Book 19: The Clever Seal (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Clever Seal Learn to Read Book 19


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Ben looked out his bedroom window. The sun was not up yet, but it was slowly getting lighter. Soon it would be morning. Ben had been awake for a long time. He had been thinking about his dream. He had dreamed that he had been playing with a seal. Ben wished the dream was real. It would be really great having a seal for a pet, but perhaps Tim, his pet dog, wouldn't be very happy. 1


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Ben had dreamed that he had walked down to the beach. Playing in the waves was a large black seal. It had come up onto the sand and squeaked at Ben as if to say, “Come in the water and play with me.” In his dream, Ben had got onto the seal's back and the seal had swum out to sea. It was a sunny day and the sun was sparkling on the water. They had a great time together diving in and out of the waves. Ben laughed and laughed because it was so much fun. The seal had taken him to a reef filled with pretty fish of all shapes and sizes. There were fish everywhere that Ben looked – floating over the rocks, eating on the white sandy bottom and peeping out of little caves. It was strange being under the water, but really great watching all the fish. The water was really warm, so Ben could stay under the water for a long time. He saw a large starfish float by and a pink jellyfish. Then he saw something strange. It looked like a very large pancake with a long thin spike at one end. It was a stingray! “Stay away from that because it might hurt you,” the seal seemed to squeak. 2


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However, the stingray didn't want to hurt Ben. It just floated slowly away, like a balloon floating in the wind. As Ben kept watching, a shadow moved under him and the seal. It was getting bigger and bigger as it got closer and closer. “What is that?” Ben said to himself. It was a very large fish, much larger than the seal. It moved very fast, but you could hardly hear anything. All the other fish were moving out of the way and hiding in the rocks and caves. “It's a shark!” said Ben to himself. “We have to get out of here really quick before it eats us.” It was like the seal could hear him because it suddenly turned and swam like a jet plane back to the beach. Ben jumped off the seal and onto the beach. “Goodbye!” called Ben, but the seal had already turned and swum away. That was when Ben woke up from his dream. He did hope the seal was safe. The seal had been so kind to him. He didn't want the seal to be shark food! 3


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“Ben!” his little sister, Pam, was standing in the doorway. “We have to go to the seaside now!” she said. “Why?” asked Ben. “I had a dream about playing with a seal,” she said. “It would be great having a real seal for a pet.” “That was my dream!” said Ben. “Oh! Wow!” said Pam. “You had the same dream too. We really must go down to the beach. I think that if we go down to the beach we will see the seal in our dreams.” “But dreams are NOT real,” said Ben. “Some dreams are not real, but this one is,” said Pam. “I can feel it. Are you coming or shall I go on my own? I really want to meet the seal in our dreams.” Pam turned and walked back out the door of Ben's bedroom. “Stop! Stop! I'm coming,” yelled Ben. “Having the same dream must mean something,” he said to himself. 4



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