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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 264 | August 14th 2015 Meet the volunteers caring for our natural assets WIN! Dope Dark Vanilla Jungle Insurgent Black Sea George Gently: Series 7 TIX: DVDs: F O L LOW @ciaoma gazinesy dney /CiaoMa gazine US! Leichhardt’s First Long Lunch The EcoFest inspiring locals to fight for the future Former Wiggle Sam Moran preparing for Annandale Footprints EcoFestival at Whites Creek Valley Park. One big footstep Join us for a great day out at Ferragosto! Sunday, 16 August Bay A City of Canada Council event! A festival of Italian culture! Great North Road Five Dock 10am-4pm Proudly presented by: Ferragosto Major Sponsors: Also proudly supported by: Canterbury BMW Driving Strong Relationships


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Saturday August 22nd, Leichhardt Town Hall Precinct 10am – 5pm The first of its kind in Leichhardt, the long lunch promises to be a taste sensation. Comprising of long communal tables, over 100 stalls with great food and wine choices, artisan merchandise, three stages, entertainers, kids rides and cooking demonstrations by ‘chefs with taste’, the Leichhardt Long Lunch is a great community day out. Leichhardt Long Lunch be there showcasing the best dishes of Lazio and Southern Italy. • Locantro’s Fine Foods head chef Pino Locantro will demonstrate how to make perfect cronuts and cannoli. • Salvatore d’Alterio from Isola d ’Ischia worked in a Michelin awarded Restaurant in Sicily and will tantalise your taste buds. • Celebrity Chef Luca Ciano of Barilla fame will demonstrate his signature dishes using his own sauces. • Newly opened Capriccio Osteria & Bar on Norton Street will showcase Head Chef Bryan Gerlini doing some of their special winter dishes and amazing desserts. • Finally Enzo himself will showcase a regional dish, Peperoni Ripieni. Cooking Stage With a chef line-up that will have you salivating as soon as you arrive, the cooking stage will make Masterchef look lame. Enzo Guarino will be compering the Cooking Stage Entertainment, just like he does at the Norton Street Italian Festa, and has put together a program showcasing the skills of some of the best local chefs in the Leichhardt area, including; • Paolo and Marco Orso from Mantecato Risotteria Italiana of Balmain who will be demonstrating the art of the perfect risotto. • Ciccio & Giovanni from Little Sicily will showcase their newest signature Sicilian dishes. • Moretti Ristorante Pizzeria and La Baracca will Pino Locantro working his pastry magic Chef Showcase • Pino Locantro has been a pastry chef for more than 20 years and has won silver and bronze medals at the Royal Fine Foods Show in Sydney. He and his brother, Adriano, own a busy cafe and patisserie on Catherine St where loyal customers queue every day for their delicious, award-winning pastries, cakes, pies and sweet treats. Pino is also the author of Dinner with Baker. • Twin brothers Paolo and Marco Orso have perfected Mantecato, the name given to the final, vigorous whisking-in of butter – an essential technique in making risotto. One of their secrets is in the rice itself: Italy’s finest carnaroli grains, Tenuta Castello Carnaroli, are imported directly from the Piedmont region. Marco has just spent five years running restaurants in Milan, while Paolo is fresh from running the floor at Mosman’s Ormeggio at The Spit. • Luca Ciano used to the “Casa Barilla” cooking school, where he offered regular hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations in Sydney, based on regional Italian gastronomy and showcasing the breadth of Italy’s cuisine. Passion, talent and a great sense of humour are just a few words to describe the two Michelin Stars and multi-award-winning chef. His cooking is simple, fresh and seasonal, with different approaches called upon, depending on the occasion. • Enzo Guarino is a passionate foodie and photographer. Enzo has over 20 years experience in food and hospitality including working in hotel management and owning his own Ristorante & Bar, Vivo in the Canberra CBD. After having completed and winning the pilot series for Channel Seven’s extremely popular television production My Kitchen Rules, he went on to become “Australia’s Gourmet Authority” winning the The Anolon Australian Gourmet Authority cooking competition that involves cooks from all over Australia cooking off against one another over three weeks and finally being judged by acclaimed Australian chef Matt Moran. The new Series is an initiative of the Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber, sponsored by Leichhardt Council and organised by Impact Exhibitions and Events – the team behind Festa. Check out the Leichhardt Long Lunch Facebook page for more: /leichhardtlonglunch Instagram@LeichhardtLongLunch Get gourmet at the cooking demonstrations The charming MC Enzo Guarino Just the Entrée The inaugural event on August 22nd will be the lead-up to a ‘long-long’ lunch at the Norton Street Italian Festa on 25 October. Now in its 29th year, Festa is Australia’s largest street festival and regularly attended by over 130,000 visitors. From 2016 there will be three annual Leichhardt Long Lunch Food and Wine Festivals. Each year the Series will close as a highlight of the popular Norton Street Italian Festa. Eat in Leichhardt like you never have before! Bar Italia comes out to play Entertainment The Squeezebox Trio revive jazz greats and sideways throughout the jazz tradition. Ben Panucci’s trio, with bassist Allex Boneham and drummer James Waple, combines several aspects of what they do in an intimate setting. They can sound a bit like the Hot Club Of France, with that lightly stomping beat, then they can move into somewhat Debussyesque atmospherics and equally atmospheric-free improvisation. Their playing has a magic combination of authenticity and individuality. Entertainment values are high and so is sheer musicality. Spirit is the word. 13:00 – 13:45 extraordinary vocal delivery, good humour, and charm, as she weaves her way between Balkan, Gypsy and Latinate languages. At the Long Table she will bring Italian Canzoni to add to the excellent food and wine. Accompanied skilfully by Arnie Hanna on guitar and Ginette Carrard on flute she will perform for the guests a selection of Italian classics by Renato Carusone, melodic ballads from Naples and other best loved Italian songs, with a touch of spice from Balkan gypsy rhythms. 13:30 – 14.30 Nadya Golski can sing in any language 11:00 – 11.45 The SqUeezebox Trio Rumbling out of the Sydney’s West comes gypsy swing band, The Squeezebox Trio. Armed with a thirty-year-old accordion, a left handed violin and acoustic gitane, the group will get you up and swinging with their energetic performances. Continuing the gypsy swing tradition of the 1930’s forged by the remaining two fingers of legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt, the boys bring in a unique flavour with their own arrangements of Balkan tunes, Russian war songs, Jazz Standards and the occasional Disney film classic. 12:00 – 12:45 Nadia Piave & Gino PeNgue Nadia Piave is a performer and teacher working in all areas of vocal music, well-known for her engaging performance style. Her voice is a musical paint box that brings to life all the colours and textures of her chosen repertoire, from renaissance and baroque madrigals to neapolitan serenades, from tango and the chansons of the Parisian musette to lilting folk songs from both her Italian and Australian heritage. Gino Pengue is one of Sydney’s most soughtafter musicians for performance and session recording work, excelling in latin, jazz, blues, folk and renaissance styles. Gino is a founding member of the latin-world group Marsala. Gino and Nadia have collaborated on numerous occasions performing repertoire from smooth jazz standards and folk song to Gino’s incomparable arrangements of English and Italian baroque songs and canzonette. Come and experience the soundtracks of Rome’s Cinecitta and the Parisian ‘nouvelle vague’ (new wave). 14:05 – 15:05 Lolo Lovina Lolo Lovina draw influences from their Balkan Gypsy ancestors, from swing jazz to Tango! The band features Hungarian Romani-Gypsy Singer Sarah Bedak, Albanian Romani Gypsy clarinet and saxophinist Orget Sadiku and Macedonian maestro Piano Accordionist Marjan Nedeski. Ben Panucci Trio Guitarist and composer Ben Panucci is a key figure in a surprise contemporary movement of young musicians who go backwards, forwards 2 Nadya Golski Ben Panucci will serenade your taste buds Nadya Golski is the central personality and lead singer of Nadya and the Candles. She is renowned for her intense vitality and Sarah Bedak shares the music of her Romani heritage


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Five Dock and Annandale into the Coles mine, on-water altercations, Glebe gets rekkied l You probably heard the news Coles is looking to buy the SupaBARN chain, which currently operates in Annandale and Five Dock. The tragedy is somewhat more tragic for Annandale where, before SupaBARN opened, locals fought hard to stop the opening of a Woolworths (Thomas Dux) outlet in 2013. While Five Dock’s inhabitants love to complain about SupaBARN, we wonder if Coles’ prices (aided by supplier exploitation) will impact local delis, butchers and grocers in the long run. ACCC are currently reviewing the merger and will release their decision on September 10th. Furthermore, Coles’ baked goods are not freshly baked daily; the $2.5 million fine they got for spreading that pork pie obviously hasn’t hindered their growth though. l A new cafe has been proposed for the Gladesville WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie rejoices at the Member for Newtown mobilising locals to engage in bogan turnbacks and preserve the sanctity of King Street. Dear LL – Did you see Greens MP Jenny Leong’s recent Churchillian exhortations to repel the barbarian invaders in the Sydney Morning Herald? I was particularly impressed with her canvassing a range of innovative solutions to the problem of late-night visits by the intoxicated lower orders to our famously tolerant neighbourhood. Such as instituting a “no dickheads policy”, deputising people to serve as ‘Newtown Ambassadors’ or even putting more cops on the beat. (Just so long as they are the “friendly, smiling kind” happy to confine themselves to visiting police brutality upon interloper surburbanites rather than busting jazz cigarettesmoking activists daubing anti-globalisation graffiti on walls). As Ms Leong observes, the “sexist, transphobic and racist dickheads” are unlikely to steer clear of King Street sans some pushback. So isn’t it time Newtownians start deciding who comes to King Street and the circumstances in which they come? Carlotta, Erskineville LL replies - I’ve heard naysayers raise nitpicking objections to recreating Newtown as a safe (i.e. working class-free) space. But I can’t see any legal or ethical problem with either the wallopers or some paramilitary force of Inner Westies being empowered to approach anyone acting suspiciously on King Street and demand they pass a ‘dickhead test’. This could compose of a few simple questions such as: Do you regard John Howard as “a champion”? Do you have the faces of your children tattooed anywhere on your body? Would you shoot a lion given the opportunity? A first offence would involve the undesirable treated humanely and put on an express NightRider bus to Blacktown. Of course, any repeat offending would result in a visit to a grim interrogation room at the Newtown cop shop for a session with some phone book-wielding Roger Rogerson type. n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden been well-loved by residents of Victoria Place who have concerns a cafe will exacerbate the lack of parking and disrupt the area’s vistas. ‘glocalisation’, that dastardly symptom of transnational empires crusty academics have been whining about. Last week a plethora of ‘hip’ and ‘down to earth’ advertisers and PR agents converged on Glebe’s community basketball court to film a new Sony advertisement. They weren’t keen on sharing details but it involved a desk, an old computer and lots of bearded men with beanies, and no basketball. l A new artistic program will come with this year’s Leichhardt Fringe, a festival running concurrently with the Sydney Fringe Festival. Although we don’t know much about it yet, we hear it celebrates the area’s street art, ‘fast art’ and anecdotes from Parramatta Road. Can it attract a new crowd to Leichhardt? We hope so. l The Inner West has fallen victim to JOURNALIST Max Kobras JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov Bridge Marina in Drummoyne, hoping to attract waterside residents and boaters in for chai lattes and muffins. Despite Canada Bay Council looking favourably on the development, the proposal hasn’t FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history The Mortlake Gas Works (on Breakfast Point) is considered to be one of the driving forces for the growth of a unique identity in this suburb. Interested in the area’s accessibility by land and water transport, the Australian Gas Light Company purchased 42 acres of land on the south side of the Parramatta River, although this soon increased to 120 acres. In contrast to the small works that existed in Balmain and Five Dock, the Mortlake Gas Works was to be their flagship works, promoting a grandness of scale yet to be seen. The world’s second largest gas holder was built here in 1917 with a volume of 361,000 cubic metres. n Image courtesy of Canada Bay Council WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter Feeling gassy? Things we love: EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Millie Cotes, Bobbi Lewin Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted How good is recycling? But what’s even better is re-using! Reverse by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy Garbage on Addison Rd in Marrickville are the re-using experts and of advertisements or information. here at Ciao we think it’s great! Set up in 1974 by a group of teachers We welcome unsolicited editorial and who wanted to divert rubbish from landfill, Reverse Garbage is a place pictorial contributions. The opinions where materials are stored and sold in order to be reinvented for other expressed in Ciao Magazine are purposes. Reverse Garbage has really lived up to its name, diverting those of contributors, indemnifying around 33,000 cubic metres of rubbish per year. You can find just about the publisher from inaccuracy anything at this place, from buttons and fabric to old sporting equipment or consequences arising from its and furniture. The concept of Reverse Garbage operates on a donation reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced system, from businesses and the community. The warehouse set up without written permission of the makes storage easy and is a place where shoppers can rummage through publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free the reusable goodies. Reverse Garbage also run a series of workshops to publication. Turning trash into treasure help people to creatively re-use. C!ao’s voice In • Paramatta River dolphins • Lockout law trials in Newtown (unfortunately) • Newtown Social’s new look • Eight-year-old hero Bailey Wrigley from Concord who saved his mother’s life by calling triple zero • The vitamin D filled days of late winter Out • Coles coming to Five Dock and Annandale • Smoking in outdoor food areas • Inconsiderate parkers who block driveways • Parking rage directed at aforementioned parkers (everyone just needs to chill!) Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Sam Moran gets us in the mood for his show ‘Play along with Sam’ at the Footprints Ecofestival held at Whites Creek Valley Park in Annandale. Image: Ben Cregan C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes It’s time to oil up! Get wise to alternative oils that are not only kind to you but the environment too! I believe that for the most part people are conscious of environmental concerns and have every intention to contribute positively to the future. But with our busy schedules and the plethora of products out there it’s hard to follow through on good intentions. The thought that your favourite make-up remover could contribute to deforestation and the destruction of endangered species' habitats, while being entirely possible, is an abstract idea. The recent media attention surrounding palm oil has had a sobering affect and has once again reminded us of our own responsibility to shop wisely, even when it comes to our luxury items. You don’t have to go without though; Ciao roadtests the best alternatives for your skin, hair and home. instantly you have an all-purpose cleaner that is really effective. It’s great to use for an acne treatment as well, just mix a few drops of tea tree oil into your current moisturiser (perhaps your new coconut oil-based one wink, wink) for great results. For the really committed amongst us, there is even a recipe for homemade tea tree toothpaste. RANT Lavender oil Sustaining unreason There is hypocrisy at the heart of sustainability as a concept: it is more the result of blind faith than rational analysis, and it is a rich-man's regressive nonsense that condemns poor non-whites to ongoing poverty. Underlying sustainability is a belief that humanity is coming up against hard limits in resources, and that there is some level of carrying-capacity that we are already exceeding. This has been trotted out since Malthus in 1798, since Paul Ehrlich in 1968 and every decade since. Simply, that is wrong. We are not at peak anything. We have more known oil reserves now than when Ehrlich was writing. We have plenty of food. Thanks to Norman Borlaug and his successors, we don't have a food production problem - we have a food distribution problem that is driven by the failures of human politics. We don't have an energy problem - we have an energy policy problem. And with increasing urbanisation and agricultural productivity, we don't have a land problem either. Over-population concerns are nonsense. Demography is a hard science, and we know world population will peak in our lifetimes. We know wealth, urbanisation and increased agricultural productivity reduce reproduction. We know we have sufficient resources – even in the absence of policy competence. Sustainability concerns aren't merely overblown, they are the result of lousy analysis driven by ideology. Which makes claims to 'scientific sustainability' all the more egregious. We are constantly making new opportunities to make our environments more productive. Limits are not hard. That is what has led to our unprecedented prosperity and what sustainability thinking misses. It is what has led to the Developed World's health, security and ability to address needs other than food and war. But that's only possible when we do, in fact, innovate. Under the guise of promoting sustainability, many in our society are stopping the very activities that can make our world more productive. A more productive world is one that lifts the world's poor out of poverty. That gives them what we enjoy today. The very fogginess of sustainability as a concept allows a hodge-podge of anti-innovation, anti-trade, anti-technology and anti-population ideas to coagulate in a cloud of self-righteous unreason. Care about the Developing World poor? Then stop opposing GM rice that prevents child blindness and death. Worry about yields? Then stop demonising herbicides and pesticides that have no proven link to any ill health effects. Want eternal, available and practical energy? Support nuclear. Believe everyone should have enough protein? Then don't push indulgent policies that increase the cost of eggs, beef, chicken and other meats. Believe in equality? Then really analyse economic and technological history, learn from it, and give the world's poor the chance to live like we do. Lavender oil is no exception when it comes to the multipurpose wonders of natural oils. It has many benefits, including hair care (apparently it has proven to help with hair loss!) with a study showing that regularly rubbing lavender oil into the scalp encourages hair growth and can act as a preventative measure for male pattern baldness. That's pretty cool! I like using lavender oil to scent my house and bathroom. It has a subtle and relaxing affect, which isn’t surprising as some say it eases insomnia. Cedar wood oil Coconut oil Coconut oil is a favourite of mine. It’s great to cook with, boasting benefits for weight loss, digestion and your metabolism. Coconut oil is also an environmentally friendly beauty product. It’s great for your skin as it hydrates and moisturises, and also works a treat in strengthening nails. I use coconut oil as make-up remover; it gets rid of make-up easily, leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh. A lot of insecticides have extremely harmful and harsh ingredients. Even if you’re buying a product that is labelled as ecologically friendly, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Cedar wood oil is used for mosquito and insect repellent, driving away mosquitoes, flies and other insects from your house. You can sprinkle it on your pillows or sheets for an effective and safe repellent. Tea tree oil Making your own shampoos This particular oil is a jack-of-all-trades. It assists with cleaning, sunburn, acne and even head lice. For cleaning, I would recommend mixing tea tree oil and water into a squirt bottle - One product that often contains environmentally-nasty palm oil is our shampoos. Short of never washing your hair again (not recommended), it’s often very hard to find alternatives. Until now that is! Here is a fun and quirky recipe for an environmentally friendly shampoo. • 1/2 cup liquid castile soap • 1/4 cup canned coconut milk  • 1/4 cup honey • 2 tbsp fractionated coconut oil • 1 tbsp Vitamin E oil • 40 – 50 drops essential oils You can swap around different essential oils depending on your hair's needs. Is your home a chemical war zone? Dark Vanilla Jungle “There's not another woman in sight. They're all at home behind bolted doors and locked windows where they should be. I'm a fool to be out this time of night. I deserve what I get. I'm provoking it. If I get acid thrown in my face, I'll have myself to blame.” So goes the inner monologue of the young girl in Phillip Ridley's one-woman play Dark Vanilla Jungle, which follows a girl abandoned by her family and entangled with a gang grooming her for sex, before she becomes attached to an ill soldier. Played by Drummoyne's own Claudia Barrie, this girl is an example of one who slips through the cracks of the system into a world of abuse, an idea that speaks to the entire audience. Dark Vanilla Jungle tackles these powerful issues head on and in a form of theatre that is anything but easy. It will be running at the Old 505 Theatre in Surry Hills from September 1-12; tickets cost $25 per person. Bookings can be made through n Thanks to Mad March Hare Theatre Company, we have a FREE double pass for Tuesday 1st September. Email with your email, address and phone number to go into the running. What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Sunday 16th August FREE Community are en ev ts listings Unless, of course, you'd prefer to feel morally superior. n Words by James Falk Every Wednesday email info@ Attn: Max A Touch of Italy with 89.3FM Bubble Soccer Exercise makes you feel good. Doing charity work makes you feel good. Running around playing soccer in an inflatable ball that protects you from nearly all harm makes you feel good. Actually that last one is just a lot of fun but that just makes this even better. Kikoff is hosting an afternoon of Bubble Soccer at Fraser Park from 2-4pm to raise money for ChildFund's work with children in Ethiopia. Tickets cost $35 per person so make sure to come down, you'll have a really great afternoon raising money for an even better cause. For more information, visit www. Monday 17th August RSPCA Cupcake Day No need to worry about falling over 6 The RSPCA is calling on animal lovers, regardless of their skill with an oven, to start baking up a storm for the upcoming Cupcake Day. A day of unparalleled importance for the RSPCA, this event raised $1.5 million nationwide last year that was used to help the 130,000 plus animals in their shelters across the country. Getting involved is really easy, simply register on their website and you will receive a host pack with all you will need, including cupcake recipes from celebrity chefs such as Curtis Stone and Julie Goodwin. So come on, people, for the love of pets, get cooking. Plenty of buyers here at the C To register as a baker, please visit Beginning in April this year, Angelina Rossi has been presenting an Italian programme with 89.3FM community radio. Running every Wednesday from 5-6pm, Angelina has been playing the most popular Italian songs, particularly from the '70s and '80s and it has proven a hit in the Inner West's migrant population. Whether you are feeling a bit homesick for the mother country, or just curious about the Italian music scene, make sure not to miss this broadcast. 89.3FM is based in Fairfield and Liverpool, but you can tune in from anywhere! Support community radio... When: 5-6pm Wednesdays on 89.3FM Make a cupcake or the mutt gets it See page 8 for more what's on...


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Do your knees go weak at the thought of going to the dentist? Here at White Leaf Dental, we understand that having a dental phobia is a real concern for many people, which can lead to many years of putting off seeing a dentist and being embarrassed about your teeth. NO GAPS dental check-up includes an examination, clean, and radiographs (if required), for everyone that has private health cover. For those who don’t have private health, receive the same service at a 50% discount. 9716 8500 Open 6 days Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD


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n Local Gigs Saturday 22nd August n Local screens Bec Sandridge Folk singer turned synth '80s sound. Can't say that the '80s is my favourite decade for music (no I'm not saying there is no good '80s music), but surprisingly enough I'm actually digging this. If you need a comparison, it's the same ball park as Sia's newer stuff. Newtown Social Club, $15 Sunday 23rd August FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs n Your screens Four checks out Tris' new no-fuss hairdo The Divergent Series: Insurgent Happily, the second instalment of this dystopian YA franchise is brisker than the first and wastes no time in explaining the back-story of this post-apocalypse future and its complicated factions. It’s straight into the running and the gunning, and this time Tris (Shailene Woodley) has settled into her role as teenage Joan of Arc. Happily too, her hunky fella Four (Theo James) is still around, though it seems his past may be compromised... Their oppressor and overlord is played by a very mean and nasty Kate Winslett, enjoying herself immensely playing against type. M ★ On Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from Aug 12 Very layered and oddly dreamlike music, a lot of it would suit as a soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland or something equally bizarre. Cassandra's voice is beautiful and I really like her sounds, not sure that I need it in a live gig setting though. The Vanguard, $15.80 Sunday 6th September Cassadra Braslin The geeks shall inherit the hood Dope Junkyard Festival This is the kind of stuff keeping Sydney's music scene alive! They are still yet to drop the line-up but definitely add this to your calendar because it is certain to be a dope mix of the sickest bands in Sydney. All Junkyard's shows have been tight, so my hopes are very high for this one too. Botany View Hotel Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his two friends Jib and Diggy live in one of the roughest parts of gang-infested LA. Their school has armed guards and is patrolled by sniffer dogs, but these three kids don’t do drugs, sell drugs, or embarrassingly, know anything about drugs. And yep – they’re black, so are you confused now? Well, you’re supposed to be, Rick Famuyiwa’s very smart coming-of age comedy aims to subvert all our cultural perceptions. They’re geeks, bright kids who like “white people stuff ” like good grades, applying for college and unfashionably retro punk hip-hop. But as its zany plot rattles along at a roller-coaster pace, they find themselves landed with a backpack full of “molly” (ecstasy) they have to sell – or be killed. At the same time Malcolm is applying to get into Harvard, and the way those two storylines intersect is really what gives this refreshingly original movie its sting. To top it off, there’s a killer soundtrack with four new songs by Pharell Williams. A coming of age story that broaches new territory. MA15+ from Aug 20. Ciao's pick: Irrational Man "So much of philosophy is verbal masturbation," explains drunk and dissolute philosophy professor Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) to his students, including an infatuated Jill (Emma Stone). No wanker himself though (he's too bored to get it up), Abe stumbles on an idea that brings back his mojo – he decides to kill someone, a notion rationalised by his reading of Heidegger and Nietzsche. Woody Allen may have done existential conundrum stuff before – and better – but what other filmmaker does it all? He’s as brisk, brittle and clever as ever, plus this one has something more: Mr Phoenix’s very impressive tummy. M from Aug 20. Black Sea Nowadays, any heist movie with a bunch of hard men behaving badly just has to get Ben Mendelsohn on board – described here as “half-man, half-fish, all psychopath.” Though the lead in Kevin Macdonald’s claustrophobic and very intelligent thriller is taken by Jude Law, who plays a rogue submarine commander. After hearing of forgotten Nazi bullion on the bottom of the Black Sea (in a pub!) he pulls together a misfit crew and heads off. Once under water though, greed and desperation take over. Go Ben! M ★ On Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from Aug 12 George Gently Series 7 ★ Thanks to Sony Films Releasing we have 5 double Sydney's new height of music in-season passes to give away. Details below. A Woody moment for Abe CIAO! is Bella That's amore! No, we aren't advertising ourselves; CIAO! is a dancing and theatrical extravaganza set to wow crowds at this year's Ferragosto. CIAO! tells a story that many in the Inner West can relate to, that of the life of an Italian migrant in 1950s Australia. Filled with laughter, comedy, dance and emotion, this is a story that will forever remain relevant in our proudly multicultural city and sheds light on current challenges. Through dance and song, follow the story of one person's struggle, and eventual success, to find community and life in a foreign land. This production is expected to be one of the stand out performances on the FerraVarieta Stage of Ferragosto and, according to Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, will help, “Five Dock come alive with the taste and sound of Italy.” Ferragosto will be returning now for its 18th year; it is great to see the festival coming back each year with bigger and better spectacles for the community to enjoy. n For more information of CIAO! and Ferragosto, please visit WIN DVDS! It’s 1969 – a tumultuous decade is almost over and oldschool Inspector Gently (Martin Shaw) has coped with the changing times rather better than his more impulsive side-kick DS Bachus (Lee Ingleby). As always, the four lengthy and satisfying episodes of this latest popular BBC series give us plenty of meaty social issues to chew over, though often the Mad Men-style sexism (and the smoking and drinking on the job) are jaw-dropping. Still, this is intelligent character-driven crime drama at its best. M ★ On DVD available now WIN DVDS & MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win one of 5 DVDs of The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Black Sea or George Gently Series 7 or a double inseason pass to Dope, just email your name and postal address to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email, but give us a preference. Thursday 20th August Astronomers Behaving Badly Today's idea of the universe as a complex, energetic and stunningly beautiful place has not been achieved without some controversy. Over the years, the conduct of astronomers in dispute with one another has often been bizarre, sometimes cruel and inevitably hilarious. Occasionally, their falling outs have even reached astronomic proportions. If this sounds like your cup of tea, come along to Five Dock library and let radio presenter Fred Watson take you on a 200-year-long journey of astronomers behaving badly. For more information or to make a booking, visit Saturday 22nd August Saturday 22nd August Cooks River Day Out Leichhardt Long Lunch Beautiful enough to fight over 8 An initiative of Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber and sponsored by Leichhardt Council, the first ever Leichhardt Long Lunch is about to arrive. Featuring huge communal tables, food and wine stalls, artisan merchandise stalls and a plethora of cooking demonstrations, this event will highlight the immensely diverse Anyone for seconds? culinary creations in the Leichhardt LGA. This fabulous feast will start at 10am at Leichhardt Town Hall and is completely free to all visitors so make sure to be a part of this landmark event! For more information, please visit The Cooks River is changing – wetlands are being restored, the riverbank is being naturalised, fish are returning and the bird life is abundant. Basically, it is once again becoming an incredible example of Australian nature so come and celebrate this fact! Free, fun and family-friendly, Marrickville Council is hosting a day to enjoy this wonderful area and learn more about its rehabilitation from the professionals working there. You can take a tour, discover how the area is improving and participate in handson activities to too! You may even be roped into some gardening so bring your green thumb. For more information and tour registration, visit: Only at the movies Aug 20 More local movies at n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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Footprints EcoFestival Sunday August 23rd at Whites Creek Valley Park The much loved Footprints EcoFestival is returning to Whites Creek Valley Park in Annandale on Sunday August 23rd for its fifth year and is bringing with it an amazing line up of feel-good workshops, educational entertainment and deliciously sustainable food to gnaw on! Lights, Camera, Peddle Sam goes bush for the EcoFest Swap your threads Are your ready for an eco-fashionista frenzy? Drop all your unloved clothes off at the festival between 11 and 11.50 am to participate in a conscientious clothes swap between 12-2pm. You have two hours to find as many items as you have donated, and then you get to take them home! Clothes swaps are the best way to refresh your style without contributing to landfill or the chaos of an overflowing wardrobe. Us Inner Westies are pretty stylish, so you’re sure to find some real treasures. Also it’s best to get back to the clothes swap right on 12pm as last year most of the clothes went in half an hour. Get some gorgeous threads Go green Kicking off at 11am, the whole family will be kept entertained at the EcoFest with workshops as diverse as worm farming, how to attract native bees, and making recycled art for kids. There will also be native wildlife shows, letting you get up close and personal with the local fauna hiding around the area, and fantastic main stage entertainment, headlined by former Wiggle, Sam Moran. Other main stage entertainment includes the Yaama Boys, Ecopella and Ciao Magazine’s very own Recycled Fashion Parade! Last, but certainly not least, the bicyclepowered Footprints Film Festival will be returning once again with a setlist of locally-made short films that highlight various ecological issues. Powerful and all telling important messages, these films are an unmissable part of Footprints EcoFestival. Whether you’re an avid environmental crusader or an eco-novice, there is something for everyone at this community day and we really encourage you to come along, have some fun and learn how to make your carbon footprint just that little bit smaller. One of the major festival highlight is the annual Footrints Film Festival that runs as part of the EcoFest. This year, 16 short films will be screening, made by pros and amateurs alike. We are looking forward to Bettong Bungalow, a story from the perspective of Brian the bettong. Brian is a small animal on the brink of extinction hoping to build a new home. Bobby Brown Homelands follows the journey of Antikirrinya Elder, Bobby Brown, to his home in outback South Australia, which was subject to British nuclear testing from 1953. Vacant goes straight to the heart of Australia’s largest carpark at Melbourne airport, exploring the symbolic possibilities of its subterranean twists and turns. The screenings will run from 11am – 3pm on site, with the Footprints Film Festival winner announced at 2.30pm. Did we mention the cinema is bicycle-powered? Ride-on in. Smile at a crocodile OUR FASHION PASSION Ciao’s Recycled Fashion Parade will be at 1.45 pm, featuring local Vinnies and Red Cross outlets, as well as fabulous finds from Eva’s Vintage and Recycology. A wood of workshops A plethora of workshops will be held throughout the day to engage your green thumb and stimulate your biochemical brain processes. For those tree-huggers among us, you can participate in tree planting activities and check out the wild animal display, and sink your paws into a native bee-keeping workshop (11:30am, 12:30pm and 1.30pm) or a bush tucker class (12pm and 2pm) held by Terry Lennis. Cornersmith Cafe will be sharing their culinary secrets in a Pickling & Preserving workshop (12pm and 2pm) and Traditional Fermenting lessons (11am and 1pm). For aspiring sparkies (or those just sick of their toaster spontaneously conking out) The Repair Cafe will be open all day to help you learn how to fix broken electrical items. You can bring your appliances in for a little TLC. Check out the Footprints EcoFestival guide over the page for a full program of the day’s events. Meet the greenie genies footprints ecofestival FREE E V E NT SUSTAINABLE & RECYCLED FASHION PARADE Parade 23rd August 1.45pm-2.05 pm Whites Creek Valley, Annandale (Cnr Piper and Young Sts) S U N D A Y 2 3 A U G U S T 11 A M – 3 P M F O OT P R IN T S E C O F E S T I V A L 2 0 1 5 W H I T E S C R E E K VA L L E Y PA R K C N R P I P E R & S M I T H S T A N N A N DA L E STUMPY THE TALKING TREE ROAMING ENTERTAINMENT FOOD STALLS MARKET STALLS ECO FRIENDLY WORKSHOPS BIG AIR SCHOOL DEMONSTRATIONS ECO ANNANDALE 2015 EXHIBITION MAIN STAGE ENTERTAINMENT CHILDRENS ENTERTAINMENT FEATURING ‘PLAY ALONG WITH SAM’ CYCLE POWERED CINEMA TREE PLANTING Proudly supported by This is a free Leichhardt Council event Participating local businesses include: Recycology, Vinnies Rozelle, Vinnies Leichhardt, Red Cross Newtown, Eva’s Vintage Annandale and more. community glamour at its best! 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham NSW 2049 Ph: 02 9518 3696 NOW OPEN Leichhardt Local History Grants People, Place and Events 2015 Funding Round Leichhardt Council is seeking proposals from eligible organisations or persons to undertake projects about people, events and places of historical significance to the Leichhardt LGA; comprising research, collections, archiving, conservation, publications and exhibitions about Leichhardt’s social and cultural history. Grant Amount: up to $5,000 will be available Closing Date: 5pm 30 September, 2015 Project objectives: to encourage and support original research and to support voluntary local history work in the Leichhardt community The grants commenced in 2005 and this year funding is available for projects which significantly improve the local history of the Leichhardt LGA. Further information, criteria and application forms can be located on the Leichhardt Council Website at Bridge Hotel Rozelle 1941 th Please walk, ride or bus to the festival! F O R ALL EVENT D E TA I L S , T I ME S A N D T R A N SP O RT IN F O V ISIT W W W. F O OT P R I N T S E C O F E S T I VA L . C O M . A U 6 For more information contact Marilyn Taylor, Library Manager, Leichhardt Library Service on (02) 9367 9336 or email


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WHITES CREEK C O T TA G E : Eco Annandale 2015 ‘Conversations in the Cottage’ Toilets T H E S TA B L E S : Permaculture Workshops + Tree Planting White Street Skate Ramp Big Air School Demonstrations Community Garden Annandale Childcare Centre Bake Stall 11am–3pm CLOTHES S WA P : FOOD FOREST Native Bee Keeping Free Bicycle Service Garden to Table Community Garden 11am–3pm Drop off clothes for swap 11:00am Footprints clothing swap 12:00noon Recycled Art Workshops for Kids Face Painting Cycle-in Cinema Wetlands Piper S Worm Farm Trailer Composting & Worm Farming Workshops Bike & Blend treet First Aid Whites Creek Wildlife Animal Exhibition Repair Cafe + Bicycle Valet Bicycle Racks Pickling & Fermenting Demos Homemade Beauty Products Workshop Leichhardt Council Community Bus Stop Wisdom S Community Nursery 11am–3pm treet Main Stage Fill up your water Water bottle Station Gillies Lane Toilets Smith Street c Aquedu Market & Food Stalls t Young Street OTHER ACTIVITIES: Cycle-in Cinema Tree planting Wildlife animal exhibition Roving entertainers Face painters Market & food stalls footprints ecofestival S U N D A Y 2 3 A U G U S T 11 A M – 3 P M FOR ALL EVENT DETAILS, TIMES AND TRANSPORT INFO VISIT WWW.FOOTPRINTSECOFESTIVAL.COM.AU Proudly supported by Gillies Street This is a free Leichhardt Council event Please walk, ride or bus to the festival!


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FREE E V E NT footprints ecofestival S U N D A Y 2 3 A U G U S T 11 A M – 3 P M FO OTPRI N T S E C O F E S T I V A L 2 0 1 5 Water Station W H I T E S C R E E K VA L L E Y PA R K C N R P I P E R & S M I T H S T A NN ANDALE M A I N S TA G E 11:00am–11:30am Yaama Boys (Traditional Aboriginal Dancers) 11:45am–12:15pm Ecopella 12:30pm–1:30pm Play Along with Sam (featuring Sam Moran) 1:45pm–2:10pm Ciao Magazine recycled fashion parade 2:20pm–2:55pm Julia Jacklin 3:00pm Win a bicycle (drawn on main stage) WORKSHOPS Traditional fermenting 11:00am, 1:00pm Permaculture in the Food Forest 11:00am, 1:00pm Composting & worm farming 11:00am, 1:00pm Backyard native bees 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm Clothing Swap 12 noon (drop off clothes from 11am) Pickling & preserving 12 noon, 2:00pm Garden to table 12 noon, 2:00pm Homemade beauty products 12:30pm, 2:00pm Repair Café 11:00am–3:00pm Recycled art for kids 11:00am–3:00pm Worm farm trailer 11:00am–3:00pm


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n FEATURE down to the manmade wetland area and to Rozelle Bay Community Native Seed Nursery. There I met Doug Anderson, Leichhardt Council’s biodiversity officer in charge of the Native Revegetation Program. Gillian and Doug settled into a lively discussion of the return of the micro-bats to the area. Doug pointed out that micro-bats play a vital role in the program. “If you want to recover native bush areas, you want pollinators,” he says. Micro-bats perform this task. Blue Tongue Lizards and Superb Fairy Wrens are other examples of species returning to the park. This return of native flora and fauna is the goal of the community-led revegetation program. “Twenty years ago, there was no bushland to speak of in the council area,” Doug tells me. The program has put around 100,000 plants in the ground and now there are approximately five hectares of revegetated land. Doug Anderson: Biodiversity Officer The return of native flora and fauna is the goal Program volunteers collect seeds in local bushland, which are propagated at the Native Nursery. Once flourishing, these plants are taken back out to be planted. The council has set aside locations in parks, “strategically revegetating areas where there are locally vulnerable bird and animal species,” said Doug. In order for natural regeneration to occur, seeds of the native plants must be present in the soil. Callan Park is one of the most important remnant bushland areas, with trees that go back to before European settlement. in the river, Cr. Lloyd explained. A healthy river supports life around it. The Catchment Group looks to enhance the physical and mental health of of residents by creating open spaces nearby with access to the river, which will provide opportunities for swimming, walking, and cycling, and children’s play areas. This plan creates habitats for our social lives to flourish along with the flora and fauna of the area. Businesses will benefit by increased public access to the river, which is expected to bring additional revenues for the councils, flowing back into the revitalisation of the river. n Do Your Part Both Whites Creek Valley Park Food Forest and Orchard and the Native Regeneration Program depend on volunteers to keep the programs growing. Contact to volunteer for bushcare or at the nursery, or to volunteer at the Food Forest. To learn how you can help make the Parramatta swimmable, visit www. While you’re there, vote for the place you would most like to take a dip! Bobbi Lewin looks through the gathering clouds of climate change to find the sustainable future being sown by dedicated locals. With the current state of urban sprawl, the ever increasing pollution of our waterways, and a dwindling oil supply, it’s easy to imagine a dystopian world where clean water is sold on the black market and people starve because they don’t know how to grow a pumpkin. Here in Sydney’s Inner West, communities are coming together to create a future filled, instead, with clean running water, abundant food sources and lush swaths of regenerated native bushland. Green Keen to be Down by the River The Parramatta River starts as a trickle in Blacktown Creek in the west, flowing east to Sydney Harbour, with many small creeks and tributaries along its wide expanse. A confluence of local councils adjoining the river, The Parramatta River Catchment Group, is leading the Our Living River initiative to make the river swimmable again by 2025. Describing the initiative, Parramatta Mayor Scott Lloyd tells me, “We need to have a holistic approach, working across boundaries [of council areas]. We have to have everyone come together.” Historically, the Parramatta River was a favourite place to enjoy swimming, fishing, and other water-based activities. Since the 1950s, however, the upper and mid reaches of the river have become so polluted that these are no longer safe activities in all but a couple locations. Stormwater runoff is one of the greatest threats to the ecology of the river today, and raising awareness of this is a major goal of the initiative. As residents of the Inner West, it’s our responsibility to keep the river clean. “If people toss something down the sink or the gutter, it ends up in the Parramatta River,” says Cr. Lloyd. Our Living River wants to get this message out to the community through an online voting campaign, community events and signage along the river-way. This initiative is about more than taking a dunk Plant Your Future Permaculture can be practiced at home, from pots on a balcony to a backyard garden. You can also create your own bushland at home, building important habitat for endangered native species. Here is a small list of native plants suitable for small gardens: • Banksia serrata Old Man Banksia Tree, grows up to 8 metres high • Callistemon citrinus Crimson Bottlebrush  Shrub, up to 4 metres high • Correa reflexa Native Fuschia Shrub, to 2m • Westringea fruiticosa Coastal Rosemary Shrub, to 1.5m • Hardenbergia violacea Native Wisteria Climber • Pratia purpurascens White Root Ground Cover For more information visit: Friends of Whites Creek Valley Park oversee the Food Forest located in Annandale. Gillian, FOWCVP secretary, explained how the Food Forest differs from a traditional community garden or orchard. “At first, some people might think there are just weeds in there,” she said, waving her hand to the ground cover of clover and ryegrass which are an important part of the permaculture foundation of this garden. A permaculture garden is modelled on a natural ecosystem; it is self-sustaining and uses organic techniques for improving the soil and warding off insect invaders. It is a system that keeps producing and in greater abundance than a traditional garden. Leichhardt Council unveiled the Food Forest in February 2015. The forest is a system of vertical layers starting with ground covers of herbs, an intermediate level of bushier vegetables, low growing shrubs, and berries, with a canopy of fruit and nut trees. Because it’s built on a slope, the terraced garden was designed with swales - humps and dips - that prevent soil erosion and water runoff. The central terrace is a sitting and picnic area bordered with a grape-arbor-covered path. Gillian says the FOWCVP foresee having harvest events such as olive-picking days or marmalade days in which to share the bounty of the forest with the community. The sharing of the harvest will also be based on the principles of permaculture: earth care, people care, and fair share. This includes sharing with the birds and animals. “If the birds are taking too much, we’ll have to net the trees,” Gillian laughs. In addition to edible benefits, the Food Forest is an opportunity for the community to learn valuable food-growing skills. “When we run out of oil, it’s going to be very expensive to buy food that comes from a distance,” Gillian explains. We followed the strip of native bushland that runs along the edge of the Food Forest, leading Growing a Future On a sunny Sydney winter afternoon that knocked all worries of the depleted ozone layer out of my mind, Gillian Leahy and her handsome chocolate Lab, Baxter, took me on a tour of the sprouting Whites Creek Valley Park Food Forest and Community Orchard. The constant gardener, with companion 12 “when we run out of oil, food will be expensive” There’s food in them thar hills!


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leichhardt bowling & recreation club - LIVE BOXING WATCH COVERAGE FROM 7.00PM LIVE IN HD ON THE BIG SCREEN OZ battle -VSM at c h D at e s : Eden Park, Auckland trans-Tasman The Ultimate NZ LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB Qantas Wallabies face off against arch rivals the All Blacks Saturday 15th of August 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Would you pay more for your energy if you knew it was renewable? Yes. I wish we weren’t in a position where the government was so against renewable energy. It’s embarrassing. Sheryl, Petersham Yes. This is our future and if means paying for it now then it’s worth it. Madeleine, Leichhardt Yes, definitely. This is something I feel quite strongly about. I’m an interior designer and it’s an important thing to consider with every decision I make within my industry. I try and get clients to think about renewable energy too. Vee, Erskineville Yes. The extra money would be worth saving the planet we are on. Troy, South Port No. I don’t buy cage-free eggs, I buy the cheapest ones. Why would this be any different? It’s more about keeping costs down for me. Omar, Newtown I don't have heaps of money at the moment, but I'd like to think that when I earn a bit more I would pay extra for renewable energy. If the government treated renewables as a utility, maybe that would bring the cost down for everyone. Lena, Five Dock Parabens, microbeads, sulphates and other toxic chemicals have been used in beauty products for so long that sometimes using a natural homemade product can feel a little ‘unclean’. In recent years there has been a shift away from mass-produced beauty products to chemical-free lines, large enough for even the big companies, to develop their own ‘eco-friendly’ ranges. With so many products out there making so many claims about what is in (or not in) them and no regulations, it is hard to choose the right beauty products. Even the ingredients on the back of some organic products read like a list of chemicals used in a paint factory. Recent attention has been given to “microbeads” (known as polyethylene and polypropylene), tiny bits of plastic used in cleansing products that claim to help scrub and exfoliate the skin. Microbeads end up in our waterways and are ingested by marine life. While the long term effects of microbeads on our oceans is still being researched, many countries have moved to ban them. Australia is phasing them out by 2016. Other nasties to avoid include sulfates and formaldehyde (AKA embalming fluid). Naturopaths and skin specialists, such as Balmain-based Cybele Masterman, have been advocating natural products for years. Masterman says, “The more I read, the more the beauty industry annoys me, from advertising and false promises to weird ingredients shrouded in magic and mystery. Magazines aren’t game to talk about it, because so much of their advertising revenue comes from the cosmetics companies." Cybele advocates making your own beauty products saying, “Some of the most powerful and active beauty products can be found in our kitchens.” Cybele's is holding two workshops on DIY beauty products at Annandale Footprints Ecofestival this Sunday 22nd August, at 12.30pm and 2pm. Face off Housing plans rejected Leichhardt Council has refused to sign a memorandum of understanding with UrbanGrowth NSW regarding UrbanGrowth NSW’s Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Strategy. UrbanGrowth NSW is a state-owned corporation responsible for the delivery of Government 'urban transformation' plans. Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous says the strategy contradicts council policy regarding housing density. “This MoU would simply facilitate the State Government vision for implementing increased housing densities in Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Annandale and Camperdown and we will not be part of that with all the extra traffic and pressure on open space,” she said. While the renewal strategy plans for 100,000 new residences, Leichhardt Council says their own Live Music and Off Broadway Initiatives as well as the Renew Leichhardt Project represent a more appropriate renewal strategy for the area. Changed zoning protocols have also been proposed by UrbanGrowth NSW for the Paramatta Rd stretches in the Kings Bay area of Five Dock, Burwood and Homebush. Sweet skincare Clearing Honey Facewash Ingredients ½ cup raw, unpasturised or manuka honey 2 drops tea tree essential oil Method 1. Mix well in a sterile jar. 2. Label with ingredients and date. 3. Store out of direct sunlight. 4. Test on a spot before use to test for allergy. How to use 5. Take 1/2 teaspoon of the honey on your fingers. 6. Warm it between your fingers. 7. Add a few drops of water if needed to make a spreadable consistency. 8. Smooth it on in gentle circles. 9. Rinse with warm water and pat your face dry. 10. If you have time, you’ll get the best results by leaving on for an extra 5 minutes before rinsing n Recipe: Cybele Masterman Girl-on-girl fight action Local entrepreneur recognised Kris Spann, the youngest ever president (31) of a local Chamber of Commerce (Glebe) and founder of communal workspace, The Works, was recognised for his outstanding business nous and community-centred attitude at this year’s NSW Business Chamber Awards. Kris came away with a double whammy of awards, having been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Glebe Chamber of Commerce named Best Local Chamber. and locals living in the area. Spann says he was surprised by the accolades. “It’s the first time I have felt overwhelmed,” he said. “It was a chance to reflect on the projects I have been involved in over the past 10 years that have led to creating The Works." "The journey to here has been long and sometimes lonely and povertystricken. And not absent of self-doubt. I am gratful I have the opportunity at The Works to give back to people similar to myself, such as creatives, freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs who are in the same position I once was," Spann said. n The parklet program will begin being trialled around Glebe Point Rd during Spring. You can visit Glebe community’s new website here: Wimp no more 33-year-old marketing manager Angela Mann, from Russell Lea, competed in the finale of this year’s Wimp 2 Warrior challenge, which takes 50 ‘wimps’ and subjects them to a 22-week mixed martial arts fitness program. After competing in a series of gruelling challenges in the Wimp 2 Warrior finale, Angela won against stand out competitor Renata Hidajat. “After months of early morning training and both physical and emotional bumps and bruises, just stepping into the cage to face off with Renata was a really rewarding result,” she said. “The emotional and physical transformation I have experienced has been much more than I ever dreamed of.” The Wimp 2 Warrior program raises money for Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA), a not-for-profit organization that advocates for improvements to child protection laws, supports families through court processes and provides child abuse survivors with martial arts and combat sports training. Glebe Chamber of Commerce was awarded for its development of programs that promote the area's creative culture, including a community website with local business listings, the huge success of the Glebe Street Fair and an upcoming trial of a “parklet” program, where on-street parking is used temporarily to create small socialising areas both for visitors to Glebe's young over-achiever The finale attracted over 1000 people to Luna Park’s Big Top and raised over $10,000 for FACAA’s regional outreach programs. 10


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FASHION The trendsetters were out and about when Kassia Aksenov took a look around Glebe Markets. These fashionistas all wear sustainable threads in the form of recycled wear.  Gemma gets double denim just right in an H&M top, Guess jeans and Senso boots.  Gemma is totally normcore in her glue T-shirt that she cropped herself, her jeans by Doherty, Volley shoes and Moto TopShop vintage-look denim jacket.  Amalya is stunning in her Primitive pants, her recycled jumper, leather bum bag and her headscarf from India. t Poppy’s patterned ensemble comes together well as she teams a vintage ‘90s dress, vintage jumper, New Balance shoes and pineapple Gorman socks together. tDan is so boho in his vintage shirt and jacket.  Montana does the retro look well in her Urban Outfitters top and dress as well as her TopShop boots. Her bag is In between Tangerine from Bondi. t Gabriel is channelling a ‘70s vibe in his girlfriend’s dad’s T-shirt, General Pants shirt, secondhand jeans and op-shop bought shoes. t Jeremiah looks dapper in his vintage shirt, Jay Jays chinos, locally sourced shoes and Levis jacket. The striped Cotton On socks -set the outfit off!  Katie is head to toe in recycled fashion!  Brooke looks fab in a crochet cream vintage dress, Witchery black top and Wittner boots. Her bag is from Free People and her denim jacket is delightfully vintage.  Ram is a person of the rainforest in his forest wear, all of which is at least 20 years old. t Jessica is very Penny Lane from iconic film Almost Famous in her vintage coat, top and t-bar shoes, and her retro looking self-made skirt. STREET FASHION The best candid shots in the Inner West n Photographer: Kassia Askenov  Georgia is decked out in all vintage and doing it superbly, topped off with vintage Docs! t Rianon wears all vintage with an amazing burnt salmon coloured Kimono. Her vintage fedora hat gives off a festival vibe, while she keeps it cool in her staple high-wasted skinny jeans. Recycled patent flats are the cherry on top, adding an element of shine.  Lucy and Teagan are perfectly bohemian. Lucy wears op-shop blue dress and vintage boots. Teagan wears Arnhem flares, boutique belt and Asos top.  Flares are the hottest thing about winter! These patterned beauties are just divine. 15



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