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How​ I​ Almost ​ Blew ​ up​ the House By Jemma.R It was a rainy sunday afternoon and I had to write a narrative before tomorrow. I thought would just look in the attic for my old writing book. I climbed up the old rusty ladder that lead to the ancient attic. “Wow,” I thought this place looks older than my parents and that's saying something . I ventured a little more into the attic and pull out an old chewed teddy bear and long forgotten suitcases. I reach my hand into a crinkled box and find a thing that look like a cd. On the front it was labeled floppy disc. I moved a few more thing to the side and found a big box. I open the box and blew the dust away. It was a very very old computer. I


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thought maybe the floppy disc might have something to do with the computer. I slowly put the disc into the computer. I went to put my hand on the mouse only to find it wasn't there. I had a lightbulb moment and wrote in start. The computer turned on to a black screen. Suddenly a bright red light flashed on the computer screen. "Warning,warning,"a deep voice croaked through the speaker,"computer will self destruct in five minutes,if you wish to stop sequence press 194a39o1". I frantically tried the buttons oh no I thought,these things are so unreliable. I tried the buttons a few more times my hands shaking more and more each time."Self destruct in five,four." I ran to hide behind a old cabinet, my heart beating three times its normal rate.


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"Three two one " the voice boomed. It didn't blow though. Then I heard the voice again,"self destruction failed try again another day.” Wow I thought what a day. I had definitely learnt my lesson. If it's old don't try it.



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