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•Free Subscription• •Summer 2015• “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.” - Mark 1:3 Contending for American Freedom • Contending for Fundamental Christianity


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The Voice IN THE Wilderness PRINTED MISSIONARY The Voice in the Wilderness is a nonprofit, independent incorporation, founded by Rev. Dr. J. Royce Thomason D.P.D. Ph.D., evangelist and medical missionary. The organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world, especially in foreign lands. The program consists of building mission stations, supporting American missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching Christ to the lost. We are supported by the gifts of those who care. Contributions to The Voice in the Wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures. Gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to The Voice in the Wilderness. A fundamental publication, published quarterly in behalf of the work of the Lord and preservation of the liberties of our United States. Printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement t h i s m i n i s t r y. § § § In this edition... In every edition... Ronnie and Terry Williamson Evangelist/Editor Steve and Rebekah Lilly Staff Missionaries 4 5 6 12 13 14 16 20 22 23 24 28 3 17 18 29 31 Centennial Celebration Your Invitation Sermon: Upon this Rock Prayer Alert Repairs Needed Philippines 2015 WV Jubilee Venezuela Update My Summer Sunshine New Resources For God's Glory Hussein Obama Denies History My Personal Message Nuggets of Gold News Bits Club MIT Resources for You Read on your Android Mobile Device For Personal Correspondence, Contributions, Address Changes, New Subscriptions, There is no subscription charge; all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it. Address all correspondence to: The Voice in the Wilderness, PO Box 7037, Asheville, NC 28802. Dr. Ronnie L. Williamson Dr. J. Royce Thomason Memorial Voice in the Wilderness P.O. Box 7037 Asheville, NC 28802 Voice (828) 649-1043 E-mail for address changes only: Sign-up for The Weekly Voice e-mail: Write to us 2•The Voice in the Wilderness - Summer 2015 Quarterly Edition


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Dear Friends: It is amazing that half of 2015 is now history. The Lord has given us some wonderful opportunities thus far this year. Please take a few minutes to read about the fruitful trip to the Philippines. There is an excellent report from several of the pastors in Venezuela. Also, please take note of the Washington, DC, “Awake America” pastors meeting. Not trying to rush the year away, however I would like to bring your attention, Lord willing, to some special events for next year. In 2016 Dr. J. Royce Thomason, founder of The Voice in the Wilderness, would have turned 100 years old. I’m not sure Heaven marks such events, but God’s Word does record births, deaths, and celebrates individual lives. Lord willing, as another year rolls on, The Voice in the Wilderness is planning a “Founders Centennial” in honor of the life and ministry of Dr. J. Royce Thomason, Evangelist and Medical Missionary. We will highlight the following: • One lifetime lived 1916-2006 • One ministry continues • One influence for eternity I pray that this emphasis will encourage some pastors, churches, and individuals to recognize the potential of one life lived for Christ. In highlighting the life and influence of Dr. J. Royce Thomason, we will briefly look at: • The voice of a man • The vision from the Lord • The victories we claim There are a number of projects and events we will share over the next eighteen months. One particular item is the verse-by-verse study of More on see p.27 Give online @TheVoice_NC or visit •3


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The Book of Revelation written by Bro. Royce. Over 40,000 copies have been distributed worldwide. Many pastors and churches have stated that this is the best study they have ever read on the book of Revelation. The last printing in paperback cost over $2.00 per book, and now it is considerable more to print a comparable edition. The last quantity, in order to get the cost down, was 10,000 books. With every copy now distributed, the urgency to reprint is even greater. Please pray with us about this project and possibly the completion during the “Founders Centennial “celebration. Thank you to all our good friends and prayer partners who have stood with this ministry for well over six decades. God bless you richly, and please let us hear from you from time to time. For Christ and Souls, Ronnie Williamson Isa. 40:31 Happy Trails………. Without question Dr. J. Royce Thomason was one of a kind! As well, The Voice in the Wilderness is just as unique as the founder. Bro. Royce enjoyed his meetings across the country, alongside the Maryland area being dear to his heart. Come join us October 11-14, 2015, for a special time of Revival and Remembrance at The Black Rock Bible Church in Smithsburg, MD. Also, in honour of the 100th commemoration of Bro. Royce’s birth, we will remember God’s blessing on One Life, One Voice, and One Ministry. Contact The Voice in the Wilderness for additional information. 4•The Voice in the Wilderness - Summer 2015 Quarterly Edition


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If you are sincerely interested and would attend, please complete and mail to: The Voice in the Wilderness - PO Box 7037 - Asheville, NC 28802 Please send information, registration details and cost to : Name_________________________________ (Individual) (Pastor) Address___________________________________________________ City____________________________State________Zip____________ Home Church_______________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ How many attending with above name___________________________


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Sermon OF THE MONTH U pon T his R ock The apostle describes the believer’s relationship before God, the believer’s riches by Jesus Christ, and the believer’s role in this world of darkness. Listen carefully to the Scripture in I Peter 2:5 “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” It should be a given in our understanding that the church is to be acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. Each member should strive and desire to be acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. I Peter 2:9 expands this thought when the apostle writes, “Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.” I was a long-haired, bell-bottom wearing, surf board toting, lost 17-year old driving a pick’em-up truck listening to Three Dog Night, Blood-Sweat-and Tears, Chicago and Cream. What education I had was godless, evolutionary public school, and my thinking was stinking bad. Now listen to this. Today I am seeing and hearing vestiges of my lost days adopted by churches across America. That rock n roll is in the church with the beat, bass, and boom put to Jesus words. More and more from the pulpit to the pew they are looking like my lost high school buddies and even worse. Surely anyone saved out of this world system would recognize the world creeping 6•The Voice in the Wilderness - Summer 2015 Quarterly Edition


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into the church. That seems to be a ‘no-brainer’ let alone spiritual discernment for the born again child of God. There is no one perfect writing or preaching this message. We all have feet of clay and daily deal with the flesh. No, it’s not a bunch of “rules and legalism” intended to take all the fun out of life. You see, my family and I have traveled around the world, and indeed it has been an adventure. We thank the Lord for these gracious opportunities. No need to post a selfie here or a moment of fame. All bragging rights left to others, but I can tell you we are having fun! So all that said, HIS CHURCH does not need to grapple with the world, stoop to the indignities of carnality, nor envy the wicked. As There must be a His chosen generation, a royal return to priesthood--HIS ABUNDANCE THE ROCK of IS OURS. Please don’t wear the world’s rags, eat the world’s slop, TRUTH nor dance to the world’s tune. If upon which the you do so, you cheapen yourself church is built. and forfeit the best for the crumbs and dregs of mortality. Just this week, I spoke with a dear brother whose church is regularly packed with people, souls are being saved, and their ministry is global. Yet they have not surrendered conviction, separation and standards. The church must not rock and roll and dress like the world with a Sunday, Hollywood production. Jesus promised, “I will build my church.” It is our responsibility to live acceptably according to His Word and Will. There must be a return to THE ROCK of TRUTH upon which the church is built. There is an urgent need for a transforming of our minds by the Word of God that we may discern that which is acceptable to Him. We can stand upon THE ROCK of JESUS CHRIST and not be moved by every wind that blows ill our way. More on @TheVoice_NC or visit •7


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Too many pastors in pursuit of success and fear of failure have thrown in with the compromise. The sheep are led astray, goats are mingled in, and thus you have this present world’s way of doing church. Yes, Jesus was a friend of sinners, but not a friend of this world’s system. Here’s the facts as they are: • You have a free will to choose. Standards and separation are choices that we as believers make even though God’s Word is clear on the subject. Sadly, today those who have chosen to move away from Biblical separation and embrace contemporary ideas that are unscriptural have become intolerant and even hostile toward their brothers and sisters who choose to stand where they once stood. Does “…it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord?” Joshua told the people to choose this day whom ye will serve. His admonition was in the context of separating from the god’s of the Amorites. The church cannot choose to serve the Lord and not separate from this world. • The church must look beyond the target. Never make the mistake in believing that your children will maintain or elevate your standard. For convenience, tolerance, or enjoyment of life a compromise will only be lowered by the next generation. Often the slightest change and “One of the most important documents a man ever signs is his Will. I can tell better what a man had in his heart by reading his Will than I can by reading his obituary. His obituary tells the world what his friends thought of him; his Will reveals what he had in his heart.” - A. M. Vollmer For as (a man) thinketh in his heart, so is he- Proverbs 23:7. Out of (the heart) are the issues of life - Proverbs 4:23. A bequest in your Will to The Voice in the Wilderness, Inc. can assure that the outreach of this ministry at home and abroad will continue after you have gone to your eternal reward. Prayerfully consider us in your Estate Planning. Thank you! IS GOD’S WORK IN YOUR WILL? 8•The Voice in the Wilderness - Summer 2015 Quarterly Edition


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compromise can be devastating for the next generation. Take a careful look at this statement: “The Cultural Revolution was now underway, and its overriding mission was to abolish: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.” Recently, a prominent contemporary church leader railed against the old hymnals, the old King James Bible, the old way of doing church, and the old dress standards. Barack Hussein Obama has kept his promise to change the old Constitution and the old founding fathers beliefs. By the way, that quote about the Cultural Revolution relates to Mao Zedong, who murdered over 50 million of his own people. This change that is going on in the church, and this change that Barack Hussein Obama is imposing on America is very similar to the Mao Zedong’s, Pol Pott’s, Stalin’s, and Hitler’s of the world. Mark it down, the changes that are being introduced in the church are far more expensive that any of us can afford. • Is there Bible on any of this? Please don’t fall for the devil’s lies that the Bible does not speak specifically on subjects like divorce and dress. Take a look at www. and read our articles on Divorce and Remarriage and Why We Wear What We Wear. God’s Word gives clear teaching on issues facing the church today. It is crystal clear from Scripture that God’s children are distinctively different from children of darkness. May I say as kind as possible for those caught up in the present day shift toward the “new ways of doing church,” the Bible says we are, “a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people;” and we are commanded to “love not the world…”. Yet, plastered all over the worldwide web are “church folk” in love with the world. Disneys “Let It Go” has become the theme song. Forget trying to discuss Biblical separations and standards, there is now a venomous hostility toward anyone living or preaching the dress, worship and music that they who have moved, once embraced. More on @TheVoice_NC or visit •9


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My wife and I stopped at a fast-food restaurant for lunch and the place was buzzing with several van loads of young people. They were wearing T-shirts printed with the name of their church. Again, as kind as possible, those young people and the adults with them looked like any other group. As a matter of fact, some would not have passed the dress code of the public school I attended before I got saved. Shorts, tank tops, skimpy tattered clothes, and worldly fashions seem to mean nothing to church folk any more. As a matter of fact, preaching on the subject are fighting words. It has been a joy and privilege to travel around the world on numerous mission trips. Sadly, in developing and third world countries many of our dear brothers and sisters ministering under extreme conditions have known more about the daily activities of American churches than my wife and I. They have told us about all they’ve seen on Facebook. Quite frankly, it is embarrassing, especially for these brethren, to see the extravagant, party life-style of many pastors and families in the USA. That says nothing of the casual dress posted for all Does today's generation even understand these symbols? Well, the church is not far behind the confusion. 10•The Voice in the Wilderness - Summer 2015 Quarterly Edition


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the world to see. Even secular psychologists are saying the “selfie” crowd has a need to say “look at me.” Look at me on my expensive vacation, look at me in my fancy restaurant, look at me and I could care less what you think! Duh? Could the church today be priming the Anti-Christ data banks for his computer systems information with our daily profiles and postings? Just this week, in lieu of the Supreme Courts decision on marriage, one radio personality mentioned the church has already destroyed the definition of marriage by radio the compromising position personality taken on divorce. When we back off on the Bible and fail to mentioned the comprehend the consequences, church has already it will be devastating to the next destroyed the generation. From a softening definition of stand on divorce, remarriage, marriage by the male/female distinction, uni-sex compromising dress, tattoos, body piercings, abortions, amusements, not position taken on to mention Bible versions, the divorce. hedge is broken and now rushes in unspeakable consequences upon the church. If the world takes us to court, puts us on the witness stand, and accuses us on the grounds of carnal churchianity, the preponderance of evidence is overwhelmingly guilty. “The darkness grows thicker around us, and godly servants of the Most High become rarer and more rare. Impiety and licentiousness are rampant throughout the world, and we live like pigs, like wild beasts, devoid of all reason." Did that sound like Bible? - That was Martin Luther of the 1500s. What would he say today? What does the Lord say today? More on @TheVoice_NC or visit •11


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ge Ur nt t No ! ice Please make the following prayer request a part of your daily intercession for The Voice in the Wilderness. THANK YOU This King James Bible, fundamental Voice is mailed to thousands around the world. Please pray The Lord will use something said to make a difference in a few and maybe this world. These are perilous times and it is critical to use every opportunity to get the truth out. Thank you also for giving financially to make this work possible. There are many needs in the Philippines and Venezuela that we can help with when funds are available. Souls are being saved and Churches are growing. Will you pray about getting involved in the Vision to carry the Gospel to these fields that are white unto harvest? If you do not receive our monthly prayer letter please call us or email so this essential information can be sent to you. We need your prayers.


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Over 1,300 cracks & 100 fallen ornaments My wife and I had the opportunity to take part in Capitol Connection March 23-24, 2015. After hearing some shocking statements repeated over a 3 day period by several different Congressman my concerns for this country were confirmed. The issues of Israel, Islam, and Iran came up over and over again with the bad policies of  Obama obviously weighing heavy on the hearts of some patriotic elected public servants. There was a desperate call for God’s people to pray for Divine intervention. It is a bold and tragic admission for a politician to admit it's "Washington, D.C. against the American people." Has the United States government degenerated to that extent. One Congressman told our group of Pastors that if something wasn't done very soon our children will be facing nuclear terrorism. Analyze it as you will, but there are those in high places exposing Americans to horrific threats. With abortion, same sex marriage and an intrusive government plaguing the health of America’s future, those who embrace the foundational truths that made this nation strong are desperate to see a soul saving miracle in this country. Wicked men and the forces of hell are aggressively attacking all that godly men and women have held dear throughout our history. Someone said "politics" means "poly" - many and "tics" - blood-sucking creatures. Thus many politicians are blood-sucking creatures leaching the life out of U.S. There are a few good and godly folk left in D.C. trying to make a difference and praying for a miracle. Visitng Congressman Mark Meadows As the manager of the Capitol construction stated, “...protecting it for future generations is the heart and soul of this project.” Restoration - Preservation is needed! Hearing Iwo Jima Medal of Honor Survivor and Members of Congress


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4 Churches, Missions Conference, Evangelistic Meetings To God be the Glory. Sister Terry and I had a safe and fruitful trip to the Philippines. It was a privilege to preach in four Churches conducting evangelistic meetings, a mission conference and a Church Anniversary. Over 50 precious souls responded to the gospel invitation. Permit me to share one of these great soulwinning testimonies. Pastor Eleazar served 11 years in the Filipino Airforce. God called him to Pastor, and he has had a burden for the men he served with in the Airforce. Two of those men came at the Pastor’s invitation to hear me preach. One man brought his wife, and praise the Lord all three got saved. The Lord met with us in each service. Even though it was 93 and 94 degrees each day, the people came. Inside one Church, it must have been 100 degrees. I have never preached in such extreme heat. Even Pastor Jardeleza had to be treated for the heat. Thank you for your help and support making this great event possible. We gave several hundreds of dollars in Bibles and materials to the Pastors and several wives. They were all so very appreciative.


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YOU may be the ONE More on @TheVoice_NC or visit •15



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