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Socrates Almanac A house where the future is born Dina Turakbaeva The winner of the European awards Chief Doctor of the Perinatal Center №1 of Astana akimat, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, PhD


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Dear Mrs. Turakbaeva! On behalf of the Europe Business Assembly and International Socrates Committee, please, accept our deep and sincere respect and also we would like to congratulate you on receiving the Socrates Prize. The Socrates Prize (the highest award of the Europe Business Assembly) is awarded for the personal contribution to the intellectual and spiritual development of the modern society. You, Dear Mrs. Turakbaeva, undoubtedly deserved this recognition. Your long-term work for the benefit of the medicine of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the contribution to the development of obstetrics and gynecology and to the organization of the health care system worthy of the highest praise. Your outstanding research in the field of medical science, which received recognition both in the native homeland, and in the international academic community deserve special attention. Such people as you, who are representing intellectual and spiritual elite of Kazakhstan are the engine of world business, scientific and cultural integration. Let this prestigious award will serve not only the high evaluation of your merits, but also will enhance the positive image of Kazakh medicine at the international level. I wish good health, fruitful work, strength and prosperity personally to you, your relatives, friends and colleagues. Yours sincerely, President of the Europe Business Assembly Professor John W. A. Netting


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S ocrates Alma na c Let us introduce Doctor Dina Turakbaeva Dina Turakbaeva ow sad would this world be, if children were not born, carrying with themselves the innocence and the possibility of perfection,” – one wise person once said. It is difficult to disagree. The mystery of birth and the miracle of motherhood were and are concepts equally sacred for all and those whose gentle and caring hands contribute to the birth of babies, causes an unconditional respect for others. Dina Amangeldinovna Turakbaeva is a chief doctor of the Perinatal Center №1 of Astana and is one of the best obstetrician-gynecologist in Kazakhstan; and it is not surprising. Giving all her strength, she seeks both for personal and professional improvement, ensuring that the trusted organization has become one of the best in the country. Dina Turakbaeva was born on December 7, 1966 in Pavlograd (Republic of Kazakhstan). She grew serious and purposeful and the professional choices she made as a schoolgirl connected her life with medicine. As the alma mater she chose the Semey State Medical University. In 1989, the young specialist Turakbaeva started working as an obstetrician-gynecologist in her native city, and in 1996 she headed the team of the maternity department of the Pavlograd city hospital №1. “H The winner of the European awards Chief Doctor of the Perinatal Center №1 of Astana akimat, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, PhD 4 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va


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S o c rates Almanac In the late 90s she sat down on a student’s bench. She realized that as the leader of a new generation it was necessary to have both economic and administrative knowledge. In 2002, she graduated the Pavlograd University in the field of “Economy and management of enterprise”. From 2000 to 2007, Dina Turakbaeva worked as deputy chief doctor in the medical part of the regional maternity hospital of Pavlograd city. Then, the long-term experienced doctor was invited to work in the capital of the Republic - Astana, in the Republican clinic. Here from 2007 to January 2011, she headed the obstetrics department at JSC “National Research Center of motherhood and childhood” of the city of Astana. Since February 2011, Dina Turakbaeva has been a team leader of Perinatal Center №1, which is now the best obstetric institution and serves as an example to all maternity hospitals in the country. Persistence and constant striving forward has always help Dr. Turakbaeva to lead her difficult area of work. Dina Amangeldinovna has the highest qualification category, not only as an obstetrician-gynecologist, but also as a doctor - organizer of health care. Dr. Turakbaeva successfully combines practical work with research. In 2010, by the decision of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, she was awarded the academic degree of candidate of medical sciences. As Chief Doctor of the Perinatal center №1, she performs by herself; difficult obstetrical and gynecological surgery, deliver babies, including heavy; and personally develops and introduces new modern methods of diagnosis and treatment; and actively promotes them. To cope with all challenges, she is constantly improving her skills, she annually takes advanced training courses on various cycles both at home and abroad. Dina Amangeldinovna communicates without an interpreter with colleagues from other countries as she is fluent in English. The merits of doctor Turakbaeva are highly appreciated in her homeland and far beyond. She was awarded the badge “The excellent student of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, in the category “Medical Person of the Year” in the international competition “Stars of medicine and tourism” (EBA, 2014), as well as the highest award of the Europe Business Assembly for a personal contribution to the intellectual development of the modern society – The Socrates Prize. (2014). By the decision of the International Socrates Committee, the name of this outstanding Kazakh doctor was entered in the Register of the best scientists in the world. – “I consider my job the best in the world…” – said Dina Turakbaeva. – “Because in our center every day is born the future of the native country. I’m happy to be part of this great process, and smiles of grateful young parents are the biggest award for me. I will continue to do everything I can that the system of obstetric care in Kazakhstan come to the level of the international standards, and in our country will born as much healthy babies as possible. That’s why I live and work.” D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 5


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S ocrates Alma na c A house where the future is born How everything began…. stana is the young capital of The Republic of Kazakhstan. The city gained its metropolitan status (it was previously called Akmola) in December, 1997, from the personal initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of The Republic of Kazakhstan, the capital’s renaming came into function in 1998. A little time passed and a unique city replaced a provincial Akmola thanks to huge efforts of the country’s leaderships and its inhabitants. This city unites customary images, archetypes and contemporary constructions. In 1999 Astana, by the decision of UNESCO, gained the title ‘a city of the world’ and from then onward it has been top capital ratings, due to its huge dynamical development. Astana has a great breadth of infrastructures, including medicine, corresponds with the status of the modern city. A This is why the collective of municipal maternity home No.3 (also the name for Perinatal center № 1), was opened in the city in 2005, and was also presented with a difficult tasks ahead. The maternity home opened in a rented building due to a considerable increase in the quantity of births and lack of delivery places in the city. The young capital of Kazakhstan was built and developed very quickly and in a few years the population increased three- or four-fold by means of migration. The collective of maternity homes had to start everything from the very beginning – including finding equipment, worker, solving problems with tenants, but, in the first instance, they has to develop an untarnished reputation and good name to be proud of. 6 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va


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S o c rates Almanac Together – to success! n January 2010, The Maternity No. 3, moved into a newly built modern building, situated on the left bank of river Yesil, with a total area of 41493,0 square meters and adjacent territory of 3,2 hectares. After movement the quantity of cots increased from 80 to 150. It happened through the opening of new departments including, gynecology, neonatal resuscitation department and developmental care department. Also, there is a structural subdivision in the maternity home, a diagnostic center, which includes a prenatal care department, genetic consultation, a department of prenatal ultrasonic diagnosis, department of family planning and reproduction, is also in development. In 2011 Maternity Home № 3 gained its current name – Perinatal Center No. 1 and gained the third (the highest!) level of delivery of perinatal care in the structure of municipal obstetric organizations. I The center works within the framework of all modern world tendencies. Effective perinatal technologies, which are recommended by the World Health Organization, have been introduced. These technologies provide quality care before, during and after pregnancy and delivery, on the basis of data of evidentiary medicine. They are in close connection with the programme of improvement for the national system of health care and the achievement of medical goals in the new millennium. The introduction of the above mentioned innovations into a broad medical practice allows: — top up qualifications of the workforce; — improvement in the process of delivery and care for fetomaternal disease; — solve problems of newborns’ pathology; — work with separate persons, families and communities with the aim of improving the state of the health of mother and child. D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 7


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S ocrates Alma na c Personnel are extremely important! T he first people, who each of us see in life, are doctors and nurses, who helped our mothers in the process of delivery. The successful future of a new person depends on their professionalism. Our highly professional collective work such a way; it is a friendly and well-knit group of like-minded people. The doctors have the most progressive methods, wonderful material and technical resources at their disposal. They successfully apply it for the good of their patients. Each member of this friendly collective uses his/her best efforts to solve three main medical tasks at an adequate level – to protect, to guard and to treat. They successfully execute them, see through the centres specialization in preterm delivery and delivery with hard extragenital pathology. Now there are more than 600 employees in the clinic. Priority of the work includes the drive to realize the mission of JCI (Joint Commission International) – “Constant improvement of quality of medical care and safety in universal space by means of educational programs, consultations and the conduction of international certification”. In the frame of this mission, the doctors of center constantly improve their professional level, they visit designated seminars and conferences in Russia, Lithuania, Israel, South Korea, Finland, USA and Canada. The center employees also includes people who were awarded diplomas from the prime-minister, the minister of health care and akim of Astana city, as well as holders of distinctive awards including “Expert of health care” and medals, which were produced for the 20-th anniversary of independence of The Republic of Kazakhstan. 8 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va


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S o c rates Almanac From impregnation to the first lullaby – we are with you! H igh-technology medical equipment, which is available at the perinatal center, is successfully used during prenatal care including, pancreatic diabetes, bronchial allergy, pyelonephritis, hepatitis of non-communicable aetiology, hemolytic disease of fetus and newborn. Screening tests of women of different age groups are conducted with the help of digital roentgenologic equipment with the aim of early detection of oncopathology and diagnostics of tuberculosis in early postpartum period. Disposal in the department of family planning and genetic consultation of diagnostic center allows providing diagnostic and healing services to infertile couples according to principle “one contact”, including hospital treatment, and also providing much diagnostic help in relation to hereditary and chromosome diseases, congenital malformation and other pathologies with the use of modern technologies. Here doctors fight with difficult gynaecological pathologies, help to solve the problem of premature delivery and heal inflammatory diseases of woman’s reproductive system. D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 9


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S ocrates Alma na c In “One-day clinic’s” patients can quickly find out about the state of their health, in a quality manner and at acceptable prices. In one visit you can get consultations with specialized doctors (obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, infant gynecologist, geneticist, general practitioner, urologist, andrologist and others), make an executive checkup with the application of modern instrumental radial methods of diagnostics (ultrasound investigation, ECG, cardiocotography etc.) and undergo many clinical and laboratory assessments. The Ultrasound screening is generally conducted at the mid-trimester for all pregnant women of Astana city in the dispensary unit; biochemical screening of marker serum proteins during pregnancy and neonatal screening of all newborns of Astana city for detection of infantile hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria, also take place. On the basis of investigation results, the pregnant women of who are of high risk then begin more invasive methods of prenatal diagnostics. 10 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va


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S o c rates Almanac Neonatal surgery department The rescue service of new worlds neonatal surgery department opened in the centre in 2012 with the implementation of the state program for the development of health care in The Republic of Kazakhstan “Саламатты Казахстан” according to the adopted plan of development of neonatal surgical service of the republic. It happened upon the initiative of the head doctor of the maternity home, Dina Turakbayeva. Currently, the center is one of few medical institutes where doctors render assistance to newborns with congenital malformation, critical mass and term of gestation from 32 weeks and assistance to those with difficult surgical pathology directly after birth. During the years of work of the Neonatal surgery department its collective has achieved impressive results; for example, they mastered operations with the application of an ophthalmological laser. Distinction between this department and other similar departments consists is that operations are conducted on newborns with low body A mass. After operative treatment these children need long nursing care in order to promote weight gain. It is worth noting that interventional help for newborns with low body mass at intraventricular hematencephalon has been introduced. The operation “Ventricular drainage with catheter” is conducted by neurosurgeons. After these operations cerebral decompression is noted, it in turn improves the general habitus of premature newborn, at which neonatologists can nurse these patients much easier. 42 operations have been conducted in total. There were also unique cases. One of them was teratoma with sizes 19х9х14 cm (it is met only in 40 000 cases), which was successfully operated upon; the other one was a successful operation of transverse facial cleft, which is met only in one case from 100 000 newborns. Operations were performed on 10-12-day old babies. After the process of nursing, the small patients were dismissed in a satisfactory condition. 11 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 11


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S ocrates Alma na c It is impossible to avoid infant mortality during postoperative period at such difficult pathologies, however, statistical values are improving. Perinatal mortality from 16.01 promilles in 2013 reduced to 13.17 promilles in 2014. Infant mortality has also reduced from 9.45 to 8.22. One factor is also very important. Perinatal centre provides additional services to newborns after discharge from the hospital – examination includes children up to one year old. (consultation of pediatrician, neuropathist, surgeon, orthopedist; ultrasound investigation, general blood analysis), as well as detection of bilirubin by means of noninvasive methods with the help of device BiliChek and treatment of children jaundice by means of device for electrophototherapy. 12 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 12


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S o c rates Almanac Excellence is in quality! benchmark survey of work of perinatal centers and maternity homes of The Republic of Kazakhstan was taken in 2014 (24 obstetric organizations took part in it). It was conducted by the Republican Center of health care development, it showed that Perinatal center No. 1 of Akimat of Kazakhstan came second in the country. Maternity homes and perinatal centers were estimated according to 15 criteria, including; minimization of maternal mortality and deaths of newborns, birth injuries and other after troubles. A D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va 13


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S ocrates Alma na c In 2011 the collective enterprise was awarded the international certificate ISO 9001:2008 ‘Dekra Certification’. Since then the utilizable management system of production quality, in accordance to the requirements of the abovementioned standard, is confirmed annually. The most prominent proof of quality of the center’s work is a the plethora of grateful feedback from patients and a huge quantity of would-be mothers, who want their children delivered at the center. It is well know that no one who has requested assistance in the center left without the attention of tender and responsive clinic personnel. - ‘Each and every person is the whole world! That is why my colleagues are art and take part in the birth of new worlds…’ - says Dina Turakbayeva. ‘It is a great honor and huge responsibility, a daily labor of soul; it is more than just a simple job. We do everything for the citizens of our country so that they could become happy parents of healthy babies, and the system of obstetrics could reach world standards. This is the business of all our life and the main goal of our friendly collective.’ 14 D o cto r D i n a T u r a k b a e va


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The Names in Science Scientific works of the doctors of the Perinatal Center №1 of Astana akimat



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