Book 18: The Talking Bird (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Talking Bird Learn to Read Book 18


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Next Saturday, it will be Pam's birthday. “I would like to get Pam a great present for her birthday,” said Ben to his mother. “I don't want to just get her a skirt or a shirt. What do you think I could get her?” “Perhaps if you keep notes this week, you will find out about the things that Pam likes,” said Mum. “That's great thinking, Mum,” said Ben. “I'll do that! Do you have some paper and a pen that I could use so I can write down my notes?” “Yes,” said Mum and she went and got some white paper and a blue pen out of her desk. 1


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All week, Ben keeps looking at Pam. He keeps notes about everything she does and everything she says. On the first day, he writes: · Made a bird from paper · Got dressed up as a clown and put on a show · Helped me pick up the mess in my bedroom · Read a book about dogs On the second day, he writes: · Played with Sox a lot · Sang a song about birds · Helped Mum make dinner · Read a book about boats and ships On the third day, he writes: · Read a book about the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' · Played hide and seek with Kim · Fed seeds to the birds in the garden · Sent a birthday card to the farmer On the next day, he writes: · Rode her bike down the road · Pulled the weeds out of the garden · Went to the shops with father · Read a book about birds 2


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That night, after Pam was in bed, Ben goes to talk to his mother. He wants to talk about Pam's birthday present, but he does not want Pam to know. “I have been looking at Pam all week and making notes about everything she does and everything she says,” he tells his mother. “I think I know what she would like for her birthday present.” “What do you think she would like?” Mum asks him. “Well,” says Ben slowly, “Pam is very kind. Every day, she did something kind for someone.” “On the first day she helped me to pick up all the things in my bedroom because my room was such a mess.” “On the second day, she helped you to make dinner.” “On the third day, she sent a birthday card to the farmer and, today, she pulled all the weeds out of the garden.” “Yes, Pam is very kind,” says Mum. “She does help a lot and everyone likes her.” “Pam is kind to everyone,” says Ben, “so I would like to get her a great present for her birthday, something she will like a lot.” 3


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“Did you write any more notes?” asks Ben's mother. “Yes,” says Ben. “Every day, Pam reads a book, so I think she would like a book for her birthday.” “Yes, Pam is always reading,” says Mum. “I think she might like another book.” “But, Pam has lots of books,” says Ben. “I know that she would like another book, but I don't think that would be a great present.” 4



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