Book 16: Holiday Fun (Sample)


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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers Holiday Fun Learn to Read Book 16


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“It's the weekend,” yells Pam. “We don't have to go to school at all. We can play all day Saturday and all day Sunday.” “Playing is much better than going to school,” says Ben. “Did you know that we don't have to go to school after the weekend?” “Why?” asks Pam. “We go to school every day, just not on the weekend, just not on Saturday and Sunday.” 1


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“Yes, but we don't have to go to school after the weekend because it’s the May school holidays,” says Ben. “That's why we don't have to go to school after the weekend.” “What shall we do on our holiday?” asks Pam. “We are going to stay on the farm,” says Ben. “But, I want to play with Kim on my holidays,” says Pam. “I like playing with Kim. She is eight, just like me and we always have fun. Why can't I stay home and play with Kim?” “You CAN play with Kim,” says Ben. “Mum said that Kim and Adwin can come with us to the farm and their mothers said that they could come too.” “That’s fantastic!” yell s Pam. “I like going to the farm. It will be fantastic going to the farm with Kim and Adwin. This will be a FANTASTIC holiday!” “Yes!” smiles Ben. “It will be fantastic going to the farm with Kim and Adwin. They have never been to a farm before, so I know they will think it’s fantastic too!” 2


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On Saturday afternoon, Pam and Ben pack their bags. They go to the door to look for Kim and Adwin. “When will they come?” asks Pam. “I want to go to the farm now. Why haven't Kim and Adwin come yet?” “They don't live far away. It will not be long before they come,” says Pam and Ben's mother. Just then, two cars pulls up outside Ben and Pam's home. Adwin is in one car and Kim is in the other car. They jump out of the cars and run over to hug Pam and Ben. 3


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Adwin and Kim wave to their mothers as they drive away. They are very happy to be going on a holiday with Pam and Ben. “Are you all ready to go?” asks Pam and Ben's mother. “Yes!” says the two girls and the two boys. “We are ready to go now. Can we please get in the car?” “Yes,” says Mum. “Which car would you like to go in - my yellow car or your father's blue car?” “Let's go in Dad's blue car,” says Ben. “Dad's car much better than your car Mum!” “We can go in Dad's car if you wash it when you home,” smiles Mum. “Will you and Pam wash car when you get back from the farm?” “Yes! Yes! Yes!” yell Pam and Ben, jumping up and down. They all get in the car. Tim, Ben's dog, gets in the car too because he liked going to the farm. The farmer said that he could come if he was good. Sox, Pam's cat, cannot come. She has to stay at home. Ben and Pam's father is standing at the window Sox. 'Drive safely,” he calls as he waves to them. The two boys and the two girls wave back at Dad. Mum waves too. Then, Mum backs out of the driveway and drives off down the road. 4



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