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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 260 | June 19th 2015 Funky co-working spaces On a mission with local worship WIN! Love & Mercy Winter Festival Dinner The Good Lie TIX: DVD: Read the recipe: the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham d ale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d, e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r Cauliflower Gratin It’s business awards time for local entrepreneurs Entries close: 31 July 2015 CORE GROWTH Your short environment film could win you some of the $5000 worth of great prizes up for grabs. Entries close Friday 31 July, so start filming. For information on how to submit your film and for full terms and conditions, go to: The footprints film festival entries will be screened at this year’s Footprints Eco Festival on Sunday 23 August. Come along to see some of the best local short films going around and help power the screening in our bicycle-powered cinema!


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LO LO SIN L BU A U B SIN C AL C SS ESES AW A WA R D S ARDS 2015 2015 Like & follow FMKhair on and INNER WEST INNER WEST Finalist for Business Person of the Year and Finalist for Outstanding Youth Award LO U B S L I N A C 2015 FMK hair 70 Dalhousie street Haberfield 2045 Tel: 97991857 AW S ARD INNER WEST


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Shop. Love. Local. NORTON PLAZA congratulates its 12 finalists in the 2015 Inner West Local Business Awards • • • • Anytime Fitness Babycakes by Renee Belleza Hair Salon Cincotta Chemist • • • • Flowermart Hangout Drycleaners Howards Storage World Laser Clinics Australia • • • • Nocturnal Designs Norton St Grocer OPSM Relish Foods GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... A Christmas cracker, road woe, bad lighting, pleather and gain l A proposal from local choir, the Leichhardt Espresso Chous, to Leichhardt Council suggests that Norton Street’s usual Christmas Carol Event be livened up, quite dramatically! The Council is considering plans to organise a children’s lantern parade (with lantern-making workshops) to be accompanied by an amatuer ‘New Orleans-style Junk Band’, formed especially for the event. l l WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie declares that identity politics is, like, so five minutes ago. Dear LL – I’m finding it harder and harder to remain fashion forward when it comes to my alternative lifestyle choices. First I announce I bat for the other team only to watch in horror as homosexuality becomes utterly bourgeois. Next, I invest my blood, sweat and tears as an ally to the transgender cause, only to have a reactionary member of the Kardashian clan normalise hurdling conventional gender boundaries and be feted by everyone from Republican presidential nominees to the the lamestream media. Who wants to be associated with that? Finally, I decide I am Aboriginal Australian, my wholly Nordic heritage notwithstanding, and have to deal with one of the traditional owners of this land getting elected to Federal Parliament AS A FREAKIN’ CONSERVATIVE! What exactly does one have to do in this relativistic day and age to maintain one’s status as a special snowflake wafting high above the bovine masses? Carl, Newtown LL replies: We live in a fast-moving world, Carl, but there’s a simple solution to your problem. Don’t try and be something interesting, do something interesting. Proclaim you are a dolphin trapped in the ill-fitting body of a measly human being. Insist that your work colleagues either address you with species-neutral pronouns or call you Flipper. Require that a large pool filled with seawater kept at the appropriate temperature be attached to every public bathroom in the land so you can complete your ablutions with dignity. Most importantly, bag out every other marginalised group for utlising their ‘human priviledge’ in their struggle for recognition. If only every lifeform had it so easy! It’s a travesty mainstream acceptance of ‘diversity’ has decimated your right to feel unique, Carl, but you are so much more than the restrictive labels society tries to define you by. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, kindly ask them to stick it up their humanoid blowhole. FOOD Melissa Leong ADVERTISING Sonya Madden VIVID Sydney has received complaints from festivalgoers that the colours featured by the festival are not vibrant enough. “Grey is not a “VIVID” color. Please ... no grey or muted colours on the Opera House!” read one complaint. Ciao proposes a democratic election of the most representative hue for Sydney next year – we think an angry red. Chain vegan grocery store The Cruelty Free Shop will be expanding its premises in Glebe as their stores are experiencing growing success. They predict Australia’s consumption of cruelty-free foods will follow Europe’s, where vegan products are a multimillion dollar industry. Well, the Inner West is rolling in the Greenies! JOURNALIST Max Kobras MP Jenny Leong has been vocal about possible impacts of the proposed M4 East Tunnel, which will have exits onto Haberfield’s stretch of Parramatta Rd. AECOM, the company that is preparing the tunnel’s Environmental Impact Statement is currently being sued for $150 million in Brisbane for allegedly supplying inaccurate traffic forecasts for a major toll road. l JOURNALIST Kassia Aksenov LOCAL history Aquatic Carnival  Between 1921-1924 Drummoyne’s Model Yacht Club held an annual Aquatic Carnival marking the King’s Birthday along the Parramatta River. Newspaper articles from the time suggest this was a huge community event. In 1924 the carnival was host to over 100 decorated boats, a fireworks display and a household-decorating competition. Model two-foot yachts competed in races between Wright’s Point and Gladesville Bridge, with the major checkpoints along the shore marked with bonfires. Prizes were awarded for fastest model yacht, best comic display and best original boat display. The day’s festivities also included a fast and furious dinghy race. n Photos courtesy of Australian National Library. Start the boats! WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter n Email your dilemma to Things we love: EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Elise Bruem, Edoardo Mesiti Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and George making a galah of himself pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are Say hello to George and he will most likely nod enthusiastically those of contributors, indemnifying in understanding or greet you with a gargantuan wave (as the publisher from inaccuracy demonstrated above). George can also speak, however, he only says or consequences arising from its one thing: “Hello George!” We spotted this dapper fellow enjoying reproduction. © All rights reserved. tamago (egg) sushi on Darling St, Balmain. Human companion, No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the Lyn, has been looking after George for the past seven years after publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free adopting him through the RSPCA. publication. C!ao’s voice In • Self-saucing puddings • Hot water bottles • Salvaging anything from street chuck-outs • Sydney Film Festival in the Inner West • Dance classes • Slugs! They’re back. •The Women’s Soccer World Cup Out • Violence at The Townie • The Killing Season: ABC attempts to remake Game of Thrones using well-known Auspol personalities! • Parking meters on Enmore Road • Hipsters. They are now called ‘Yuccies’. (ie. Young Urban Creatives) Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Lisa Mandaliti, owner of Relish in Norton Plaza, shows off the skills that got her nominated as a finalist of this year’s Inner West Business Awards. Image: Ben Cregan C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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From celebrity chefs, weekly winter warmers specials, Frozen kids’ day on the lawn to school holiday activities, there’s something for everyone this winter at The Pier. Best of all, you can win a trip to For more information visit 2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110 - 02 9817 2204


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Fair Share Communal offices that bring more to the table Communal spaces are no longer reserved for those trendy openplan layouts in the city, often sporting a ping pong table in the corner. They are now popping up all around the Inner West in different shapes and sizes. It’s been a growing trend for small businesses and freelancers to opt for communal offices over private ones, or working from home. The benefits of working in a communal space include boosting collaboration, lowering costs, increasing flexibility and improving opportunities for networking. Ciao explores spaces in the Inner West to get the low down on whether sharing really is caring. RANT It's communism for money makers Chain reaction Whenever I walk in the CBD I feel only one thing, boredom. The same chain shops repeat over and over, all offering the exact same products at the exact same prices, as they do in so many suburbs across Australia. But the Inner West is different. With hardly a chain store in sight, small businesses are the lifeblood of our area. Owned and run by locals, small businesses are run as part of the community, and are where real customer service can be found. This is why it’s so devastating when a local small business is forced into closure. In 2013, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that an average of 44 small businesses were closing down in Australia every day. It’s an alarming trend that is seeing businesses shut down at an above-average rate on the high streets of the Inner West, such as Norton Street in Leichhardt and Darling Street in Balmain. Fuelled by higher rents, below-average spending and the competition of online shopping, this massive loss of profits in small businesses is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. High rental prices along shoppping strips mean that when small businesses do close, only chain stores can afford to move in. This threatens surrounding businnesses by encouraging rental prices that are even higher. Thankfully, the number of chain stores along Darling St and King St have remained relatively limited. In this year’s budget, the Federal Government introduced new tax concessions for small businesses, that is, any business earning less than $2 million per year, to encourage investment. Until June 2017, any assets with a value under $20,000 that are purchased by small businesses, such as printers, chairs and coffee machines, are tax deductible. However, whether this will encourage prospective business owners to start up their own businesses is questionable. Starting your own small business is neither cheap nor easy. It requires a significant amount of hard work and investment, as the saying goes; you need to spend money in order to make money. But with a business being such a substantial financial commitment, prospective business owners will remain hesitant to invest unless they are given the assurance that their investment will pay off, and that they won’t be losing money. So what does that entail for the ordinary person who isn’t planning on starting up a small business? Consumers need to make an effort to shop local and support small businesses, pressure should be put on local councils to remove red tape for business owners and people should be encouraged to pursue businesses ideas, rather than being made to fear the possible negative outcomes. That way, our local community of the Inner West will continue to thrive as an individual community, rather than becoming a carbon copy of a suburb littered with multinational chain stores. nWords by Elise Bruem Commune, Newtown Commune, located just off King St, is the epitome of openplan space. While it may not suit every business, the fast wi-fi, affordable rates and stylish furnishing do make it an appealing option. It’s home to many different creative professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Commune's aim is to provide a space that encourages the sharing of ideas and resources. Whether you’re after a desk for a day, which will set you back $40, or a more permanent fixture, costing $100 a week, all spaces come with unlimited, high-speed internet, client-friendly shared meeting spaces, Wi-Fi printing, scanning and fax facilities. As well as a kitchen stocked with tea, coffee, bread, milk and cereal, and laundry facilities. Wait a minute… can we move in? 1/60 Rochford St, Erskineville Something for the minimalists area, kitchen and bathroom facilities. It slso has a very impressive entrance that’ll leave any potential clients impressed. 75 Mary St, St Peters Tiliqua Studio, St Peters The Nest Creative Space, Alexandria A space inhabited by designers, creative makers, musicians and thinkers. This space is a light-filled renovated warehouse in Alexandria. The Nest includes kitchen facilities, communal lounge, Internet, electricity, water and cleaning services. Starting from $120 a week. 298 Botany Rd, Alexandria They offer co-work studio pods in a light-filled renovated space located five minutes away from the station. This space is comfortable, welcoming and convenient including facilities such as electricity and water, Internet, insurance, desk and chair. Starting from $490 a month. 8/45-47 Applebee St, St. Peters The works, Glebe Lah-Lah Land, St Peters This spacious spot is a perfect location for a co-working office space, nestled amongst the larger surrounds of the groovy ‘Precinct 75.’ Although it’s luxurious, it’s a little bit pricey at $250 a week. It offers, Internet, printing, large meeting area, lounge Wine and Dine at the Pier WIN FREE TICKETS Similarly, The Works offers a co-working space and office as well as a gallery, pop-up shop and retail space, if you’re in need of those. It’s an industrial warehouse with plenty of room located amongst bustling Glebe Point Rd. It has great facilities including wi-fi and cable Internet, as well as kitchen facilities. While this space may be lacking in breakfast options it’s great for networking and getting involved in many different events. Spaces start from $110 per week. 62 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Saturday 20th June The Woolwich Pier Hotel is very excited to launch its inaugural Winter Festival, an event that will see the landmark harbourside venue completely transformed throughout the coldest months. Throughout the entire event there will be an entirely new winter menu created by head chef Glenn Tabudlo with a slew of amazing dishes and drinks to taste and keep you warm. Family activities will grace the Pier every Saturday. Woolwich Pier will also be holding premier ticketed events for its Winter Festival, one every month. The first, held on Thursday 25th June, is an incredible dinner with the winemakers from Robert Oatley Vineyards. Featuring five courses prepared by celebrity chef Justin North, expertly paired with a range of premium wines, guests will be taken on a sensory journey as they learn the story of how these wines made it to their table from the vineyard. n Normally costing $70 per head, we are very excited to offer two FREE tickets to this delicious dinner courtesy of Woolwich Pier Hotel. To go into the running, email with your name and details. FREE Community are en ev ts listings email info@ Attn: Max and domestic electronics to produce their own songs as well as familiar tunes in unfamiliar guises. This performance begins at 3pm. Where: Glebe Town Hall, $20 Monday 22nd June Local History Walking Tour Take a walk on the heritage side with Marrickville Council with this free history walking tour. Starting at the Marrickville Golf Club on the corner of Wharf and Beauchamp Streets at 9:45am, it ventures across the railway line towards the Cooks River. While last year’s tour focused largely on public buildings like the first Town Hall and the Old Police Station, this walk will take in the Gumbramorra Swamp area with grand federation homesteads such as The Warren being 6 explored. Whether you are new to area or simply fascinated by the local history, this event will be insightful and interesting. Spaces are limited so are bookings are essential. To make a booking, please visit Sunday 21st June Clocks and Clouds and a Body of Water Check out historical homes Presented as part of Secret Sydney in the all-new Spectrum Now Festival, This is a double-bill, experimental Broadway Unplugged was born of the musical experience that is very unique. idea to provide a platform for theatrical Clocks and Clouds is the work of performers to do what they do best Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima, in a fun and supportive environment. a totally acoustic performance using a Beginning at 8pm, Broadway variety of rare and new instruments. Unplugged will open with performances Audience members will physically by established stars of musical theatre, experience the sensation of the before opening it up for an open mic harmonics sweeping the room. A session. Any fan of song and dance Body of Water is a collaboration should not miss this, or if you’re feeling between Karen Cummings and brave, visit www.broadwayunplugged. Stephen Adams where they use hybrid to sign up for a space! vocal techniques, field recordings Broadway Unplugged Are you the theatrical type? See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs Wednesday 24th June n Local screens n Your screens Title Fight For a band that was once really hardcore, their latest release is quite soft and melodic. Their sound is still quite metal but the volume is turned way down and the vocals have been muted to match. Prog rock fans will not be disappointed. n The Factory Theatre, $35.50 Friday 26th June FREE TICKETS Win movie passes and DVDs Youth Group Many people might still remember Youth Group for their Forever Young cover and their own music is certainly not far from that. They have a soft rock sound with repeated chords very reminiscent of Snow Patrol. n Newtown Social Club, $30 This big whopper is also a heart-tugger The Good Lie Paul Dano as Brian Wilson: Looking for those weird vibrations Love & Mercy Fluffy four-piece Sunday 5th July Babe in the Woods Like their folk tale inspired name suggests, Babe in the Woods has a fairy tale feel to it. While the music is still very much alt-indie rock, I feel they are probably big fans of Radiohead's similarly inspired Hail to the Thief album. n The Vanguard, $15 ★ Thanks to Icon Films we have 10 double The story of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson is one the saddest and most poignant of all the “rise and fall” rock and roll tragedies. After frying his brain and being sacked from the band, he spent the good part of a decade unable to get out of bed. But ultimately, as this vividly revelatory movie shows, there is a way back from the abyss. We first meet Brian (now played by John Cusack), much later – still woozily addled, wealthy from royalties and under the strict control of a legal guardian and self-help Svengali (Paul Giamatti). Ex-model Melinda (Elizabeth Banks) crosses his path and spots something fishy. Slowly, against her better instincts, she falls for Brian and a series of flashbacks to the fun-filled and drug-fuelled '60s take us back to where it all went so horribly wrong. Here he’s played by Paul Dano, who has the same baby face and sweet vagueness of the boy-genius. His is a near perfect performance, and it is this part of this extraordinary story that will most break your heart. M from June 25. in-season passes to give away. Details below. The Emperor's New Clothes It’s easy to agree with megastar Russell Brand’s howl of rage at capitalism’s inherent income inequality – harder to accept coming from one of the system’s top 1 per cent of earners. He jokes about that and yes we laugh, this motormouth Marxist is a very funny bloke. Michael Winterbottom directs him, or tries to... but alas, the sub-Michael Moore stunts confronting receptionists and bank security staff with a megaphone while the cameras roll are unworthy of both men. These workers earn 1/1000th of what the carefully scruffily dressed Mr Brand makes. M on now. Despite Reece Witherspoon’s prominent spot on the poster she’s not the star of this touching, funny and impeccably crafted drama. That honour goes to four unknowns, former Sudan refugees themselves, whose progress we follow – first as child survivors of a brutal civil war, then with a perilous journey overland, and finally to their greatest challenge of all – making sense of life in Kansas City. Much of the latter is played for laughs, and here the very bankable Hollywood star is worth her weight in gold as the headstrong, blowsy job counsellor Carrie. There’s a danger in such stories of feeding the myth that all that is needed to solve the refugee crisis is a good-hearted white person. But director Philippe Falardeau (Monsieur Lazhar), is much too smart for that, this is a sassy, nuanced and realistic film, which thankfully, unlike so many real refugee stories, does have a happy ending. M on DVD and digital from June 24. ★ Thanks to One Home Entertainment we have five DVDs to give away. Details below. CIAO's PICK! Russell has a rant A thoroughly modern Bathsheba Footprints Film The Footprints Film Festival is an annual event organised by Leichhardt Council that calls for Sydney’s best short films with an environmental or sustainability theme. With the joint ideal of promoting green living and fostering artistic talent, this contest is open to anyone with a camera and a story to tell. If you wish to enter, simply upload your film via Vimeo and submit the entry form located on Leichhardt Council’s website. They also have a list of environmental themes, ranging from urbanisation to local biodiversity, which can help you get started! Films will be screened at the Footprints EcoFestival. All entrants have the chance to win up to $5,000 worth of incredible prizes! Entries have already opened, so if you want to take part make sure to submit your film before the closing date of July 31st. This competition is open to people of all ages, but those under 13 must get parental approval before entering. Need a filter? Far From the Madding Crowd A lot happens in Thomas Hardy’s classic novel, and in Thomas Vinterberg’s movie adaption, a lot is left out. Both are about the headstrong heiress Bathsheba Everdene and the three men in her life. At one stage I ducked out of the screening for a minute leaving her with one lover, and returned to find her in the arms of another. OK, she was a modern lass, perhaps literature’s first feminist hero, and with Hardy’s words, “It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs,” cemented that status forever… Despite the abrupt jolts in continuity in this gorgeous-looking version, Carey Mulligan is just perfect – a joy to watch in every scene. But as one of those smitten men, Farmer Oak – Matthias Schoenaerts looks like he’d be far happier in his native Belgium than trying to work out what is going on in this girl’s head. M from June 25. For more information on this event, please visit n Reviews – Russell Edwards Saturday 27th June Celebration Cooking Celebration Cakes in Canterbury/ Hurlstone Park are known for making some of the most beautiful and delicious cakes in the Inner West. Recently, they have also begun offering classes. Led by Jessica Thu 2nd & Sat 4th July Pedemont, Celebration Cooking has classes in baking and decorating cakes, Kids’ Party Confidential ranging from simple icing to delicate Comedian Sean Murphy’s latest show sculpting. Their next class, running is what local families need to see as they brave the presents, piñatas and purple-faced tantrums that make up a young child’s party. This 55-minute one-man show, appropriate for adults and children over five, tells the hilariously humiliating tale of seven years in children’s entertainment. Originally part of Fringe Festival, Sean is now touring through the school holidays, appearing at Five Dock Library It's party time! 8 from 11am-3pm, will focus on formal decoration of cakes, such as what would be used for a wedding cake. Any baking enthusiast, no matter your experience, should not miss out on this opportunity. For more info or to make a booking, visit He hits the high notes on Thursday and Concord Library on Saturday. For more information, please visit Sat 4th-Wed 8th July latest Baroque masterpiece to be reimagined and will soon be making its first performance ever in the Southern hemisphere. Brought to you by Pinchgut Opera and held at the City Recital Hall, Bajazet is a bombastic tale rife with romantic entanglements and love triangles. The opera features an array of brilliant arias, incredible characters, and a cast of impressive vocalists. Tickets start at $30. For more info or to make a booking, please visit http://tickets. WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDS Bajazet Originally premiering in Verona in 1735, Vivaldi’s opera Bajazet is the To be in the running to win one of ten double in-season passes to Love & Mercy, or DVDs of The Good Lie, just email your name and contact details to telling Only at the movies June 25 us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter both but if you do, give us a preference. And please do include a postal address!


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Workvents &E JULY E E R F shops JULY - DECEMBER 2015 TREADING LIGHTLY ECO-LIVING IN THE INNER WEST Saturday 8 August 9.30am - 12.30pm Repair Cafe Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 8 August 9.30am - 12.30pm Basic Carpentry: Build a Nest Box, Possum Home or Apple Box Hosted by City of Canada Bay Saturday 22 August 10am - 12pm De-clutter: Living with Less Hosted by Burwood Council Saturday 22 August 10am - 12pm Composting & Worm Farming Hosted by Strathfield Council Saturday 22 August 9.30am - 12.30pm Growing Herbs Hosted by Ashfield Council Sunday 23 August 11am - 3pm Footprints Ecofestival Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 29 August 9.30am - 12.30pm Bike Maintenance Hosted by Ashfield Council Sunday 13 September 10am - 12pm Organic Pest & Disease Control for Vegetables Hosted by Strathfield Council Sunday 13 September 10am - 2pm Big Bike Day Hosted by Leichhardt Council Wednesday 23 September 9.30am - 12pm Kids Nature Art Workshop Hosted by City of Canada Bay Thursday 24 September 10am - 12pm Compost Revolution: Worm Farming & Composting for Kids Hosted by Burwood Council NOVEMBER Saturday 7 November 10am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm Sewing Machines for Beginners Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 7 November 9.30am - 12.30pm Backyard Bee Keeping Hosted by Ashfield Council Saturday 7 November 10am - 12pm Cooking with Fresh Garden Vegies Hosted by Strathfield Council Saturday 14 November 10am - 12pm Making Cheese & Yoghurt at Home: Love Food Hate Waste Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 28 November 9.30am - 12.30pm Wild Weaving Workshop Hosted by City of Canada Bay Thursday 2 July 10.30am - 11.30am Australian Animals Display: Wild Animal Encounters Hosted by Burwood Council Saturday 4 July 9.30am - 12.30pm Repair Cafe Hosted by Leichhardt Council Wednesday 8 July 10am - 1pm Permaculture in the Food Forest Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 11 July 10am - 1pm Sourdough Breadmaking Hosted by Ashfield Council Monday 13 July 9.30am - 11.30am Kids Weaving & Art Workshop Hosted by City of Canada Bay Thursday 16 July 6.30pm - 8pm The Tipping Point: The Greenland Icesheet Hosted by City of Canada Bay Saturday 25 July 10am - 12pm Pickling & Preserves Hosted by Strathfield Council Saturday 25 July 10am - 12pm Upcycled Crockery Hosted by Leichhardt Council Thursday 30 July 6.30pm - 8.30pm Basic Mending & Clothing Repair Hosted by Leichhardt Council OCTOBER Saturday 10 October 9.30am - 11.30am Floral Art & Craft from the Garden Hosted by Burwood Council Tuesday 13 October 6.30pm - 8.30pm De-cluttering Workshop Hosted by Ashfield Council Saturday 17 October 10am - 12.30pm Cooking with What You Have: Love Food Hate Waste Hosted by Leichhardt Council Sunday 18 October 9am - 1pm Sustainable Foods & Growers Market Tour Hosted by City of Canada Bay Saturday 24 October 10am - 12pm Indoor Plants: Healthy Indoor Homes Hosted by Strathfield Council DECEMBER Saturday 5 December 10am - 12pm Making Cheese & Yogurt at Home Hosted by Ashfield Council Saturday 5 December 10am - 12pm Natural Baby Care Hosted by Strathfield Council SEPTEMBER Saturday 5 September 9.30am - 12pm Sweet Preserving Hosted by Leichhardt Council Saturday 5 September 10am - 1pm Recycled Fashion Hosted by Ashfield Council Saturday 12 September 8.30am - 4.30pm Farmgate Food Tour Hosted by City of Canada Bay To book into a workshop go to: http://treading-lightly. Bookings for workshops will open on Eventbrite approximately 8 weeks prior to the event date. Due to the high demand, workshop participants must be from within the Ashfield, Burwood, City of Canada Bay, Leichhardt and Strathfield Local Government Areas. Please provide your address at time of booking. For further information (or assistance with booking) please contact the hosting council: AUGUST Saturday 1 August 10am - 1pm Homemade Beauty Products Hosted by Leichhardt Council Venue details will be provided at time of booking Ashfield Council 9716 1991 9911 9911 9911 6555 9367 9381 9748 9999 Limited capacity - bookings are essential for all events Burwood Council City of Canada Bay Leichhardt Council Strathfield Council Book Online Visit partner Councils’ websites for further information


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Should we be concerned about high density developments in the Inner West, or should we just welcome more housing? I think we should be concerned because there is parking congestion, traffic congestion and pollution already. Some suburbs in the Inner West look like rubbish tips. Laura, Marrickville We shouldn't accept it; more flats means more cars. Where are the kids going to play? Michael, Balmain I'm willing to have higher density housing if it's affordable. If it's marketrate, what is the point of demolishing older houses? I'm ambivalent as to whether there is one rich family living on a plot of land, or six. Luciano, Leichhardt I think we are going to have to accept higher density living. People who came to Australia a long time ago have been the beneficiaries of good house prices. But people can't afford detached houses anymore. Kay, works in Leichhardt Any housing density needs to have real, sensible and sustainable planning. Mary, Stanmore GreenBack Kolotex Refurb on the Cards Five apartment buildings (totalling 287 apartments) are likely to be approved at the old Kolotex site on 22 George St, Leichhardt. The Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel reported they are “minded” to approve the development, after their meeting in Leichhardt last week. Leichhardt Council received 105 submissions in opposition to the development, the majority were proforma letters written by members of the community activist group, Save our Suburb Leichhardt. The Kolotex Development design reflects planning control alterations the Department of Planning and Environment made in 2013, allowing higher density development on the site. Final approval of the apartment blocks depends on successful decontamination of the site, which Leichhardt has stated is 'highly contaminated.' As well as the submission of an ongoing remedial decontamination action plan. Saving the environment can sound boring and tedious. But it does not have to be. It can also save money and reduce waste, as some local businesses have discovered. Local councils are offering free services and grants to assist businesses with lowering costs by making their workplace a green environment. One initiative by Leichhardt Council is the SMART Program. It aims at reducing energy and water use, as well as reducing the operating costs and waste going to landfill. Grind Café on Norton St in Leichhardt have saved over $330 per year on water bills (430 litres of water per day) according to statistics on the SMART Program website. Rozelle hair salon Access Hair found 80 per cent of their waste was generated by cardboard and commingled recyclables. By reducing waste collection the business could save $450 annually and lower the amount of waste to landfills by 8.53m3 per year. Canada Bay Council has also been helping businesses save money through its sustainability program Resourcewise. Trovatino’s Café in Abbottsford replaced all their halogen lighting with LED lights. This allowed the business to save $600 per year on electricity bills. Resourcewise also recognises achievements with the biennial Sustainability Awards. Sustainability grants of $12,000 are available through Marrickville council for non-profit community organisations and services. The Green Living Centre in Newtown (a joint initiative of City of Sydney Council and Marrickville Council) has found ways to help businesses reduce waste in Newtown’s busy King Street. Campaigns such as “No Butts in Newtown” have helped reduce the amount of cigarette butts littered in the trendy suburb. Make a sock snake! How green is your business? Here are some ways to save your business' money by going green: Water • Use products such as rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems to reduce usage of natural resources. • Installing aerators, to reduce flow rate of water systems, can save up to $530 per year
 • Rather than purchase memo pads use scrap paper instead • Printing double-sided is another great way to reduce paper usage • Choose office furniture that is secondhand rather than purchasing new products Your own gourmet chef at Paisley Park’s grand opening Energy
 • Use low energy lights • Turn off all electrical equipment during nights, weekends and holidays • Buy highest star rating energy efficient products. The cost of these items are recouped through the reduced running costs over the life of these items n Kat, Jenny, Peter, Jo and Tash at Paisley Park’s opening celebarations Paisley Park opening New childcare services, Paisley Park Early Learning Centre opened last Saturday with a bang, hosting a tasting of its gourmet menu and a meet and greet with staff. The centre has opened in the oldest church in Leichhardt, on the corner of Foster and Lord Roads. The centre has been welcomed positively, bringing more much-needed childcare places for infants and toddlers to the area. Words by Edoardo Mesiti IPART In on Mergers The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal has approved the NSW Government's “Fit for the Future” assessment methodology with a few changes. IPART will take the role of Expert Panel and will be receiving submissions from Local Councils as to what their plans are to become for “Fit for the Future”; based on meeting scale and financial requirements that endorse Sydney councils merging into larger organisations. Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous has been vocal about her opposition to the assessment methodology. “There is little or no consideration given to equally important qualitative measures,” she says. “These include loss of local accountability and ability to respond in a timely and appropriate way to local needs; the need for a local council to reflect local values and prioritise local issues; and significant organisational upheaval over many years.” IPART has endorsed, as a secondary option to the six Inner West councils merging, the formation of a Joint Organisation between the councils. This would not be another layer of governance but would seek to “provide scope” for councils sharing resources. Headspace in Ashfield A new Headspace centre has opened in Ashfield Civic Centre, providing services for 12-25 year olds experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The free service includes access to a GP, social worker, alcohol and drug services, as as well as help for jobseekers. An election platform of the Abbott Government in 2013, the government pledged to increase the number of headspace drop-in services to 100 Australia-wide, there are currently 93. Locals protest transphobic violence Last Saturday night approximately 100 people gathered at Newtown's Hub to protest the violent assault experienced by a transgender woman at the Town Hall Hotel early on Saturday morning, two weeks ago. Stephanie McCarthy, the bass player of Love Maul, said she had been verbally assaulted by four or five men calling her 'faggot' earlier in the night. At around 3am they proceeded to physically assault her on the hotel's premises. One man so far has been charged with assault and will appear at Newtown Local Court on July 9th. Urged to merge s r e g Sin usicians M an evening talk with the author and renowned international archaeologist an evening talk with the author on her success as a young adult novelist & W a n t e d ! at Adam Ford Balmain Library Both events start Emily Maguire at Leichhardt Library Sunday Mornings 10:00 am Cnr. Foster St. and Lords Rd. Leichhardt. Leichhardt Community Church, A Safe and Inclusive Church LGBTQI people welcome! Join Our Worship Team Leichhardt Communit y Church Leichhardt Community Church WEDNESDAY 15 July Leichhardt Community Church WEDNESDAY 22 July Leichhardt Library Piazza Level, Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street Free - All welcome Book online or call Balmain Library 9367 9211 Leichhardt Library 9367 9266 -6:30pm- SMS 0412918833 for more info 10 Leichhardt Community Church


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in the kitchen Cauliflower Gratin  with Olivia Mackay, n www.scoffandquaff. A spectacular hybrid of cauliflower cheese and gratin, combining the cheesy goodness of a childhood favourite with a layer of fancypants topping. It also makes use of the same dish to pre-cook the cauliflower and other ingredients, eliminating the need to boil them separately. Serve with a drizzle of truffle oil to make it even more umami-amazing. 1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Put the milk in a small pan with the garlic cloves and bay leaf. Bring to a simmer, take off the heat and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. 2. Break the cauliflower into small florets and place in a medium baking dish or six small ramekins. Dot with 100g of the butter, cover with a well-fitting lid and bake for 15-20 minutes, stirring once or twice to evenly distribute the butter. 3. While the cauliflower is cooking, make your béchamel. Melt the remaining 50g butter in a saucepan, then add the flour and stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon for two minutes to cook out the flour. Remove the garlic and bay leaf from the warmed milk and pour into the saucepan one ladle at a time, whisking constantly until you have a smooth sauce. Leave to simmer gently until thickened. Remove from heat, season with pepper and nutmeg, and stir in half the parmesan. 4. Remove the cauliflower from the oven and raise oven temperature to 200C. Pour béchamel over the cauliflower, leaving a few bits sticking up out of the sauce. Sprinkle over the parmesan, breadcrumbs and walnuts and return to oven. Bake uncovered for 20 minutes until golden-brown, and bubbling at the edges. 5. Serve with a big glass of dry white wine to congratulate yourself on eating your veggies. Wine with Winsor n Coriole 2013 Redstone Shiraz This is a very appealing McLaren Vale red wine that is full of flavour but won’t break the bank. Soft, spicy and very easy to drink, it also has some savoury characters along with dark berry flavours. There are soft tannins and subtle oak and plenty of enjoyment to be had here. This would pair well with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from pizzas and pastas to backyard barbecues. Uncomplicated and fun. $20. Succulent Shiraz Quaffable Youngster Taylors 2014 Promised Land Unwooded Chardonnay If you like your white wines to be clean, crisp and fresh without any oak influence then this bargain buy will almost certainly float your boat. From family-owned Taylors, whose vineyards are in the Clare Valley but whose offices are in Petersham, this is a vibrant young wine bursting with bright varietal tropical fruit characters and fresh acidity. A wine for immediate enjoyment. Chill it; quaff it. $14. Here’s the cheese Ingredients 1 head cauliflower, cut into small florets l l l l l l 3 tbsp plain flour Freshly ground black pepper Grated nutmeg 150g salted butter 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and squashed l l l 1 cup grated Parmesan (divided into two) l l Something Different Shadowfax 2014 Minnow Shadowfax winemaker Matt Harrop loves to experiment with different varieties and techniques and this is an excellent red blend of four non-mainstream grape varieties in mataro, grenache, cinsault and mondeuse. The fruit all comes from the estate vines at Werribee, between Melbourne and Geelong, and the wine is very accessible with just 13 per cent alcohol. This is just the second release and it is deliciously drinkable with cheeses or charcuterie. $27. 1 bay leaf 2 cups full cream milk 1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs 1/2 finely chopped walnuts At the markets n Fruit: Apples are plentiful this season, with all varieties being readily available. The best value include Pink Lady, Fuji and Kanzi. Queensland strawberries also are starting to come in and cost around $2.50 - $5 for 250gms. Navel oranges are great for tasty doses of vitamin C. silverbeet. Eggplant is of great quality and value at $2.99 - $5.99kg. Thanks to Tony Trim of Trimfresh Leichhardt. Winter fruits are now abundant n Vegetables: All Asian vegetables are well priced as is celery and At Home With Brock Coffey Brock Coffey is an Abbotsford icon. With his hotspot Prato Café Diner recently being reinvented as The Cove Dining Co, we chat to the sultan of smoking (meats, that is) about the change. You started working as a head chef at the age of 24. How did you know food was the direction you wanted to go in? I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking and being creative. When I was 14 it seemed like a good career, which would fulfill my creativity at night and enable me to spend my days skateboarding. Prato Café Diner has gone through a major rebrand to become The Cove Dining Co; what inspired this move? It was a chance to regather our thoughts and change our direction. You make your own sourdoughs and smoked meats on site. What are the challenges facing restaurants committed to making things from scratch? There is no one to call after a busy day or when something doesn’t turn out right. You have to be organised, passionate and willing to spend more of your free time at work. What is the one foodstuff where producing it on-site makes all the difference? Freshly smoked trout straight out of the smoker is something money can’t buy. 12 MELISSA Leong On the importance of reading the recipe Yes, the whole thing. One of the benefits of switching from contributing a recipe to each issue of Ciao, to straight up being allowed to rant about anything I like so long as it has some tenuous link to food is that I can write about what I’m doing (like, right now), cool huh? At present, I am at the tail end of the glorious cookbook editing process called ‘proofing’. The pressure of publishing a book is that once it comes off the printing press, all typos, errors in method and missing ingredients cannot be undone and if you want your book to be really good, these mistakes must be eradicated as best you can. When interviewing the legendary Charmaine Solomon for her recipe in this book, I asked her “If you could impart one piece of knowledge onto those who love to cook, what would it be?” And this is what she said: “Read the recipe. Don’t skim it, don’t assume anything, but read the whole thing from start to finish, and then do it again, before you pick up a knife, whisk, or open a bag of rice.” There are those of us for whom paying attention to every minute detail is paramount in life. For the rest of us mere mortals, we manage to understand most of what we absorb, but let’s face it, things do slip through the cracks. Part of my task at hand is to read a recipe through and make sure that every anticipated ‘but what if ’ is considered. As a reader of recipes, and as a home cook, your job is to read the recipe and understand what the writer is asking of you before you turn on the gas. Otherwise, you may miss out on nailing your new favourite dinner party masterpiece. 82-year-old legend, CWA baking champion and MasterChef guest cook Merle Parrish once received hate mail from a reader of her cookbook saying her Peach Blossom Cake sucked. Merle called the letter’s author and asked her to go through what she did. When it came to the bit about ‘whisking the egg whites to form stiff peaks’ the lady said, “Oh, I didn’t do that, I couldn’t be bothered so I just chucked them in.” She had completely dispensed with the whole mechanism that makes the cake rise. So there you go. Read the recipe. Then read it again, before you even start to prep. Chances are, you’ll probably nail it. Your restaurant is a big favourite with local Abbotsford families, serving up some pretty gourmet fair. How did you make the choice to just do breakfasts and lunches? We decided to focus on having something special and different at breakfast and lunch rather than stretch ourselves for a third service. Is there a dish you have always wanted to make, but just haven’t pulled off yet? Croissants.  Things like preserving and smoking, and setting up a veggie patch in your front yard, are tasks older inhabitants of Abbotsford and Five Dock have been doing all their life. Do you feel intimated by their presence in your restaurant? Yes, I do find it intimidating. Most skills and knowledge that I have, have been taught by the older generations and I have a great deal of respect for these people.  How much of an impact do you think Fair Trade products are making in the food industry? What do you hope for in the industry in the years to come? It’s becoming more and more popular not only with restaurants and cafes, but with their patrons too, especially in the coffee trade, and I hope it continues to grow awareness and respect.  What was the most memorable meal you have cooked for someone? Making spaghetti with feta, tomato and pickled onion for my gorgeous partner Anna on our first date. The Brocky foodies worship Ingredients 500g butter 450g sugar 280g self-raising flour 280g plain flour 125g cocoa 4 cups cornflakes ½ cup desiccated coconut Icing 4tbsp cocoa 2 cups icing sugar 4tbsp butter 4tbsp hot water Walnuts -Makes 24- Method 1. Cream butter and sugar together in a large bowl. 2. Sift flour into mixture and combine, mix in cornflakes and coconut. 3. Roll dough into 70g balls and flatten with a fork. 4. Bake at 180C for 20mins. Cool on tray. 5. Mix cocoa, icing sugar, butter and hot water together. 6. Ice biscuits and top with walnuts.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 S S E $8.99 Navel oranges 69c kg Santa Vittoria sparkling mineral water 6 x 750ml $5.99 Lavazza Cafe Espresso 500gm $9.99 $5.99 Ricotta 1kg tub LO LO TRIMFRESH Trimfresh Leichhardt has been a long time finalist in the fruit and veg category of the awards. Their outstanding customer service and good quality produce at reasonable prices has made them a community staple. Owner Tony Trim tells us his story… How do you feel about being a finalist? It is a pleasure and an honour. It is great to be rewarded by our customers and great to know we have something to offer the community. What sets Trimfresh apart? We have a strong commitment to service and quality and always do our best to please our customers, always. It is really important to have a high standard of service and maintain that high standard year round. We also support local growers. 80% of our produce is produced in Australia by local farmers. We source these fruit and vegetables from Flemington markets and also the growers directly. This means we speak directly with the farmers and growers, so we can establish excellent relationships and negotiate good prices – these benefits are passed onto our customers. We will also support growers in times of need (drought/flood) and help particular industries with a wide range of community projects and initiatives. What are the benefits of being an independent grocer? Our direct relationships with growers and customers mean that our supply chain is always super fresh. The competitive industry means we always have to stay ahead of the game. We are able to offer a wider variety of produce and specialty products that appeal to the Inner West community – we don’t just have a generic suite of products like the major chains. We are also able to cater to all different types of customers, from the gourmet buyer to basic family needs. What about the Trimfresh team? The staff at Trimfresh are knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and work well together. Everyone has been trained to know the customer always comes first. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and going the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We also value customer feedback, so if customers want particular products or need recipe or nutrition advice, we will do our best to help them. What do your customers say about Trimfresh? L BUSIN $2.49kg Broccoli Yummy almonds 500gm pack $1.99 kg Kiwi fruit $19.99kg Bertocchi sopressa USIN L B A B C AL USIN C INNER WEST INNER WEST FINALIST *Specials until Wednesday 24th of June AW A WA R D S ARDS The terrific team at Trimfresh! Our customers keep coming back , and that is the best compliment they can give us. We also ask that if customers aren’t happy they tell us first. Mostly customers are happy with the price and value we offer and they prefer to shop with grocers that support Australian farmers. n Trimfresh, MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Flood and Marion St Leichhardt, ph: 9572 6886, 2015 SS ESES 2015 2015 DS


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n 2015 INNER WEST BUSINESS AWARDS IT’S BUSINESS TIME! Best in the Inner West We are hitting the final stretch of the 2015 Inner West Local Business Awards presented by Precedent Productions. Before that happens, we take a closer look at some of the nominees. In just a few days time, the winners will be announced; some people will be going home with the ultimate victory but every nominee will still have the satisfaction of a place as a finalist. The judging process, which is undertaken anonymously to ensure they receive the same treatment as an usual customer, has so far shown that good quality service is still cherished in the Inner West and that there is a high standard expected by most customers that many businesses are reaching and even surpassing. Finalist businesses are encouraged to take the opportunity to submit additional information to the judges that details the background information of the business, things that might not be gleaned from a physical visit, such as business history, philosophy, staff training, customer feedback and efforts towards sustainability. Every year the Gala Presentation Evening is one of the most highly anticipated events for local businesses and the community with tons of great food and entertainment and, of course, the announcement of the victors. Any nominee should not miss out on this night! n Tickets to the presentation evening are strictly limited and usually sell out quickly so call 8577 5060 to book your table or visit www. Butcher TJ’s Quality Meats, Craig Cook’s Prime Quality Meats – Birkenhead Point, Caminiti Butchery, Five Dock Meat Market, Leichhardt Meat Market – MarketPlace Leichhardt, The Premier Butcher – Marketplace Leichhardt Café Primavera Espresso Bar, Stone Ground Espresso, Cremeria De Luca, Garnish Fine Foods, Jessie’s Den, Bar Italia, Café Jovanotti, Kelby’s Café, Decolata Childcare Services Balmain Care for Kids Preschool, Balmain Care for Kids Nursery, Cubby College, Greenwood Early Education Concord, Rose Cottage, Styles Street Children’s Community Long Day Care Centre, Leichhardt Little Stars, Explore & Develop – Lilyfield Delicatessen/ Gourmet Food The team from Precedent Productions THE FINALISTS ARE IN: Automotive Services MB Murray Brown Motors, Xtrabond Windscreens, Automobile Gallery, Leichhardt Automotive Specialists, Balmain Mechanical Repairs Jean Louise Joseph Deli Café – Birkenhead Point, Peppe’s Pasta, Red Lea Chickens – Marketplace Leichhardt, Relish Foods – Norton Plaza, Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher Babycakes By Renee – Norton Plaza, Black Star Pastry, Village Patisserie Education Service Sydney Corporate, All Arts Academy, The Hennessy Speech and Drama School, Keep Learning Education, All Age Music School, R3 Education Centre, Sydney Self Defence Centre Beauty Services Perfect Beauty & Spa, Pearl Nails – Birkenhead Point, Laser Clinics Australia Drummoyne, Laser Clinics Australia – Norton Plaza, HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio, The Laser Diva, Prettybird Bakery/Cake Shop The Cupcake Room, Locantro Fine Foods, Fashion Shop Casa Bohoeme, Noni B – Marketplace Leichhardt, Nocturnal Designs, Bella Emporio MORTGAGE CHOICE Newtown’s Mortgage Choice have worked tirelessly to help people achieve their financial dreams and benefit others in the local community. How does it feel to be nominated? We are thrilled and humbled to be recognised as a finalist in these prestigious awards. Knowing that our customers nominated us after dealing with us and our business is a wonderful compliment. We are incredibly passionate about what we do and it is satisfying to know our customers understand and appreciate that. What is your favourite part of your work? What drew you to Mortgage Choice? Being able to help our customers with one of the biggest financial commitments they will ever make is deeply rewarding. We love to help them achieve their property and finance goals. What drew us to Mortgage Choice is the strength of the brand and its unique sales proposition. What separates Mortgage Choice from other financial planners and home loan businesses? Mortgage Choice operates under a “paid the same” philosophy, which means all of its brokers are paid the same rate of commissions regardless of which home loan product a customer chooses. As such, our customers can take solace in the knowledge that their brokers are always operating with their best interests at heart. Mortgage Choice’s other main point of differentiation is that, unlike other financial service companies, we do not allow our brokers to be financial planners or vice versa. Our brokers and financial planners are specialists in their chosen field so every customer receives professional advice they can trust. As a large, national business, how do you ensure that your branch has the “local feel” and connects with the community? Although we have a national marketing The best choice in financial planning presence, we go out of our way to market ourselves and our services to our local community in a way that speaks to them. Within the community, we sponsor 26 teams in the Marrickville Football Club and are heavily involved with the other small businesses in the area and regularly interact with them through our local Business Networking Group. The community has given so much to us, so it is only fair to give back to them. It is for this reason that we actively support various charities and each year we host a Dine at Mine event to raise much needed funds for Camp Quality. What do you like about working in the Inner West? We are long term residents of the Inner West and there is never a dull moment in the vibrant city. The area is full of diverse and creative people and we love the growth and comradery between businesses. Do you have a message for the staff and customers who voted for you? We are so thankful to have been nominated by our staff and customers, it is a great honour. We always endeavour to go above and beyond and we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support. n Mortgage Choice Newtown: 3 Gladstone St, Newtown Ph: 9517 1818 Web: 8530.13 Thanksad128x185v4.indd 1 9/06/15 10:45 AM / W M 85 85 85 12 CR M EX 3i B M fi


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Congratulations Finalists Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre congratulates all of our finalists in the 2015 Inner West Local Business Awards... Pearl Nails Hero Sushi Craig Cook’s Prime Quality Meats Charlie Lovett Jean Louise Joseph Deli Cafe Moo Bok Baa Subway The Birkenhead Florist LO L BUSIN CA S ES 2015 AW ARDS INNER WEST SURPRISE YOURSELF LO BUSIN L A C S ES 2015 Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW P: 02 9812 8800 • W: : • : AW Balmain Care For Kids Balmain Care For Kids is the premiere childcare service centre in the Inner West and for one simple reason; a parent in need of good childcare created it. We talk with owner and operator Pam Meale about her business… How did Balmain Care For Kids first get started? What is the ethos behind this business? I started the business 19 years ago, establishing Balmain Care For Kids due to my own personal need of being unable to find childcare for my daughter in Balmain. Balmain Care For Kids commenced operations at Thames Street in 1996 and catered for children from zero to five years of age before we moved to our current location at 10 Wortley Street in 2006. Initially the centre was licensed for 29 children and, since we began our after school care program with the Father John Therry Catholic School, now we are providing a total care program for approximately 200 local children per day aged from 0–12 years of age.  What is the philosophy behind Balmain Care for Kids? To provide high quality care for all children aged 0-5 years of age. All our activities allow children to explore and experiment, imitate and ask questions to further develop their thinking and problem solving skills and is all based around the national curriculum. We believe it is important that educators provide a space for all children that is safe, happy and they are well cared for. What features of your care centre makes you unique compared to other childcare facilities? Balmain Care For Kids Nursery is the only specialised 0-3 nursery in the Inner West with higher staff ratios and we provide all nappies, S D AR LO LO B L US BU SIIN A L N C A C INNER WEST AW A WA R D S ARDS INNER WEST FINALIST INNER WEST INNER WEST 2015 2015 S ES ES Explore, experiment, question, learn food, and hats for children. Within the building we have created three special “outdoor” areas with a bike track, sandpit and rain forest room, which is great for smaller children in extreme weather conditions. Our pre-school is the only preschool with long day care hours from 7am-6.30 pm and an amazing new outdoor environment with all natural elements such as bridges, sandstone and a dry river creek bed. We provide French lessons as part of our literacy program and have amazing sustainable areas that include composting areas, native bees, chickens, and rabbits that the children love feeding! What do you most enjoy about your work? Coming to work and being with the children. Watching children grow and develop over the years and appreciating that we are playing such an important part in their formative years.  Do you have a message for your customers and staff who voted for you? THANK YOU for all your support and being part of the Balmain Care For Kids family!  n Balmain Care for Kids 10 Wortley Street Balmain, 2041 Ph: 9555 5707 Web: LO L A C BUSIN E 2015 A



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