Lefika La Phodiso - Annual Report for 2014 - 2015


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Lefika's Annual Report for 2014 - 2015

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ANNUAL REPORT 1st March 2014 – 28th February 2015 Street Address: 2nd Floor CMI Building, Gate 13, Corner Hillside and Empire Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa Postal Address: The Art Therapy Centre, P.O.Box 3223, Houghton, 2014, JHB, SA Tel/Fax: +27 11 484 4672 Web: www.arttherapycentre.co.za PBO: NPC REG. NO. 2004/006249/08


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Table Of Contents Page Letter From The Executive Directors  Founding Director’s Report 2014 – 2015 - Dr Hayley Berman  Letter from Luke Lamprecht Lefika Funding Overview 2014-15 Community Art Counselling Training Training and Accreditation Lotto Funded Community Art Counselling Groups RMB Funded Community Art Counselling Groups  Lefika School Holiday Programme Mary Slack Funded Community Art Counselling Group – Open Studio Lefika’s Product Development Initiatives Textures Of The Couch In Action – Conference And Exhibition Social Media Workshops Held At Lefika Support  IPCP  SAPC  Union Of Jewish Women  Warm The World  Johannesburg Parent And Child Counselling Centre (JPCCC)  Fight With Insight  Artist Proof Studios (APS)  Volunteers And Internships The Lefika Team Thank You 3 7 9 10 11 15 17 18 19 23 24 25 29 30 Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 2


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LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS FOUNDING DIRECTOR’S REPORT 2014-215 DR HAYLEY BERMAN Once upon a time an elder went for a walk amongst the Baobab trees. He was curious and looked inside the hollow of the tree. He heard a buzzing noise, looked up and in seeing a swarm of bee’s glimpsed a strange round shape lodged in the top inner branch. H e created smoke making the bees drowsy and climbed the tree to retrieve a very heavy, perfectly round stone sphere. He contemplated this with some awe and wondered what such a heavy, perfectly round stone was doing at the top of a baobab tree. This stone was carried to the nearest village to establish if they knew of its’ significance. The villagers has spent 90 years searching for this Sacred Stone, the sangoma’s had tried every divining method to try to find it. It had been hidden by an old woman who was the keeper of the stone at the brink of a war. This wandering, curious elder returned it. However he was made keeper of the stone. This elder, who has been a very important teacher and mentor by chance introduced me to it. I was given the honour of holding it and feeling the extraordinary power of what felt like having discovered the actual Lefika La Phodiso- The Rock of Healing. “A true renaissance is a re-discovery of selfhood. Not a mere return to roots, a plunging back into one’s traditions, one’s tribal ways, one’s racial certainties. It has to be something deeper than that to sustain a new aesthetic of nation and culture a new coming together, a new fabric of being that can create a new gestalt for the world.” (Okri 2015) The discovery of the stone on the 20th anniversary of Lefika was a significant and symbolic marking of the place we are in. ‘Be careful what you wish for….’ seems to be the Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 3


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reverberating sense of this past year. Lefika was the recipient of Lotto funding for the first time – the funding we received was in response to a proposal we submitted three years earlier. Suddenly our little organization had to grow up rapidly, 16 sites, 32 Community Art Counsellors to employ to facilitate the groups, 2 training programmes – our Weekly Community Art Counselling training and beginning a Modular training offering our training to people living and working in Limpopo, Free State, Kwazulu, And Western Cape. We had no idea what that would entail. We have been able to build our team- bring on board a Full Time Art Psychotherapist to hold the important function of the training co-ordinator and keeper of knowledge, and an accreditation specialist to assist in the journey of transforming our Psychoanalytic Community Art Counselling training into a recognized SETA accredited NQF Level 5 course. Our team is almost exclusively comprises past students in portfolio’s including: Financial Officer, Programme Manager, Social Media Liason, Fund Developer, Exhibitions Officer including some extraordinary local and international volunteers. The abundance of projects brought with them the abundance of support, relationships, meaningful engagements and depth of thinking. Historically when things have got busy or overwhelming we have often gone into action mode with little time to think. This time the structures were carefully put into place with many supervision options for our students, Community Art Counsellors, and supervisors. The addition of a supervisors’ group facilitated by Psychoanalyst Mary Anne Smith, provided a valuable space for supervisors to be held, to think about and be thought about. We have a massive and honoured task of holding others and need the wisdom and presence of an other to hold the despair we sit with of accepting that there are some things that just can’t be fixed. With the end of the projects at the end of the year it was time to consolidate and gather the bits and pieces of a 20 year old organization to coincide with the 20 years of democracy in our country. It culminated at the beginning of this year with a Conference and Exhibition - ‘Textures of the Couch in Action.”. Symbolic on many levels, of having British Art Psychotherapist and Group Analyst -Sarah Deco visit and give the key note address and facilitate workshops. Sara was my teacher while studying Art therapy in 1991 in St Albans – she came to visit her ‘child’ see how she has grown up, meet her ‘son in law’ my partner in Lefika Luke Lamprecht, and her grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Community Art Counsellors and students brought together an extraordinary exhibition as well as rich case presentations showcasing the quality of the work carried out in various sectors; including children at risk, diversion programs, and work with parents and educators. With this powerful team Lefika is poised to grow to new heights and we have already seen increased levels of support, commitment and creativity in making this happen. The Children’s Memorial Institute is home to many child based organizations and we are Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 4


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delighted to have opened a Print Making and Ceramic studio that is an open resource for organizations at CMI as well as for children and adults in the inner-city. I had the opportunity of returning to my own image making process and exhibited at Solmes Delta in Franschhoek at the International Psychoanalytic Conference in February. The synergy of Lefika’s emergence has felt synonymous to re-finding my creative life, reflecting our broader core goals relating to creativity being essential for mental health. As facilitators of creativity being in touch with one’s own creative life force ensures that we can share that and replicate it - being a unique organization that can facilitate individual, community and societal change. ‘The earth turns death into flowers as we must turn failure into stars’ ( Ben Okri) Warmly Hayley Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 5


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LETTER FROM LUKE LAMPRECHT In reading Hayley’s introduction and reflecting on the year that was the following comes to mind “We all find joy and radiance and a reason to move on even in the most dire of circumstances. Even in chaos and madness, there's still a beauty that comes from just the vibrancy of another human spirit.” - Ishmael Beah We had a year that at times felt very MAD and that acronym became “Making A Difference” and not only did we survive the year but came into 2015 embracing what we had learned by being in that place and having the honour of a big committed team and access to any communities, new relationships and shared vision. We often rested and dreamed in Beah’s vibrancy of the human spirit and hope that this extended to our beneficiaries through our project work. For the staff in all of this, just being in the space needed the constant presence of the “Rock” from the Baobab Hayley mentioned and the refrain from one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs: “Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care... Long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be.” We had a wonderful rollercoaster of a year and thank all of my fellow passengers and look forward to the year end. Luke Lamprecht Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 6


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LEFIKA FUNDING OVERVIEW The 2014_5 financial year saw the application to 7 major psycho-social funds. Of these, 5 were successful in securing over R3m in committed funding to be used over the next 3 years: Department of Arts and Culture – R 650 000 National Lottery: R2 489 710.24 – Community art counselling groups/Conference and Exhibition/Research. We are still awaiting our second tranche of the above grant for 2015_6 for R 1 330 682.36 Rand Merchant Bank (RMB): Y1: R375 656,67 Y2: R367 406,67 Y3: R348 806,67- Train-theTrainer Mary Slack Foundation: R284900 for 3 years - Open Studio Anglo Gold Ashanti: R26 700 - Product Development/ Corporate Workshop The 2015_6 financial year has seen a continuation of RMB and Mary Slack and we await the final tranche payments from the National Lotteries since the change in service provider. New opportunities for the upcoming year have been: National Arts Council (NAC): R750 000 - Training resource development Business Arts South Africa – Resource room renovation SUSTAINABILITY Over the next 3 years our organisation is focusing on consolidating structures, building our resources and becoming sustainable. With this ethos in mind, the 2014 funding strategy focused on initiating and building long term relationships with both corporate and government partners, and every effort was made to fuel the organization’s long term vision of transitioning into an SME-NGO Hybrid model. Further to this, ongoing research and impact studies ensured that the funding remained targeted and applied with a long-term strategy in mind. A key funding outcome was that we received RMB funding to run a 3 year programme of Train the Trainer. The focus here is on building our training capacity to train a core group of Community Counsellors (currently our organisation only has 2 Gauteng-based trainers who are also the Directors). 14 experienced Community Art Counsellors, will partake in the 2015 - 2018 Train-the-Trainer program. TRAINING CENTRE Our long-term intention is to find a balance for our organisation that maintains our NPO/ NGO service and support structures but that is simultaneously a self-sustaining business in its own right. In this way we will continue to run Community Art Counselling groups and remain active in community support, but we will concurrently approach our training as a core marketable product. Further to this we will offer services, corporate workshops and branded merchandise as secondary revenue streams. Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 7


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A strong focus in all our funding proposals has been to bolster financial support to develop replicable training programs and resources so that long term, Lefika is a fully fledged training institute with both paid and subsidized training facilities. The funds received from the NAC will be used in 2015 towards developing a set of resource books that succinctly assimilates the Lefika Model into 8 books to be used by students, mental health practitioners, teachers (etc.) in both training and clinical settings. LEFIKA LA PHODISO'S 3-YEAR SUSTAINABILITY & SERVICES PLAN WIDE NATIONAL ACCESS RESEARCH NPO GROUPS PAID SERVICES COMMUNITY COUNSELLOR S ART TRAINERS TRAINING SUPER VISION PRODUCT Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 8


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2014-15 COMMUNITY ART COUNSELLING TRAINING With the generous support of both the National Lottery and the Department of Arts and Culture, Lefika was able to deliver two successful one-year training courses in Community Art Counselling; a modular training and a weekly training. Both trainings follow the same curriculum, which is psychoanalytically informed, focusing on creative group work, psychodynamic thinking art therapy theory and counseling practice. The training of Community Art Counsellors has become the primary focus of Lefika, motivated by the enormous need for arts based mental health workers in our country and the numerous positive effects that the professionals in this field generate in terms of the capacity for empathy and emotional well being in communities. Both experiential courses targeted people from various demographics, and included candidates from a variety of economic and educational backgrounds including: arts practitioners, mental health practitioners, students, psychologists, social workers, teachers and artists who are interested in the therapeutic benefits their skills and art making can offer the people and communities they work with. The Weekly Community Art Counselling course was offered once a week, on a Wednesday afternoon, from February to November 2014. Many of the sixteen graduate Community Art Counsellor’s have gone on to begin their community groups. The Modular Community Art Counselling course was offered in four intensive blocks that ran throughout the year covering one or two modules per training block. Structuring the course in this manner made it possible to offer this training to a broad range of South Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 9


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African provinces, including Limpopo, Freestate, KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape, where we had eight successful graduates. The expectation is that each trainee works to establish a group within a community setting. To ensure consistency and high standards, a registered psychotherapist supervises the trainees continued practice within these groups. Through the focus on building therapeutic capacity by training Community Art Counsellors we are able to increase our reach significantly and meet our goal of helping to create active citizens. TRAINING AND ACCREDITATION Lefika has been providing Community Art Counselling training for community workers for the past 18 years. The training is psychoanalytically informed, focusing on creative group work and psychodynamic thinking. The training of Community Art Counsellors has become the primary focus of the organisation, which is motivated by the enormous need for arts based mental health workers in our country and numerous positive effects that the professionals in this field generate in terms of the capacity for empathy and emotional well being in communities, resulting in benefits at a local, national and international level. The training was offered on both a modular and weekly basis and saw twenty-three Community Art Counsellors complete the training, receiving their certificate of completion at the conference and exhibition on 2015. Lefika has been working hard to build our organisation as a formal training institution in so that our training can be recognised, and be accessible to a wide group of people from varying socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Through empowering people with Community Art Counselling skills and the associated accreditation, we are creating skilled practitioners and a qualification, which is a basis for gaining skilled employment, which in turn helps to alleviate poverty and economic empowerment. Importantly, we focus the growth of our arts mental health resources in an ethical and responsible way, targeting communities that need it most. We have strong links with the South African Psychoanalytic Confederation, Institute of Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and are represented on The National Health Insurance committee, all of whom advocate our work and assist in promoting the agency and replication of our training, nationally and internationally. Lefika La Phodiso has been able to hire an accreditation specialist who is working alongside the training project manager, enabling us to register the organisation with the HWSETA as an accredited private training provider offering the SAQA registered Certificate: Methods in Counselling (SAQA ID 58203, NQF Level 5, 120 Credits). As part of the registration process, Lefika is in the process of consolidating the learning materials, assessment guides and other required learning resources to reflect the relevant Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 10


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specific outcomes and assessment criteria for the certificate. This will include a new trainers manual that corresponds to a revised trainees manual. There is a broad range of material in the training resources, some of it relevant to accreditation and some material for the benefit of the trainees development. Once all required documentation is submitted with the HWSETA, they will conduct a site visit to verify Lefika La Phodiso’s physical resources and capability to offer the certificate programme. On completion of the visit and approval of the learning material, Lefika will be accredited as a private training provider to offer the Certificate: Methods in Counselling. Learners who successfully complete the certificate through Lefika La Phodiso will have their results uploaded on the National Learner Records Database and will receive a HWSETA and SAQA endorsed certificate. As well as providing accreditation for the Psychoanalytic Community Art Counselling (PCAC) course, Lefika is simultaneously working towards developing a new mid-level category of profession to be recognised by the Health Professions Council South Africa. The proposal document for this is in progress, and will be submitted on behalf of Lefika to the HPCSA. Success with this proposal would create ‘Community Art Counselling’ as a new and much needed profession that is recognised by the relevant professional bodies, and the profession will have its own scope of practice. Currently, Art Psychotherapy is not offered as a Masters degree in South Africa. While Lefika is in the process of having the Community Art Counselling course accredited, we have concurrently lodged a proposal to have the Post Graduate Diploma: Art Therapy and Masters in Art Psychotherapy offered at the University of Johannesburg. Together, it will be a 2yr programme with a view of the Certificate in the Community Art Counselling being a necessary precursor for entry into the PG Dip and Masters programme. This proposal is now with faculty, currently being reviewed for implementation in 2016. SETA accredited assessor training has now been completed by an internal staff member, in line with upskillling staff members to ensure that Lefika is continuing the growth of our organisational capacity. Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 11


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LOTTO FUNDED COMMUNITY ART COUNSELLING GROUPS National Lotteries Board Application for Funding was submitted by Lefika in April 2010, in January 2014 the grant was approved. The grant funded 12 proposed projects to Increase access to creative arts and community art counselling within disadvantaged communities in Gauteng and Limpopo. These projects also serve as areas of placement for community art counsellors thus continuing the cycle of art counselling service delivery and ensuring the sustainability of these and similar art based programmes. The Projects were founded on the belief in achieving sustainability through mentoring, where senior community art counsellors work alongside new trainees enhancing their confidence and skill development. All of the beneficiaries are from disadvantaged communities and target orphans and vulnerable and at risk children (0-18), their parents, educators and caregivers. The projects collectively, fulfil the following objectives:          Provide art counselling services in under-resourced communities. Promote and support social entrepreneurial development. Job creation through increased employment opportunities for artists and community workers. Job creation through the promotion of arts and crafts through exhibitions and product development. Skills development and transfer for artists, community and social workers. Capacity building within individuals, communities and organisations. Providing & improving access to art skills in rural areas. Promote awareness of art counselling as powerful tool within vulnerable groups. Carry out research in field of the impact and efficacy of Art Therapy within a South African context. The following projects were carried out and completed: 1. Art Inside Out was an innovative method of art intervention which combined Art Counselling and art skills provision to facilitate socio-economic development. The project was run over a 9 month period with 60 orphaned children and their 10 caregivers in Hillbrow and Berea. Facilitated by Kamal Naran, Preciate Sibanda, Sandra Kellermen and Rose van der Merwe . 2. Norman House School is situated on the premises of the Don Mattera Child and Youth Care Centre, Edenvale. The children placed at the Centre are from diverse provinces and countries with Ekurhuleni as the main feeder area. Over a period of 9 month, we provided art counselling with an average of 16 teenage girls, ages ranging from 13-18. Facilitated by Humbu Nsenga and Carissa von Mayer. Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 12


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3. The Cultural School Holiday Programme with the coloured community of Ennerdale used creative arts and Art Counselling to celebrate the community’s culture. The programme ran over 3 holiday periods in the year, with 30 altered groups of children aged 11-15. Facilitated by Ponsy Pule and Tshepo Motaung. 4. Approximately 100 children between the ages of 5 and 19 from the inner city of Johannesburg were the beneficiaries of the Art Counselling and School Holiday Programme. The Programme offered 36 life skills sessions over a 1 year period to the group of vulnerable and at risk children. Lefika facilitators. 5. With the children of the Johannesburg Hospital School, we conducted weekly Art Counselling sessions to steer the children towards self-expression in a safe nonroutine environment, adding to their quality of relating to others and as a result their experience of themselves. The sessions were conducted with 10 children between the ages of 7 and 12 over a period of 1 year. Facilitated by Santa Smale, Kate Dodd, Thami Mvandaba and Charlotte Chipoqwe. 6. A Chance to Play is a programme that aims to inspire and assist the participation of young people and their caregivers in developing and designing affordable creative play and recreational activities for themselves in the rural community of Boyne, Limpopo. With the 20 teenagers of Marobathetha High School, we hosted 3 School Holiday Programmes with 6 sessions for 5 hours per day each, over 1 year. Facilitated by Ramarutha Makoba and Chepape Makgato. 7. The Teddy Bear Clinic’s SPARC Youth Diversion Programme aims to empower c hild sexual offenders to understand the consequences of their behaviour and equip them with the skills and psychosocial resources to change it. With 20 children and teenagers - two groups of 10 each with 7-10 and 11-14 year old's - we delivered Community Art Counselling to provide a space for alternative way of expressing themselves and relating rather than coming into conflict with the law. Facilitated by Ntombifuthi Sangweni and Munya Makosa. 8. The communities of rural North West and Limpopo, through the Bornmore Rural Development & Life Skills Project, were also beneficiaries in 2014/5. 20 school going children identified by the partner NGO as being at risk to major challenges such as pregnancy, HIV, bullying, relationships, concerns with sexuality etc received 36 Art Counselling sessions over 12 months. This presented a place to discuss concerns and use the experience to create a peer based counselling, support and self-help context. Facilitated by Thato MaMabolo and Katlego Lebo Mamabolo. 9. Art Counselling with 120 visually impaired learners, teachers, parents, caregivers and district officials through the Sibonile School for the Visually Impaired in Sedibeng, created renewed self-esteem in learners improving their ability to learn. The active participation of parents and caregivers in the sessions allowed them to embrace their children and to support their need to learn, while teacher participation assisted Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 13


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in understanding the barriers to learning and develop effective and creative approaches techniques. The sessions were held over a 12 month period. Facilitated by Mokgadi Rakade and Thabo Rakereng. 10. In Claremont Pretoria North, we aimed to promote 12 preschool children’s’ self esteem by addressing their emotional and developmental needs through an Art Group, in partnership with Solidariteit Helpende Hand. Over 6 months (24 sessions, once weekly for 1 hour each), we addressed the children’s emotional and developmental needs. Facilitated by Janelle Behrens. 11. With the Head Start Village of Support group of 20 ECD practitioners in Katlehong, we supplied a space to facilitate the training of these practitioners in Community Art Counselling skills. This was the first phase of a project which aims to implement community art centres in schools across South Africa. Facilitated by Sibongile Nhlapo, Humbu Nsenga and Thabo Rakereng. 12. We offered After School Community Art Counselling to the children of Zimaleni School for the disabled. For 1 year (weekly for 2 hours) the 20 children aged 7-17 years old were ensured a safe space to express themselves and deal with the various challenges they faced. We trusted that this would lead to a maximisation of their participation and inclusion in society, regardless of their physical and mental limitations. Facilitated by Phumzile Rakosa and Promise Bomba. Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 14


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RMB FUNDED COMMUNITY ART COUNSELLING GROUPS Our key objective with the RMB Community Art Counselling groups was to strengthen community and family emotional capacity in the inner city through community art counselling in a safe place. We continued to provide holistic services including therapeutic group work with psycho-educational programmes on children’s rights, trauma, abuse and reproductive health. We wanted this to happen in safe spaces for children and their guardians facilitated by our trained community art counsellors as mentors and positive role models. Through this we aim to create sustainable pockets of care and safety to allow children and their carers to thrive. The following groups were conducted:   Lefika School Holiday Programme which runs during the 1st week of every public school holiday. 6 therapeutic groups for children and parents from the inner city of JHB. Lefika La Phodiso – The Art Therapy Centre Page 15



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