Electric Chair for the Sun - Selected Poems 1990 - 2010


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Selected short poems from the decades 1990 - 2010

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electric chair for the sun selected short poems by david deubelbeiss


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my barn having burnt down i could now see the moon basho © 2010 by i m press isbn lccn printed in the whole wide world


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about the author david deubelbeiss is a writer and educator presently living in seoul korea he has traveled around the world living in many countries with his children books a working man s intellectual he espouses the philosophy of live simply simply live about this book this book contains a selection of my poetry written over the past 30 years i won t begin here to outline the travels encounters and readings that have sparked these poems they are simply meant to stand as a testimony to what has passed my way further as a description of my own being and beliefs the poems more or less are ordered chronologically you can see how i ve developed over time and also what has remained what lasts is always what counts i ve often wondered what i d write if i ever had to preface my own book now that i


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am doing it i find that i don t have much to say the poems stand on their own though as valery so well said a poem is never finished merely abandoned all i do have to say is about the title ­ electric chair for the sun it is one of many longer poems not included in this collection but it represents the idea running through most of my poetry the idea that man is himself unhinged ­ that modernity is indeed a sickness i m not suggesting that we give up hope for a better world i m suggesting we d better listen closer and deeper to those voices in the wilderness those bearded poets in the hills we d better listen to that lady in the cattle car screaming fire fire for we can pretend we are above it all in our riches and finery ­ however history shows how this kind of hubris ends in birkenau kolyma and guantanamo i m firmly convinced by my experiences that the need to belong is the deep cause of our afflictions it is both our hope and our undoing if we can somehow go beyond belong as human beings ­ we will bring about a better world i m not so convinced we can avoid belonging and iv


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expunge ourselves from creating the other and a banality that knows no limits i m not convinced but i remain filled with enduring faith for faith endures all i do hope we can pardon even the sun itself and let the light shine in this book you ll encounter a variety of poems some of delight and some of disgust some of love some of pain some serious and some silly some highly personal and some distant and philosophic however in all the poems i hope you ll find a poet who tried to wake others up to both the beautiful possibilities of life and also the horrid injustices man can inflict upon man links my blog http ddeubel.edublogs.org mypersonalpage http eflclassroom.com/david email ddeubel@gmail.com v


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acknowledgements thanks to my dear family who suffered me gladly all the friends that didn t or did get in the way along the way all those who wake up and like socrates of old think of the good grateful acknowledgement is made to cover photo courtesy of jason lupi http www.flickr.com/photos/jasonlupi clip art from ­ http clker.com/clipart with special thanks to member ocal vi


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food for thought uncle jacob forty years kneading dough after the war told me he had found only two ways of making bread the slow bake of philosophy the luxury of the rich or high minded for the rest the quick snatch of wonder between the long steady strokes of the whip then sternly his strong hand on my shoulder he said son always be on the other end of the whip for there they eat not bread but cake living is an affair for those who turn on the ovens 1


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my love can perform miracles i swear my love could silence the hum of this hornet s nest with one sure swat of her hallow hand i swear she could i have seen her do much more my world stops in her gaze the fire behind her eyes melting my chains my world hops to her ways i swear my love could break the heart of mankind with one simple smack of her red loaded lips she could thought she never would such are the miracles my love can perform 2


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love in the age of reason you said that our love should be honest as a bed yes that is what you said i said that our love should be noisy as a bed yes that is what i said now can our bed be both full of honesty and of noise yes we said such is the product of the difference between girls and boys 3


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esoteric erotica i study your pendulous breasts two suns buoyant pointing to fertile orb below i enter through vallied loins both phallus and heart magnetized by sensual expectancy i leave through tangled limbs quiet in relief washed by the breath of life i study your twisted reclining mass wondering if joseph mengele would see the same 4


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let s clean house don t talk to me about love the shirts need to be picked up from the cleaner s the cat s gotta be fed there s the hairdresser s and the new 5 slice toaster and remember tonight there is today s movie of the week love let s have children love let s join a fitness club love let s look at our new sofa love let s make it twice a week at 5:15 love i m reading a book about it don t talk to me about love when military spending is so low when i gotta plan this winter s getaway when it s raining outside when the neighbours just bought a new car when the alarm clock s just waiting to blow it s time to go 5


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don t talk to me about love let s clean house the little s are coming over 6


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thanksgiving day i remember well those bright dead days of autumn how my brother the great white hunter crushed the wee head of the partridge he had winged crushed it slow and rythmically with the heel of his heavy boot how the farmer `cross the road filled the burlap sack with sure and steady hand filled it with a litter of pups and flung it into the cold clear water of the crick i remember how my grandpa at the dinner table sucked and gummed his turkey with intense joy and abandon the juices edging out the sides of his eager hungering mouth how my young friends and i squatted over the chilled stiff fly and with the delicate hands of surgeons or lovers to be slowly one by one pulled each leg out from under its soft blue body 7


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i remember well those cool receding days of autumn i remember so i give my thanks my thanks not a sacrifice to a glaring moloch but only thanks that i am a man and not anything else 8



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