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The Living Computer

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The Living Computer I was searching through the storage cupboard at my new house there was a lot of boxes I had to search through and found a floppy disc drive with the words top secret on it. I put it to the side and carried on searching for another 10 minutes and then I found a really big and old laptop that was a bland brown coulor and I could slip the floppy disc in so I did. Beep Beep Beep the laptop was the first thing that I hear from the laptop. Hmm I said Maybe I could use the mouse and click the done button. Where is the mouse I said to myself so I wenT back to the cupboard and started searching again but after 1 hour rummaging through the cupboard I found nothing. So I went back to the the oldest laptop that I had ever


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but it wasn't there. Where is it I said to myself just then I felt something or someone tap my back I turned around. There it was the laptop it was alive. I quickly run to the closest cupboard and shut the door. It must of been the floppy disc I put in it. Bang Bang Bang I heard on the door I grabbed the mop opened the door. I hit the laptop as hard as I could. Shutting down it said well that was a very fun day cleaning for me.



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