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i like to think that every one of our songs needs their own interpretation that i must use my voice to find that that special tone and character that the music and lyric express asa zack daggy when did you first decide to purse a career in music asatron i never really planned for a career in the music business i just have to make music it s a way of living for me nowadays i think it s a pity to keep my songs for myself so i publish them and hope someone will listen and like them and if i manage to make a career i ll be very pleased zd what bands have you worked with a in my first band i played the keyboards it wasn t really my thing so i bought a guitar and joined a female group called krakel zpektakel i ve been faithful to the guitar since then we played our own material and preformed on clubs in stockholm after a couple of years me and the bass player started a new band amnesia we mixed my songs with covers when the keyboard girl moved out of town and the guitarist died i moved on to play the guitar in different bands for a while one of them was a female hard rock band called stone face i was also a singer in pharmacy of hope lasse thomasson s project then i decided to take a break from the music and became a mum to two wonderful girls a couple of years passed and then i couldn t resist the offer to play with the cover band no jive i m still working with them at the same time lasse thomasson asked me to work with him again and we started strangers in wonderland we released our debut album shadows last autumn zd what made you decide to start a solo project?


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a it was a lot of hard work making the album and when it was finished we decided to take a break suddenly i had a lot of music i didn t know what to do with so i started asatron my solo project i do everything myself play all the instruments and do all the singing write all the lyrics and music produce and record everything in my own studio and try to promote my songs as good as i can not my specialty though zd how would you describe your style a i would like to belong to the rock genre i ve got my roots there but i also like to mix and try different styles in my music i read a description of art rock somewhere and thought it did fit me quite well rock with an artistic touch zd where do you find inspiration a i find my inspiration in everything i hear see and feel i collect scenes from life and try to make music out of them of course love is the biggest source of inspiration but i m also very interested in the opposite hate ups and downs heaven and hell laughter and cries everything that thrills my mind gets into my music and lyrics zd what has been the best moment of your music career thus far a this is a tricky question for me sometimes i simply really love the rehearsals with the band when we play together loud and heavy and i feel the vibrations from my distorted guitar in my whole body sometimes i get very excited about a sound i found in the studio or a mix i like but hearing myself on radio charts is of course very good for my ego for the mind one of the best moments was performing whispers live with strangers in wonderland and the wonderband zd what has been the worst moment of your music career thus far a many years ago i went with the band to another town to play we had to hire a bus to get all the equipment it was hard to find the right way and it took much longer to get there than it should when we started to play there was 2 people in the audience not funny another thing was when we played outside at a festival and it began to thunder i was electrified from the microphone right into my lips it hurt like hell i tell you zd studio vs live show which to you prefer and why a i can t choose i like both very much the studio work is creative and developing and the live shows are great because of the contact with the audience i often say that i belong on stage it s the only place that really makes me feel like home zd if you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry who would it be a i would love to play the blues with gary more i would love to sing a duet with glen hughes i would love to dance with madonna and would love to go into the studio with my favorite band saga zd if you had to describe yourself using only one word which would that word be a asatron of course catch asatron on mothpod 129 ­ signed sealed delivered mothpod 156 ­ the jigsaw is up mothpod 158 available october 19th 2009 at



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