Book 17: The Kind Clown (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Kind Clown Learn to Read Book 17


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Once upon a time there were two clowns. One clown was very tall and kind. He had light blue pants, black floppy boots, a red wig and a big red nose. The other clown was small. He had big yellow pants, brown floppy boots, a green wig and a big red nose. Every day they used to go into town and put on a show doing tricks for the crowd. They would make the crowd laugh and laugh. Then the crowd would give them cash because they were so funny. 1


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“I have found a great book to read,” Ben said to Pam. “You should read it with me.” “But, I don't feel like reading today,” said Pam. “I want to go into town because today there are some clowns coming to town to put on a show.” “That's funny!” laughed Ben. “My book is about two clowns who do tricks in their town. They make the crowd laugh and they give them cash. Will we be giving cash to the clowns?” “I don't know,” said Pam, “but Mum said we could go to town as soon as father gets home from work.” “It is Saturday, so father only works for four hours. I think he'll be home soon and, after we have had lunch, we'll go into town to see the clowns' show. We'll stay for a long time and then come home at night.” “That sounds great!” said Ben. “I would like to see the clowns' show. If I'm lucky, they might let me try some tricks too.” 2


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Pam kept looking out the window for her father's dark blue car. Once he got home, they could have lunch and go to town. Pam had never seen a clown before. She wanted to go to town now! Ben went back to reading his book: The tall clown with the light blue pants and the red wig took a flower out of his pocket. He let the crowd look at the flower but he wouldn't let the small clown look at it. The small clown kept asking the tall clown to let him look, but the tall clown kept saying no. After the small clown had asked seven times, the tall clown held the flower out to the small clown. The small clown went to smell the flower, but just as he went to smell it, water came out of the flower and made the small clown wet. “You made me wet!” he yelled at the tall clown, but the tall clown just laughed. The crowd laughed too and put some cash into the tall clown's hat. Ben laughed too. It was very funny to think of the small clown smelling the flower and getting wet. “Perhaps the clowns we see will try this trick too,” Ben said to himself. “When will Dad get home?” Pam asked her mother. “He is taking such a long time and I would like to go to town now to see the clowns' show.” 3


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“He said he would come home about now,” said her mother. “I know he had some work to finish and then he was coming home. It is very kind of him to take us into town after he has been working.” “You could help me make lunch if you like. If we both make lunch, it will not take long and it might make the time go faster. Would you like to help?” “Yes, I like to make lunch,” said Pam. “What will we eat?” “I think we'll make cheese on toast,” said Pam's mother. “It is fast to make and everyone likes cheese on toast.” 4



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