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A​ N​ ​ e​ w​ D​ i​ s​ c​ o​ v​ e​ r​ y I was moving into my new house, it was an very exciting day. I had my own room with a big wardrobe. When I first saw my room i explored the wardrobe and the first thing I found was an old bulky computer and this thing that looked like a hard drive. It looked just the right size to fit into the computer so I slowly inserted the hard drive. Suddenly there was a buzzing sound coming from the computer. I slowly opened the computer out flew a fly and the screen was covered in dust I blew the screen, hidden under the layers of dust was a dark black screen I looked everywhere but I couldn't find a mouse so I tried writing in enter and it started up suddenly I saw something that shocked me. My eyes flicked back and forth wondering if it was some sort of prank after all nobody would say that it must be a lie. I took one more look it said 'Dear reader, I must tell


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you that the founder of this disk will be in grave danger from now on your life will never be the same. Someone or something will always be lurking in the shadows watch your step don't trust anyone.' Then the computer turned off I tried several times but the computer wouldn't turn back on. Just when I was about to leave, my door slammed shut and my curtains pulled tight my room fell into darkness. I felt my way around the floor, when I found something like a trapdoor but the weird thing was I hadn't noticed it before anyway I pulled the top off and then I started to fall. Deeper and deeper it seemed like I was falling forever. After a while I finally reached the bottom I landed on the floor with a bang and I went out like a light. When I woke up I was in some sort of dungeon it had bars except they were more like laser beams and there was a big brick wall and not to mention the small barred window letting out a small amount of light. ' '.


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'Where am I?' I thought to myself I dared not speak what if someone heard me. Suddenly I thought back to the message, what if someone or something heard me, I froze with fear. This is crazy it was like a huge puzzle scattered across my brain suddenly not realising I did I let out a scream, my scream was so loud and so high that it broke the laser and set off the alarm. I quickly ran down the hallway until I came to a door, I tossed an idea inside my head maybe I should open it. But I had no choice I heard footsteps coming towards me so I pulled the door and kept running until I realised I was in a completely different world. I stopped and and stared, ' Where was I'...      by Angharad  



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