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INES’ BOOK “The terrified” One day a Dad and a girl called Ruby were watching a movie and eating popcorn. ! ! ! Then the Queen arrived but it wasn't the real Queen. It was a joke to trick the Dad & the girl so then the Queen turned into a baddie. She put a sleeping spell on them and made them fall asleep but as the sleeping spell was coming to them, the Dad put a good spell on the spell which was an invisible shield. ! ! Then the Dad fought with the Queen. The evil Queen said “stay there” so Ruby had an idea. It was to hide at Ruby’s Mums’ work. But just then the Dad turned himself into a squid and they would go to the front and go out the front window though when the witch came back she got mad but then she saw the front window open and saw the squid ink from the Dad. So the witch followed the ink. When Ruby and her Dad got there Ruby told her mum what happened so her Mum turned into a squid as well. Then the witch came back so Ruby’s Mum and Dad sprayed the witch and she couldn’t see so Ruby, her Mum and Dad told everyone even Jesus/God and Mary to get into a big rocket ship. ! Then everyone turned into a squid except Ruby, Jesus, Mary, and God but they all had super powers so they put the biggest ink EVER and the witch couldn't see ever again. The Witch put a spell on so she could see them so they hid in Ruby’s Mums’ work. ! !


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Ruby’s mum quickly turned Ruby into a cat and the Dad was right behind the wicked witch so when she wasn't looking, he turned her into a mouse… ! Ruby was the fastest girl in the whole school and she caught the mouse. Then the mum turned Ruby back into a girl and then she put an evil spell on the mouse and put it into a cage and got her into jail but then one of the witch’s friends came and picked up the witch’s wand and turned back into herself ! ! ! ! ! ! Ruby’s family all had a little movie together but then guess who came? Chapter 2 .. It was the witch again she said WHA HHA HHA HHA you think your plan would work because but my friend came and helped me. So the family went to fight the evil witch while Ruby went to the telephone and called everyone to the space rocket again. She told her Mum to make the witch’s hearing to be deaf and the witch couldn't hear one single thing. Everyone in the whole wide world went to the rocket and went towards the moon, but just then as they landed on a planet they saw an alien and the alien told the people where they were on planet Green. ! Then they went back to planet EARTH and they all went to go and spray the biggest INK in the whole wide world and the wicked witch got into the drain and they threw the magic wand away. ! ! ! !


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! Chapter 3 … ! ! But just as it was coming guess who got it ? ! One of the witch’s other friends came and got the magic wand and just as she was about to put a magic spell on the family and Ruby was pretending that there was someone behind her and she turned around and Ruby went and quickly got the magic wand and she put a magic spell on her and she vanished and she also got rid of all of the witches friends and they all stopped and they all vanished and NO one got hurt any more so Ruby put the magic wand down the drain and they all wrapped the witch up in a strong rope and she got into Jail so no one went to the rocket ship. ! ! Next everyone made up a new idea and made it a silly word and when they were finished they called the new planet “FANTASTIC PLANET” and it was happy and fun. THE END.



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