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iscar reamer


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The Complete Reaming Solutions Package The world metal machining industry is growing and requires faster and more accurate tools which will in turn assure higher quality control standards. Our target is to reduce the operating cost by cutting machining times and improving product quality. ISCAR continues to provide revolutionary solutions for parting off, turning, milling, drilling and introduces unique tools for hole finishing applications. We are proud to offer the complete package of reaming solutions to our customers. This brochure was designed by ISCAR’s most experienced reaming specialists to guide our customers in selection of the most correct and optimal reaming tool for a particular application, in order to achieve the highest finishing standards. We tried to concentrate on the most important aspects, which will guide you all the time during your way to success. We at ISCAR believe in long term partnerships. We know that the customer's success is our success and our Marketing and R&D teams will accompany you from the project initiation until its final stages. Make the Right Choice! Production Flow Factors Reaming Technical Recommendations In order to achieve maximum precision in reaming, it is very important to pay special attention to the production flow factors: Coolant • Selection of a proper adaptation system. • Use of a good quality coolant directed precisely to the cutting edges. • Selection of the most effective reamer geometry and most suitable grade according to the workpiece material and shape. • Maximal rigidity of the workpiece clamping system (in order to avoid vibrations during machining). Adaptation • Reduction of reamer runout and ensure its center alignment in the machine. T.I.R. μ Workpiece Material Rigid Clamping 5


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Introduction ISCAR Reamers for High Performance and Guaranteed Reliability The reaming operation is the final one in the machining cycle. Tool failure at this stage will damage the part and in most cases will scrape it. Therefore it is strongly recommended to use the most reliable reaming tool. Disqualification Cost ($) Rough Milling, Finish Milling, Chamfering, Threading, REAMING Machining Sequence Part failure cost vs. machining operation sequence ISCAR reamers were designed by skilled and experienced engineers for maximum reliability. They are produced from the best and most advanced carbide grades for excellent performance, providing maximum productivity. The reamers are inspected using the latest, high precision equipment in special temperature and humidity controlled rooms to ensure perfect accuracy and repeatability. 6 ISCAR


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Introduction ISCAR Reaming Systems are Designed to Provide Solutions for Most Common Hole Tolerances (IT5 and up) IT - International Tolerance Grade - is a group of tolerances that vary depending upon the basic size, but have the same level of accuracy within a given grade. The smaller the grade number, the tighter the tolerance zone. Holes with IT6-IT9 tolerance grades are usually manufactured using reamers. Tolerances can be expressed on a drawing as direct limits, or as tolerance values applied directly to a dimension. For example: Ø21.53/Ø21.55, Ø21.54±0.010 and Ø21.53 0/+0.02. Standardized tolerances: Ø16.2H7, Ø25F6. In order to obtain these tight hole tolerances the reamers have to be manufactured with a much higher accuracy. At ISCAR we developed our own rules which determine the reamer manufacturing diameter and tolerances. These rules are based on DIN 1420, but are much more accurate. Use a Reamer if Tight Hole Tolerance is Required ISO Tolerance 286-2[µm] Ø size mm Above 3 6 10 18 Up to 3 6 10 18 30 5 4 5 6 8 9 6 6 8 9 11 13 IT 7 10 12 15 18 21 8 14 18 22 27 33 9 25 30 36 43 52 Tolerance values are in µm ANSI B4.1 Ø size inch Above .12 .24 .40 .71 Up to .12 .24 .40 .71 1.19 5 .15 .20 .25 .30 .40 6 .25 .30 .40 .40 .50 Grade 7 .40 .50 .60 .70 .80 8 .60 .70 .90 1.00 1.20 9 1.00 1.20 1.40 1.60 2.00 Tolerance values are in thousandths of an inch 7


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Introduction When Good Surface Finishing is Required The geometry of a hole drilled in metal may not be accurate enough and may not have the required smooth surface finish for a specific application. Drilling followed by reaming generally produces hole geometry and surface finish that is as close to theoretical perfection as possible. ISCAR reamers can achieve the Mean Roughness Ra of 0.05µm (.002 µin) and up, depending on the workpiece material. Sample Traced profile is the enveloping profile of the real surface acquired by means of a stylus instrument. The traced profile consists of form deviations, waviness and roughness components. Perthometer M1 Object: surface finishing report Material: SAE 1020 steel # Lt 5.600 mm (.22") Lc 0.800 mm (.031") Ra 0.223µm (0.009 µin) 8 ISCAR


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Introduction When Good Roundess and Cylindricity are Required Roundness The tolerance zone which is limited in the measuring plane, perpendicular to the axis by two concentric circles. ISCAR reamers can achieve the roundness of 1 (.00004 µin) and up, depending on the workpiece material and machine condition. (x2000) Calculation Method (evaluation element): LSC Roundness: B001 1.4570 µm (.0574 µin) Cylindricity The tolerance zone which is limited by two coaxial cylinders. ISCAR reamers can achieve the cylindricity of 2µm (.00008 µin) and up, depending on the workpiece material and machine condition. (x3000) Calculation Method (evaluation element): LSC Simple Cylindricity: 2.6811µm (.1055µin) 9


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Introduction Reamer Selection This flow chart describes the sequence of logical steps for reamer selection. • Machine type • Machine condition • System runout Adaptation Type • Hole diameter • Tolerance grade Reamer Type Hole type Flute Geometry and Coolant Supply Direction Lead Angle • Required surface finish • Workpiece material Grade 10 ISCAR


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Introduction ISCAR Reamer Type Selection This chart is designed to help choose the most optimal and effective ISCAR reaming solution for a wide range of various applications. Workpiece Hole Tolerance IT7 IT6 IT5 Table Feed Rate Conventional Reaming High Speed Reaming Higher Lower Small Production Batches Page 65 Economical Production Page 15 Accurate Production Page 37 11


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Introduction 12 ISCAR


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Introduction Interchangeable Solid Carbide Reaming Head System For high productivity and accuracy (tolerance grade IT6 and up) Standard range: Ø11.5 to 32.0 mm (Ø.453 to 1.260") Indexable Single Blade Reaming System For extreme accuracy of IT5 and up Standard range: Ø8.0 to 32.0 mm (Ø.315 to 1.260") Solid Carbide Reamers For conventional and high speed reaming Standard range: Ø3.0 to 40.0 mm (Ø.12 to 1.60") Solid Carbide Drill Reamer For increasing productivity by performing two operations with one tool. Standard range: Ø3.0 mm to 20.0 mm (Ø.12 to .78") 13


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