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Silverstream School Internet and device safety pamphlet

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Be Screen SMART By……. Taking regular eye breaks Make sure you look away from the screen at least every 15 minutes Resources Check out these NZ resources about being SMART online. Netsafe is a New Zealand independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe and responsible users of online spaces. SMARTstreamer: SAFE Smart Sitting properly and comfortably with a device Support your back - don’t hunch. Make sure your device is not on your lap. Taking finger breaks Rest your fingers when doing lots of typing. Do finger exercises on your table. Child friendly search engines Getting up and moving Stand up - stretch and move from where you have been working. ! We’d love you to be part of developing digital learning at Silverstream School ……. At Silverstream School we have a ‘Geeks’ parent / teacher group. The group meets monthly to discuss how we are developing our digital learning at our school. Contact Bryan Trevean for further information: Developing Digital Citizens that are motivated to achieve and succeed at Silverstream School


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At Silverstream School we are developing innovative learning environments that support all children to achieve and succeed. The schools’ SMARTstreamer model of learning encourages are students to be: ✴ SMART Thinkers ✴ Self SMART ✴ People SMART ✴ Safe SMART Be SMART Online T.H.I.N.K By using ……. SMART Media: When I am online I need to T.H.I.N.K SMART Relationships: I will be a good friend online and only create a positive footprint SMART Responsibilities: When I am at school I will follow the online rules SMART Surfing: When I am at school I will always be in the correct online space T H I N K is it True? is it Helpful? is it Illegal? is it Necessary? is it Kind?



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