 2. Mix two of the limes with garlic, coriander and a bit of water. 3. Marinate prawns in this mixture in the fridge for an hour. 4. Slice corn in half lengthwise, then quarter. Season with olive oil, sugar (just a pinch), chilli and salt. 5. Grill corn until golden brown, about 15 minutes. 6. Grill prawns on extra hot for just a few minutes. You want them to develop a slight crust. 7. Serve with half a lime on the side.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 $24.99/kg Blood Oranges Fennel Aniseed German ham $1.49/kg 3 for $3 Italian sausages plain and fennel Strawberries Sandhurst kalamata pitted olives 450gm $9.99/kg $1.99 4 for $5 $4.99 Gold Kiwifruit pack of 8 $1.99/kg Mandarins Prosciutto parma $39.99/kg Illy coffee beans 250gm $7.99 $19.99/kg *Specials until Wednesday 2nd of September Sopressa mild Cashiers and Deli operators wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria



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