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An A to Z guide of Silverstream School

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Silverstream School A to 
 Z Learners motivated to achieve and succeed


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Welcome Welcome to our A-Z Directory. Here you can find all the important information about our school from Attendance through to our approach to being Sun Smart and School Visitors. If there is something that is not in our A-Z that you would like to know about please contact the school office on 04 528 2596 or email Welcome to Silverstream School.


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A Activity Fee An activity fee is charged at the beginning of each year. This covers the cost of class trips and performances throughout the year. Any unused funds will be used to reduce EOTC (education outside the classroom) costs in Term 4. B Banking ASB School banking is available at Silverstream. Application forms to open an ASB account can be obtained from the school office. Banking day is every second Wednesday. Appointments Teachers are always happy to make time to meet and talk with you about your child’s learning. Appointments can be made directly with teachers. Attendance Regular attendance of pupils is required by law. If your child is going to be absent please use the absence form on our website by 9.00am or phone the school. Daily checks are made on all class rolls first thing in the morning and straight after lunch. The school office should also be notified of late attendance. Before & After School Care The YMCA runs an excellent Before and After School Care programme on the school site. This programme is open to all children attending Silverstream School. Enquiries and enrolments can be made by phoning 568 3252.


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Bell Times 9:00am School Starts 10:30am Morning Tea 10:50am Middle Teaching Session 12:50pm Lunch 1:45pm Afternoon Teaching Session 3:00pm School Ends It is important that children develop punctual habits and arrive at school on time. Supervision is provided from 8.30am onwards. C Charter Our School Charter is available on our website. Chug-a-lugs Chug-a-lugs is a school running programme for Year 3 to 6 students. It happens on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:30am. Bike & Scooters Police recommend that the best age for children to start biking to school is 9. They must wear a safety helmet and ride on the road. Parks for bikes and scooters are located by the pool. While Silverstream School will do everything it can to ensure the safety of this equipment at school, equipment is the sole responsibility of children and parents. Communication In order to aid fast and accurate communication, email and Signmee are used wherever possible. Newsletters are issued fortnightly and these also appear on our website. A weekly update is sent to parents each Friday. Information on most upcoming events will be listed on the school website. BYOD Our school offers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in Years 4-6. We encourage students to bring their own Chromebook or Laptop to school each day. Clear guidelines for this are set out in our BYOD agreement. Concerns If things aren’t going well…. and you are worried, concerned or have a complaint please come and see us. We can’t help problem solve with you if we don’t know about your concerns. Contact Numbers Please ensure that the school is provided with up to date home and work telephone numbers and additional contact numbers in case of an emergency.


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D Dental Service The Dental Van visits the school twice a year and pupils are notified of an appointment. The Dental Clinic is available at Trentham School and appointments can be made by telephoning 0800 825 583. E Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) At Silverstream School we believe the environment around us can support our learning just as much as the four walls of the classroom. We have annual EOTC programmes that happen in Term 4 each year, as well as other trips throughout Terms 1-3. Written permission is required for all extra-curricular activities and trips outside the Silverstream area. Permission for walks and activities within the immediate Silverstream area is given on our enrolment form. Our Year 6 students participate in a school camp every year. As a school we always plan to minimise as many risks with any trip we undertake outside of the school environment. The safety of everyone concerned is always given high priority! Donation Our Board of Trustees requests each family make a donation of $210 per child per year (with a maximum of $400 per family). If paid before 31 March this amount reduces to $180.00. A receipt will be sent home as this donation is tax deductible. Silverstream School relies on the generosity of annual donations to provide opportunities for your child’s education. Please note that although we request this donation from all families, payment is voluntary and children are not denied access to any part of the programme if you choose not to pay.


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F First Aid Our medical room is next to the Office. It is fully equipped and our staff receive regular training to care for your child if they get hurt. Parents will be contacted if children are unwell or injured. If we are unable to contact you in an emergency situation, children will be taken to the Medical Centre/ hospital to receive the care they need. H Homework Any homework given to children will be based on their learning needs. It is designed to support and reinforce learning and is a great way for you to ‘see’ what your child is currently learning. If your child is tired or unwilling to do any homework, leave it for another time and/or speak to their class teacher. Houses G Gates Our school gates are locked during the hours of 9:00 and 2:30. This is to ensure the safety of our students. When the gates are locked you can access the school via the main reception. To help foster and develop a sense of whanau and community, our school has a house system. Each child, teacher and family is part of one of these houses, each named after the four streets surrounding our school: Chatsworth/Blue Gard/Green Gloucester/Orange Whitemans/Yellow


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I Internet Safety Our internet usage is well monitored through our managed network and firewalls. All students must sign a ‘Smart Streamer’ user agreement which outlines our internet usage practices. L Learning Programmes Our learning programme are: • Well-balanced (a range of learning opportunities across all curriculum areas) • Student centred • Needs based • Culturally inclusive (Te Reo and tikanga Maori) • Authentic (real life learning) • Local and global including EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) For more information, check out: Our Curriculum on our website K Kapa Haka All students at Silverstream School participate in kapa haka as part of our learning programme. We offer an extension kapa haka group to allow students to further develop their skills and abilities. Programmes that offer extra support and extension: • Maths • Reading Recovery • Talented and Able • Quick 60 • Early Words • Reading Friends


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Learning Programmes (cont.) Lunches Other areas for you and your children to become involved in: • Interschool sports teams • Chug-a-lugs • Kapa Haka • Choir • Leadership roles such as School Councillor and House Captain • Music Groups Lunches are available to order through the school on Fridays. Children are not able to leave the school grounds to buy lunch unless they are with a parent or caregiver and must be signed out at the office. During the year several special fundraising lunches will be organised. Our lunch order from is available from our website. Leaving the grounds Once children are at school they are not permitted to leave the school grounds without permission. Children must be signed out by a Parent or Caregiver at the school office when leaving. M Medical History & Medication It is essential that up to date information be given to the school in cases where special medication is required. Please ensure that the class teacher and the school office staff are well informed and that medication is on hand if required. Lost Property We encourage all parents to name their child’s clothing. Lost Property is located in the corridor next to the Learning Hub. Every three weeks items not claimed are donated to charity. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for their belongings. Money & Valuables It is our policy to advise parents in writing if money is required at school. All payments should be in a named envelope and put in the classroom pouch to be sent to the office. Online banking is preferred. Children should not bring large sums of money or valuable items to school as we cannot accept responsibility for these.


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O Organisation of our school Our school has three teams - Ako Iti (Year 1-2), Ako Whanake (Year 3-4) and Ako Nui (Year 5-6). Our children will work closely with their year group throughout their time at Silverstream School, as well as work across year groups through activities such as buddy time. Orientation of New Pupils and Parents If you’re new to Silverstream School, come and meet with our Principal before you start! We can show you around, talk about our school, find out a little more about you and answer any questions you may have. Our Year 1 Team Leader maintains regular contact with all contributing Early Childhood Centres, and makes visits to them. Parent information evenings are held each two terms to discuss the starting school process. Pre-enrolment visits as a group from early childhood centres are welcomed. As well as these visits, parents are invited to bring their child to school for individual visits on a Wednesday morning during the month before she/he begins school. The purpose of these visits is to familiarise both the child and the parent with classroom routines, to enable the child to settle more quickly at school. Visits can be arranged through the school office.


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P Partnerships for learning The best way for your child to achieve and succeed at Silverstream School is for us to create strong partnerships – parents, children and teachers all working together. You are your child’s first teacher and we value the knowledge you have of your child as a learner already. At home: • Talk with your child all the time about what they are learning or what they are finding interesting at school • Help with homework – make this fun. If they’re tired – don’t do it, leave it for another time. Teachers are always understanding! • Check out the ‘Helping at Home’ resources relating to National Standards on our website • Visit and comment on our classroom blogs At school: Speak to your child’s classroom teacher to find out how you can become involved in these ways: • • • • • • • • Classroom helper Reading Friend Patrol Parent Learning Hub assistance Fundraising Team Geeks Group BOT Outdoor Learning Group Strong partnerships are in action when we have parents in school working alongside us! Anytime you are at school – we ask that you respect the rights of every child and their family, by keeping any observations or information about other children confidential. Policies & Procedures A copy of the school’s policies and procedures are available upon request from the school Principal.


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R Reporting to Parents Our goal is to regularly report to you about your child’s progress and achievement. To see our Reporting Timetable visit our website. Although these dates are set across the year - we have an 'open door' policy. That is, we are happy to meet with you at any time throughout the year to discuss your child. School Shirts & Hats Order forms are sent home twice a year if you would like to order a school shirt and or sunhat. A limited stock of sunhats and school shirts are available from the school office. House t-shirts are also available. Stationery At the beginning of the year stationery is sold online through OfficeMax. New Entrant Stationery packs are available throughout the year from our school office. Sun Protection Road Patrol Patrollers are out between 8:30-8:55am and 3:00-3:15am. Please help to keep your children safe by using the crossings and parking in a safe manner at all times. Children are required to wear a wide brimmed sunhat and to use sun block for all outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. We also encourage our children to wear sunsmart clothing (eg. t-shirts rather than singlet tops). Silverstream School sunhats are available through the school office. S Scholastic Book Club Catalogues are sent home twice a term and books can be ordered either online or through the school. Swimming Swimming is taught as part of our programme. Year 1-3 students learn to swim in our school pool. Year 4-6 students go to the Stokes Valley pool to have instruction.


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V Visitors For the safety of all our children all parents and visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor pass.



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