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“We are committed to school-to-school Improvement and collaboration. There is a genuine recognition, that by working with other schools, sharing the strength and depth in the range of their experience: their learning, excellent practice and innovative ideas, that all schools will benefit from the learning and improved practice that inevitably follows. Our SLEs are outstanding middle or senior leaders with at least 2 years’ experience and first class knowledge in a particular field of expertise and the same experience in a leadership role. All our SLEs are committed to outreach work and have a successful track record of working in their own school or across a group of schools. We are delighted with feedback which highlights the impact that this team of experts has had so far in a wide variety of schools and areas and we look forward to continuing to share their excellent practice with you in the future.” Maura Regan, CEO Carmel Educational Trust Principal Carmel College


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The Role of the SLE Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are proven experts in their field who know what outstanding leadership and teaching looks like. They have had great success in their own schools and disciplines in leading mentoring, coaching and in developing others to achieve outstanding results. They have outstanding interpersonal skills and high levels of emotional intelligence as they work sensitively and collaboratively with colleagues and peers across a wide variety of schools. Each SLE will have an outstanding personal track record of achievement across all areas which is supported by powerful evidence of impact and sustainable improvements. Naturally, they are fully supported by their head teacher and governors to be released to carry out essential outreach work throughout the year. How can an SLE support my school? SLEs are: • Carefully selected by an independent panel of head teachers and senior leaders • Excellent communicators with outstanding interpersonal skills and high levels of emotional intelligence • Creative, innovative, proactive and collaborative •able to use data analytically to identify needs, and are able to prioritise accordingly • Able to empower others to develop their own leadership skills • Able to make a difference by sharing resources, coaching, modelling and thus making a life changing impact on attainment and achievement for the students in your school and teams


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SLEs are flexible They can: • work with colleagues in your school • share their resources • draw up action plans • model best practice in the classroom • coach and mentor colleagues • develop staff and teams • observe lessons • monitor and evaluate learning • lead CPD • lead meetings • lead individuals, groups or all staff. Get In Touch… Contact a member of the team: 01325 523455 Or email


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We have SLEs in the following areas… Assessment For Learning Behaviour & Discipline Continuous Professional Development Curriculum Early Years English Geography History ICT ITT Development Mathematics Modern Foreign Languages Music PE Primary English ✟ RE School Business Management Science SEN Teaching & Learning


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Assessment For Learning Chris Parker Assistant Principal St John’s School & Sixth Form College Chris is a Science teacher by trade with a specialism in Physics and has previously been Head of Science at St John’s and at Longbenton Community College in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He is really interested in developing systems and practices that use school data as a valuable tool in helping young people make genuine progress throughout their time in education; the use of data, the ability to communicate and motivate both teachers and students are skills which Chris has. He wide range of experiences both in management and in science teaching mean he could be valuable to other colleagues facing challenges or those reviewing or seeking to adjust their practice. Behaviour and Discipline Mandy Payne Behaviour for Learning manager Longfield Academy of Sport Mandy has been involved in improving school attendance by working closely with pupils, parents and external agencies. She also deals with incidents of challenging behaviour and provides mentor support and guidance for pupils. Mandy supports teaching staff and colleagues both inside and outside of the classroom environment. In June, 2012 Mandy became a member of the Senior Management Team as Behaviour for Learning manager. She deals with complex and delicate situations which many pupils face and she uses effective strategies to support their learning and progress.


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Behaviour and Discipline Ruth Frank Pastoral Learning Manager Carmel College Ruth has worked at Carmel as an MFL teacher for 18 years and has been in the role of Pastoral Learning Manager for almost 9 years. This has given her a wide experience of managing behaviour, analysing data, dealing with pastoral and academic concerns, building established relationships between college and home and liaising with multi agency colleagues. Ruth’s SLE status was granted 2 years ago - for Pastoral. Since acquiring that role, she has been asked to deliver MFL lessons in a school which was having their OFSTED inspection. Whilst there, she delivered lessons and also advised staff on strategies that would enable active learning to take place. Within the SLE role, Ruth is able to offer advice and guidance on both academic and pastoral matters Helen Keough Pastoral Learning Manager & Archimedes NE Maths Hub Lead Carmel College Helen is currently the senior lead for the Archimedes Maths Hub where she manages schools from the northern region to the south of Durham. Her vision is to improve the quality of maths pedagogy throughout the region. For the past 14 years Helen has worked in the pastoral sector as Pastoral Learning Manager in charge of year 7 and transition. In this role she has established a wide variety of strategies to address the complex needs of pupils at this key time in their education. In her role as a PLM, Helen has worked to establish new initiatives regarding the ways that data can inform the mentoring of pupils and how identifying anomalies can help in tracking pupils who may otherwise ‘slip through the net’. Helen is keen to share her knowledge and experience in this key area. She has given presentations across the country to illustrate the use of CATS testing and its uses both pastorally and within curriculum areas. As a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic programming, Helen has delivered a programme of CPD at Carmel College.


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Behaviour and Discipline John Southeran Co-Principal Teesdale School Throughout John’s career he has taken opportunities to extend his knowledge of education through undertaking a variety of leadership roles and engaging with other agencies in order to undertake successful outreach work. John has experience of managing change at a senior level over the last nine years and prior to returning to the North East in 2007, he worked extensively in the South East of England in schools rated as outstanding through to those in special measures, including specialist PRUs. In each setting he has a successful track record of implementing effective change and works effectively in his own school and across a range of other providers. For example his work in Teesdale in leading the change to vertical tutoring has been used as an example of whole school success. Continuous Professional Development Sara Crawshaw Assistant Head Carmel College In Sara’s previous role she was the director of the Hexham & Newcastle Catholic Partnership, facilitating collaboration across all curriculum areas for both staff and students in 12 schools. Through this she supported the professional development of teachers in all phases of their career in terms of subject knowledge, pedagogy and leadership. From September 2015 Sara will be an Assistant Head in charge of ITT at Carmel College, Darlington. Curriculum Emily Millward Early Years Teacher St Bede’s RC Primary School Emily has been an Early Years Teacher for a period of 14 years. In her current role at St Bede’s R.C. Primary School, she is responsible for Early Years and is part of the School’s Leadership Team. She has worked as a Lead teacher in Reception, Nursery and Key Stage One. Previously Emily worked as an Early Years’ Moderator for Darlington L.A, moderating assessment judgements in Reception classes. As an SLE with an Early Years Specialism, Emily has run a GTP training course for 4 days, using St Bede’s as a base.


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Curriculum Nick Trenholm Curriculum Leader For Music Longfield Academy of Sport Nick has been in his post for 8 years at Longfield Academy for Sport, Darlington. He is responsible for KS3 teaching and curriculum development and has developed the KS4 curriculum to best meet the needs of the pupils. Nick has taught both AQA & OCR GCSE music, BTEC extended certificate and diploma in music and AQA Performing Arts. By developing the KS4 curriculum, numbers and results have enjoyed a three year upward trend. Last year Nick was seconded to the senior leadership with a particular whole school focus on curriculum development and options. He successfully completed the Aspiring Heads North East programme. His skills include the ability to motive and manage change and to bring out the best in colleagues. Early Years Helen Mulholland Early Years Teacher St Bede’s RC Primary School Helen is a successful Early Years teacher, currently working in a Reception class. Prior to this she worked for a Local Authority, initially as a Communication Language & Literacy Development (CLLD) Consultant. Her role is two-fold: supporting Early Years’ staff and teachers who need phonics / early reading guidance. As an SLE, Helen’s responsibilities include supporting staff to plan and deliver phonic sessions. She has also planned and delivered CPD in the form of cluster meetings and school based training. Helen can offer a diverse range of skills to support teachers and teams of Early Years practitioners. Her diverse experience of the education system equips her with the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake such roles. Leanne Hodgson Assistant Head Teacher Heathfield Primary School Leanne is a successful Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for Early Years and Key Stage One, having previously taught in all stages of Primary education. During her time in Senior Leadership she has worked closely with staff to identify areas of weakness and to develop change programmes to achieve improvements. Leanne has recently collaborated to develop a school-wide assessment structure for the 2015 curriculum changes. In addition to this, she is also a line manager for a number of teaching staff and teaching assistants, and mentors NQTs and teaching students.


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English Jane Christie Director of English, Literacy and Media Framwellgate School Jane has taught English for over 10 years. She has had various posts of responsibility and has previously been in the role of Deputy Director for 5 years where her key responsibility was managing KS4 and Literacy across the Curriculum. Jane has leadership and management experience in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 but, as stated, her key responsibility has been at KS4. Under her leadership the department has developed new teaching and learning strategies, monitoring procedures and curriculum approaches which have seen results go from strength to strength. Jane has established and led the Literacy Focus Group which has had a considerable impact on learning: identifying areas and implementing action plans for intervention across the school, creating cross curricular resources, running cross curricular literacy days, embedding good shared practice in the teaching of literacy skills, running whole school CPD sessions and supporting writing across the curriculum. Malcolm Patrick Assistant Principal Hummersknott Academy Malcolm leads an outstanding English Faculty at Hummersknott Academy. He also has a whole school responsibility for developing Teaching and Learning through the use of student data. Prior to working at Hummersknott Academy, Malcolm was an Advanced Skills Teacher in Thornaby. In one year, under his leadership, the English results almost doubled and the school saw a shift in the way literacy was taught across the school.


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English Louise Gavaghan Curriculum Leader of English Carmel College As the Curriculum Leader of English at Carmel College Louise led the improvement journey of English to 'outstanding'. Her role at Carmel College involves leading on leadership and management, teaching and learning, performance of progress and attainment and the curriculum within the English department. Since taking on the role of Curriculum Leader she has built an English curriculum across all keys stages which not only meets the needs of the individual but also enables students to make exceptional progress. Over the years she has always been involved in driving outstanding Teaching and Learning across schools and has delivered CPD sessions around this. She sees her SLE role in English and Leadership of Curriculum as an exciting opportunity to work within the widest possible community of schools to strengthen whole school systems and further develop the talented individuals within it. Geography Joanne Walker Curriculum Leader for Geography Carmel College As a successful curriculum leader of geography, Joanne believes that her subject helps students understand the complexities of the world in which they live. She is committed to supporting students in reaching their potential and confidently participating in a highly competitive world. Initiatives and strategies she has been involved with include tracking, improving assessments and introducing a range of thinking skills and enquiries. Joanne has also helped plan and deliver CPD programmes specifically to support Middle Leaders. Lindsey Stones Curriculum Leader for Geography


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Geography Lindsey Stones Curriculum Leader for Geography Teesdale School Lindsey has been teaching for 7 years and has been curriculum leader of Geography for the past 4 years. During this time, she has led a team which developed the new key stage 3 and 4 curriculum. This has resulted in a steady rise in pupil attainment across all stages. She has provided effective CPD to teachers at various career stages to enhance their pedagogy and effective teaching. Through her leadership, the faculty has attained the Geography Association Quality Mark. History Helen Richards Consultant Framwellgate School Helen has had fifteen years’ experience as teacher, curriculum leader, local authority consultant and GCSE examiner. She has experience of leading a successful department with high option numbers and excellent value added results at GCSE, AS and A2. Early in her career, she received recognition with a nomination in the National Teaching Awards and is an accredited Advanced Skills Teacher. More recently Helen has worked as a consultant for a local authority with a focus on GCSE achievement. In this role she has provided support and development to a wide range of departments. Helen is a confident and engaging facilitator to a number of initiatives including ELO and ITP/OPT and has a wide range of experiences to bring to the role of SLE including organisation, communication and the ability to make positive realistic change to students’ outcomes. ICT Simon Roberts Curriculum Leader for ICT Carmel College Simon has been teaching since 1996 and is a curriculum leader at Carmel College. His focus is staff professional development; computing curriculum development; introducing students to the principles of programming and developing creative thinking and problem solving through the use of computing. Simon is therefore well placed to provide to support and guidance to other colleagues and schools.


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ICT Gavin McIntyre Curriculum Leader for ICT St John’s Catholic School & Sixth Form College Gavin is subject learning coordinator for ICT with responsibility for whole school e-learning. His role involves the vision, development and deployment of "Teaching & E-Learning" strategies including VLE and iPads. As subject learning coordinator he has also had experience of leading a successful ICT department. He has experience of many vocational and academic courses including GCSE ICT, CiDA+, iMedia, Nationals in ICT Levels 2 and 3 and A Level ICT. Gavin has previously been a Lead Teacher in Durham and currently leads on the HNCPS ICT Network. He is interested in Web 2.0 technologies which help to connect students and schools with experience of using many Web 2.0 tools. This includes Edmodo, Google Docs and Twitter and he has expert knowledge of the common software applications used in schools including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Excel and Access. ITT Development Leeane Mersh-Roberts Deputy Director of Social Sciences Framwellgate School Leeanne has been working in education for the past twelve years and has been in her current post for 7 years as Deputy Director of Social Sciences (RE, Philosophy and Ethics PSHCE, Psychology, Sociology) with specific responsibility for RE. In addition to this role, she has responsibilities for ITT provision across the school. In her previous post Leeanne was Key Stage Three co-ordinator in RE and held a pastoral role in the Sixth Form. Currently she has led and managed the department in implementing a new GCSE specification and a new KS3 curriculum (Durham Agreed Syllabus). Leeanne has successfully led intervention strategies to support lower achieving students and has implemented teaching and learning activities to ensure that students are stretched and challenged.


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Mathematics Robert Mitchell Assistant Vice Principal Carmel College Robert is Assistant Vice Principal at Carmel College and has worked on Curriculum design for over 10 years. This has given him the ability to support schools and colleges with their curriculum design, option model process, timetabling needs and in some cases, writing a full timetable for implementation. Robert is a teacher of maths and has supported schools in the delivery of this subject to help them improve results and outcomes for students. He has been involved in full Maths reviews of departments and supported the implementation of action plans to help move Maths departments form RI to Good. Rose-Marie Rochester Assistant Curriculum Leader Of Maths Carmel College Rose-Marie has been teaching for thirteen years, nine of which have been in her current post as assistant curriculum leader of the maths department at Carmel College. Rose-Marie is Maths Lead of the Archimedes NE Maths Hub based at Carmel. This new and exciting role has provided an opportunity to work with a number of maths specialists across the North East. The team has created and delivered courses and provided support to colleagues across all phases, in response to the maths needs in the North East. Rose-Marie is well placed to assist in all areas of maths education. She thoroughly enjoys working with other teachers and sees all of these opportunities as a privilege and chance to continue learning. Michael Ruddick Assistant Vice Principal Castle View Enterprise Academy Michael has responsibility for whole school Data, intervention, subject line management and is director of Mathematics. In this role he implemented huge changes to the running of the department which brought about a massive impact on results. Michael has experience of driving through change in difficult situations and motivating teams to perform to their best. Whole school external and internal data is now an essential tool for improving outcomes for both pupils and schools. In Michael’s current role he has successfully implemented and embedded new systems and working practices for utilising data. All departments, SLT, Heads of Year, and individual class teachers know what is required and how to incorporate data into their everyday planning and longer scale development plans. Michael would be very confident in helping schools in their planning and use of data systems as well as the strategic intervention process to run alongside this.



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