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2013 YEAR END EDITION ZAFCO holds 8th World Sales Conference Participants adopted different angle in looking at sales


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ZAFCO CELEBRATES 20TH ANNIVERSARY 2 Decades of Battles and Victories. 20 Years of Milestones and Downfalls. 240 Months of Defining and Redefining. 1993, the ZAFCO Journey Began. June 16th was a historic day for the ZAFCO family as the company came together to celebrate 20 years of groundbreaking achievements. Taking place at the Jebel Ali headquarters in the Muhammed Hussain Auditorium, ZAFCO’s 20th anniversary celebrations were a tremendous success. The ZAFCO 20th Anniversary celebrations honored the one, essential ingredient that has driven ZAFCO’s excellence: its people.


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ZAFCO’S FOOTSTEPS IN RETAIL Martino Tire Company, a leading automotive retailer in South Florida that comes under ZAFCO International USA, plans to add two more locations to its network – through new store openings and strategic acquisitions – to bring the number of stores to 11. The company already opened three new locations in 2013 in Boynton Beach and Sunrise – key geographical growth areas for Martino Tire Company. Another automotive retailer that comes under the umbrella of ZAFCO is ZDEGREE which was founded in the year 2011 in Dubai, U.A.E., and launched its first retail outlet in a petrol pump at Al Khail Road. ZDEGREE has recently introduced its fleet service center at its flagship location in Al Quoz, Dubai. The automotive maintenance company now offers fleet services, facilitating large-scale, automotive services to companies that operate small to large number of vehicles. And now, ZDEGREE has recently introduced a unique way to serve automotive customers in the UAE with the launch of www.myzdegree.com/tires. The online portal allows customers to buy tires at the click of a mouse from the convenience of their home or anywhere they are.


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OPEN HOUSE WHEELS IN BUSINESS IN SACRAMENTO Over 150 to 200 people turned out for an open house event held by Wheel Mart, in conjunction with ZAFCO, in Sacramento on September 28th. The open house saw the showcasing of the FORCEUM brand, with other vendors included, such as GT with the Runway line, Horizon Tire with the Antares line and Saffiro Tire with the Atturo and Winrun lines. The response from customers impressed by the FORCEUM line of products was inspiring. Customers also called for an expanded light truck line, which they said would boost their businesses. Other events were a catered dinner, fun activities for children and a raffle. ZAFCO contributed customized zip drives and hats with the FORCEUM logo, as well as T-shirts, banners, posters and Thank You gift bags. ZAFCO UNVEILS ARMSTRONG BRAND AT SEMA It was yet another milestone for ZAFCO as it unveiled an age-old and trusted brand, ARMSTRONG, at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show that was held in Las Vegas in November. The great comeback was accompanied by the presentation of ZAFCO’s other brands – ZEETEX, OTANI, ACCELERA and FORCEUM – with visitors to the ZAFCO stand getting to see a lot more offer this time around other than the usual PCR/TBR line-up. ARMSTRONG registered its new reawakening by showcasing an interesting TBR line-up. An exciting gaming zone at the ZEETEX counter, a photo booth to pose with the ravishing Chevrolet C6 Corvette at the ACCELERA counter, and the conventional serving of popcorn throughout the booths not only revved up visitor interest but also helped keep hunger pangs at bay. SEMA, which is the largest automotive aftermarket expo in the world, featured some of the most impressively modified cars imaginable.


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ZAFCO OFFERINGS FOR US MARKET WITH TWO NEW PATTERNS OF ACCELERA ACCELERA launched two new patterns for the United States market at an event held on November 5 at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. The ACCELERA offering include the ZETA Z pattern and OMIKRON. The new offerings are geared to change the US tire scene, offering enhanced dry grip and steering response, good traction, exceptional ride comfort and good handling, exceptional mileage and reduced aquaplaning. The new patterns were unveiled through a contortionist event – showcasing the extreme flexibility of the human body with splits, backbends and triple-fold.


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REVAMPED ZEETEX WEBSITE ZEETEX is upping the online stakes in the tire industry with the re-launch of its website. Visually appealing, polished and professional, the website – which also offers region-specific capabilities – will introduce dealer zones that will allow ZEETEX dealers to log in and download product and promotional materials. ZEETEX pulled out all the stops with the new website, which is search engine optimized and features a search engine named ‘Tire Finder’, allowing ZEETEX customers to search for and find the exact tires that will give them the competitive advantage. The relaunched website will also have media page which will keep ZEETEX stakeholders in the loop when it comes to activities related to the brand. It will also update the concerned publics on the latest technologies available in the industry.


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ZAFCO EXPANDED THE ZEETEX WINTER AND SUMMER TIRE RANGE ZAFCO took the show to Italy in May and Las Vegas in November, showing off the new ZEETEX impressive range of patterns. First stop was Italy, where ZEETEX launched the new patterns of the Winter Tire category: Z-ICE1000 and Z-ICE2000C. ZEETEX’s Italian distributor presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony in Bologna, where all European distributors were present. That was just the beginning of the journey,next stop was Las Vegas, where the new ZEETEX Summer tire patterns were unveiled: ZT2000, HP1000, HT1000, AT1000, and the SU1000. To spice up affairs, the AT1000 and HT1000 were unveiled to customers during a hand-balancing act, and HP1000 and SU1000 was accompanied by an impressive hula hoop act that capped off a magnificent launch. ZEETEX IS ALL OVER THE WORLD 2013 is a blast for ZEETEX. The brand has been seen in major exhibitions in three continents. PNEU Exhibition in Lyon France was the first exhibition in 2013 where ZEETEX has participated. In collaboration with its customer, ZEETEX is once again seen in one of the most awaited exhibitions in Italy – Autopromotec – where the new winter range was launched. That’s not all, ZEETEX was Awarded “Most Innovative Booth at Tyre Expo Asia” in Singapore, one of the only booths at the show with its very own new signature café, Café Zee. That’s just the icing on the cake. Now it’s time for the main course. There is no other place to launch the new summer range other than SEMA in Las Vegas – USA. ZEETEX presence in any exhibition will never go un-noticed.


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EAT, SLEEP, DRIFT Ukraine, Thailand and Malaysia are considered to be the turf of ZEETEX when it comes to drifting. Alex Golovnya – ZEETEX Driver - overcame the odds to be crowned Ukraine’s drifting champion for 2013 with ZEETEX placing an impressive third in the Eastern Europe Drifting Championship (EEDC) held in Kiev. In Thailand, Mr. Tammarath ‘Mose’ Jitranuwath has seen his form improve dramatically with each passing race in the D1 Grand Prix Thailand Series of 2013 since the day he became a ZEETEX team member. His form in the last two races – Rounds 3 and 4, which were held in Songkhla, Thailand in August 2013 – has been encouraging and holds the promise of greater things to come. Let’s check out Malaysia. The first and second rounds of the TIMETOATTACK, which were held to commemorate Zerotohundred.com’s 10th anniversary, were a resounding success that saw the participation of over 100 elite participants in each round showcasing high-performance Japanese and European cars. Gerald Tan, of Team LTM/9tro, which was sponsored by ZEETEX, was in top form, taking first place in the Subaru WRX.STI class during the first round races held on May 19. Earlier, he had taken fifth place in the Nissan GT-R35 class. Four cars, led by a Singapore racing team, flew the ZEETEX flag high and proud at the event. They are the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the Subaru WRX.STI, the Nissan GT-R35 and the Honda Integra DC5.TypeR. CAFÉ ZEE: HOW TIRES AND COFFEE CAN BREW A BETTER GENERATION Naples, Italy: ZEETEX has inaugurated its first signature café, Café Zee on January 26, 2013, in cooperation with its distributor, Daisy Tires. Located within Daisy Tire’s retail outlet in Naples, the idea of a café was originally developed as a store-within-a-store concept to offer a customer a few moments of relaxation over a cup of coffee as they browse the retail store. “Think Emirates A380, and the lounging area/bar for passengers to briefly escape. That’s what we aimed for,” says Rashmi Bhola, Vice President of Sales for Europe. The concept slowly evolved to function as a subtle marketing campaign for ZEETEX as the customer is visually targeted through the brand logo and colors, sparkling curiosity and subconscious brand awareness. Moreover, the innovative platform of Café Zee provides ZAFCO with a way of contributing to the enrichment of society through collaboration with Smile Foundation, a non-profitable organization based in India, whose Mission Education Program focuses on providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children on a national level. “Café Zee is our way of saying thank you to society by giving back to them through our collective efforts with our patrons,” says a ZEETEX representative. It is a platform that will enable ordinary people to be a part of an extraordinary cause by making a small contribution with a large impact on the next generation.


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ZEETEX AND FORCEUM BRANDS MAKE SPLASH IN PHILIPPINES SunMaster Company held its two roadshows for ZEETEX and FORCEUM series in the Philippines to show the company’s appreciation for ZAFCO’s support for the brands. The first roadshow was held on May 17 and targeted fleet accounts in the Manila city area. The majority of participants were taxi and bus account holders, with 12 account owners in attendance. The second roadshow was held a day later for sub-dealer account holders, some who were already buying ZEETEX and FORCEUM brands. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to ZEETEX and FORCEUM clients among the sub-dealers. Over 25 account holders attended the roadshow. The two roadshows were bona fide success stories, with a FORCEUM order made two days after the events and several ZEETEX TBR and PCR orders in the pipeline. The roadshows involved viewings of the brands on offer and a presentation video on ZAFCO. Sub-dealer account holders were also taken in by ZEETEX and FORCEUM brand presentations and the special roadshow offers. PIRELLI’S ROMANIA FACTORY TOUR AN EYE OPENER PIRELLI (Abu Dhabi), ZAFCO’s business partners, had a fun-filled, memorable yet educational experience in Romania where they had gone to see the set-up of PIRELLI factory in Slatina. Apart from the factory trip, the delegation enjoyed a trip to Bran Castle, Parliament and the village museum.


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PIRELLI MAKES PRESENCE FELT AT FANZONE Pirelli took part in Fanzone, an event that takes place annually in partnership with Formula One, just before the F1 season finale at Yas in November. The two-week event, which opened on October 25, took place on the Abu Dhabi Corniche and attracted major footfall in the form of sports enthusiasts from across the country and their families. ZAFCO arranged a kiosk and a simulation of a Formula One car, where visitors got the opportunity to become a member of the Formula One pit crew as they help change tires under the supervision of expert. PIRELLI BURNS RUBBER AT MASERATI TROFEO PIRELLI’s PZERO performance tires proved to be in a class of their own at the Maserati Trofeo, the single-marquee motorsport championship held at Yas Marina Circuit from December 10 to 14 in Abu Dhabi. The event was organized by Maserati HQ to market their brand, as well as to highlight PIRELLI PZERO performance tires. The event was a mix of several races comprising Maserati’s, as well as other performance cars. The event sees customers purchase or rent a Trofeo car which is for track use only, then register themselves and their team for a season of race. Teams are not permitted to tune their engines but are allowed to adjust suspension, brakes and other variables.PIRELLI Abu Dhabi, being the dominant supplier of tires at the event, provided technical services such as demounting, mounting and conducting tire pressure checks.


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PIRELLI VISA CAMPAIGN WINS MARKETS OVER ZAFCO held a Visa card campaign for PIRELLI in the UAE, in which customers got a prepaid PIRELLI Visa card worth $64 (Dh235) following the purchase of four tires of 17 inches and above and a prepaid PIRELLI Visa card worth $26 on the purchase of two tires of 17 inches and above. The campaign, which was managed by PIRELLI’s regional office in Dubai and held in partnership with Visa, was run across all GCC countries at the same time. It was well-received across the market. Its prime intention was to keep customers excited about and loyalty to the PIRELLI brand. As part of the campaign, customers were informed they could keep the card even after exhausting the balance on it. TOYO‘S JOURNEY TO VICTORY In the month of January, ZAFCO had introduced the New Year Scheme for our Toyo dealers in Nigeria Any dealer achieving the target will win prices. ZAFCO has also shared a TOYO poster on Damaged Tires. Only if we know how the damage is going to affect us, can we take appropriate measures to avoid them. Another way to success was when ZAFCO organized a convention trip for TOYO dealers to the Japanese capital of Tokyo where they took part in five days of programs that enhanced their knowledge of the brand. Not only that, a Product Knowledge Seminar was conducted at one of its Angolan distributor where in the advantages of Toyo tires to the ZAFCO’s business partners were highlighted


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CARS DEVELOPS DEEPER APPRECIATION FOR NITTO TIRES The month of May saw ZAFCO organize a technical seminar at the premises of one of its customers, CARS, to raise awareness of the company’s products, as well as provide support and training services. The two-hour seminar, which aimed at boosting markets’ knowledge about tires, included a segment that focused on getting to know the NITTO product better, in which the key benefits and features of the unique offering were highlighted. In attendance were experts from across all departments, including technicians, mechanics, office support and management personnel. NITTO TIRES PROVE TO BE THE X-FACTOR AT ABU DHABI Team Fury, running on NITTO tires, flew the flag high and proud at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2013. Mr. Emil Khneisser, the driver of the Team Fury buggy commended the Mud Grapplers as the most capable tires he has ever raced on. This was Team Fury’s second consecutive participation in the race that took place in LIWA desert. Mr. Khneisser also thanked his Team Fury members – co-pilot Mr. Manie Krus, Mr. Vikram Dhar, Mr. Michel Fadel and Mr. Craig Tyson – and the team’s fans.


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ZAFCO LAUNCHES BONANZA SCHEME DURING OTANI CONVENTION TRIP 2013 ZAFCO and Otani organized the Otani Convention Trip 2013 for their customers and were taken on a trip to Thailand where they first visited the Otani Radial Factory in Sampran. ZAFCO also launched the Otani Bonanza Scheme for its dealers, a scheme that incentivizes the dealers who are meeting sales targets by the end of 2013 with exciting prizes DOUBLECOIN’S WAYS TO SUCCESS ZAFCO has proven their deep concern to their customers, conducting Technical Seminar on Truck Tires and Product Knowledge on DOUBLECOIN brand to our distributors in various places like Ukraine, is just one of list. Inviting customers from Russia and Vietnam to visit our Head Office and providing them the Dubai experience like never before was also organized independently. Meet and greet event was arranged to strengthen bonds in the Indian state. The meeting yielded the desired results with increased demand seen after the proceedings as every fleet owner present ordered DOUBLECOIN tires. DOUBLECOIN made their presence in several exhibitions in various countries as well. DOUBLECOIN made a splash at Jaipur Auto Show - India, displayed their humongous tires showing off their attractive patterns which captured a lot of attention at Automechanika – Dubai, and spiced up the flavor at the Tires and Rubber Exhibition in Moscow, Russia where DOUBLECOIN participated for the first time. DOUBLECOIN knows how to rock the show and stand out among others, wherever it maybe.


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ROADSTONE PAINTS ANGOLA RED Super Trading’s move to paint its official shop red, coupled with the installation of a huge ROADSTONE signboard, which gave Angolan sales an extra boost while making competitors green with envy. The advertising initiative has resulted in a Super Trading surging ahead of other auto service shops while raising ROADSTONE’s profile in the southern African nation. TRANE POWERS ANGOLA CUSTOMER AHEAD ZAFCO took the TRANE automotive batteries to a whole new level in Angola, partnering with Triton Commercial-LDA. The joint advertising and marketing initiative saw that Triton commercial-LDA brands one of their transport vehicles with the TRANE logo. This has seen the reputation of TRANE batteries skyrocketed in the country, as well as reaping significant positive results for ZAFCO’s Angola partner, which has been dealing with ZAFCO for more than a decade THIS IS THE WAY WE ADVERTISE IN U.A.E. ZAFCO uses several ways in advertising the brand it represents, shop board or a signboard is one of the way to captivate a prospective client by attracting one to enter the store and discover what it offers. A full size magazine ad is also part of the list. Branding materials like tire stand, roll up standees were also supplied to the dealers shop as well. ZAFCO distributed branded single-tire stands and roll-up standalone banners to its commercial partners and customers to create and boost visibility of ZAFCO brands.


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ZAFCO TAPS NIGERIA’S POTENTIAL ZAFCO held three product knowledge seminars for DOUBLECOIN, OTANI and TOYO brands last October 5 in Lagos, Nigeria. The OTANI product knowledge and TBR technical seminar was held at Royal United’s offices, while a similar TOYO seminar was held at Milan’s offices. DOUBLECOIN held a product knowledge seminar at Venti Limited’s offices. The company also held a TOYO technical seminar on tire maintenance for one of its fleet customers, PMT, on October 9. The customer was briefed on the basic functions of a tire, load index (load carrying capacity, speed rating and maximum speed), tire sizing and how to read the sidewall of the tire as well as understanding different sidewall markings and their significance. The seminar also touched on radial tire patterns and the significance of yellow and red spots. The response to the seminars was so overwhelming that ZAFCO believes it will soon create ripples across the Nigerian market.



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