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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 261 | July 3rd 2015 Sydney’s Community Workspaces WIN! Scandinavian Film Festival Ruben Guthrie Detroit The Loft TIX: So, your kids started tutoring... DVDs: Top 4 classes for Adults the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham d ale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d, e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r Pastry pedagogy Children and adults get their kicks in Dulwich Hill Entries close: 31 July 2015 Village Playground Your short environment film could win you some of the $5000 worth of great prizes up for grabs. Entries close Friday 31 July, so start filming. For information on how to submit your film and for full terms and conditions, go to: The footprints film festival entries will be screened at this year’s Footprints Eco Festival on Sunday 23 August. Come along to see some of the best local short films going around and help power the screening in our bicycle-powered cinema!


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Shop. Love. Local. $10 PARKING Now Open Validate your Norton Plaza parking ticket at Palace Cinema for 5 hours parking. Conditions apply. GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Shop. Love. Local. Convenient access to premium fresh food, casual dining and daily essentials. BE FITTED FOR THE RIGHT SIZE BRA Lingerie fitters for Large cup, Maternity and Mastectomy bras and Breast forms The lingerie specialists Ph 9518 3355 GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Merger fervour, Cockatoo Island Marina, Killing the vibes l Rumours abound about deals being done between council representatives under the pressure of amalgamation incentives.Greens MP, David Shoebridge, sent out a press release stating that ALP Councillors of Canada Bay took the opportunity to propose a merger between Auburn, Strathfield and Burwood Councils when a councillor was ill, proposing an alternative stance to Canada Bay’s public opposition to the mergers. There have also been whispers that a certain mayor is supporting a merger to advance their chances of pre-selection in the next election. l Escape Boating Pty Ltd has proposed Cockatoo WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie admits this newspaper erred catastrophically in facilitating free speech Dear LL – Does Ciao stand for Cretinous Immature Arseclown Onanists? I couldn’t believe you let someone respond inappropriately to the statement on your Facebook page: ‘Is anybody apart from mouth-breathing religious nutters not dancing in the streets over the US legalising gay marriage?!’ What were you thinking allowing somebody – and I can only assume it was a bogan from the reactionary aspirational suburban fringe rather than a local – to respond: “Shouldn’t people be more focused on, say, our frying planet and three decades of social fabric-shredding neo-liberalism?” Do you even understand how dangerous that kind of hate speech is? What if someone had read it and taken it mean they should behead a member of the LGBTI community? And were you aware the commenter in question had made previous remarks on social media about two prominent female journalists? Bilious ranting such as, ‘Perhaps I’d have more time for feminist commentators if they weren’t a bunch of over-educated, self-obsessed, entitled white women hyperventilating about trivia’. He may as well have called for the brutal gang rape of any columnist courageous enough to speak truth to patriarchal power! I’m all for free speech. But it’s criminally reckless to provide a media platform to anyone whose outlandishly contrarian positions threaten to propel this backwards nation even further down the slippery slope to theocracy. Zelda, Mascot LL replies: When I saw what a serious error of judgment this publication had made I thought about refusing to appear in its pages again. Then I decided it would be wrong to inflict such a cruel blow on so many because of the actions of one trouble-making lunatic. Rest assured, following an internal inquiry, some Filipino is now being paid several cups of rice a week to monitor Ciao’s social media presence 24/7. She will immediately remove any intolerable deviations from decorous progressive opinion. WINE Winsor Dobbin ADVERTISING Sonya Madden private interests to operate a commercial marina will dismay the many Sydneysiders who greatly value Cockatoo Island for the amount of public access it currently provides to a significant community space in the middle of Sydney Harbour.” l Disco spacelord and long-time local Julian JOURNALIST Max Kobras Hamilton, of electro-pop duo The Presets, was seen taking his kid to see the latest Disney Pixar offering, Inside Out, at the Dendy Newtown. Take note aspiring alternadads of the Inner West. Island’s Sutherland Dock become a commercial marina, providing berthing, maintenance and boat-storage facilities. The proposed area for the marina is in on the south-west side of the island, on the opposite side to where the ferry wharf is currently positioned. Leichhardt Council has issued a statement opposing the proposal, saying, “Allowing Next Monday concerned Newtownians will gather at the neighbourhood centre to discuss how residents can protect the old “Newtown Vibe.” An idea floating around is that lock-out laws have brought Kings Cross revellers to King St and all their decidedly un-Newtown vibes with them. Sounds like some re-education is in order, as well as a strict ban on bodycon dresses, aftershave and Top 40 hits. Money is ok though. l JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club This image depicts the executives of the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club in 1936. The DHBC was formed back in 1908 at a time when many of the surrounding suburbs also boasted their own clubs and rivalries between the clubs was fierce. At the time this photo was taken, the DHBC had grown large enough to use the newly built velodrome at Henson Park for their races and one of those to ride this track was Lionel Cox who went on to win a Gold and Silver Medal at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. n Photo courtesy of Marrickville Council. Check out these ratbag, greenie cyclists! ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter n Email your dilemma to Things we love: EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Bella Taylor, Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Millie Cotes, Edoardo Mesiti Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Enjoy a range of Whisky Cocktail s for the month of July in apprecia tion of Whisky flavours from around the world! 4TH & 25TH SATURDAY J U LY BOOT SCOOT’N KARAOKE JOHNNIE WALKER WHISKY DINNER Taste 5 Whiskies in the Johnnie Walker Premium range, matched with 5 tasty morsels WED 29TH J U LY Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions Even Yahweh is hopping on the gay marriage bandwagon! expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying Wow, I can see a rainbow! This spectacular double rainbow the publisher from inaccuracy brightened up the skies of Sydney’s skyline on Wednesday during the or consequences arising from its gloomy mid-June rain. It was the vision that blew up social media reproduction. © All rights reserved. as Sydneysiders pointed their smartphones to the sky to capture this No material is to be reproduced dazzling sight. They say that rainbows bring good luck, and with the without written permission of the Blues’ victory in State of Origin Two that night, it just might be true. publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. C!ao’s voice In • Longer days post winter solstice Out • The temporary closure of the Imperial. Open up, we want to dance! • Apple reversing their royalty-free 90 day trial – go away greedy T-Swift! • New pre-auction recordbreaking prices paid for a house in Concord – what hope is left for the Inner West first home buyer? Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Dulwich Hill is represented by Marrickville Business Person of the Year, Jessie Goh with son Brody and gorgeous Mary Lee Gallo from Do or Dye. Image: Ben Cregan BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Call or email Bridget to reserve your place or 02 9569 2638 • Fringing (on handbags, jackets, skirts, vests – you name it) • Pumpkin soup • The mini Anzac Bridge look-a-like popping up on the Bay Run • Learning something new in the school holidays C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Educate Yourself Why let the kids have all the fun? Winter has well and truly come and with the cold mornings and dark nights it’s often hard to get out and about. Take me, for example. My nightlife now consists of evenings spent wrapped up in a blanket being asphyxiated by the fumes from my heater. And you can forget about exercise… I thought I’d exercise a different muscle to shake me from this stupor, namely my brain muscle. Ciao brings you four great educative experiences for adults, right on your doorstep. Whether it’s assembling macarons or channelling Picasso, these courses prove old dogs really can learn new tricks. Get in touch with your inner Zumbo Stitch and enrich yourself RANT To celebrate the school holidays we asked three 10-yearolds to let loose about something that irks them. Movie favouritism? Creative writing Macaron Making Become the pastry chef of your household with The Paris International Cooking School’s lesson on macarons! You’ll find this charming school in Stanmore, right on Parramatta Road. During the class you’ll learn the history of the macaron, which is more interesting than it sounds believe me! Afterwards you’ll have a go at making them yourself. They offer both beginner and advanced lessons, and much to the pleasure of your family, you’ll be a professional in no time. To enrol just head to their website: 216 Parramatta Road, Stanmore, Ph: 9518 1066 Put pen to paper at the Writers’ Centre in Rozelle where they offer a wide range of courses and seminars for writers at any level. Try a one-day course exploring the art of comedy writing or a six-week one that covers everything you need to know about non-fiction. The lessons are a pleasant mix of relaxed and professional, with well-known authors and journalists as your tutors. You won’t have to worry about finding inspiration within the beautiful surroundings of Callan Park. Check out their website to enroll at: Callan Park, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield, Ph: 9555 9757 Whenever I watch Frozen and Minions I feel bored. But when I watched Jurassic World I felt excited. Yesterday, I heard the doorbell, rushed to the door and found the latest toy catalogue for our local BigW store. There were six pages of Minions toys, four pages of Frozen ones but only one page of toys for Jurassic World. For the people who haven’t seen it, Jurassic World is a movie about a dinosaur theme park that turns to ruins when they make a hybrid dinosaur. It is drama after drama with a couple of deaths along the way, it also teaches us lessons about animal captivity. So that just shows that you can have a hopeless movie (Minions, Frozen) that produces hundreds of different toys. It also explains why BigW is going broke. Most Target, Kmart and Toys R Us toys are better value than BigW ones, anyway. n Luca Zappia, Five Dock Art School We’ve all dreamt that one day our hidden artistic skills will be unlocked. Well, now is your chance. Art Est. is an art school located in a spacious studio warehouse at Leichhardt. The school offers daytime and nighttime classes. The small class sizes allow for meaningful interaction between students and the teacher. With a welcoming and understanding environment, anyone can get involved. Enroll through their website: 69/67-71 Lords Rd, Leichhardt, Ph: 9564 1519 Animal rights You’ll go to the forest or the zoo one day and what do you want to see? ANIMALS! But one day you won’t if people keep on ruining wildlife. Dinosaurs have been extinct for years. We don’t want that happening to our animals. Some animals are already endangered, even extinct, thanks to our species - homo sapiens. We are the main reason why animals are endangered and extinct because we cause deforestation, we hunt and build on nature. For example wolves, jaguars, rhinos, tigers and even Monarch butterflies are endangered from things like fossil fuels, habitat loss, poaching and climate change. That’s only a small example of things that we have done and animals we have hurt. Is anything going to change? Is this really what we should be doing? NO! There are lots of ways you can help such as not buying things that you don’t need and buying things that are recyclable. Don’t litter and, of course, never do something that can harm our animals. ACT NOW! n Charlotte Hoges, Wareemba The Art of Needlecraft Crocheting isn’t only for your grandmother these days! The Granny Square in Newtown offers a range of knitting and crochet classes to keep you warm this winter. The classes are small and all the equipment is provided, which includes aluminium hooks, sample patters and a ball of yarn. Stroke up a storm! 47 King Street, Newtown, Ph: 8020 5558 What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Saturday 4th July Leichhardt Library Service holds an Annual Photography Award and all shutterbugs are invited to submit their favourite pics. Submissions have opened and there has already been a flood of entries, but don’t worry, it’s not too late for you to have a crack as entries will close on July 24th. Entrants are invited to create photographic works for any of the following three categories: genre depicting different aspects of everyday life; landscape of urban environments or other; and portrait. There is no entry fee and participants can submit up to two photographs. Entries will be judged by a panel of professional photographers with a major prize of $250 awarded in each category, as well as a People’s Choice Award. Even if you do not win the ultimate prize, a collection of finalists will have their pieces framed and exhibited at both Leichhardt and Balmain Library’s exhibition spaces throughout August. n If you are interested in competing, you can submit your entry via Online Entry Form (available at Leichhardt Council’s website), by email, in person or at #leichlibsnappers on Instagram. Leichhardt Annual Photography Award Too many adverts I am annoyed with the number and frequency of adverts in between my favourite TV shows and movies. Take the other night: Harry Potter was battling Voldemort, Harry Potter fell to his knees, Voldemort got his wand ready and bang … a mattress sale advert. It spoilt the moment and ruined a critical scene. Adverts come on every seven minutes, tempting and influencing our minds with stuff we do not need. Sometimes I am sure that adverts take up more time than the movie does. How about showing the adverts at the end of the show and not interrupting edge-of-theseat moments? Adverts are just a silly waste of time. n Jai Prakash Sharma, Drummoyne Tuesday 7th July FREE Community are en ev ts listings email info@ Attn: Max Inner West NAIDOC Festival Repair Café Does your knowledge of fixing toasters only extend to not sticking metal in them? Would you prefer to fix your busted kettle, rather than throw it in a heap and buy a new one? If so, then it's lucky for you that The Bower is proving their hands-on expertise, courtesy of Leichhardt Council. Held at the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre on Johnston St from 9:30am-12:30pm, this repair café will give you some great tips on how to fix your broken household appliances. These experts may even repair your appliance for you on the spot! The event is free but spaces are limited so 6 make sure to register your place. For more info or to register, please visit Tuesday 7th July Customer Experience Workshop In the modern world of Internet, social media and the amplified customer voice, word of mouth is more important than ever. For business owners, this means delivering a pleasurable experience is a top priority and the primary determining factor to your ability to generate more business. If learning more about customer service could help you, then make sure to register for this free workshop, hosted by Burwood Council and led by John Pastorelli. This workshop will be held from 7-9am at George St Centre, Burwood. Spaces are strictly limited so please register your place online. For more info or to register, please visit business/events.html Revivify your tired household appliances NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia every year in July to celebrate the history, culture and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is not only a celebration in Indigenous communities, but an event to be shared by Australians from all walks of life. The Inner West will be holding a festival in Steel Park for this year’s NAIDOC Week, which will have events and activities for the entire family, including the Magic Yellow Bus, an animal farm, sports activities, free BBQ, the Aboriginal Elders’ Tent and live entertainment by popular Aboriginal artists. All are invited to this free event so please come along and celebrate our rich Indigenous heritage. Where: Steel Park, Illawarra Road, Marrickville Bangaree Dance Group at NAIDOC Awards See page 8 for more what's on...


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Winter Specials at Do Or Dye TWILIGHT semi or permanent full head colour + stylish haircut + glam blowdry $99 (save up to $55) HIGHLIGHT half head foils + toner + stylish haircut + glam blowdry $125 (save up to $70) Book your appointment to revitalise your style this season Valid Mon to Fri between 9am and 5pm only 9560 7770 401 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill DoOrDye Valid for all hair lengths until the end of August 2015. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on Saturdays. Must present this flyer.


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n Local Gigs Thursday 9th July n Local screens Daina Demillo Daina Demillo describes her music as a meeting between the soundtracks of James Bond and Quentin Tarantino. This perfectly summarises her work. Think dark jazz inspirations with some old-school surf rock thrown in and a powerful Bond voice. It’s surprisingly amazing. LazyBones Lounge, $10 FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs Ruben is an Inner Westie with a problem Ruben Guthrie The Grump: There are plenty of nutty Nordics in the Scandinavian Film Festival Have a thunderball Scandinavian Film Festival Of all the foreign language fests at Palace, this is probably the most adventurous. Despite the recent popularity of “Nordic Noir”, little is known about Scandinavia in Australia, and awareness of the region’s cultural differences is ziltch. That there are class differences and resentments between Sweden and richer Norway – who knew? In one beautifully sensitive melodrama, Underdog, those tensions are laid bare when a young Swedish worker begins an affair with her married boss. Definitely a highlight – it stars the hugely magnetic new star and festival guest Bianca Kronlöf. Another gem, Out of Nature, just leaves us aghast at just how nutty modern Nordic men are. But some things are familiar. As the fest opener shows, those tall blond people have the same frustrations as us. Here Is Harold is about an embittered furniture retailer who sets out to kidnap the founder of IKEA. Who hasn’t felt like doing that down at the Tempe superstore! Ciao's pick: Amy Friday 17th July Papa Pilko & the Binrats These guys are country rock and roll but they are so salty and bluesy, playing like a beautiful mix of Tom Waits (the vocals are equally soaked in bourbon) and the dark surfer sounds of Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun. Very cool. Waywards, FREE Friday 17th July No wonder Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch wasn't happy with this film – he doesn’t come across well. But almost no one close to the prodigiously talented but troubled chanteuse does – certainly not her manager or the love-of-her life, the selfcentered Blake Fielder-Civil who introduced her to hard drugs (ouch – that garish tat on her breast!). Asif Kapadia’s reverential account doesn’t take sides, anyway, finger-pointing is useless. As much as we may wish the third section of this gutwrenching doco didn’t happen, it did. What a waste, a tragedy, a girl! MA15+ on now. Brendan Cowell’s breezy account of the dangers of living in an alcohol-fuelled party city such as Sydney was an unusual choice to open the Sydney Film Festival. Its message is clear – be warned – but afterwards guests were led off to a boozy open bar party! The comedy stars Patrick Brammell as the permanently sozzled ad-man Ruben Guthrie, who is forced to try sobriety after his stunning girlfriend (Abby Lee) ditches him with a “stay off the sauce for a year” ultimatum. But no one, not his boss, work colleagues, parents (Robin Nevin, Jack Thompson) or gay best mate (Alex Dimitriades) are going to let that happen. It's set in that same glittering, materialistic Sydney we saw in David Williamson’s biting satire Emerald City. The harbourside hustler in that '80s film lived in Balmain and one generation on, Ruben lives in Chiswick (above). So… does the Inner West have an image problem? When the film needs a bit of authentic working class cred, Ruben heads to Marrickville (as you do!) CTC from July 16. ★ Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have five double in-season passess to give away. Details below. WIN DVDs! Lennox Lust This duo both have amazing voices but all I can find from them is covers. There's nothing wrong with covers – or eating the same meal everyday. But maybe try something else? Gary Owen Hotel, FREE ★ Thanks to Palace Cinemas we have 5 double inseason passes to give away. Details below. n July 8 –26th: She should have gone to rehab Five douchbags come a cropper Panic in Detroit Set amidst a crumbling suburban dream, Lisa D’Amour’s award-winning Detroit is a comedy that captures our precarious economic times. The story follows Ben and Mary, who live in a decaying suburb suffering from an economic downturn. Ben’s lost his job and Mary has discovered alcohol. When new neighbours arrive, a broke couple fresh out of rehab, they fire up the barbecue for an evening together. As the night wears on, confessions are shared and inhibitions shed, but the laughs are plenty. Director Ross McGregor has joined with Darlinghurst Theatre Company, along with the Inner West’s Benjamin Brockman and Amy Harris (respectively the lighting/AV designer and the stage manager) for the play's Australian premiere. It will run at the Eternity Playhouse on Burton Street, Darlinghurst from the 21st July-16th August. We have two FREE double passes to giveaway to the Sunday 19th July, 5pm showing courtesy of Darlinghurst Theatre Company. Email info@ with your details. The Loft File this as a “guilty pleasure". Eric Van Looy’s remake of his 2008 Belgium erotic thriller has plenty of cynicism and glossy sheen combined with schlocky bad taste. The twists and turns of the plot are as sharp as the razor that slices open the blonde whose mutilated corpse we see early on in one gory scene. In flashbacks we learn the backstory – of the five yuppie scum and best buds who have purchased a swank secret loft for the sole purpose of cheating on their wives. The naked body bleeding all over its floor stops all the hanky-panky quick smart but as only those five had keys, one must be the killer… Karl Urban as a rich horndog is one of the suspects, so is Mattias Schoenaerts as a coked-up violent suit. Paranoia quickly takes over, but all these sleazebags have secrets, and all betray one another. Hang them all, we say! Available now on DVD. MA15+ ★ Thanks to Defiant Screen Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below n Reviews – Russell Edwards Hard times in Motor City Thursday 9th July Kate Kelly-Sister of an Outlaw Rebecca Wilson has been researching the life and times of Kate Kelly, sister of Ned Kelly, for many years. Her interest in this figure arose from stories told to her by her uncle and since then Rebecca has felt compelled to provide a personal vision of Kate’s life through an ongoing series of paintings. In her words, Kate is, “a strong female figure of skill, adventure, love, and spirit … and probably misunderstood.” This exhibition will be opening at the Leichhardt Library from 6pm and is a free event completely open to the public. Where: Leichhardt Library, Italian Forum, Leichhardt Monday 13th July Thu 16th & Fri 17th July Katherine Sabbath Cakes Little Fictions Take a trip to Kelly country 8 Enjoy being read to? Come along to Little Fictions @ Knox St Bar for an evening of eclectic stories performed by talented local actors. Held on the second Monday of each month, Little Fictions is an event presented by short story publisher Spineless Wonders, based in Chippendale. These nights are inspired by New York Selected Shorts with the goal of spreading the It's storyime short fiction form to a wider audience. Any short fiction fan or budding writer should make sure to attend. Bar opens from 5.30, show starts at 7pm and entry is $10. Where: Knox Street Bar, 21 Shepherd St, Chippendale Katherine Sabbath, dubbed the 'Queen of cakes', is an Instagram sensation famous for her delightfully colourful and imaginative baked creations. Now, for the first time, she will demonstrate the fine details of her techniques as she teaches how to make her signature Upside Down Ice Cream Cone Cake. These sensationally sweet workshops, costing $45 per person, will be held at The Tea Salon in Westfield Sydney and run on Thursday from 6-8pm and on Friday from 10am-noon. Refreshments will be supplied. For more info, ring 9233 2231 or email WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDS Ruben Guthrie or DVDs of The Loft, email your name and contact details to To be in the running to win a double telling us pass to The Scandinavian Film Festival, where you go your copy of Ciao.


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n Promotion Inner WEST iconic spaces Glebe Town Hall Workshop Space, 160 St Johns Rd, Glebe A 36sqm workshop and a 10sqm storage room are available in the heritage-listed building about 400m from Glebe Point Rd. Glebe Town Hall has a number of different spaces, including three different halls, that can be booked by community members or organisations. Other accommodation grant tenants include the Glebe Community Development Project and the Glebe Early Childhood Centre. The Glebe Town Hall building is a beautiful example of free-standing Victorian architecture. Recent upgrades have included efforts to make the hall an accessible space, installing lifts and tactile paving. Special criteria to be a successful applicant for this space •A cultural focus • An intention to engage with local community • A community- focused service run by people with considerable expertise in the nominated industry • An open and accessible management structure and membership structure You can view the Glebe Town Hall Workshop space on Tuesday 14 July from 10–11am. RSVP online at: au/community/grants-and-sponsorships/ community-grants/accommodation-grants/ glebe-town-hall-workshop Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator, 53 Forsyth St, Glebe Located on the Glebe foreshore, the Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator overlooks Blackwattle Bay and Anzac Bridge. If you have ever walked along the foreshore, it is likely you will have noticed this iconic building that features an impressive Art Deco facade and an entrance way through a landscaped garden. Offering 70sqm of floor space, the Incinerator would suit a group that can host up to 20 people at once. It is close to public transport, but access requires navigating a short staircase. Special criteria to be a successful applicant for this space: • Agreement and understanding that no more than twenty people can be within the space at any time. • A willingness to recognise the heritage aspect of the building • A community-focused service run by people with considerable expertise and/or qualifications in the nominated industry You can view the Walter Burley Griffin Workspace on Monday 13 July between 10-11am. RSVP online at: community/grants-and-sponsorships/communitygrants/accommodation-grants/ walter-burley-griffinincinerator work(space) it City of Sydney is offering subsidised workspaces for social enterprises and non-profit organisations! Do you have a wonderful idea to benefit your local community but need a leg up to get started? Time is money, and in a city like Sydney, money is definitely space. The City of Sydney is offering five workspaces at reduced rents (or for free) to community groups willing to tender for the spaces. The workspaces are intended to be used by non-profits and community-minded enterprises that work towards achieving social justice outcomes, cultural enrichment or environmental change. Currently, City of Sydney’s grants and funding program supports 69 community organizations across 46 City-managed sites. The Festivalists, a non-profit company that delivers cultural events, such as film festivals, was granted space in Erskineville Town Hall last year. “Moving into the Erskineville town hall as part of the City of Sydney accommodation grant has been been a fantastic opportunity for us as our budgets are limited but our ambitions needed room to grow.” Festivalists Director Matt Ravier said. “Having more space allowed us to recruit more staff and run an internship program.” Volunteer with the Big Fag offset proof press Other enterprises currently using the grants include a men’s shed, a junior footy club and an artists’ collective, as well as many more. So why not apply on behalf of your organisation; you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, really only something to gain in the form of an accessible workspace. Applications are open from Monday 6 July to Monday 3 August. See below for details on how to apply. “The City is always seeking to put spaces across our local area to good use by granting them free or at substantially discounted rates by supporting local community-based organisations and creative enterprises,” Clover Moore Abraham Mott Activity Centre, 15A Argyle Street , Millers Point A multi-purpose 61sqm facilitiy with office and storage room is available; ideal for small informal meetings, art classes and workshops. This space is conveniently located close to Circular Quay and the Walsh Bay arts precinct. Out of town offerings Waterloo Town Hall, 770 Elizabeth St, Waterloo NSW 2017 Two adjoining spaces spanning 36sqm in the Waterloo Town Hall would make ideal offices, workshop spaces or learning labs. Interested applicants must explain how they would partner or engage with the Waterloo Library and the City’s library programs. Bourke Street Community Shed, Woolloomooloo This 96sqm shed is located in Bourke Street Park next to a community garden. The successful occupant could complement activity in the garden or set up a Mens’ or Sheilas’ shed. Art and craft workshops, job-ready courses, lessons in sustainable landscaping, and bicycle maintenance are also possibilities. The successful applicant will be responsible for fitouts, tools and benches. Could you make Waterloo Town Hall work for you? Build a community in Woolloomoolo’s shed Tips for Applying for Community Grants 1. Be clear and realistic about your organisation’s aims. Try to articulate your organisation’s goals in a way that will allow you to assess your organisation’s success further down the track. For example, you might aim to put on a certain number of events each year, increase well-being of participants by a certain percentage, lift participant’s school grades or attendance, or reach certain fundraising targets. 2. Do your research. Is there already an organisation in the community that is doing similar work that you could support instead? Are pre-existing models for your organisation available? If you succeed in the application process you will be using a highly sought-after resource, justify why your organisation deserves it. 3. Think about how the management of your organisation will be structured. Will it be open to outside applicants, or run as a collective? Outline the expertise your management team has and how it’s structure suits the goals you are trying to achieve. 4. Create a strategy to attract diverse and meaningful participation from the local community. List any existing contacts and connections you have to make this possible. Include in your strategy actions your organisation will take to be consistently inclusive and accessible to marginalized groups in your community. 5. Identify and outline other sources of funding that will boost the outcomes of the work you plan to do in the space. Draw up a funding or profits plan that demonstrates how your organisation’s work will remain financially sustainable. The Festivalists show how it’s done How to apply Prospective applicants can check property inspection times and lodge application forms here: au/community/grants-and-sponsorships/ community-grants/accommodation-grants 9


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Vinnies Dulwich Hill Vinnies Dulwich Hill is your typical op shop where you will find hidden gems at modest prices. This affordable shop is crammed with preloved goods. They recently expanded their premises to showcase even more bargains. You will likely leave with a bag full of treasures. Explore a world of wonder right here in the Inner West. With artisan homewares, gourmet meats, deluxe facials, award winning tarts, a cheese epicerie and a Campos coffee showroom, Dulwich Hill is the perfect place to while away a weekend or two. Stop at Ablas for traditional Lebanese desserts or the Graff Café for some street art lessons, or meander through to any one of the lovely smoke-free alfresco restaurants. There is always something new to discover in Dulwich Hill. Here are a few beauties, enjoy and make sure to share the secret… F EMBOSS At eMboss, their salon is your salon! They create the best looks based on the latest trends which are also tailored to suit the lifestyle and needs of their customers. Relax and unwind with an eMboss signature facial or have a natural spray tan containing a blend of botanical herbal extract to soothe the skin and heal the body. There are 3 power tool shops in Dulwich Hill. Get hammered. AC T1 MINH VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT Minh Vietnamese Restaurant serves consistently awesome authentic food from their extensive menu. Their cheap and cheerful food is a must for all Inner Westies. The beef and betal stir fry is a family favourite. CATHERINE COLUBRIALE 2 FAC T There were 3.9 million passengers on the light rail Dulwich Hill Line in 2014. Catherine Colubriale has made thousands of gorgeous and unique gowns for more than 20 years. She has the unique ability of foreseeing the end result before she starts, enabling her to create timeless and elegant bridal and evening gowns. GLEEBOOKS This independent bookstore has been selling new and second hand titles for more than 30 years. Located in a cute little shop on the main strip, they have books that cater to all interests. Make sure you check out their book launches and discussions held throughout the year. FAC T Strawberry Fields won gold at the Royal Easter Show for their amazing custard tarts. 3


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‘ Medina Interior Medina Interior has established itself as one of Australia’s largest carriers of Moroccan ceramics. For 15 years they have stocked exotic and stylish Moroccan pieces, bringing striking indoor and outdoor furniture to local homes. Want more on Dulwich HilL? • Stay tuned as Ciao presents Dulwich Hill’s Fine Food Special on 31st July Hair and Beauty Special on August 28th and Professional Services Special on September 25th. • Dulwich Hill Fair is on Sunday September 13th. For more info see www.marrickville.nsw. • Tomorrow’s Dulwich Hill is the development of a ten-year place plan that will seek input from Dulwich Hill residents, community members, and stakeholders. See more at www.marrickville. Gladstone Hotel FAC T 4 Bradys furniture offer a complete clear out service. Bradys Used Furniture One man’s trash is another man’s treasure at Bradys Used Furniture. Bradys have been around for over 35 years and sell household furniture, bric-a-brac, vintage gems, and more. And if you are looking to get rid of stuff they offer a whole house clear out service. This popular local pub has tasty food, great beers and cocktails and awesome entertainment. They have two for one frozen daiquiris everyday from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Famous for stocking locally brewed beers like Batch and Young Henry’s, you can get your hop fix and support the local economy. Summer Lane BETTY CONCINA Betty Concina is a professional athlete with more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Betty and her friendly, experienced team love inspiring and motivating locals to live healthy and happy lives. They can tailor make programs to suit all body types. Jessie Goh saw a need for bringing kids’ clothes and toys to the Inner West and established Summer Lane in 2010. All pieces are carefully handpicked to cater for your child from newborn to school age. Stuck for ideas? The passionate and friendly staff will help you pick something that will be a favourite. CT 6 FA Car: There are two major carparks in Dulwich Hill. Enter from Seaview Street for New Canterbury Road shops and from Beach Road for the Marrickville Road cafés and eateries. Bike: Although funding for the development of the Greenway corridor has been put on hold, there are still some lovely rides through to Dulwich Hill from Leichhardt and Newtown. See Walk: Nothing like a morning stroll to get the blood pumping, with a tasty treat to reward your efforts from one of Dulwich Hill’s seven patisseries and bakeries. Lots of dog friendly outdoor areas too. Cakes and Creams claimed the Silver Medal in the Great Aussie Pie Competition, 2013 FAC T 5 Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats have 15 different varieties of gourmet sausages. Goh of Summer Lane won the 2015 Marrickville Business Person of the Year. CT 7 A F Jessie How to get there: Bus: Catch the 426, 428, and 412 from Newtown or the city. Catch the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Balmain. Light Rail: The Dulwich Hill Line (L1) goes through Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Lewisham and Summer Hill. $5.20 adult return, (Family day pass $22). Disembark at Dulwich Grove Train: Dulwich Hill railway station is located on Wardell Road, around 1km walk from the Dulwich Hill Village. T3 Bankstown Line trains serve the station. There are frequent services from the Sydney CBD and the south-western suburbs. ($2.50 per adult on Sundays)


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in the kitchen Apple & Lemon Myrtle Tea Cake  with Olivia Mackay, n www.scoffandquaff. I recently participated in a Welcome Dinner, a potluck style dinner. It was a beautiful event, to which guests brought a dish belonging to their culture. As a first-generation Aussie with family all over the world, my ‘culture’ is hard to pin down. If you’re talking about ethnicity, that’s easy: I’m Anglo-Celtic. But I certainly didn’t grow up eating meat-and-threeveg. At my house we ate anything and everything. My parents met in South Africa, having lived in Zimbabwe and Kenya, but that didn’t connect to me. In the end, I ran out of time and resorted to making my good old reliable apple cake. I decided to make it special by adding some delicious lemon myrtle leaves instead of my usual cinnamon and vanilla. As I melted some local Pepe Saya butter, added a little lemon myrtle from a friend’s garden, and chopped the Granny Smith apples (an Australian variety), I realised that this was it – this reflected my culture perfectly. Imported in origin, adapted with local ingredients, and all put together with love. Wine with Winsor n Le Chat Noir 2014 Sauvignon Blanc There is a certain sass and style about the French wines under the Chat Noir label that set them apart. This is a vibrant savvy from the Pay d’Oc region that offers lots of pleasure for a minimal investment. It is fresh, clean and zingy with a “drink now, drink chilled” appeal. I’d be happy with a few glasses of this citrusy/ slatey number after work, and it would work well paired with some pan-fried fish fillets. Lovely stuff. Available at Dan Murphy’s. $16. French style Rich pickings Waywood 2012 Cabernet Sangiovese This unusual blend of cabernet sauvignon and the Italian grape sangiovese from McLaren Vale comes up trumps when paired with food, particularly rich dishes from the Mediterranean. It is well balanced and elegant with a definite European sensibility and handles its 14.4% alcohol with a nonchalant shrug. This would be a terrific choice for anyone planning to visit a BYO and pair it with richer pasta dishes or fuller- flavoured pizzas. Try Little Bottle Shop of Glebe. $28. Method 1. Preheat the oven to 190C. 2. Mix everything together. Yes, it’s that easy. Take a slice of Australian pie 3. Pour into a springform tin. Don’t worry if it looks chunky and ugly. 4. Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. 5. Allow to cool, then lightly sprinkle with icing sugar. 6. Serve with a cup of tea, ice cream or custard. To participate in a Welcome Dinner or to find out more, visit Ingredients • 1 cup self-raising flour • 1 cup sugar • 1 egg • 125g butter, melted • 2 Granny Smith apples, cored and chopped (no need to peel) • 1 teaspoon dried lemon myrtle leaves (you can use cinnamon and/or vanilla for a more traditional flavour) Orange crush Brangayne of Orange 2014 Riesling The Orange wine region in Central Western New South Wales is proving a fantastic source of quality cool-climate wines. Brangayne has a pedigree dating back over 20 years and sells much of its fruit, while retaining small amounts for its own label. This is a cracking little riesling, floral and fresh with bright citrus notes. It’s crisp, it is dry and it is very drinkable, with or without food. Try the Summer Hill Wine Store or check the wine list at the Welcome Hotel, Rozelle. $22. At the markets n Fruit: Cumquat supply has improved in the last week and there has been a decent load of avocados available. Figs are expensive this week. n Vegetables: Vegetables: Pick up snowpeas, red capsicum and tomatoes at a good price right now. Lebanese cucumbers are a little pricey at the moment. There is a limited supply of peas and picked leaves and pine mushrooms are done for the season. Figs are fetching some high figures At Home With Jessica PEDEMONT Dulwich Hill local Jessica Pedemont is a sought-after pastry chef and teacher. What got you hooked on working in pastry and cakes? I love cakes and pastries, eating them, making them, sharing them. I was hooked since I was a child, enjoying the delicious delights at family and friends’ parties. They bring so much joy, and it’s a special gift to bring happiness to people. It’s like a magical power, as if us pastry chefs are super heroes. I started my qualifications as a chef first, but I must say playing with seasonal fruits, fine chocolate and dairy is far more exciting for me than deboning quail, cleaning squid or picking through crab meat. What are the challenges amd pleasures of working in a chef? The challenge is the long hours, sometimes 16 hour days, six days a week. The pleasure is to have had the opportunity to be working with many sharing the same views, respects and joys of the trade. How do you think up your imaginative creations? I’ve always enjoyed experimenting, working with flavours clients like and couture designs for a more personal touch. I rarely make the same design twice. It’s fun to blow people’s minds with your creations and over deliver.  Do you cook at home? I cook all the time, there’s never enough time for all my cooking concoctions and I only get tired of running out of time for it. 12 MELISSA Leong Meating your maker I have had the very good fortune of spending a fair bit of time in the realm of butchery over the past few weeks. I recently spent a week in the glamorous climes of Newcastle, shooting a butcher breaking down whole carcases for the sake of photography. Food photo shoots are so often less sexy than you’d think and in this case, shooting raw meat in a concrete bunker for five days straight is definitely not the height of career envy. Watching Doug the Butcher skillfully breaking down each primal section into individual cuts takes skill and artistry that only decades in the biz can teach you, and I have to say that while it might seem a bit obvious, there’a fair bit of waste involved. In order to present a cut in its glory, it must be trimmed, separated, sliced ... sometimes with a bandsaw, to get it right. And in this pursuit, there’s a bit that goes in the bin. Over the period of a week, I watched this refrigerated pile of meat trimmings grow and I’ll admit, I felt guilty at the though of an animal growing for the purposes of being sent to the abattoir to become food, only to have a big chunk of it go to the worms. Thankfully, Doug had organised for the local TAFE culinary department to take these trimmings and turn them into stock for the bones, and tallow for the fat, both of which could be used in ongoing practical lessons for the students. A chef friend, Nick Holloway, who runs one of the best restaurants in Far North Queensland, Nunu, once said to me, “Flavour is in everything. It’s in the smallest offcuts of vegetables, the bones, the bits on the side of the roasting pan. Why would you want to waste it?” It is easy, when we live in such a disposable, convenient society, to throw away what we don’t need. But lately I’m finding myself trying to rescue scraps, not in a pathetic effort to be frugal (though I probably should attempt this more seriously), but because if something took time to grow, and someone took time to nourish it, the best thing we can do is to honour that effort in making our own to consume it as fully as possible. Shallots, leeks, celery and even coriander roots can be regrown in a glass of water on the windowsill and replanted in a pot or in the yard, bones from roast chooks long gone can live in the freezer until there is enough to make your own stock, and vegetable trimmings can be composted. Enter the pastry chef I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, cooking with it or eating it. We have even built cold smokers in our backyard especially for our English style “Dry Cured” bacon, as we can’t find a good one readily available in Australia. I must have homemade sour dough bread at home at all times, I have a soft spot for our homemade beef jerky and make my own yogurt for kicks.  If you could make any cake creation, and money and time was no issue, what would you make?  Imagine if you could process all your own ingredients for the cake?! Even the harvesting and milling of the flour… now that would blow my mind! Seriously! If you hadn’t followed the career path of a pastry chef, what do you think you would have become? An artist or athlete. Sport, art and food. That’s me pure and simple. n Check out Jessica Pedemont’s cooking school at: www. Caramel Chocolate Mud Cake Ingredients 400 g caster sugar 250 g unsalted butter 200 ml water, hot 220g white chocolate 220 g plain flour 150 g self raising flour 1/2tbsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp bi carb soda 1/4tsp sea salt 1/4 cup grape seed oil or neutral oil 4 eggs lightly beaten  1/2 cup buttermilk 1/2tbsp vanilla extract Method 1. Put sugar and enough water to ‘wet’ the sugar and cook till desired caramel. Take off heat and very carefully add hot water, then butter. Stir till dissolved add heat if necessary. 2. Place chocolate in a bowl and pour over caramel mixture, stir till even. 3. Sift into a bowl flour, cinnamon, bi-carb. Add salt, mix in chocolate mixture using whisk till even. 4. In a separate bowl mix eggs, oil, buttermilk, vanilla. Then add the mixes together, beat till even, pour into desired tin and bake at 140C. Cooking time will depend on tin size. This will fit a 9-inch round to 8-inch square tin comfortably, in which case it will take 1-2 hours.   


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Tasty cheddar $7.99/kg $1.99 Pineapples Cauliflower each Royal Gala apples $1.99/kg 99cents each Queensland bananas^ Longobardi assorted beans 400gm 99 cents/kg Double smoked ham 4 for $3 $15.99/kg Rocca gnocchi 3 for $5 Crustoli king vanilla crustoli Mini Babybel packs Prosciutto parma $5.99 $1.99 $39.99/kg Cashiers and Deli operators wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria *Specials until Wednesday 8th of July ^Bananas on specials 4th and 5th July only


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n FEATURE Get Smart! What do kids actually learn when they go to tutoring? Bella Taylor examines the rationale behind one of the Inner West’s most popular tutoring centres. Settled in amongst the yoga and zumba classes of the Summer Hill Community Centre is the R3 Education Centre. This tuition practice, winner of the 2012 Inner West Local Business Award, is one of more than 3000 tutoring businesses in New South Wales and Victoria alone. The owner of R3 (pronounced “r-cubed”), Naomi Innes, is well aware of the growing competition but is confident her centre stands out. “I am about pursuing the potential in the child at the rate that is comfortable for them. It’s not about ticking boxes. I don’t say ‘You’re in Year Three, you must tick these boxes.’” desirable and private schools continue to be financially out of reach for many families. So, they turn to scholarships, selective schools and streaming within mainstream comprehensive schools, all of which require the children to sit exams, which many tutoring companies explicitly aim to make more accessible. Private tutoring is also a response to increasing standardised testing across the national curriculum and greater numbers of immigrant families for whom academic tutoring is one of few ways they can improve their situation. Mainstream schooling cannot always properly accommodate people from non-Australian backgrounds. Tutoring for children from nonEnglish-speaking homes can provide extra assistance in learning the language that their school does have the time or resources to give. These same students can also get assistance with curriculum content that their family may be utterly unfamiliar with. Naomi’s parents were Vietnamese refugees. “They came to Australian in 1980 with nothing other than the clothes on their backs. They knew that they wanted to invest in their daughters’ education because that equalled opportunities.” Naomi spent five years at the franchise. Before she left, she had begun to identify what she saw as its limitations. “The kids couldn’t think outside the square and it was getting quite robotic,” she says. A particular concern for Naomi was the inability in many students to translate the rules they had learned in class to any real world problems. “Kids could subtract, add, multiply and divide really well but they couldn’t work out time differences on a train timetable.” This echoes a key concern expressed about private tutoring – that it’s so geared to achieving specific test results that it encourages rote learning. What this criticism often overlooks is that tutoring is responding to the increasing focus on standardised-testing in mainstream schools. Naomi feels there is a role for private tuition outside of the space carved out for it by NAPLAN tests. “The schools have to meet a certain outcome at every stage of education – that’s what the system is. I don’t want to take the role of the school, I think that’s too hard! But I want to be able to complement the school,” she says. a little bit each day is better than doing it all in one go – the real world isn’t like that. You can’t do all your work in one day and then not turn up to work for the rest of the week.” The company is nonetheless rigorous in building solid learning foundations. Naomi cites the example of children writing the number ‘8’ as just two circles on top of each other, rather than by the correct stroke order. “I think it’s much better to learn something properly than to unlearn something later,” she says. Naomi’s conception of learning as an ongoing, linear development fosters her strong defence of tutoring, despite her concern about some of the existing practices. Naomi is aware of the pushback against tutoring and the increasingly heated debate about whether it is beneficial or fair to children. Naomi sees an inconsistency in how Australia treats the development of intellect in children. “If you have a child who is good at music, nobody bats an eyelid when they’re seven years old and playing Grade Three violin. No one says, ‘You’re too pushy!’” Naomi wants academic ability to be regarded as a skill, honed over time, like drama or sport. “If you have a child who is blitzing the undereights in soccer, of course you move him up to the under-nines or the under-tens. We accept that in Australia.” ‘I want to complement the role of the school’ Developing the R3 Education Centre’s curriculum in 2011, Naomi looked at the students who had made the most progress under her tuition, and then worked backwards to identify what was different in those students. “I could see that the students who did really well were able to apply what they’d learnt to other areas.” This is not an issue specific to the application of Maths, but English too. Naomi would ask her students to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and think about it from the wolf ’s perspective. “A lot of kids got stumped on that – they couldn’t empathise with the characters. That inferential comprehension wasn’t there.” Naomi set up R3 Education Centre in an attempt to address these recurring problems of application. In doing so she has also shifted her model away from a test-based one. “I’m very aware of parents wanting to push a certain agenda – OC classes, selective schools testing. I think if you give kids the right environment to grow in, all the tests are irrelevant. For me, it’s not about chasing a NAPLAN result; it’s not about chasing a HSC result. It’s about getting kids interested in learning.” Another criticism of extra-curricular tutoring is that it exhausts and intimidates children. Naomi agrees. “Pushing kids above their ability can create all sorts of stresses and anxieties in the child,” she says. Naomi is conscious of diverging from the tutoring mould. “I’m working against the mainstream of tutoring. It’s not a mass-produced style of tutoring where I’m out to get a very specific result in a short period of time. Learning is a progression and it’s a skill you learn for life. It’s hard to quantify!” This attitude is mirrored in the company’s attitude towards homework. “Doing tutoring has become a huge, global industry Naomi is a trained pharmacist but her tutoring experience reaches back more than 20 years to when she was in university and tutoring students privately in Maths and English. Once she had completed her degree she went back to her high school and taught lunchtime classes for kids who were struggling academically. The arrival of her own children forced a reassessment of her career plans. Pharmacy demanded very long hours and she rediscovered her interest in teaching through helping her son. In 2005 she decided to open her own tutoring business but, lacking the crucial business experience, went first into running the Summer Hill branch of a tutoring franchise. Extracurricular tutoring has become a huge, global industry. Its growth represents, in part, the increased privatisation of education as budgets are cut, public schools become less Tutor your kids at home Tips and Tricks • Where possible try and make learning fun, such as games or songs that aid with tuition. Kids learn more if they are engaged with the subject matter. • Try and hone in on your child’s learning style and respond to this; if they are a visual learner utilise this learning style. • Work with and not against your child, don’t make them fear you as an assessor but more as an assistant that they can point out their difficulties to. • Give encouragement and praise when your child is getting the answers right and constructive support when your child gets the answer wrong; try and map out the steps to the correct answer so that they can see and understand where they went wrong. • Try not to load your child’s schedule up too much, you don’t want to unnecessarily stress them out at a young age. If tutoring is needed it might be worth dropping another activity. Fun and teaching games 14 Happy learners


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